Sharefactory Update 2.0 -Animated GIFs, Photo Mode, PS4 Pro Support, and more

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Sharefactory Update 2.0 -Animated GIFs, Photo Mode, PS4 Pro Support, and more

Plus, you can now share your 1080p videos and 4K screenshots with the world

A new Sharefactory update is releasing today with new features that will make Sharefactory more than just a video editor. With Sharefactory update 2.0, you can create animated GIFs, photo collages, and more. Also, with the launch of PS4 Pro just around the corner, Sharefactory will also support the system with this new update.


We’re excited about the new animated GIFs feature, which can be easily shared to Twitter right from your console via Sharefactory. Using content from your Capture Gallery or your existing Sharefactory projects, you can create looping animated GIFs up to 10 seconds long.


Sharefactory is currently the only way to create and share animated GIFs on PS4.

The new update also adds Photo Mode – a great way to show off some of your best trophy and gaming moments. You can easily create custom photo collages with up to six photos. You can also utilize most of the existing filters and effects from Sharefactory to add to your photos.


Additionally, Sharefactory’s 2.0 update will support PS4 Pro’s high-resolution content so you can create, personalize, and share your 1080p videos and 4K screenshots with the world, straight from your Capture Gallery.


Other features in this update include:

  • Projects now export up to 20% faster
  • Pan & Zoom on your gameplay videos
  • New Sharefactory stickers
  • Meme font
  • Split clip feature can now be utilized on Track 2
  • Refreshed UI

Since the initial launch of Sharefactory, we’ve been working hard to add new features to enhance the sharing experience on PS4, such as the ability to import your own music tracks, add audio and video commentary with green screen effects, export up to 60 minute videos and more. We appreciate the feedback we received from the community and we will continue to work hard to make more enhancements to Sharefactory.

We’re excited to see the new content you create. As always, let us know what you think. Have fun with 2.0!

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4 Author Replies

  • This is a nice update. Looking forward to using these new features, especially with the support for PS4 Pro. Always a joy using Sharefactory, a great editor.

  • Question: will it be ever possible to use custom images(stickers), that you can load from the system/usb?

    Ideally I’d like to be able to store a preset that allows me to easily reuse it with overlayed stickers and such.

    Also an option to blur a part of the screen would be nice as well. Similar to youtube’s custom bluring.

    • Custom media import a feature that is commonly requested and is on our wish list to implement at some point in the future. We do have Blur filters and layouts in the app now but are always looking to enhance features in upcoming updates.

  • Holy smoly. What a messed up revolutionary year 2016. Now with console GIFs made by PS4! The doors have opened.

  • Amazing Update! I’d love an option to CROP videos, so we can get rid of widescreen black bars. Also the option to fade in / fade out the sound from video clips saved (not the mp3 songs, the sound from the videos).

    • You could actually use the zoom feature to crop any widescreen effects on the source video. Good suggestion on the audio fade in/out on video clips.

  • Ohh almost forgot! Increase the video clips we can use when making projects from 60 to 120 at least, and the max time too.

  • is there a way to use this just for background image on my ps4 profile? downloaded it other day and couldn’t see anything that let me crop a screenshot, i remember using it when it first came out and it was fun, will have to remember to start saving some gameclips and see if i can make myself look mlg !

    • You can use the Photo Mode to pan & zoom (effectively cropping) and then export the image to your Capture Gallery. From there, you can set it as your BG image in your profile.

    • thanks gor repy, i will check it out along with editing some mp gameplay.

  • Can’t wait ti give it a try. I just wish more devs would release game-specific intro/outro clips, at least for their major titles.

    • Thanks! We always encourage players to reach out to their favorite dev teams on social media to request their favorite themes.

  • great update, shame no one ever watches my videos ;(

  • Can we have a update that reduces the hdd space? Does it really need 6.85gb?

  • Great update and a fun piece of kit to use. I was wondering if possible for an EQ function 3 or 5 band mic equalizer to be implemented in a future update, as the earbud mic that comes with the PS4/Pro is decent enough, and with various headsets being used in SF commentaries will give their audio quality an additional ‘je ne se quoi’ especially for entry level adopters to the app. Thanks and keep up the good work

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