No Man’s Sky update adds base building, new game modes and freighters

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No Man’s Sky update adds base building, new game modes and freighters

Claim a home planet, build your outpost and test yourself to the limit

Since No Man’s Sky released, we’ve been overwhelmed with feedback, and it’s good to finally be able to share with you what we’ve been up to.

Immediately after No Man’s Sky released the team spent six weeks updating the game with several patches (the last of these was 1.09 on 24th September which you can read about them all here. These fixed many of the most common and critical bugs and issues.

In the nine weeks since then our small team has been hard at work on development, testing and certification for this first update.

Update 1 adds base building, and it’s a foundation of things to come. Check out the video:

You can also read very in depth patch notes here.

Firstly, we have introduced three game modes:

  • Normal mode is the original chilled exploration experience.
  • Creative mode allows players to explore the universe without limits, and build the biggest base they can (more on this below).
  • Survival mode creates a much more challenging endurance experience.

No Man's Sky

Secondly, the update brings base building to the game, allowing players to start building a homestead on a planet of their choosing. Bases are used for shelter and storage, but we’ve also introduced farming crops and you can hire NPCs from Space Stations to research new tech and products for you. Players can teleport back to their base at any time.

No Man's Sky

Having a base from which to explore the No Man’s Sky universe unlocks many new abilities and features. Players can also build equipment in the field, such as save points (essential for Survival mode), way points (to permanently mark and return to your discoveries), mining harvesters (to gather resources in your absence) and Signal Scanners (to find nearby resource deposits).

No Man's Sky

Freighters are the third key update being introduced in Update 1. These ships can be found cruising through space and, upon boarding, players can choose to buy the loyalty of the ship’s captain to take control of them. Goods can be teleported to your freighter from on-planet, and stockpiled for trading, and owned freighters can be summoned from anywhere in the Galaxy.

No Man's Sky

There’s a number of other improvements to the game too, including requested tweaks such as Stackable Products, larger inventories, a quick menu and more.

We hope you enjoy it, and get in touch to let us know where you’d like to see the game go in the future.

Thank you,

Hello Games

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  • Hmmm, I will check this out.

  • AS George W Bush once said … “There’s an old saying in Tennessee — I know it’s in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can’t get fooled again.”

  • Brave post. But I’m with you guys. You were screwed over by Sony. It became too deep too soon for you, and then there was no way out. I’m so happy you never gave up. Thanks for believing in your own product. I’m with you guys, I’m with you. Looking forward to this and future development. ???????? Thanks.

    • Taje note that I appreciate this update and hope they put in the Arakkis worms and make the game VR compatible. But I’m pretty sure Sony did nothing to screw over Hello Games. Remember they’ve been developing since sometime with the PS3 and 360. They also published it themselves so Sony had no control of how fast the team needed to work. Hello Games chose to show us content that didn’t end up in the game. Hello Games chose to build hype for over 2 years before release. Hello Games chose not to hire on people when they knew they couldn’t make their promise. Hello Games didn’t handle this properly and now all indie devs will pay for it. Not Sony.

    • I think they got screwed over by Sony not in the development process, but in pricing. There is no way they would’ve charged AAA price for an indie by themselves, that has to have been Sony’s doing. I still believe the game was way too overhyped pre-release, and got too much hate after, largely because of the high price. I think it would’ve gotten a lot less hate if it sold in the 20€ range.
      I haven’t played the game much besides my first planet and haven’t even left it yet, but still plan to periodically play when the time comes around.

    • Just one flaw in your absolute nonsense. Since when does Sony control prices on Steam??? So you want us all to believe that it was Sony that somehow made No Man Sky $60 on Steam at launch? Keep living in that fantasy world, you tried to make your opinion fact and failed big time.
      And your current 27 Agrees just shows how many other delusional people were caught out by this.

      @Stonesthrow I totally agree with you it should have been €20 max. But you’ve made the wrong assumption in assuming Sony made them charge this much as proven by my Steam call out above. Sony DID publish Ratchet and Clank this year for Insomniac Games and it was only €40. I’m not sure how anyone can pin it on Sony after that ace decision.

      Regardless how this game turned out, I was NEVER buying it at that full price when it was announced on 2nd March 2016 for PS4 AND Steam BY Hello Games themselves.

      Look into the facts next time people, you only look like hateful fools otherwise.

  • Definitely looks interesting and I’ll be checking it out…

  • This game needs waterfalls.

  • Looks interesting

  • This update looks great !!!

  • Definitely checking it out!

  • Damn now I wish I hadn’t sold the game. I’ve never really been into base building… but creating material farms and trading in bulk with Freighters reminds me of Elite & Wing Commander Privateer (both games I adored).

    • With the price difference between prices then and prices now…. you might be able to pick up a 2nd hand copy today for less than you sold your copy for.

