PlayStation Plus in December: Invisible Inc., Stories: The Path of Destinies, more

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PlayStation Plus in December: Invisible Inc., Stories: The Path of Destinies, more

Hyper Void, Tiny Troopers Joint Ops, Colour Guardians, VVVVVV also inbound

Greetings, gamers. A bit of winter chill might be creeping in now December is upon us, but the PlayStation Plus monthly games are here to help heat things up. We’ve got some exciting titles to keep you entertained throughout your holiday hibernation.

Here’s what you can play from 6th December:

Stories: The Path of Destinies

Humour, heroics, action-packed adventure, this game has all the makings of the perfect holiday entertainment. Play as the rogue Reynardo, a pirate fox in a fateful battle against an oppressive emperor. There will be many choices to make along the perilous journey and they are not to be taken for granted, sometimes a simple task such as retrieving a weapon lost at the beginning of time can mean sacrificing the life of an old friend.

Invisible, Inc.

Take control of up to 10 invisible agents as you infiltrate the world’s most dangerous corporations in Klei Entertainment’s acclaimed adventure. A stealth game like no other, you’ll have to use your wits to build winning strategies as you adapt and explore a number of randomly-generated locations around the world.

Why settle for fun on just one platform when there’s more to games to get stuck into on PS3 and PS Vita. It’s games galore this winter with space battles in cross-dimensional wormholes in Hyper Void (PS3), bite-sized arcade shooter Tiny Troopers Join Ops (PS4, PS3 & PS Vita), vibrant worlds with tricky obstacles in Color Guardians (PS4 & PS Vita), and notorious platformer VVVVV (PS Vita).

Last chance!

The following titles are leaving PlayStation Plus on 5th November; don’t miss out – download them now!


Thanks to everyone who got involved in naming our PlayStation Plus theme bear – Bearnard.

Bearnard is available to download free for all PlayStation Plus members today. Head on over to the PlayStation Store to check out this very gracious bear on a bike: Bearnard’s Season Tour.

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    Please, click only one (and vote one time only), so that the results are representative of our feelings towards it. Thank you.

  • That’s a lot of cross buy love…

  • I like it, didn’t get AAA titles like many hoped but Invisible inc. could be like a “hidden gem”

    Stories looks like fun to….definitely digging this month

  • Stories is awesome but alas I’ve already played it. Invisible Inc looks great though.

  • Please, wake me up from this nightmare… Seriously? VVVVV? Hyper Void? 6 games total, only 1 that deserves to be downloaded…

    • Even a nightmare would be nicer than this garbages…

    • Vvvvvv is fantastic. If you don’t want to play it just listen to your one of the greatest soundtracks in gaming history

    • might wanna chech the soundtrack thanks.

    • I’ve heard of folks who think shooting themselves in the face is fantastic. Admittedly, THAT would be a great soundtrack.

    • @Harrisown: I believe you about soundtrack, but i’m paying for ps plus games, not for spotify… So they could give something nice to play, not only “mobile games” that are only to increase the number of games in library but never enjoy them…

    • VVVVVV is awesome. And it’s not a mobile game. It originated on PC as an homage to old-school, hard-ass C64 games. Give it a try. You might be surprised.

    • Harrisown has the right idea, VVVVVV looks like a generic indie platformer but it’s absolutely fantastic.
      I must have replayed it at least 3 times now.
      Kickass music too.

  • Wow wow wow. This is the best month I’ve actually ever seen. I’d usually be bummed I already own Stories, but that’s one of my favourite games of the year and I don’t regret paying money for it at all. Inv Inc is something I’ve been wanting to play since watching the Cool Ghosts playthrough.
    Also, as someone who doesn’t own a Vita but HAS completed Veni Vidi Vici, Vita owners are in for a good time this month too! Stellar update.

  • I really don’t get why there’s so much outrage when Sony puts these kinds of games on the PS Plus. I think they’re doing this is because they can give the indie developers a chance for people to play their games. After all, they made the games hoping that people would play them. Sure, maybe put some AAA games but you should give the indie developers a chance. If you agree or disagree with this, I don’t care, but this is my personal opinion.

    • I’m with you. I’ve found some great games in PS+ I would never have experienced otherwise because they were buried in the huge library of PS4, and they’re often the ones that give me a more unique experiences.

      It’s like one of those *insert food* Of The Month clubs where they send a random food or drink out each month. Sometimes you’ll like it, sometimes you won’t, but at least it’s variety and new experiences, not another cookie cutter open world or FPS.

