New on PlayStation Store this week: Watch Dogs 2, Killing Floor 2, more

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New on PlayStation Store this week: Watch Dogs 2, Killing Floor 2, more

Plus, Adventure Capitalist, Assassin's Creed The Ezio Collection, Deponia

Coming hot on the heels of last week’s acclaimed Dishonored 2, this week’s big blockbuster release is Watch Dogs 2, which has also been picking up the plaudits from critics. But this week’s incoming slate has strength and depth – look out for FPS sequel Killing Floor 2, stealth bundle Assassin’s Creed The Ezio Collection, individual PS4 releases for the original Uncharted trilogy, and plenty more besides. Here’s the full list of new arrivals:

PlayStation StoreOut this week






  • The Martian VR Experience
    15th November

  • Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune Remastered (UK/Ireland – 18/11)
    16th November

  • Uncharted: Among Thieves Remastered (UK/Ireland – 18/11)
    16th November


  • Uncharted: Drake’s Deception Remastered (UK/Ireland – 18/11)
    16th November

  • Assassin’s Creed The Ezio Collection (UK – 18/11)
    17th November

  • Killing Floor 2
    18th November


  • O! My Genesis VR
    18th November



  • Barnanza
    16th November





15th November

  • Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare
  • 200 Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Points
  • 1,100 Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Points
  • 2,400 Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Points
  • 5,000 Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Points
  • 9,500 Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Points
  • 13,000 Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Points

18th November

  • Killing Floor 2
  • Briar’s Bobby Bundle
  • Cardboard Knight Uniform Bundle
  • Mr.Foster Classic Uniform Bundle
  • Horzine Supply Crate Key
  • Tanaka Biker Uniform Bundle

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  • Cool seperate versions of uncharted, i only want the third.

    • do they have a separate trophy list would play for 3rd time!

    • Guarantee one alone will cost more than the trilogy currently does. This is probably so they can give them on plus over three months at some point.

    • @adrumr82: I shared your skepticism but, at least in australia, they are around one third of the price of the trilogy, 17.95 for one 48.95 for three (though it is on sale at moment for even less).

  • What’s happening with Necropolis guys? Been a few weeks since it was on the blog as being released and it’s still not in the store…?

  • Can you finally allow us to browse the store in any language we want? The localized texts are rubbish! For NASCAR Heat Evolution they translated driver to treiber (which is the German word for a hardware driver for an operating system, not a vehicle driver…)! What the hell? Not one of the sentences is grammatically correct. And the game only has English language support. Adventure Capitalist has been translated to Kapitales Wagnis. Why? The game is, again, only available in English language and is called Adventure Capitalist everyone – beside the localized PSN-Store…

    • Blame their policy… i still remember when they translated the Raiden IV description in Italian, i would’ve done a better job, they literally used Google Translate. It’s like being on Google Play.

    • I totally agree. Their finnish is unreadable these days. Some finnish words, english words and swedish words compined. Total gibberish.

  • Does Contra have online coop or only couch? Did they allow for infinite lives to play till the end?

    • It has online ranking, probably not online coop.

    • Arcade Archives don’t have online mode built in but they work well with Shareplay if you want to play with someone on your PSN friends list. Have enjoyed Bubble Bobble that way a lot with my bestie.

    • And yes for infinite lives you just put in more ‘credits’. It’s the arcade rom after all.

  • I bought Watch Dogs 2 Gold Edition. This includes the season pass. But still Ubisoft is charging me money for 5 different clothing/carskin packs they released today, while i own the season pass! This is ridiculous for a game that is released yesterday and a slap in the face for people who are suckered into buying the Gold Edition! I hope this is an pricing error otherwise shame on you Ubisoft.

    Available now but not included in the season pass / gold edition:
    Watch Dogs 2 Ded_Labs Pack € 6,99
    Watch Dogs 2 Unisoft Pack € 4,99
    Watch Dogs 2 Glam Pack € 6,99
    Watch Dogs 2 Pixel Art Pack € 6,99
    Watch Dogs 2 Guts, Grits and Libert Pack € 2,99

    • I had this problem with the PC version of The Division I got the super version with the watch and the season pass and then saw day 1 more skins to buy, So have not bought them and not bought a season pass since and don’t plan on doing so either, shall wait for complete version for most games from now on there loss not mine

  • Is there a release date for ‘The Brookhaven Experiment’ for PSVR in the Netherlands? It was released last week for other parts in Europe but still not available in the Netherlands.

