Black Friday discounts start today on PlayStation Store

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Black Friday discounts start today on PlayStation Store

Up to 60% off a selection of great games such as Need for Speed, Fifa 17, Watch Dogs 2, Uncharted 4, more

Black Friday returns – albeit a little earlier this year! Save up to 60% on a host of amazing PS4, PS3 and PS Vita titles from today until Monday 28th November.

Compete to be the best in FIFA 17 and Need For Speed, begin an epic new adventure with Uncharted 4 and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition, and experience some serious action with Titanfall 2 and Watch_Dogs 2.

The Black Friday page on PlayStation Store has all your regional pricing, but here’s a look at all the titles featured in the promotion.


*Some titles may not be available in your region

PS3 and PS Vita

*Some titles may not be available in your region

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  • Finally I can buy games digitally for the same prices I can pay for the physical version! What an age to be alive…

    • Maybe if the physical versions weren’t also discounted for black friday

    • Discount or not…Physical and Digital having the same price is mind blowing for me… Why pay the exact same amount of money for a digital version when can i get the physical and add it to my awesome collection.

    • BabyFace765, I thought the same some years ago, but nowadays I rather have a digital version of a game to be honest. Less hassle and it takes up less space. If the price difference is big, I might go for a physical release, but otherwise I rather go digitally. It also depends on the game. Games where I know I will play them multiple months in a row for short bursts, I certainly rather have them digitally. For games I will play once a disc is less of a problem (except for the extra noise they make, which sucks).

    • Yeah, it’s nuts. Even when they’re (almost) the same price, I tend towards grabbing the disc for the trade-in value down the line. That said, the Hitman deal here is pretty good, and I don’t think that disc is coming out until next year. A rare example of a decent digital deal!

    • MrMette, yes i know that it’s just more comfortable and a lot easier to go digital…But like with books i like my game collection to be physical…sure a kindle for reading isn’t that expensive and it’s quite practical when you’re on the move…but it will never compare to a good book collection ^^

      this must be one of those…agree to disagree things, but still i find it that the digital versions should be cheaper…at least 5-10 bucks(no physical materials needed, or time invested in actually burning the game on a dvd, no shipping required no storage needed…etc..) so yeah i guess 10$ off would be a good deal for the digital version.

    • babyFace765
      It is indeed something which is different for everybody. I still like to buy physical music CDs instead of digital audio to be honest (and the same with books). I don’t know why it is different for me with games.

      But I get where you are coming from as I almost never bought digital games (except on Steam) before this console generation (and in the beginning of this generation).

    • When you buy a game digitally, you don’t feel like you own the game thou.

  • I will only get Just Cause 3 XL, to have something to play untill FF XV comes. Odin Sphere is something that I also want, but I prefer to get it on disc for collection, so i’ll pass

  • Why Battlefield 1 is so expensive (only 20%) ? On Xbox One and Origin (PC) discount is much higher — almost half the original price.

    • Microsoft may have a better standing towards Battlefield 1 than Sony.
      Afterall Microsoft’s logo is displayed on several adds from Battlefield 1. At least I have seen several places that are not affiliated firectly with Microsoft that still has the Xbox logo.

  • No 10% off discount code for Europe? Thanks SONY…

    • Yeah, I am waiting for the code as well. As long as I am uncertain the will be a code or not, I will probably not buy anything (although there are some games I want to buy). I don’t want to be burned when they maybe later release a code or something (it wouldn’t be the first time they do something like that).

    • Yes! Finally found a comment that pointed out what is missing in Europe. Thx Google. PS Store Black Friday deals in 2016 are a bit disappointing, sometimes better offers are available over the week. 10% discount code would definitely make the offer much more attractive. I will patiently wait for the code. If none then, well… guess Black Friday offer is not for me.

    • Came here just to say what you just said.

      It seems we need more Xbox sales in Europe, give Sony some incentive to be competitive again…

    • Yeah its kinda shameful not only do US get alot more indie games then EU they usually get better offers aswell. Last week My name is Mayo was released in US but it will never be released in EU because SCEE is not as hard working as their counterparts in US

  • Very very good sale! Just need to great PS PLUS month and…we will be very happy :)

  • These sales are no where near as good as the US store :'(

  • I thought UK\Europe gets 10% extra off too…

  • Where’s the 10%, actually who cares even with the 10% retail are way cheaper, can get TF2 for £20 at HMV, I could go on but most of these sales are just reduced to standard retail prices… £35 for a game is not a sale sorry

  • Sandeep, could you look into why the new Warframe PS+ pack listed in this weeks store post isn’t up yet? Also the Warframe Obsidian Azura pack still doesn’t have the 20% discount after a month on the store. Can somebody get these things sorted out?

  • GTA5 was down to £24.99 which I added to my basket, I went to grab Killzone as well and then GTA5 went up to £54.99 and a few minutes later down to £29.99! You already had it at £25 with info underneath it saying it was this price till midnight on the 28th! Not a happy shopper – won’t be buying it from PSN at this price.