    • Maybe because the only good indi is indiana jones

      Again compairing to the competion
      Only one good month a year doesn’t amount of monthly crap they drop on us

    • I give indie developers a chance when I choose to buy their games. That.

    • I totally agree with you. I mean, if I want a AAA game, chances are I’m gonna buy it. While something that I can’t possibly keep up with is every single indie game that gets released, at least I can try a couple every month. Sure nobody is going to like every game, but some of the mean things you can read on this blog man, I really hope the devs are not reading it.

    • Oh please.
      They use indie games because they’re cheaper. Sony are a business, they are here to make money. If they can get away with giving some cheaper indies, then they will.

      ..and if your suggestion was true? (it’s not) — then it’s up to indie developers to make games we want to play, rather than them turning out any old junk and forcing it on my Plus subscription to “give them a chance”.

      Personally I think these games look good this month, but let’s not turn that into a faux “hail the indie” crusade from Sony.

    • Yeah my game of the year is a ps plus game (Furi) and would have never of thought to buy it, hell I wouldn’t of even known it existed. I am really thankful for ps plus as I have played some fantastic games. Sure not all of them are a hit but ones like Don’t Starve, Rocket League, Resogun, Dead Nation, Outlast, Hotline miami, Infamous First Light, Ground Zeroes, Transistor etc are amazing. Well worth £40 a year!

  • The “I hate indies” crowd will love this lol.
    Stories and Invisibles inc are very good,pity i have them.Rest is meh.

    • It’s not really an I hate Indie crowd…it’s an I hate nothing but indies. The service used to be one full game and one indie…back when it was good and online wasn’t charged for.

    • Except that’s not true, we’ve had Resident Evil, Lords of the fallen, NBA 2k17 and Transformers this year. Not exactly indie titles.

    • Except it is true. We used to get at least one AAA a month. Sometimes two.. Sometimes even three. Obviously this was during the time when Plus wasn’t compulsory for online play.

    • @Bgjknpqswvyu: Are you thick or something? He said it’s one AAA and one indie game per month. Where is the AAA game you are seeing this month or last for that matter?
      Go and visit the psychiatrist or the English teacher prior to posting on forums again.

  • Interesting lineup in its own way…

  • The fact that five of the games are playable on PS4 is admirable, even if the games don’t look too special. Was hoping for a little better considering it’s the Plus update for Christmas, but oh well, I will settle for the chance to try five different games over the holidays. I do feel for PS3 and Vita subscribers though as they haven’t had anything good for a while now.

    • yeah it’s so admirable, I’m relieved and now I’m a man of faith. I respect you opinion but If we’re at christmas you must give something to worth not these garbages.. Anyway I still respect your opinion. If you like it, I’m happy for you.

    • Are you okay with this TRASH pool? Shame.

    • 5? 4 surely?

    • Even more admirable that everyone is totally missing is that Hyper Void has a FREE PSVR addon!

      So we also get our first ever PS+ PSVR game!

      I don’t feel it’s a bad month, Stories, Invisible Inc., Hyper Void and Color Guardians do look interesting to me! Not sure about Tiny Troopers but will check it out and will try VVVVVV on my Vita as well…

  • More add to library even though I know I’ll never download them rubbish!

  • So from the realise from the the ps4 pro the ps vr and we still paying for online we still get [DELETED] games for ps plus I was hoping December would make the ps plus a awesome line up from a successful PlayStation year buy guess not I ain’t ganna download any of thease

  • One of those months my £3.50 seems worthwhile. I’ll happily try all the offerings, although Hyper Void is a style of game I usually don’t get on with.

  • Stories is a brilliant game that I would highly recommend all you who usually dismiss any indie game gives a go.

    Saying that it’s another underwhelming update especially compared to games with gold.

  • Sooooooo… disappointing.

  • The leaks were right!

    No AAA title but nevertheless it’s a varied selection of genres and the fact a lot of them are cross-buy is good too.

    Invisible Inc and Stories are two games I’ve come close to buying previously so pretty pleased to have them included.

    • Varied selection of genres? All but Stories are from the Crap genre.

    • @Cronoss69 metacritic has them mostly in the 70s and 80s which is fair enough for “free” games. If you give them a chance you might actually enjoy them.