    • A tweet from the developer Phosphor Games:

      ‘For @BrookhavenVr in the Netherlands: we found a setting issue. It’s been fixed, and in about a week you’ll have it. Sorry for the wait!’

  • Hi, any idea when the time machine vr is coming for psvr?

  • Obligatory Rock Band 4 comment.

    Please could you at least acknowledge the fact that we’ve been waiting over a year for the legacy exports?… and then give some indication when they’re likely to be available.

    • Just give up. It’s never going to happen.

    • They probably forgot about it. Just move on.

    • Second this. Where are the exports that are available in US-Store and on X-Box One for months now?

    • And another question we see every week that is unlikely to get answered here!

      Have you tried contacting Harmonix/Sony support directly? You’re more likely to get an answer that way then spamming here…

    • @DJ_K00P33: talk about double standards.

    • @Lance_87: What double standards? If you all aren’t getting the answer you want here (no matter how many times/people ask), why not try a more direct route of contact?

    • DJ_K00P33: To answer your question we have done that. A lot. Harmonix say they are blocked by a tool on Sony Europes side and that they are still working on it. Sony just give out a generic automated response. I personally post on here about it because it’s more public place for my complaints to be read. If you can suggest a better way that might get results on this issue then we are all ears :)

    • They want us to give up though, that’s pretty disgusting advice to say accept being treated like dirt and move on. Sony’s attitude to its customers makes me want to move to the competition.

    • DJ_K00P33, you know exactly what i’m talking about.

      People asked for THIRTEEN MONTHS STRAIGHT for a solution about Rock Band paid content, and got nothing. And now we have you kindly telling people to avoid using this blog, or to use other means to contact the support. They all don’t work anyway.

      And when someone simply reports for a couple of weeks that a certain game listed as being compatible with certain platforms clearly does NOT work with them, or certain paid DLC passes are supposed to offer stuff that’s actually not available because THE CONTENT SIMPLY DOESN’T EXIST IN THE ENTIRE WORLD except for some remote Asian stores, and then simply asks to change the descriptions accordingly, what happens? Simple: you’re a criminal. No, these must not be double standards.

  • Hm, Deponia and Scarlet Curiosity slyly coming into the store.

    But I need to ask something, why is it that the website version of the PS Store has separate entries/links for pre-orders and for when the game is released? Isn’t there another way other than just deleting a previous link/entry and making a new one?

  • Still waiting to get the promised Rock Band 4 Legacy Exports:

    Rock Band 2
    Lego Rock Band
    Green Day Rock Band
    AC/DC Track Pack

  • The Martian sounds cool, but €20 for a 20 minute “experience”. No thanks.

  • Fred Dutton, could you please give us some news on the “tool” that Harmonix requires from SCEE/SIEE to give us our entitlements/exports from the PS3 for Rock Band 4 on the PS4?

    Francesca ignored all comments. I’m hoping you have the courage and decency to give us some answers.

    SCEA and XBOX users have almost all of their promised content, but 13 months on, we SCEE/SIEE users are way, way behind, and it’s being held up all because Harmonix needs an updated tool from you to complete the process.

    Any news would be very much appreciated.

    Or, do we have to go down the same route as Rocksmith, where we were forced to take legal action against SCEE?

    • The right question is: Fred Dutton, could you please TALK? He just refuses to give any reply to any question.

      How did the lawsuit against the Rocksmith people eventually end?

    • ehhh PRRRRR i meant against SCEE.

    • I believe the legal action was taken against both SCEE and Ubisoft SF.

      Whatever happened, it kicked them into action and we quickly got our PS3 entitlements on the PS4.