  • As always this is is what we get in EU… Higher prices, no discount codes…

  • EEUU gets Black Friday, Europe gets Blue Friday because we have the saddest offers

  • The US PSN Black Friday promos are way better… ridiculous!!!

  • Dissapointed in this sale Sony. I know I am just one person, and insignificant but you call this a sale? Go to steam and look there, that is a sale. 517 pages. Bought 17 games for 74 euro, included Skyrim for 5€….. 5€ Sony and Bethesda, not €29,99 or €59,99. These prices here are just disgusting and are gonna push people further away to PC or something else. I buy nearly every game, have nearly 100 platinums, so I can call myself hardcore. You even made a trailer for this sale… Should have saved that money and put it in this sale… Digital games are to expensive on PSN and XBL, and you can call it a sale… It is still a joke.

    Read and learn..

    • It’s highly unlikely consoles will ever get prices as good as Steam simply because they are closed marketplaces. If you want a digital game on Playstation you’re pretty much locked to using the PSN store (and similar for xbox and nintendo) whereas PCs are open systems so there’s plenty of competition to drive prices down

    • Steam know how to do a sale.

    • It is not all down to Sony, most of the disappointment should be directed at the publishers. This is the worst (Black Friday) sale I have seen and the time and effort that went into the ads should have gone into cleaning up the store. Too many mistakes in there.

    • To be fair, Steam can afford huge sales because it doesn’t have to compete with the physical market, and it owns something that is preeetty much a monopoly. Most of the console money is made from retail, so retailers have the upper hand in negotiations with publishers. You are actually not “allowed” to sell the digital copies cheaper than the physical, ‘cos in that case you are not emptying shelves. Funny enough, it might sound counter-intuitive, but you’ll see better digital deals if the brick and mortar ever goes the way of the dodo. Netflix is cheap because Blockbuster is dead. Sorry for bad english :p

  • These are awwwesome rates for convenient versions of Guilt Gear Xrd: Revelator, KOF14 and Dirt Rally.
    Have fun with those everyone!

  • Arkham knight for 4.99 on US store for PS+ members, 10% coupon for multiple buys, most of those games here I can buy physical copies for cheaper or the same price. Thanks for screwing us over, yet again…

  • Once again, no Gran Turismo 6. Well maybe next time. On Ps4 nothing for me, but I ll be picking up some games for vita and ps3. Pls Pls Sony Gt 6 special edition next time

  • Prices are joke, wanted xcom2 for reasonable price, im getting it on pc instead.

  • Lol @ the complaints, those are amazing prices, you should not expect US like prices in Europe because Black Friday is an American thing, be great full we even have Black Friday here now.

    • You can’t see me, but now I’m kneeling in front of my PS4 for such good deals!
      The things we have to read…

    • The reason people are [DELETED] is because these “sale” prices barley match the normal price of these games at retail. People also don’t appreciate being charged more for the same game, or not even being allow to buy some games just because they live in a different region, there is no excuse for that with digital games!.. Plus a lot more people are multi-platform gamers than Sony would like to admit, and when you can pick the same game up on a different platform for less than half the price of Sonys ‘sale’ price, then this just looks like a joke!

      Sony need to stop price gouging their customers for no good reason. I have been a Playstation guy most of my gaming life, but PC looks more appealing to me every time Sony rips their customers off. I might just use my Playstation purely for exclusive when I can afford a decent PC. One good this is they have at leas started to offer exclusives and first party games at lower prices now, generally being about 20% cheaper than 3rd party titles new.

    • Lad they’re digital sales. It is the very same product as the US counterpart. Why shouldnt we expect parity? If there was a unified store front they’d be obliged to price it the same across regions. It ain’t right as it is now

    • @monkey602 Well, no. Sure it’s the same product, but it’s not the same market, with the same
      currency and the same cost of living and the same laws and the same taxation.

    • No I guess you’re right casym. It’s the same product in another region with a higher cost of living, higher taxation, stronger currency and still a higher price. It may actually be worse than I first conceived. ;)

      I’m using the Irish store. We get well overlooked here (we don’t even have a video store on the psn here)

    • @monkey602 If you only look at it from the consumer’s point of view, but for the publisher, that’s a lot of extra cost for way less expected sales. At the end of that spectrum, you have a lot of companies from Japan, that decide it’s not even worth trying to sell their games outside their country.
      Sorry for your store, that has no excuse, my Irish friend.

    • @monkey602 Also now that I read your comment more carefully, yeah, if your country has a higher cost of living and a stronger currency, it makes sense for things to cost more! :p

  • I am picking up the “The Arland Atelier Trilogy Plus” as I have been waiting for it to go on sale since its release.

    Based on what the comments have been saying I may wait a bit if Sony releases a 10% off code to save a small bit more on it.

  • Surprised to see Watch Dogs 2 on sale & not to see 10% disount code, oh well.

    These are the games I like from that list: Batman (Telltale) Season Pass, Far Cry Primal, GTA 5, Watch Dogs 2 and Batman Return to Arkham.