    • They’re not free games….you remember that subscription you pay for? Oh and before you do the whole “I pay for online” nonsense, that was bolted on for the PS4. Before that the sub was only for the games, online was free, and the games themselves were often great full priced games.

    • I know it’s not technically free, hence my use of “speech marks”. But come on, it’s £3.33 a month which is next to nothing.

      I’ve been a plus subscriber since about 2012 so I remember the glory days when we were totally spoilt with amazing games as part of the service but times change. Online gaming is no longer free with Sony so a bigger percentage of the user basis pays for Plus just for online. That means they don’t have to supply AAA games each month to attract new subscribers. It’s business. The costs of making games has gone through the roof and someone has to pay for it and that someone will always be the customer.

      As for metacritic, no of course review scores don’t determine my opinion, I will make my own opinion by actually playing the games and seeing how they are for myself but the main two games I have heard very good things about and it seems like the majority of online reviews supports that idea.

      Some months are better than others but this is a good one as far as I’m concerned.

    • Simple words it is.

  • I don’t mind to have some nice indies, which i would never play if they were not in plus… I buy the AAA games I want to play and I have no hope of having them in plus (my current wish list has MSGV Phantom Pain, Xcom2, Witcher3)

    What I do mind a lot is to pay about 8€/month just for being able to play online!!!

    We are in 2016, with PS4 and I have to pay a monthly subscription to play online???!!?!? Came on!!! Is not enough what I pay for my internet operator? If I buy a PS4 with all its features, is to be able to play either off or online if I want to!!! It’s like if I had to buy a computer and then pay a monthly fee just to be able to connect it to internet… :( …sounds ridiculously, doesn’t it!!?

    • Um, sorry to burst your bubble but, you DO pay a monthly fee just to connect your computer to the internet… To that internet operator you mentioned. Look, I know it’s [DELETED] having to pay for online play, but just like you have to pay the internet operator because it costs them money to provide you that connection and it’s a business, it’s the exact same thing with Sony. You’re not paying for an internet connection, you’re paying for the ability to access their servers and the features they provide, which costs them as much money as it costs an operator to run internet lines. It’s a business, not a charity. They wouldn’t suddenly switch to a paid model after having it free for 3 generations without cause; it’s important for PlayStation’s profitability and continued success.

    • Most folks also buy the indie games they wanna play.

    • Then why did you buy a PS4 in the first place? Wouldn’t have been better to buy a gaming PC? It was clear since the beginning that that was “the deal”, you agreed to that when you purchased your console.

  • The Vita + PS3 selection quality is really… uhm… debatable.

    Curious to see how much better the asian ps+ will be…

  • Absolute crapfest on all three platforms. Sonys Humble Indy Bundle…

  • Wouldve preferred a big first party title for the Christmas but Im delighted with the cross buy love for my Vita. Definitely makes up for it

  • Wake me up in January

    • I know right but I doubt it be a start of a good ps plus for ps4 they started really good when ps4 first came out now they ain’t worth getting thank God I have my ps3 still

    • You will wake up to another month of 2D sidescrollers I’m sure of that.

  • Really, I should stop. Stop thinking ‘hey, it’s christmas month, they will dish out something really special’.

    But nah. Worst month in a while. Stories is a nice little gem, but I got it back when it was released. The rest I couldn’t care less about. There’s Crap, Crap Inc., Platforming Crap, Twitch Platforming Crap and as a bonus a crappy them with a crappy bear named by a crappy five year old.

    Just for transparency reasons, I’d really like to know where the subscription fees go. And don’t say multiplayer, that doesn’t even belong there. If you believe that, you’re probably drunk on Kool-Aid.

    • LOL, you’re so pessimistic and quite stupid with your pessimism at the same time. Crap, you say? I’d love to see some AAA titles be as crappy as VVVVVV for example – only one of the best games I played on PC and I played some newer AAA afterwards. And VVVVVV’s soundtrack (called PPPPPP) is as fantastic as many people say.

      And please, don’t copy-paste your mood to every post. It’s became boring after your second copy already.

    • Well, yeah. You really should stop. Your constant replying to each and every post that is slightly positive dismissing them as ‘simple’ is really, really annoying.

      Please. stop.

    • If I didn’t think the line up was good I’d probably say that it’s appropriate to give Crap content to Crap people…

    • VVVVVV is a twitch platformer. That translates to crap in my book, even more so than regular platformers. You can bore yourself to death if you like with stupid, endless repetition.