      We could take legal action against SCEE and Harmonix, but according to Harmonix devs, all they need is this magical tool from SCEE for us to get our remaining PS3 entitlements and exports on the PS4, so the party most at fault here is SCEE for withholding that tool from Harmonix and preventing them from fulfilling their “promise” that we could play all of our existing content from previous Rock Band titles in Rock Band 4.

      13 months later, we’re still waiting, and it’s SCEE that is holding up the process, so any legal action should be aimed at them.

      As someone that’s spent 10s of thousands of dollars on games and downloadable content, I think I deserve some basic customer service. Some answers and action would be greatly appreciated.

      A delay of a few weeks or few months is understandable, but it’s been over a year. That is simply unacceptable. As is the deafening silence we’re receiving from SCEE/SIEE.

    • And the third time for the same question!?

      Now, we all know you all want answers for this problem, but clogging up the comments section here isn’t likely to get you a response, have you tried contacting Harmonix/Sony directly?

      And also addressing this direct to Fred Dutton ain’t likely to push the issue, from his title his job, and precious posts, he seems more media side than actual store content, I assume someone just gives him lists of store updates/info and he puts it up here…

    • DJ_K00P33, the problem is that no one gets answers here, even without “clogging up the comments section here”.

    • @Lance_87: Hence me suggesting contacting them directly, instead of just posting the same question here over and over, and still not getting the answers you actually deserve…

  • Another week without our exports and legacy content for Rock band..
    How long is it going to take to fix this mysterious tool?!

    Where is our PAID content that we were promised?! Rock band 4 was advertised that our previously bought content on the PS3 would work on the PS4 and thats was why I purchased the game!!! So where is my promised content?

  • Well, since the other blog entry is completely effed up… has anyone noticed something weird with the web Store today? I clearly saw new checkboxes named It, Fr, Es, De among other like PS4/PS3/Vita (for filtering content, you know, they’re on the left when searching for content)… now they seem to be gone.

  • 405 days since Rock Band 4 was originally Released, with the promise of all legacy DLC and previous game exports being brought forward for those who are entitled, so why are we not getting them?

    Our last update, An INCOMPLETE Rock Band 1 export, was 165 days ago (which was still 6 months later than SIEA as well as MSFT) so why has there been absolute silence on your part? Harmonix has stated there is a broken “tool” which has been broken for months allegedly that YOU need to fix, the ball is in your side of the court but you are refusing to play at all

    For some perspective on this what does SCIA and MSFT have?
    RB1 (Complete) RB2, RB3, LEGO, AC/DC, Green Day, Blitz and Track Packs such as Track Pack 2, Country, Country 2, Classic Rock, Metal etc

    What do we in EU/AU have?
    A portion of RB1 and RB3 (not counting Blitz as you NEED a PS3 system where US just need to buy the game)

    In terms of songs that are available from these its not even 10%. How can anyone at SIEE think this is in anyway acceptable, why do you fail to deliver what your American department have managed to do with ease months ago?

    I’m not even waiting on any game exports since i switched platforms but they are many who are, who have my greatest sympathy because they are being screwed over so much and this is NOT how i deem great customer service

    Hopefully you might get them running up soon but at this point, my grandchildren are gonna love playing these legacy songs

    #4theplayers ~ I don’t think so

  • Hey Fred , when are we European Rock Band Users getting our missing Exports ????

  • Killing Floor 2! Still need to finish Dishonored 2 though

  • My 5-year-old daughter believes Father Christmas is real.
    All of us under the SIEE banner will get our missing Rock Band exports some time this year.
    I hate flying.

    2 of the above are completely true.

  • Here’s one more post supporting the Rock Band 4 Legacy DLC liberation front.

    • “Liberation Front”… reminds me of people asking for a localization for Senjou no Valkyria 3 on PSP. All we eventually got was a complete fan translation, though.

  • Wasn’t ‘The Walking Dead – A New Frontier’ supposed to be released today?

  • Hi Fred, amazed you still work on the blog tbh. You font have the pr skills needed for such a job.

    ROCK BAND 4, where are the entitlements also why have I upgraded to a ps4 Pro when it transpires that many games run better on the old hardware…. What is going on. If this isn’t rectified by this time next year you will have happily helped Microsoft in becoming number 1. Maybe it’s the kick in the balls you lot need. I’m sick of seeing this brand fail us at every turn.

