PlayStation Now is the home of horror this Halloween

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PlayStation Now is the home of horror this Halloween

Have a spook-tacular holiday with a new range of titles shuffling onto the game streaming service

Afternoon all – just in case the tasteless fancy dress doesn’t spook you enough this weekend, then we’ve got a host of PS Now favourites and newly-added gems to leave you decidedly terrified over the Halloween period.

Your trick or treats:

The Last of Us

Widely regarded as one of the greatest games of all time, this prestigious blockbuster takes you through an unsettling, dystopian America on a journey of emotional rollercoasters and the hunt for survival. No game has ever managed to combine such a brutal, unrelenting storyline with such intelligent, stealthy gameplay. To top it off you’re spoiled with stunning scenery, unforgettable characters and incredible attention to detail. This is a Naughty Dog masterpiece and my favourite game – play it!

Dead Island

If you like the idea of picturesque beaches in the southwestern Pacific: the sun, the sea, the sand, the zombie guts… then this is the game for you. Machete, baseball bat or kitchen knife (yes those are verbs) your way through the apocalypse in this hugely addictive RPG romp across Papau New Guinea. With expansive maps to explore and tonnes of loot to get your hands on – you’ll be bitten smitten with this horror classic.

The Walking Dead Season 1 + 2

This uniquely styled, critically acclaimed, choose your own adventure hit from Telltale Games is another must-play this Halloween. Centred around an intense storyline and memorable characters, your choices have consequences so hopefully you won’t be haunted by them…

On top of those fear-filled horrors already in the library, we’re also landing ten super spooky hits – so once you’ve finished your apple bobbing you can dig into these:

If you’re not a subscriber yet then there’s no better time to join the gaming revolution – get your one week free trial today on PC and PS4. Once you’ve enjoyed your free trial, you can continue to experience the freedom to play for just £12.99 per month.

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  • PS Now is actually a pretty great service, and has worked well for me whenever I’ve tried it. However, £12.99 per month is just too much money – as a PS4 owner, I only like to dip in and out of PS3 games from time to time, and certainly not often enough to justify £12.99 per month. There has to be a better pricing model – perhaps something bundled into an expanded PS Plus membership would be more suitable.

    • Somebody suggested that on the November Plus update blog earlier this week and incorporating it into Plus somehow seems like a great idea however apparently only a couple of countries in Europe have PS Now and it doesn’t seem as though it’s going to be extended across the rest of Europe anytime soon so it’s unlikely to happen but it would probably be better than dragging up 5 year old PS3 titles that nobody wants for the monthly PS Plus selection.

      I agree with you, the £12.99 a month is a crazy price and I would be surprised if there has been a big take-up of the service at that price point.

    • It is a great service I agree. The problem comes when you realise your gett Mg the PS3 versions of games. Grimey,low resolution,underhwleming frame rate and generally old game design that seems so unfashionable now.not retro ,not new but that horrible space in between.
      One day maybe they will experiment with PS4 games,that’s when this service will be worth something more than just a nostalgic look at how much better games are technically now.

      The best thing they could do is a monthly subscription price of 5.99-6.99 for a selection of say 5 games.those games could then be swapped out with other games once per 30 days or per subscription month. Maybe even a 3.99 package for 2-3 games.

    • £12.99 for unlimited access to over 400 PS3 games every month. Sounds perfectly reasonable for anyone who wants to play more than just dabs of that expansive library.

  • UK, Netherlands and Belgium only apparently

  • if only it would be available here…

  • Would like it if they extend the availability at bit.

    If the EU ever finish their single digital market these restriction might be a thing of the past.

  • I was really hoping silent hill would part me with my money. Guess I’ll keep it.

  • The horror part is the subscription fee.

    • Indeed.

      I’m forced to admit that ms has been dealing the upper hands lately, they made a huge mistake with the X1 announcement and since then they keep doing the right steps and seem to learn from their mistakes. Yes, I know that they have to take the risk but X1 has been profitable for ms for a long time as well as ps4 for sony so not sure if they need all those risks anyway but still are taking them.

      On the other hand I don’t see sony learn from their mistakes, in fact I keep seeing more and more mistakes lately and excuses after excuses to cover up.

      I never had a ms console (have 4 ps consoles and a handheld) but I know feel inclined to it because it seems they’re more “for the player” now than sony.

      PS Now was doomed from the start and yet they shove millions in it *sigh* ps move was also a failure as I think psvr will be. Remember when they “forced” 3D? Yeah, turned out really well (NOT).

    • £12.99 per month for unlimited access to 400 PS3 games… seems fair to me, especially for Ps4 owners who jumped from 360

  • EU-wide release of PlayStation Now, please? Pretty please, with sugar on top?

  • Red dead 2 for ps now wat bout the rest of us who dnt use ps now thats the real horror

  • I think the UK needs it’s own separate blog, to make it clear where services are and will be available like Playstation Now. SCEE is structurally broken, with no adequate avenues for consumer support/feedback other than organising refurbished models and a joke of a process to get products certified and serviced for the regions under it. I wish I wasn’t penalised just for having an Australian psn.

  • Is there a place where we can communicate with the PS Now team? I love the service but I do find it frustrating how there’s little communication and no way to suggest games, genres or franchises we would like to see come to PS Now.

    • Sony dont communicate at all
      Even questions asked by consumer organisation about misleading advertisements
      Sony Videostore on the psvita,ps3 and ps4 is still not available in the majority of the Eu

  • Its so easy for sony to milk the cow

    Just think that when you bought the game on a ps3
    You could play the game on a ps4 for 1-5€ and its yours
    You still need to have the disc installed/inserted when you want to play, just to prevent mis-usage

    Which games would you like to see added instead of the continues forced rebuys
    (Ps still waiting for the uncharted collection price drop to make it equal to the us prices
    19$ vs 34€

  • It would be yes, but it isn’t even available in here

  • Sorry Sony, but £12.99 for this rental service is WAY TOO MUCH. I think most people would consider regular subscription if it were lowered to £5 or £6.

  • Any news on if this feature is coming to Sweden? I would love to stream my ps3 on the ps4. And let the rest of the family try it out on their tvs as well. And all the games that are added constantly makes me want it even more. Seriously. I really want to stream my games :)

  • Is it just me or is the recent RE4 remaster a lot harder than original? I’ve clocked the old game many times, but I’m struggling to complete on Easy.

  • Iv had ps now for bout a year now absolutely love the games id like to see mass effect 1 2 and 3 and also the walking dead servival instinct

  • Too bad it isn’t available in my country then*. Way to alienate your fanbase Sony.

    *Not really; these hefty subscription prices …

  • How about they add Journey to the Europe version of PS now? I’m still waiting for that :/

  • And how about some Assassin’s Creed on the UK app! as well. Same old titles… and this is costing me more than Netflix. I expect more titles, more interesting titles besides the Uncharted Collection, Last of Us etc.

  • This is a great opportunity to get back-wards compatibility on the ps4. please let me play my ps3 games through ps now for free. The ps4 must be able to simply read the ps3 disk and recognize that its the game im trying to play.

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