      Perfect example of a fantastic indie title: Abzû! Didn’t get boring after two seconds. And has a great soundtrack.

  • Thank you Playstation for this Christmas gifts..YOU TOTALLY SUCK.. [DELETED] is this games?..month by month the situation with the free games is going from bad to worst..I am almost a year member and only resident evil 2 months ago I found it interesting … I was expecting because is christmas for a miracle …

  • To quote the great philosopher Ronan Keating:

    “You say it best… when you say nothing at all.”

  • More n more indie!Hoow nicee!! I have about 30 rental indie game nnnn i playyyy none of them.Ok ok ,i play 1 of them few weeks ago,name is journey .Was interesting game.Paying for multiplayer: its SUCKS.

  • Dear fred, please stop ignoring us.

  • I actually have Stories on my Steam wishlist so I’m pretty stoked about this one o: as long as there’s at least one game I’m interested in for the month then I’m happy, don’t need all of them to be relevant.

  • What happened to “choose the Plus games”?
    What happened to “for the players”?
    What happened to PS Plus?
    December turned a little darker and depressing today.

    • Same thing that happened to PS2 games on PS3 and PS4, Sony Move, PS Vita itself outside of Japan and many more small things that happened after release of PS4.

      It’s no more “for the players”… it’s “for more money, we don’t care anymore about you”.

  • There may not be any big games this month, but truth be told, I’m kind of intrigued by all of these games. (Except for Invisible, Inc, which I really just don’t know anything about.)

    So a pretty good month for me :) But I could see how others might be disappointed with it, given the lack of any “big” games with mass-market-appeal.

  • When they gave Doki Doki Universe I thought that month was the worst month I was ever going to see until this month ! this month is the christmas and new year and you give us these trashes ?!?!?! Look at the xbox games that they are going to give. Outlast(yeah yeah you gave it and I bet it was a mistake for you) and Sleeping Dogs. At least you could give us 1 AAA game not these utter trash game look like garbages ! At least make a 2 kind subscription for people like me. I just want pay for online but for cheaper price. I don’t wanna pay for these craps you are giving 6 ‘games’ but when you gather all of them they’re not even a half game but crappy indies ! Why am I bother anyway ? You don’t care, you don’t reply. Everybody is making wishlist but no you have to give us this crap garbages !

    • PS+ has had all of next months selection from Xbox.
      Also this was the October lineup

    • yeah that month was crappy but that doesnt mean they can give us these garbages and I don’t care xbox gold games everymonth because I play for its exc games but when they give me good games that’s ‘plus’ for me but I’m plus member since the launch and we’re still getting utter garbage games. I bet you too expected something special for this month right ? :D

    • We’ve had Sleeping Dogs ages ago for PS3. And the PS4 version has been just £8 in many sales. Couldn’t care less about Outlast. Most indie games have tons more fun and replayability than a lot of the bigger titles. In fact there aren’t all that many AAA games worth buying this year except Uncharted, Ratchet & Clank and a few others. I don’t want FPS games.

    • they could give tomb raider, AC 4, killzone , watch dogs,infamous second son or another AAA title(even I’ve had almost AAA titles I wouldnt complain because it would be good thing) but no we HAVE to get these garbages.

    • I think EA access is better value than both games with gold and PS+.

      Garden Warfare 2, Need for speed, Need for speed rivals, Dragon age inquisition, Titanfall, NHL, NBA, UFC, PGA Tour, battlefield 4, Mirrors Edge + catalyst

      Personally I dont think Games with gold and PS+ will have that many AAA games combined for the whole of 2017. And theres more to come to EA access like Battlefront… AND its RRP is half of what the two main services are. Shame you still have to buy them to play online though.

    • @fps_d0minat0r This is another reason why I just bought an xbox one s. Now if they could only make a Fight Night game backward compatible and add it EA access. I still have Fight Night Round 4 on my ps3 but rarely switch that on these days.

    • Worse than doki doki universe!? Take that back. That was the worst game i have ever played. Dear god it was just awful. It made walking simulators look good.

  • To be honest I think Fred has given up on the blog bar the post, doesn’t respond even on the store update anymore, asked yesterday on twitter what’s happening and not answered there either, does the bare minimum now then goes, shame it’s gone down hill so much,
    As for the ps plus games ps4 offerings don’t look bad but what is the other rubbish for ps3 and vita lol

  • When can we expect to see ps4 AAA launch titles (Nov. 15th 2013) starting to appear on IGC?

