How the Watch_Dogs 2 Season Pass makes San Francisco even bigger

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How the Watch_Dogs 2 Season Pass makes San Francisco even bigger

Play all the DLC missions 30 days early on PlayStation 4

In Watch_Dogs 2, you will experience a massive open world. With the Season Pass, your experience will become more immersive and definitely more dangerous with new missions, features and challenges! On PS4, you also get to play all the DLC packs 30 days early.

Watch_Dogs 2

Here’s what will be included in the Season Pass:

In the first DLC – the “T-Bone content bundle” – you will get the swagger and style of eccentric hacker Raymond “T-Bone” Kenney with a new outfit and the ability to drive his custom car-flipping truck. There’s no way you’ll go unnoticed as you make your way across San Francisco. You’ll also face a new class of enemies equipped with laser-guided grenade launchers and raise the stakes with an all-new co-op difficulty mode.

In the second DLC – “Human Conditions” – you will fight against misuse of biotech with help from hackers Lenni and Jordi in three new hour-long story missions.

  • In the first mission “Automata”, Dedsec will prove a biometric car company that everything can be hacked and that their new car makes no exception.
  • In the second mission “Bad Medicine”, you will team up with Jordi to take on the Russian mafia.
  • In the third mission “Caustic Progress”, In Caustic Progress, Marcus works with bio-hacker Lenni to expose a company that’s been experimenting on the homeless.
Watch_Dogs 2Watch_Dogs 2

On top of all this, you will have access to new elite co-op missions, and deal with new anti-hacker enemies.

In the third DLC – “No Compromise” – you will once again get both solo and co-op enhanced experiences. In a new solo mission, explore San Francisco’s x-rated movie scene in the city’s seedy underbelly. Co-op will get deeper with an all-new co-op mode: Survival of the fittest.

In addition to the three DLCs, buying the Season Pass grants you immediate access to the Psychedelic pack and the Root access bundle, to make sure you begin you journey in San Francisco with fresh outfits, vehicles, weapons and more.

With the Season Pass, San Francisco simply gets a lot bigger!

Watch_Dogs 2

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  • According to Eurogamer, the season pass on its own will cost £29.99.

    I’d rather step on a landmine.

    • Necrosmith born 1979 died 2016 stepped on a landmine rest in pieces

    • Woohoo best dlc ever glad i pre ordered gold version day1 and befor anyone days WD2 downgraded 1 it sooo isnt and 2 the word downgraded has been banned from being used about WD2

    • Oh and 3 rainbow paintjobs 4 cars Yes yes yessssssssssssssss looks like watch Dogs 2 has killed off gta5 4 good

    • I pre ordered the sanfransico edition and I can’t afford to do my ps plus and get season pass as well so I will have to leave season pass till next year

  • Previous Watch Dogs was awesome for me(Of course I took with season pass),and upcoming Watch Dogs2 Gold Edition is already preordered.Thank you Ubisoft for great games

  • Or you could just, y’know, make it part of the main game.

    DLC is meant to extend a game well after its release, not plan it all ahead in some scummy money grab.

    It’s corporations and studios like you that are killing this industry.

    • There’s nothing wrong with planning ahead as long as both the main game and the dlc are value for money (see witcher 3) this however looks like a bad joke.

    • yea what max said in future UBISOFT put all dlc in 1 package on day one some people dont have loads of money to buy dlc you know its so not on if i was incharge of ubisoft id put all dlc in the game on day one insted of making it seperate dlc

  • Absolute rip off and puts me off the main game.

  • Wow! 30 days earlier…truly amazing. So that’s why 30 euro for season pass, so lets sum it up, you are going to ask approx. 60 euros for glitched, bugged”base”game and then ask us for additional 30 € for content which is supposed to be part of main game. No thanks. First i will wait for serious reviews. UBI you lost your credibility and whoever pay you money in advance is either dumb or masochist. Sweet holy heavens locked parts of the city…are you completely lost it?

  • More like makes Ubisoft’s wallet even bigger

    Only companies like CD Project make the season pass good value for money.

  • You forget to mention the price.
    I’ve pre-ordered the full game for £35 pmsl.
    You seriously need your head looking at if you buy what amounts to a few hours actual game play.

  • When one of these companies finally has the balls to charge £80-£100 for the base game, including all the jackets/hats, paintjobs and 25 minute missions that they would normally put into a season pass included in that base, with the guarantee of no extra DLC to follow then other companies would do the same and there would be no more season passes. Of course, all new games would cost £80-£100 but cant have everything

  • The DLC content looks brilliant so I will save some of my money for the game and the season pass.

  • I still regret buying the Assassin’s Creed III Season Pass. £23.99 for a 5 hour DLC that was split into three parts with months in-between each DLC being released. It doesn’t seem like much has changed since then with season passes for Ubisoft games. Other than the price going up.

    • Yep the only thing worth playing in that Season Pass was Jack the Ripper. I got that standalone in a sale for 8 Euros I think – reasonable price. The rest of it was a load of rubbish. This season pass looks to be even worse, and more expensive!

  • I brought my Gold Edition of Watchdogs 2 months ago so already own the season pass. I had £10 refunded onto my wallet from a previous transaction so happy with it here.

    It will be a busy week, PS4 Pro, Dishonoured 2, Robinson the Journey and WatchDogs 2

    That should last me till Christmas!!

  • Member the good old time where you could play games alone, without coop and random players joining your game?
    Ooooh, I member!
    Nowadays even Final Fantasy has coop… YOU W0T M8?! >:c

  • Preordered gold edition… can’t wait. It’s gonna be one crazy ride.

  • Wow, I thought the pass for WD1 was lacking content, this one is quite possibly the weakest season pass I’ve ever seen. Laughable.

  • £30 for a season pass?! That is just a few pounds less than what i paid for the mIn game!! No thank you!

  • Ubisoft when talking about Season Passes: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Some companies seem to keep offering less and less with season passes, and somehow increasing the price. I don’t mind paying for DLC but it needs to be substantial, I just don’t get the logic of charging almost 60% the cost of the base game for a couple of skins and throw away missions / modes. Who buys this rubbish?

    At least Watch Dogs 1 had Bad Blood which put a new spin on the game, doesn’t look like this season pass includes anything of that scope.

    Wait for reviews of the DLC, pre ordering games is one thing but season passes I will never ever understand.

  • People still preorder? buys dlc?? buys games digitally???? Watch Dogs 2 is 12€ CHEAPER to buy physical than on ps store. When you buy physical you get to sell it, lend it to someone, bring it wherever you go.

    Buying digitally supports the WORST kind of DRM! You don’t even own your game! :(


  • “Wow I’m glad I brought that season pass” said no one ever

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