Build solo or with friends in Lego Worlds, landing on PS4 in February 2017

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Build solo or with friends in Lego Worlds, landing on PS4 in February 2017

Explore, discover and create with virtual Lego bricks

Alright everyone? Fancy meeting you here! As you have probably guessed by the rather stylish (and well thought up if I say so myself) headings, Lego Worlds is leaving Early Access and is also coming to PlayStation 4 in February! You’ll be able to explore vast worlds made entirely from your favourite building bricks!

LEGO Worlds

Alter the landscape with the Creative Tools and sculpt your worlds just how you like them. Discover a gaggle of characters, creatures and vehicles, from farmers to yetis, broomsticks to giant drillers, squirrels to dragons! Or build with individual bricks to create a masterpiece, as you embark on your creative adventure to become a Master Builder!

More than that, invite friends into your worlds and play together, either through Couch Co-Op or Online Multiplayer, offering you a chance to expand your creations, or build your own games to play together!

We look forward to seeing what you create! Be sure to keep an eye out for our Developer Diaries on our YouTube page and check out this cool trailer to see it all in action while you’re at it!

A separate LEGO Agents DLC pack, which features new characters, vehicles, weapons and more from the Agents range of play materials, will be available as an exclusive bonus on PlayStation 4 for a limited time.

LEGO Worlds LEGO WorldsLEGO Worlds

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  • Will be day one buy for me. Both my son and I will enjoy it!

    • Ziggy it will be a huge game 4 ps4 with hours of building houses etc and building cars and loads of dlc i hope you and your son will enjoy lego worlds

  • Any chance all the Lego Dimensions sets will be compatible? Really no reason why not, especially with how Nintendo’s Amiibo are compatible with umpteen games.

    • Rastamadeus lego worlds is seperate from lego dimensions unless they add all of lego dimensions dlc to worlds for people who dont own a dimensions portal

    • By that silly logic, Dimensions sets would work with standard LEGO games.

      So no, they won’t.

    • @CoolRichy007UK – I didn’t think it would happen, just thought with this being a Lego Minecraft (loosely speaking) then being able to add in even just, say, The Doctor or Mr T Minifigures would be a cool little extra. As I said, Nintendo do it with their Amiibos and all the content is in-game but only accessed via an Amiibo. Skins for characters accesed via Minifigures wouldn’t be too dificult I’d have thought. Hardly essential, just a cool extra.

      @MaxDiehard – I know, such silly logic thinking sets people have already bought may work with other Lego games developed by the same people. So silly. So, so silly. Almost as silly as thinking a PS4 game may work in a PS4 system. Silly, I know…


  • Already looks a lot nicer than Minecraft and hopefully has access to at least some of the franchises Lego Dimensions has?

    • It will have alot of lego worlds i seen every video and it looks alot better then minecraft

    • Oh and chris rose i got a dlc suggestion please add theme park rides creation at some point like rollercoasters log flumes ghost trains bumpercars go karts etc :D

  • OMG OMG YESSSSSS I been waiting 4 this to come to ps4 for ages its a lego minecraft and with lego city undercover being remastered as well for ps4 im a very exited guy that feels like i raded the worlds biggest candy store , travelers tails do you realise how extremly happy you have made me il deffo be buying lego worlds and lego city undercover when they hit the ps stores in 2017 btw great job on the lego harry potter ps4 remaster, oh and lego in english means play well :D #VeryExitedGamer

  • Incredible! Day one definately!!!!!

  • I’m more excited by this news than any grown man has a right to be.

    • Tis the bane of growing up… I’m in my 40’s but would adore a session or two of this and Dimensions ( especially with retro Doctor Who and that playable Red Dwarf easter egg).

  • I really really really hope that they include EVERY LEGO Part ever made in the Game then I can build some cool Retro Classic Space sets :P :P :P

    • If it does, I’d imagine theres gonna be a massive market in scans of retail Lego sets guides. How awesome would it be to build set #10179 from a booklet

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