The 6 best Lego Dimensions Easter Eggs picked by Traveller’s Tales, and where to find them

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The 6 best Lego Dimensions Easter Eggs picked by Traveller’s Tales, and where to find them

Featuring Red Dwarf, The Flash, Ghostbusters, Harry Potter, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Sonic

In the year since Traveller’s Tales unleashed Lego Dimensions onto PS3 & PS4, we’ve journeyed across multiple fan-favourite universes and revelled in fantastic character crossovers. These have not only been heavy on humour but also awesomely authentic as the developer has provided fun nods and winks to the wider franchises our Lego heroes belong to.

We asked the developer to cherry pick its favourite Easter Eggs from the past 14 months worth of content, tell us the story behind their inclusion, and more importantly, how to find them.

Easter Egg 1: Adventure Time’s Farmworld Ice King

Lego Dimensions Easter Eggs

What is it?
The skeleton and bomb that appear out of the Locate rift is in fact the Farmworld version of the Ice King/ Simon Petrikov.

The story behind it:
In the Farmworld alternate dimension, the Ice King freezes a large bomb, presumably during the Mushroom Wars. The resulting blast of this bomb would have created The Lich if it was allowed to detonate. This seemed suitable for the story of the Adventure Time Level Pack, as the player uses this frozen bomb to gain access to The Lich’s lair in order to battle and defeat him.

Where to find it?
Within the Adventure Time Level Pack. This is on the main story pathway, after using the Locate Keystone in the old subway station.

How it came about:
The Locate Keystone mechanic in Lego Dimensions is a way of bringing in objects from various dimensions that shouldn’t exist in that world. As the Farmworld Timeline shouldn’t exist in the version of Ooo where the player is located, we used the Locate Keystone to cross over the internal Adventure Time realities and timelines.

Easter Egg 2: Deleted scene from Ghostbusters (2016)

Lego Dimensions Easter Eggs

What is it?
The Ghostbusters (2016) Story Pack – Florist Free Play Room – “The Battle for Times Square”

Where to find it?
In level five of the Ghostbusters (2016) Story Pack. Just before entering the final Battle Arena in the second half of the level, the player can find a florist, the doorway of which is blocked up with vines that need to be hacked away with any character who has the Vine Cut ability, such as Finn the Human or Owen Grady.

How it came about:
In the 2016 Ghostbusters movie, there was a scene cut from the film, in which Agent Rorke and Hawkins give the Ghostbusters a florist’s card, telling them to call it in case of a supernatural emergency.

Initially the Ghostbusters thought the florist business was a front for the government to operate from but in reality it was a normal business card used to dismiss the Ghostbusters.

This Free Play room is used as a nod to this cutting room floor scene, in which the player enters a florist which has been taken over by the government as an emergency base of operations.

Easter Egg 3: Ghostbusters movie musicals

Lego Dimensions Easter Eggs

What is it?
The Ghostbusters (2016) Story Pack – Movie and Show Names

Where to find it?
Throughout the Ghostbusters levels and the Ghostbusters Adventure World.

How it came about:
As a good chunk of Ghostbusters is set in New York City, famed for its Broadway shows and musicals, we decided we needed some hidden Easter Eggs in the titles of some of the shows.

Throughout the levels, the player can find reference to:

  • Groomsmen” – a play on Paul Feig’s Bridesmaids movie, also featuring Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy.
  • Really Tough Mission” – a play on Mission: Impossible which is also featured in Lego Dimensions.
  • “Ghost Jumpers: The Musical” – a play on “Ghost Jumpers,” which is a ghost hunting television show in the movie.

Easter Egg 4: Eggman’s return

Lego Dimensions Easter Eggs

What is it?
Exclusive visit from Sonic’s nemesis Eggman.

Where to find it?
Sonic Level Pack within the Hidden Palace Zone is in the Adventure World.

How it came about:
We wanted to display the Emeralds within the Adventure World. So you’ll find a cave resembling the Emerald altar from Sonic 3 & Knuckles, but with our own twist – an ancient, ruinous state. As you progress through the level, you collect Chaos Emeralds. If you head to the Hidden Zone without all the Emeralds, Dr. Eggman will appear with a message.