    I’ll definitely buy Batman (Telltale) as I was waiting for a discount. I’m thinking about buying Far Cry Primal Apex Edition with it, it’ll be a good price for both of them. But I really want to play GTA 5 as well (never played it before) and I’ve read good things about Watch Dogs 2 (played but didn’t finished the first game). All of them will be very expensive for me so I think it’ll be Batman & GTA 5 (still a bit expensive) or Batman & Far Cry Primal (more reasonable price). I won’t be able to buy anything before 26th November so 2 days to decide…

  • Tough if you bought watch dogs 2 day one (why?) already discounted after less than 2 weeks. Nice way to alienate your loyal (why?) customers who backed your game. Though to be fair, anyone who trusts ubisoft needs their head read. Not to mention battlefield, skyrim, titanfall 2 all around a month out and already discounted. Maybe people just avoid buying games in the lead up to black friday.

    • Well, Titanfall 2 hasn’t sold that well, so I hope the sales will hep. It’s a great game.

    • Because most devs are going full force on the dlc and thats why i wont buy any game on day 1 no more because they drop in price so fast and its just funny to see disc based games so much cheaper then digital one’s

  • this deals trash like your ad on black friday sales

  • No PS Plus extra discount and no 10% discount code Ahhh ????

  • Guilty gear revelator form 77 bucks down to 17. Sold!

  • Deus Ex Mankind Divided Digital Deluxe Edition. Where is the normal edition? why should i pay for the lame dlc, season pack etc. i just want to play the basic game. This is a joke.

  • any chance for a 10% discount code?

  • Will the 12 deals of Christmas be starting on the 1st December?

  • As always, the offers started at midnight, there was just no specific sale category present until later on today.

    I went through the “All Games” section and put all the games I wanted into my cart, including GTA V, which was £24.99 at that time.

    I didn’t buy the games straight away, since there have been pricing errors before, so I wanted to wait at least until the official blog post was there.

    Now I look in my cart and what do I see? GTA V has been increased and is now priced £29.99!!!

    Thanks but no thanks. I shall find this game somewhere in the bargain bin for a fiver one day.

  • I’m getting Hitman season 1. I was a concerned about the download size but it’s only 8.6gb.

    • No, that’s just the first part. The others are about 5GB each so you are looking at about 35GB in total. It really should be clearer.

    • Okay thanks. My mobile broadband was recently extended so it should be fine if that’s everything.

  • Discounts are nice to have, but we demand a unified customer approach, dear Sony. We want games to be released at the same time as in the USA. We want the same goodies the Americans get, such as Flash weekend deals and the amount of discount themselves.

  • Discount code when???

  • I want fifa 17 will these offers still be avilable on Monday morning

  • any news on a fix for error C-34878 PlayStation unplayable because of this error only started since 4.05 and 4.06 system update was released.

  • I bought a card for this to add 50 euro to my wallet.
    I’m not going to use it, worst sale ever.

  • There is something that I don’t understand. Why the season pass of Deus Ex : Mankind Divided, Uncharted 4 or Dark Souls III are not discounted ?
    And on this list we can see for these games, the classic and the deluxe edition (game + season pass) are discounted. So the Day One buyers are, one more time, ignored.

  • In my experience like I know i took a long break from games but when i bought games full price back in 2012 here in Sweden they cost 700 crowns NEW and if you look at the price of the BF1/TF2 deluxe edition its 800 crowns. now i know that since the Ps4 was released the prices went down but still something that previously was a 1400 crowns deluxe edition dropping down to 700 crowns + 100 to me personally EVEN without deluxe in mind is cheap as hell for new games. If I was one of these younger ppl today who do believe that this dlc deluxe bs IS valuable id say this price by Respawn, EA and DICE is the equivalent of a gift.

  • where can i find digital psn card???

  • As usual Europe gets a feeble sale in comparison to the US… and no 10% discount code either… no wonder I generally avoid the EU store like the plague.

  • Someone appears to have forgotten to apply the discounts to the movies in the Black Friday section of the site…none of the titles in there are reduced at all…

  • Any chance you could tell us which of these discounted games are going to be announced as December’s PS+ games on Tuesday? I’m guessing Tearaway Unfolded…

  • I’m also annoyed that because I bought episode 1 of Batman Telltale, I’m now stuffed as far as buying the season pass goes? Great work there SCEE,…

  • Persona 5 avatar and theme?

  • Aaaaand once again, Max Payne 3 isn’t on sale for those of us in New Zealand! Sort your [DELETED} Sony! It’s still over $60!!!

  • Cool, getting three games. Thanks for the sale.

  • So are we getting screwed again by not getting a 10% discount code?

    Not only are US offer slightly better and cheaper they get more indie games that will never be released in EU.

  • Do you get discount on top of black friday deals if you have PSN plus membership ?

    • Depends, God of War 3 seems to have an extra Playstation Plus discount.

      If prices in the store are colored yellow, they are special Playstation Plus discount prices.

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