Battalion Commander and The Keeper of Four Elements hit PS4 and PS Vita today

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Military battles and magic towers await you

Hi everyone! We’ve been super busy here at SPL putting the finishing touches on two great new games for you to familiarize yourself with this winter.

Battalion Commander

Gather the loyal squad and recapture your territory from a ruthless enemy in the exciting Battalion Commander. Colorful graphics, tight controls, and a genuine sense of challenge will immerse you in the atmosphere of military conflict for long hours.

A fun military arcade game, Battalion Commander sets itself apart from similar titles by offering you the chance to play not with only one character, but with a whole squad. Multiple achievements and upgrades for each make for a deep and interesting pace of development.

To defend your homeland, you’ll have to brave bullets and bombs, knee-deep in snow, and tougher, ever-more-desperate enemy resistance. Avoid ambushes, flamethrowers and enemy snipers to undermine the tanks blocking your path.

Battalion CommanderBattalion Commander

No matter the challenge, you’re never alone. Like any commander, you have a loyal squad counting on you. Snipers, grenadiers and common infantry will provide all the support you need as they march into battle beside you. Rescuing prisoners as you progress will swell your ranks further, building an imposing force as the campaign progress.

The Keeper of Four Elements

Take your loyal staff and summon the elements to your aid. In the thrall of ancient powers, the whole world hangs in the balance! Welcome to The Keeper of Four Elements.

The Dark Lord and his invincible army have captured the mystical island that holds the forgotten secrets of ancient magic. However, the island and its secrets have a lone defender with the forces of nature on his side! Armed with a magic staff and the power of the four elements, enter into a confrontation with the forces of evil and defeat them in battle.

The Keeper of Four Elements draws on the best aspects of the ‘tower defense’ genre, calling on you to protect the picturesque island from the invading army of darkness. Magical towers, powerful spells and your own magical abilities are at your disposal to thwart the marauding invaders.

The Keeper of Four ElementsThe Keeper of Four Elements

But beware: force alone is not enough. Victory depends on planning ahead to out-manoeuvre an enemy both strong and unpredictable.

In the role of this mysterious monk, you have to protect the Lost Lands – which hold the secrets of the four elements of magic – from the Dark Lord and his minions. Powerful elemental towers, dark spells and even hurricanes and earthquakes will be there to assist you.

Can you properly wield this destructive power? Will discipline you can improve your towers and spells to the point that changes the dynamics of the game completely. An arduous opponent awaits you, but even he is destined to eventually fall – control the magic of the elements, play tactically and win!

Download Battalion Commander and The Keeper of Four Elements from PlayStation Store.

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