Easter Egg 5: Starlabs (The Flash)

What is it?
Starlabs Free Play room

Where to find it?
You can find it within the Fantastic Beasts Story Pack in level five, Departmentalizing Dougal:

  • Make sure you have the TARDIS built
  • Load into level five
  • Use Illuminate and Fix the electrical panel on the left
  • Use Magic on the lever
  • Walk right and destroy all the glowing props nearby
  • Build the Keystone
  • Use the Creation Keystone and move Newt to Red, Blue and Green
  • Use the Chroma Keystone
  • Blue on the left Toypad, Red in the middle and Yellow on the right
  • Walk to the far right, at the end of the hall
  • Attack the brown box on the wall to the right of the candy pile
  • Place The Doctor on the toy pad and use the Techno Panel
  • Use the TARDIS on the TARDIS Spot to enter the START Lab Free Play

How it came about:
Lego Dimensions is great, as we can combine and visit locations from numerous universes. Flash features are in the DC Adventure World, but we wanted to expand on him, adding this Free Play area, something we hope the fans will enjoy and recognise.

Easter Egg 5: Red Dwarf

Lego Dimensions Easter Eggs

What is it?
A Free Play room themed on the comedy show Red Dwarf.

Where to find it?
Part of the Fantastic Beasts Story Pack, level – Jewellery Tomfoolery:

  • Make sure you have the TARDIS built
  • Load into level three
  • Walk to the right and observe the TARDIS Spot
  • Use the TARDIS on the TARDIS Spot to enter the Red Dwarf Free Play Area

How it came about:
As a British developer, we’re really into our British comedies. Red Dwarf has been around for years and the team have always wanted to feature it in some way. Lego Dimensions enables us to visit these locations, as it’s only a rift away. Fans of the show will see those small touches that really identify it as a Red Dwarf Free Play room.

Easter Egg 6: Harry Potter’s Lovegood House

Lego Dimensions Easter Eggs

What is it?
A Free Play room themed on the Lovegood House from the world of Harry Potter.

Where to find it?
Part of the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Story Pack, level – Not Your Vault:

  • Place Newt on the Toy Pad
  • Load into Level one
  • Head forwards and destroy the silver Lego brick
  • Construct build-it
  • Destroy tech
  • Scale up to a BigFig
  • Throw the pieces into the scale puzzle
  • Become a SmallFig
  • Complete puzzle
  • Construct build-it
  • Turn valve switch
  • Head forwards and watch minicut
  • Place Finn on the Toy Pad and use the sword switch
  • Jump through the Portal

How it came about:
We featured the house in previous Lego titles – it’s such a great location and we wanted to feature it again, somewhere else. Placing it in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them just made sense. Hopefully Harry Potter fans will come across it and enjoy it all over again.

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  • How about a whole level pack based on Red Dwarf?

  • Yeah I was hoping to see the likes of Rimmer and co in Lego form. It’s amazing there’s even room based on it cos I didn’t think it was well known enough globally to get in here (took ages for Doctor Who to go Lego and that’s definitely more famous when it comes to brit sci fi). I’m not a huge Lego fan and I pass over most of the sets cos the vast majority are based on franchises I don’t care for (I care not for Adventure Time or Harry Potter for example) but ‘d buy me some Dwarf Lego. The Gremlins look good too though my roborovski hamster Gizmo died recently so it’s a bit of a sore point at present.

    In the Starlabs room are Wells, Cisco and Caitlin there? (basically what I’m asking is, is it influenced by the TV show at all? Cos I enjoy that a lot :) )

  • How could you tease us like this? For a short amount of time, I thought my dreams had come true and we were going to get a proper Lego take on Red Dwarf!

    If you make anything Red Dwarf – I will buy it. All of it. I promise.

    • Would love to have a whole separate game of Red Dwarf with either the first few seasons or one specific episode from each season. Imagine some of the funniest scenes from the series in Lego form…

      And if you had the original cast voice it as well, I would be sold in a heartbeat!

  • “We asked the developer to cherry pick its favourite Easter Eggs from the past 14 months worth of content”

    14 months?… c’mon, I love my LEGO games but this article has nothing to do with the past 14 months. It’s a very thinly veiled promotion of the new Year 2 sets.

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