PlayStation 4 Pro launches today

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PlayStation 4 Pro launches today

The world’s most powerful console offers an unparalleled gaming experience

We’re thrilled to announce that PlayStation 4 Pro is available today across Europe, South Africa Australasia and the Middle East.

Offering dynamic 4K quality visuals, vibrant, lifelike colours supported by HDR technology (as with all PS4 consoles), smoother performance and faster frame rates, PS4 Pro truly is the world’s most powerful console. It delivers an unparalleled gaming experience.

Support from the development community has been incredible. We have a fantastic line up of over 30 games enhanced for PS4 Pro already, including the likes of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, The Last of Us Remastered, Rise of the Tomb Raider and Titanfall 2 – all of which we hope you will agree look remarkable. Additionally, a host of brand new games such as Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare also have PS4 Pro support built in so you can enjoy the benefits of PS4 Pro out of the box. For a full list of PS4 games that support PS4 Pro on day one, click here.

And there is more to come. Looking ahead, all first-party titles launching in or after 2017 will support PS4 Pro, while updates to Netflix and YouTube will add support for best-in-class 4K video streaming. To learn more about the enhancements delivered by PS4 Pro, click here.

Last month we launched PlayStation VR – a big moment for us. All PSVR headsets are fully supported by PS4 Pro and you will benefit from higher-quality graphics and smoother gameplay.

Lastly, maintaining a single, shared PS4 community is incredibly important to us. As such, all new PS4 games and gameplay features will be compatible with both PS4 Pro and standard PS4, so that PlayStation remains the best place to play for everyone.

We are really excited for you to experience what PS4 Pro is capable of… welcome to the future of play.

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    • I’d be interested but the design/ colour is just ugly compared to my limited edition MGSV console. Couldn’t bring myself to swap that and not spending all that extra money just for slightly better graphics.

  • I got mine today. I have a Sony XD8599 4k HDR TV. Currently my PS4 Pro explains to me that HDR is only possible in 2k resolution and asks me to check my TV settings. I would like to have an official support from Sony on this topic as it was the only reason why i bought the PS4 Pro. All European support sites of Sony seems unavailable at the moment. I would greatly appreciate your support and to get in contact with me.

    • Fixed! If you have this issue: Go to settings – > Display. Find Enhance HDMI option and turn it on for your PS4 Pro HDMI! It is nice :D :)! Highly recommend.

  • Is Call of Duty: Black ops 3 already updated with PS4 Pro support? I started my PS4 Pro today in the morning to just download all the updates and then I went to work, but I saw it started downloading patch 1.18 which was released couple of weeks ago and I couldn’t find anything regarding PS4 Pro in release notes.

  • to bad it launched during winter, everything is snowed shut so there are traffic jams and almost no delivery service and so much snow you cant get to a store. so i will have to (against my will) wait to buy one untill i can acualy get somewhere. Makes me wish they launched consoles during the summer xD

  • There I was, getting myself all excited for a day of PS4 Pro goodness. My new 4K OLED arrived promptly at 9:30, got that set up, very nice it is too. So I say impatiently awaiting my PS4 Pro, which DPD confirmed last night was getting delivered today. Only to have my hopes shattered a little while ago when they sent me an email to say they’d messed up and it wouldn’t arrive today after all.
    Ah well, something to look forward to tomorrow, I hope.

  • So stoked to get this..when my bank account is more healthy :(

  • picking mine up tomorrow, or later on if i can.. i only ordered it as i believed it was a necasary for getting most from vr, did i imagine reading about that or was it actualy wrote somewhere? still will be good playing games in 4k, though not sure if i will notice, tv i have is meant to upscale stuff to near that, suppose i should go buy a sd tv for a week or so Then start using pro ;)

  • For those sticking – for now, at least – with original PS4,

    “Lastly, maintaining a single, shared PS4 community is incredibly important to us. As such, all new PS4 games and gameplay features will be compatible with both PS4 Pro and standard PS4, so that PlayStation remains the best place to play for everyone.”

    Is a relief to us all… BUT will that be always be the case? In 12-18 months, you’re not going to force us to get a PS4 Pro even if our original PS4s are still fully functional – just to play Fifa 2018 or Dragon Quest 12…?!

    • I think that’s one area they’ve been pretty adamant about and for once (perhaps foolishly considering Sonys history) I actually believe them for a change.

      It’s not really in their best interest to split the platform in two and really there’s no reason for it. Hardware wise the PS4 is basically, well not basically it is, a PC. So there’s no difference from that respect in software support. Build for the Pro and scale back for the base system, or vice-versa.

