The Elder Scrolls Online is free to play this weekend; plus PS4 Pro enhancements detailed

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The Elder Scrolls Online is free to play this weekend; plus PS4 Pro enhancements detailed

Try the gorgeous MMO for free this Wednesday through 20th November

Between the first Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) Free Play Weekend on PS4, to the debut of dynamic 4K visuals on PS4 Pro — and the Trip of a Lifetime giveaway — there’s a lot to be excited about in The Elder Scrolls Online!

Whether you’re an existing part of The Elder Scrolls Online community on PS4 or are thinking about joining, here’s everything you need to know to get up to speed.

The Elder Scrolls Online Free Play Weekend

We’re thrilled to announce our very first Free Play Weekend for The Elder Scrolls Online on PS4. This is a great opportunity to jump into the giant world of ESO and try it for yourself. You’ll be able to begin downloading the game on PlayStation Network this Wednesday, 16th November 16 starting at 5:01 AM GMT.

The Elder Scrolls Online

Simply navigate to The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited on PlayStation Store, download the game, and create your ESO account. PlayStation Plus is not required to participate in the ESO Free Play Weekend. If you’re downloading ESO for the first time, please be aware that Tamriel is a fully breathing online Elder Scrolls world and requires 73 GB of HDD space, so plan ahead!

Once ESO is installed and you’ve created your account, you can login and begin your adventure in Tamriel. Here are a few things to keep in mind if you’re playing ESO on a Free Play Weekend account:

  • You’ll have access to the full The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited base game, not including DLC game pack areas.
  • Upon account creation, you’ll get 500 crowns to spend in the Crown Store on fun costumes, unique pets, helpful scrolls, and more.
  • After the Free Play Weekend ends, you can continue right where you left off! Any characters you create, Crown Packs, or Crown Store items you purchase, as well as any progress you make during the Free Play Weekend, will carry over when you purchase the game

The Free Play Weekend will run until 20th November. In celebration of the Free Play Weekend, Crown Packs and all versions of ESO are currently available at an incredible discounted price. There’s never been an easier way to jump into ESO. Check PlayStation Store for details.

More great news — playing ESO during the Free Play Weekend also qualifies you to enter our One Tamriel “Trip of a Lifetime” sweepstakes! Five lucky winners will choose a travel package that will take them to one of five exotic locations. Each package will include full accommodations, meals, and exciting adventure excursions with expert local guides!

Visit our contest page to register, read the official rules, and learn more about the five amazing trip packages you could win. And of course, if you are an existing player — you’re already qualified.

Head over to the contest page and register to win your incredible adventure!

The Elder Scrolls Online on PS4 Pro

We were so excited that The Elder Scrolls Online was among the launch titles for PS4 Pro, delivering the vast world of Tamriel in incredible dynamic 4K on launch day via a free update. If you already own ESO, continuing your adventures in 4K is easy: simply download ESO to your new PS4 Pro, update the game, and if you have a 4K display, ESO will automatically run in 4K resolution.

Even if you’re not using a 4K screen, there are still benefits to playing ESO on a PS4 Pro. The PS4 Pro allows you to play in 1080p Enhanced Mode, which includes graphical enhancements to ambient occlusion and water reflections, as well as improved shadow fidelity.

In the gameplay trailer above, you can see ESO running in 4K on a PS4 Pro. (Just remember: in order to experience this trailer in 4K, you will need to view it on a 4K display.)

If you’re joining our Free Play Weekend on PS4 this weekend, or playing ESO on PS4 Pro, we’d love to hear about your experiences!

See you in Tamriel, adventurers!

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1 Author Reply

  • No special offer price to keep people after the weekend?

    • “In celebration of the Free Play Weekend, Crown Packs and all versions of ESO are currently available at an incredible discounted price.”

    • “In celebration of the Free Play Weekend, Crown Packs and all versions of ESO are currently available at an incredible discounted price” – well, they’re not, but still. Once the discounts are applied, presumably they’ll be there until next week’s store update at least?

    • Alright, discounts are now live (60% off) – valid until 24th November, so you’ll have a few days to purchase after the trial ends

  • “Dynamic 4K” is the new buzzword to avoid using the dreaded term “upscaled”.

    • ESO Devs say native so stating dynamic in this article is a little confusing. But on a decent 4K display wouldn’t it be hard to spot the difference with human eyes anyway?

  • Having recently purchased a PS4 Pro the 4K presentation is a remarkable upgrade (I run it on a 4K UHD/HDR 49″TV which I upgraded at the same time from an HDTV).

    As a big MMO fan since pre-console days ESO is one of my favourites. Free to play is a huge incentive given the amount of time one can spend in these universes and it swayed me over from Final Fantasy XIV which is pay to play.

    If you’re a fan of Elder Scrolls in particular I can highly recommend it, choc full of lore and familiar environments, easy to get to grips with, epic storyline which you can play from 3 different perspectives with just one character and literally years of gameplay. The further you get this Free Play weekend the more you’ll see what it has to offer. Chances are you’ll be signing up for PS Plus at the end of it just to play this one game.