  • What’s going on Sony? What a disappointment. I’m done. I am cancelling my subscription (Since 2009). This is the only way. It has been horrible ever since the PS4 launched. Totaly garbage games. I don’t appreciate what Sony is doing with the PS Plus monthy line up. They have the most players and the PS4 is the best selling console. If you paying money you always have to recieve quality games. But we recieving TRASH! I only ask politely that you step it up a notch and not just the upcoming price on the subscription, but listening to your customers and giving better games, PS4 GAMES! and new features to PSN like changing our USERNAME!

  • I’m cool with this selection. Some are not my kind of thing but I’ll give them a try anyways. This is pretty much what I like about Plus, games that I may not have felt like buying but get as part of my sub and turns out I enjoy them anyways. Lots to try on PS4 this time too.

  • Well this is a contender for worst plus month ever. Not only the usual men indie crap…but a lot of these games are very similar to previous plus indie games. We really are just paying for online nowadays and being given these games just because Sony feel they’re forced to.

  • Also beats the Xbox lineup where the only game that appeals to me Burnout Paradise which I platinumed years ago when that was a Plus freebie for PS3 and Sleeping Dogs which I already finished on PS3 aaand PS4. :P

    • …but, if you hadn’t already finished Burnout Paradise and Sleeping Dogs, would you still deem Plus better this month?

  • Prices increase and the games get worse, your generosity knows no bounds Sony, happy Christmas.

  • It says hypervoid is just ps3 but says cross buy on the list. If its cross buy do we get the vr content too?

  • Is VVVVVV not crossbuy?

  • Merry Xmas everyone, love from Scrooge and Co.
    At least we have the 12 days of xmas sale to look forward to, oh wait, they’ll be terrible offers.

  • Disgusting especially for a Christmas plus update usual crappy indie games not worth wasting my HD space on!!!

  • Oh and to be fair to our boy Fred, if it was my job to keep posting this crap I’d go into hiding to!!!

  • Just stop giving PS3 & Vita games. Pointless as always. Can’t remember the last time I’ve downloaded any ps+ games for them.

    • What about people who only own PS3 or Vita and have just bought a Plus subscription? They would have to give 12 months notice of stopping the games for those formats or else people would deserve refunds.

      Most plus games are multi-platform these days anyway so it doesn’t really matter.

      I own PS3, PS4 and Vita and I still play all of them.

    • I still have a vita and a ps3

    • Same here. I have PS2, PS3, PS4, PSP and PS Vita. Even PSP-Vita drops are good for me. I can’t believe people would grumble about getting Suikoden if it happens.

    • Guess you have a point. I still play the PS3 & Vita (odd time) but the games on PS+ have been lacking a lot in the last year. PS3 last month was decent though for once. PS3 has so many great games but they still pick bad ones. They also try to pick cross-buy games so it looks like the PS4 owners are getting more games. It’s gotten to the point where if you get one game your happy with, it’s a good month. Really? This is what the once mighty PS+ has come too?

      I got a Xbox One S three months ago and I got two months of Gold for £2 and got a 12 month for £25. When does Sony ever do this? Plus I’ve been more happy with the games on Xbox. Sorry but if to play online wasn’t in the package, I would have cancelled a long time ago and I’ve been with PS+ since day one.

  • Who would like a 2 tier PS plus?
    The normal one we have now or a cheaper one with no games but just for online play..

    Or maybe a more expensive one with a guaranteed ‘decent’ game every once in a while.
    (Yes, I know it turned into a 3 tier subscription.)

    • How about NO tier at all and sony go back to ps3 days with no subscription to play online at all? After all, they haven’t improved a single bit their servers if anything they even got worse, so why are we paying to play online again? Because m$ does that? A guy jumps off the bridge, should we all jump? *sigh*

  • This service doesn’t even give me reasons to renew at all, 2 months previously the games were fantastic and it sounded promising that the line-up will change, alas it doesn’t even in Christmas time you get rubbish. I will never renew my Plus ever again it seems I’m on PS3. The last time I was in Plus was like 2 years ago.

  • More [DELETED] from PSPlus again this month, Gold is a lot better and better value for money. Spend more time on my XBox One these days.

  • Tough crowd….

  • Stories and Color Guardians are my highlights for this month.

  • So that leaked story was true after all. well crapppp …

  • Lame Christmas from plus, thought things were improving a few months ago but that was just a blip it seems

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