      I think we’re safe to assume that both variants of PS4 will be supported through the remainder of its lifespan until the PS5 comes out. Even then I have a feeling what we’re seeing now is the way forward. The custom silicone systems are dead, it’s not cost effective. From here on out I think we will be getting just more powerful variations on the one that came before and I actually think that’s a good thing. The games we’re buying now could work on every system going forward if they keep the architecture the same but just make them more and more powerful.

    • Maybe not directly however if games start performing blow what you want like accepting 30fps on all games or below full HD resolution you might be forced into upgrading!

    • Yeah I guess that’s something some might be concerned about but really I don’t think there’s any worry of that happening. There’s no good reason why development for the base PS4 will be any different than it was ever going to be. In fact I can think of over 40 million reasons why the base PS4 won’t be neglected or forced out in any way, that’s a massive user base you don’t want to alienate.

  • Got mine, its in its box next to my desk along with a 2Tb drive to pop in straight away.

  • I predict a flop. A poorly thought out, unnecessary, money grabbing venture that will drive more people to PC because it is the first step in reducing the full console cycle. Sony should be concentrating on a proper next-gen product as part of the next cycle rather than interim upgrades that will divert money from game purchases into hardware purchases. Game prices will increase because they will need to support another console that has additional hardware, and Sony will capitalise on the potential for new games to be marginally better and push prices up even more (Just look at the difference in price between SD and HD movies), even for vanilla PS4 users that won’t benefit from it. At least when Scorpio launches, Sony will finally have the competition it needs to focus on it’s products. Strong competition in the past has been the driving force that made Sony and Playstation great. That mantle has slipped, as evidenced from the rather awful PS+ offerings over the past year or so, and now this!

    • You can be absolutely certain that they are already working on PS5. They probably have been since the original PS4 launched.

  • I’m not picking on up until February, hopefully in a bundle with Horizon: Zero Dawn.

    I won’t be using it on a 4K TV, though – just my current Bravia W6. The advantages there will be enough. I’m not interested in 4K for now, and won’t be buying a new TV until the current one dies.

  • Now we just need a PS Vita Pro ;)

  • FFXV at 60fps has sold me on the pro :)

  • I have a large 4k tv, but i play 9/10 on a seperate tv while the misses and i watch TV.
    That current tv is a 32inch full hd.

    I wanne upgrade as i bought the pro to a 4K tv myself.
    I need to keep it as small as possibel as its on a seperate tv table and not that far from me.
    So 40 – 43 inch i find a lot.

    I know for the upgrade i will make i wont find everything to get the BEst tv.

    So what is important? What settings should i prioritize in the tv?
    -4K is a no brainer.
    then what?

    I need to keep the price descent.

    • nobody any advice? :(

    • Well there’s the obvious as you said, 4K and of course HDR (make sure it’s HDR-10.) Beyond that check places like hdtvtest and avforums and check on things like input lag, the last thing you want is to get a dedicated gaming screen and have it ruined by lagging. Maybe consider a gaming monitor rather than a TV, unless of course you’re also wanting to watch broadcast TV on it.

  • Bought my PS4 today and wow! Put on skyrim and I’m blown away! Don’t think people press realise how amazing this is. Had my 4K to for a month now and not seen any 4K content but as soon as I turned this bad boy on? BOOM!!! Mind blowing!!!

  • PlayStation 4 Pro launches today. And nobody gives a flying finger.

  • Ps4 to Ps4 Pro transfer was easy, even if the time taken was nearer 3 hours than the 1.5 initially indicated. Had a quick go on Tomb Raider. With the enhanced options set to 4k the 1080p image was improved with much smoother edges, less shimmering on fine detail such as plants as you rotate the camera. The system seems to start faster although that could be because of the freshly set up hard drive.

    Annoying that the front USB slots still prohibit all but the slimmest of USB sticks, lucky there is a rear socket that has no restrictions.

    • Yeah, USB placement sometimes feels like an afterthought at times. But thankfully as you said there’s a rear one this time around. I plan on getting a good powered USB 3 hub and slapping it in there, just to make my life easier (and neater.)

    • Third USB port is perfect for PlayStation VR!

    • Yeah the third port is definitely handy for PSVR, less handy is the fact that they haven’t allowed for full pass through of the full 4K signal over HDMI. I’m actually pretty surprised at the shortsightedness of this.

      Sure it’s not the end of the world, but with both products launching so close together you’d think it would have been a consideration. Instead we have to constantly connect and disconnect PSVR if we want to take advantage of the full 4K HDR image from the Pro. I can’t really be bothered faffing about getting to the back of my entertainment unit to keep unplugging and plugging in HDMI cables, so I’m holding off on PS VR until the inevitable refresh incorporating the newer HDMI standard.