    • Without an epic score by Jeremy Soule this is simply not a Elder Scrolls game and is easily avoidable for me. Way to completely miss the atmosphere of a specific proposed world.
      How can Bethesda possibly top this? A Doom game without guns?

    • Jeremy Soule composed the main theme and cinematic music, it’s the first thing you hear and his influence is rather heavy in each piece associated with individual biomes within the game :)

  • I thought this game went Free2Play a year or so ago?

  • Free… sure, but 73gb is quite a price…. not sure if i want to free up all that space for 1 weekend.

  • If anyone wants it after the weekend it’s £10 in asda

  • I bought this game over a year ago, played for a while. Now I’ve decided to redownload it for PS4 Pro, but it doesn’t seem it’s possible. In PSN it’s not there, just the Gold edition, which by the way it doesn’t allow me to buy anyway. In the Library I have TESO, but instead of Download, it says download free demo. After trying to download it anyway… nothing happens. It just returns to the TESO’s screen in the Library.

    How can I download nowadays?

    • Just look for it in your Library.

    • Viryu how did you buy the game a year ago if it was disc based you will need to reinstall from the disc then update the client.

    • @maxdiehard I already wrote that in the library all it shows is “free demo” which doesn’t want to download anyway.

      @aj006 I checked my mails, I bought it on 12/07/2015 on PSN, the Imperial Edition, it wasn’t disc only back then. That actually gave me an idea and I’ve searched for Tamriel on the store and it worked, it’s downloading now. Still can’t see it in my Library though.

    • Virya, I don’t think that it’s anything to worry about as during this offer the demo and the full game are one and the same. I’d assume that when this offer ends then it will revert to showing as a full game in your library but at the moment there isn’t a demo AND a game only the demo which is the game.

      As the blog post explains, to play the demo you just need to go to the Store and download the game so that would surely translate as the same for people who have it in their Library.

      That’s what it looks like to me anyway. :)

    • I’ve just checked it for you, it’s the same on my account and all you need to do is download the demo t get the full game. Nothing to worry about, it seems.

    • Hi Viryu! If you go to the PlayStation Store and search for “Tamriel Unlimited demo” that will take you to the free download. The full name is “The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited demo” It’s actually the full game, not just a demo. :) Hope that helps!

  • Thanks for the offer, However as it requires plus to play after the free weekend ill pass.

  • Isn’t it also Overwatch free weekend? Very bad timing

    • Are the dlc zones included in the free weekend? because Orsinium genuinely does capture that Elder Scrolls feel.

      The only dlc I haven’t played is ‘Shadow of the Hist’, because it seemed expensive for 2 dungeons. Would have been neat to give older players something for the weekend too.

    • @PureNomad Vanilla only, no dlc packs included. However 5500 Crowns are currently only £14.39 on the PSN Store with smaller quantities also discounted. ‘Tis a lot of bang for thy buck.

  • Awesome, I’ve been wanting to try this but weren’t sure if I would get in to it to buy it. If I’m able to download this before time ends and I like it, I’ll get the gold edition.

  • Hi, i have downloaded the demo and now wonder one thing. How can I buy the game if I like it? There is no button saying buy. Also I see all other versions of the game (like gold) unavailable. Please help or fix the issue :)

  • So is it the Try Demo link under the Buy option? Can you unlock trophies in this weekend?

  • I would like to buy the game now but acquiring the demo has removed the ability to buy, and would like the gold premium edition with 5500 crowns

    When I look at game info in my account there is no expiry, so does this mean I get to play it free and do not even need to buy the base game, or will it go poof after Nov 20th?

    Although I would prefer to buy now so I have the crowns to use. This demo and the way the PSN store blocks purchases, is preventing me from playing. Also if I can not buy gold premium edition for £27.99 then I will not buy at all.

  • I can’t find it in the UK store. I search for it but all I get is the full price versions. Am I doing something stupid?

    • If you go to the store it’s under Games > Demos > Sort Z-A (it’ll be around the 5th row down – The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited – Timed Trial). Or you could just buy the whole game on the same page, £7.99 currently, which is insanely low :)

    • Thanks, I may as well buy it at that price

  • I bought Teso for normal PS4, but now i cant donwload for ps4 pro?

    I have it in the Library but there is no option for download the full game, just the Gold version (but i have to pay again…)

    Please help!!

    • If you go to the store it’s under Games > Demos > Sort Z-A (it’ll be around the 5th row down – The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited).

      From here you’e got two options, either try free demo or Add to Cart – my guess is this latter option will show ‘Already Purchased’ for you so you can just download for free, it’s the full game. To everyone else it’ll show as £7.99.

    • There is no option for add to cart, neither download option…i hope this will be resolved when weekend promo finished….

      Im on the spanih store….

  • Ok, i solved it in the store website from my pc. Just «force» download from there.

    Thank you anyway

  • I have trial and i want buy full game but not basic edition, i want Gold. Then i must redowload 70 Gb again?

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