  • Wonderful, excited about this and things to come. Many enjoy this game a ton, just find the many dedicated community apps out there. Dont get the continued neg. Attacks, For an indie game this is amazing.

  • You guys should release an updated version of the retail disc that has the updates built into them.

  • Not got NMS anymore. Got rid after about 48hrs of the game. It wow’d to begin with but then the content that was advertised and demonstrated was not there. If I want a game that I can mine for resources and explore I already have a game for this… its called Minecraft… which does the job better than NMS did. I feel sorry for the guys at hello games who built and did their hardest to bring a decent game but with the misleading and lies from the person most would call the face of hello games *cough* Sean Murray *cough* they lost a lot of their player base. 90% in the first week has to be a massive kick in the teeth for them.

    Has for the update I don’t understand they didn’t focus on the things that people were expecting from the game as advertised such as the factions that fight each other and big scale battles….. This update just makes NMS sound like a Minecraft in space game…. which doesn’t pull it off very well…. so much for exploration and wanting people to get to the center.

  • Very pleased with this update. Keep them coming.

  • Hey Hello Games, thanks for adding new content to the game. However you LIED to all of us so we would buy the game originally. To clarify, your company told us about features and showed us videos of ingame content that simply wasn’t there at all in the release. It wasn’t a few features that were missing either. It was a massive amount of content from factions to multiplayer you failed to deliver.
    Now 3 months later you guys add something you hadn’t promised us at all in a “foundation” patch. Maybe start adding content into the game you had promised us prior to release.
    Look you guys at Hello Games already conned us into buying one of your games before it was ready to be released. If you want to earn respect back maybe start by acknowledging your mistake. Then fix the game and add the content you were suppose to have in there when you released it. Other wise you will always be a company that screwed over the gaming community. That is all.

    • I haven’t bought this game yet as it never looked anything more than an interesting tech demo, but this is starting to look pretty good.

      I’m still pretty excited about getting this game when it’s ready. Keep it coming Hello Games, looking good so far!

    • Oops. That was just a general comment, it wasn’t supposed to be a reply. Don’t mind me. ;)

    • Some people are so…
      I’ll not say what I want, Rules an all!

      So you believed it to be more than it was regardless of the features that were missing, they would of not made the game more than it was supposed to be and that is a game of exploring!

      Many also have completely forgotten about the flood that they had in there studio/office were they lost a huge chunk of work and data…
      Lucky they had backups of the core game but guess what they did not have time to finish all promised features.
      Now they haven’t came out and stated this but we know there was a food and lost a lot of data so logic dictates this is what happened to the missing features and not the long con…!

      To many of you guys out there read too much click bait from sites who like to stir the pot and some of you guys love to grab a spoon.

    • Hmm Food, I must be hungry! ????

  • Amazing patch. Playing survival. It’s more engaging and there is way more stuff to worry about. Alien recruits, and missions to retrieve specific element on specific biome is a must. Luckily, the teleport system make everything easier… but still… A good game becoming greater… Nice work.

  • Dear Hello Games,

    First you have to actually render No Man’s Sky as shown in the promotional E3 trailers.
    Second, please reduce the need to farm materials. Not remove, but reduce.
    Third, add a story. As it stands, the game has no story.
    Fourth, add multiplayer action. I ‘d like to see players teaming up and taking down a fleet of enemy ships, or a player witnessing a space battle in the distance and join in on the fly. Just like in the original E3 trailer.

    Also, I ‘d like to see you posting a roadmap for the upcoming patches/expansions. Even a few and vague details would be welcome.

    No matter what happened and the game was released as it was, I don’t mind since you have been hard at work to fix it.

  • still gonna get this game at some point and this update looks like a step in the right direction, fair play for keeping your word and trying to add content.

  • You guys seriously messed up with your initial PR and did even worse with the complete silence over these last few months…This update has added some new life to the game, I’ve deleted my old saves and started a new game so I can save up to buy a freighter and start building a base when I find somewhere I can call home, I’m in no hurry though as I’m enjoying the game again knowing this isn’t all we’re getting. I’m hoping by the time I get to building my base you’ll have another worthwhile update to finally start rounding this game off to what it was supposed to be…I’m hopeful you will actually follow through on this! Look forward to more updates!

  • Can anyone explain how to move items FROM my Freighters inventory back to my Starship or my suit?

    • I just figured it out. Go to the commander of the freighter and talk to him. Click Transfer items (only option anyway) then click on a blank space in your spaceship and transfer between ship n freighter.

  • Hmm are all game modes online. Thinking about if i play the creative mode. Will people see my msg on that message thingy you can make. :)

  • What I want to know is how do I locate the transmisson towers amd the building with a new weapon upgrade inside of it I’m lost in creative mode please message me back if anyone knows

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