  • I love Sony but I feel I have to share this one thing.
    I bought the console PRO and tried the World of Final Fantasy, it’s a game without support for PRO, the results are AWFUL, the looks like it’s working under 480p, no joke, the story about this console being compatible might not be entirely true, Sony should REALLY look into this. Today I will test all other non PRO games, I played Skyrim and it works and looks fine, played Firewatch and still looks fine, but these two games have PRO support, today I will test all the others.

    • Interesting Aquario, are you using 4k or 1080p screen? I have only tried Rise of Tomb Raider and the Steep beta and both looked great (not sure if Steep is Pro enhanced or not ). I have 1080p screen at the moment.

  • Just setup my ps4 pro, and yes it’s much cleaner in certain games, but am kind of disappointed in the fan noise/ coil whine, there is a high pitch noise which sounds like coil whine I know this sound as I have heard it in a PC before and it can get really annoying, if this is just the sound of the fan it is really disappointing.

  • The elephant in the room is the severe lack of a UHD Blu-ray drive on this. I bet we WILL see a Pro with one before PS5 comes along.

    Given the current price of standalone UHD players this would have driven sales of the Pro, no doubt about it. You can get an Xbox One S for less than UHD players. What makes this stupid decision even more proposterous is that Sony drove DVD with the PS2 and Blu-ray with the PS3!

    • Got to admit this is one bizarre omission. I assume they’ve done it to save themselves some money and to try and push their standalone players. I hope that’s not their reasoning because it certainly won’t work on me, I’ll pick up an x1s for its UHD playback without even considering a standalone player, it’s just better value.

      I don’t buy into the whole, people prefer streaming services to discs argument. Yeah, we may for some things, I have Netflix and Prime Video but they’re no substitute for a 4K Blu-Ray disc. Nor do I believe the “we’re focused on games” nonsense. If that was the case there would be no Blu-Ray playback or media streaming on PS4 at all.

      While PS4 Pro might have the power advantage at the moment when it comes to games I still think there will be enough people swayed by the fact that the Xbox One S includes a UHD player and at a lower cost to make it a misstep for Sony. There’s bound to be plenty of people who’ll consider that the cost of an Xbox One S is lower than most standalone UHD players, lower than PS4 Pro and offers good enough gaming to make their choice.

      Come next year when Scorpio launches and not only includes an UHD player but is more powerful than the Pro, Sony could have a fight on their hands. They may have the sales lead overall for the moment but the battle is far from over. If Microsoft manages to keep Scorpio price competitive next year it’s going to be an amazing value for money proposition. I’ll certainly be picking one up of the price is right, whether I keep my PS4 Pro as well is less certain.

  • I have big problem i can’t play in my games from ps store . This is as secound console and not activated account , because i have activate on my first ps4. What to do?

    • You can use two PS4 systems with your one account but it’s not like it was back in the PS3 days. You can sign into another PS4 system with your master account but you can only have one primary PS4.

      Basically you have your first PS4 system, which is your primary system. On that you sign in with your master account details and you and any other sub account users of that system can take advantage of your Plus membership and downloaded games and content linked to your account.

      The second system however, is slightly different only in that you must still sign in with your same master account details to use your Plus membership or to download your purchases. But you must remain signed in at all times with your master account details in order to use any purchases or Plus and no other user on that second system can access any of the content or Plus.

  • A word of warning for those who are using a monitor; there can be problems.

    I have BenQ BL3201PT (32″ 4K IPS) that has HDMI 1.4 ports. They support 3840×2160@30p, but PS4 Pro does not allow me to change to those resolutions. Some games benefit a lot from Pro even when you are playing in 1080p, others don’t.

    For example Elder Scrolls Online looks 99,9% same as before. FPS is much more stable though, so it is more enjoyable to play in Imperial City or Cyrodiil.

    And yes, I did try changing the DHCP to v1.4 in Safe Mode.

  • Bought a PS4 Pro a couple of days ago, have just installed my current games and have found due to the Tv recognition, if my LG UHD 43″ HDR tv is not turned on FIRST (before the PRO); the PS4 PRO doesn’t produce a video signal (as it can’t recognise a tv?) so I have to turn off the PRO and back on again (with the tv on)….mmm..
    Also, after playing a DVD; (Ordinary World starring Billy Joe Armstrong – Green Day); when I pushed the PS button to return to the Main Screen nothing happened and the screen went white and unresponsive – had to turn off the PRO and on again to return it to normal.
    A couple of things I thought I should mention… still… very happy with the PRO…..

  • Had it for a couple of days. Running it on a 1080p tv. Frame rate dropps in almost all games I’ve been playing.
    Looked like it was a bit better on PSVR though.

  • I found an issue, though I suspect it may be an issue with the PSVR box. All HDMI ports on my TV are being used. If the Playstation is on and my PVR is switched on I get digital noise on the PS screen and the screen can go black for a second every now and then. This does not happen when the PS is connected directly to the TV.

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