    • Don’t blame fred. If Sony, his bosses, gave a [DELETED] he would do something about it. They don’t so he doesn’t. His behaviour is just a symptom of the culture at Sony that has seen them go from being a technology giant to relying on a games console to prop them up.

  • Wheres rollercoster dreams when it out .

  • Weak week.

    I mean, yet another one.

  • Rock Band 4 exports. I’d go into detail but you know by now…

  • Ugh, publishers really need to stop doing that thing where they give you a pre order code which you still need to redeem on their website to get the actual code for your respective console -_-


    Sorry, I kid, and you all do deserve answers to your queries, but posting (and constantly re-posting) here is like asking your mailman why the heating isn’t working – 1) you’re very unlikely to get a response, and 2) there’s better ways to get your issues heard/dealt with (contact support directly (email and phone), harrass them on social media (where more people will see it), contact the people behind the games (as they can probably contact people inside Sony, or at least keep you better updated), etc, etc)

    Good luck though, ladies and gentlemen, hate it when things go wrong and no-one seems to be able to help with the issue…

    • Start a petition and ask to shut down the comments section on the Blog then, it’s useless in Europe… because they do reply in the US, or they used to do so the last time i checked.

    • That’s the point you are missing. This isn’t the only place I vent my frustration. I am certain that others are hitting the social media’s and emails too. You’d be better doing as PlayStation does and ignoring these comments.

      Somebody can help us, they just won’t.

  • Best way to get answers is spam them on Twitter

  • It says in the post that AdVenture Capitalist is out, but it’s not on the web store or the PS4 store.
    So what happen?

  • You should contact your local consumer ombudsman/centre. This is the most effective way for you to get what you were promised as ombudsmen can impose a prohibition reinforced with penalty payment (at least in Finland, but I bet almost every country has similar enforcement actions) to Harmonix/Sony.

  • Anyone affected by Rock Band 4 issues, the president of Sony Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida, can be found on Twitter here:

    I have already tweeted him, I mentioned that the mods are pretty much ignoring everyone, so I would suggest that we all tweet Shuhei until we get some answers.

    • In all honesty if you could motivate people to do it, spamming the higher ups is the best way to get change for the region. We are being ignored.

  • Watch dogs 2 in Pro has no HDR mode!!! What happened? It was announced with support for 4K and HDR (I remember the article that suspiciously now has disappeared from your website…)
    Is HDR going to come with a patch a bit latter?
    Not having an announced feature, for me, is a major disappointment, specially when I did chose to buy this game instead of others because of the 4K + HDR.
    And my HDR is working, it works with uncharted and ratchet and clank, so it works. So it’s the game.

    • According to Ubi the game supports the higher resolution on PS Pro but there are no news on HDR support at the moment

      follow me on twitter @mygamingnewz

  • IS there any news on the ps1 classic the legend of dragoon on when it is going to be released on the psn this year or next year?

    I know that it is being worked on but so far there are no news about so far I would really like to play this game and sony would make more money if it is on the psn store eu it is already on the us so why not.

    • Source please? It’s been ages since the last time someone talked about that game becoming a PSOne Classic… and now the PS3 era is over and there are still no PS1 games on PS4.

  • Where is Watch_Dogs 2 Standart Edition? I don’t want to buy Deluxe or Gold Edition?

  • Deluxe edition….Super deluxe…… Ultra Super Duper Delux Edition includes season pass for all DLC! Releases paid DLC next day not included in season pass……See you in a Year with a GOTY edition. I am not going to support these business models…

    Any news on PS4 Pro bundles similar to FFXV PS4 Slim ones?

    • Even better, wait untill price hits 20 bucks or less preferably much less,because that’s the real worth of any generic ubi game.. or I have an better idea, buy Dishonored 2, money well spent

  • Is it possible to buy the games of the AC Ezio Collection separately? Already played AC 2 and AC Brotherhood on the PS3, would be cool to play the last on PS4

  • Deponia and Silence are missing from the Australian store and there is no mention of these titles being excluded from release here.

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