Trio of action-packed new PlayStation 4 bundles hit shelves this November

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Trio of action-packed new PlayStation 4 bundles hit shelves this November

Each new hardware pack comes complete with three PS4 exclusives

As winter sweeps in, there’s no better time than to settle down with some of PlayStation 4‘s hottest exclusives. And what better introduction to PS4 than with three new hardware bundles.

Each bundle comes packed with a 1TB PlayStation 4 and Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. But rather than leave you to adventure in Naughty Dog‘s latest, we’re also letting you dive into two other unique experiences.

PlayStation 4 bundles

So in addition to Uncharted 4, you can also become enthralled in one of the developer’s other great adventures, the critically-acclaimed The Last of Us: Remastered, and prove your driving skills with the most beautiful racing title on PS4, Driveclub.

PlayStation 4 bundles

Alternatively you can combine adventure, speed and a sheepinator, with a bundle that offers something for all the family, which includes a 1TB PS4, Uncharted 4, Driveclub and Ratchet & Clank.

PlayStation 4 bundles

Lastly, combine adventure, gothic horror and sci-fi exploration with our bundle that offers a 1TB PlayStation, Uncharted 4, Bloodborne Game of the Year Edition and No Man’s Sky. In addition, you’ll also have the added benefit of immersive audio and noise-reducing technology with our in-ear headset. And, as the headset is powered by a 15 hour battery, you’ll be able to game longer without interruption*.

Bundle availability will vary by country, so please check with your local retailer.

*This bundle is available in select retailers only.

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  • Errrrrr Non Mans Sky? You think that was wise? Until Dawn would have made way more sense. Second bundle is definitely the best one. Ratchet and Clank is just incredible.

    • Until Dawn would have been a better choice. It was one of the first good exclusives on PS4 and No Man’s Sky only sold well because of all the hype behind it. It would help to have at least one bundle that appeals more to single-player PS4 users.

    • Uncharted, Bloodborne and TLOU or Until dawn would be an amazing trio of games to come with the console. 4 of my top 10 games this gen right there!

  • I’d buy the one with Uncharted 4, Bloodborne and The Last of Us.

    Oh wait a minute…..

  • This is plain bullying.

  • Not bad, some great games to get people going… But.

    If these games are digital (which I’m guessing they are) why not make one bundle with a code that allows you to choose 3 of the 6 games? That way people can pick the combo that’s best for them?

    Most gamers would pick something different. Plus, you could even offer the other games at a discount to make the bundle bigger for those that want them all.

    Being digital allows flexibility, seems a shame to waste the opportunity is all :)

    • To be fair and square i think that the bundles have always the physical copies of the games (i bought the bundle with Uncharted, Bloodborne and heavy Rain/Beyond and the games weren’t digital.

      P.s. i hope they will make a megadiscount on the TLOU: i played the game several times on the PS3 and i want to play it again for the PS4 but i would like to pay a tiny price for it.

  • Any news on a pro bundle

  • Will we get anything with the Pro? I feel like Sony have absolutely no confidence in it and are sending it out to die, it’s hard to believe this thing is out in 2 weeks, it’s getting about as much coverage from Sony as the Vita.

    • It pretty much seems that way doesn’t it…

    • Jim Ryan said something about bundles when PS4 launched.

      “giving stuff away, day one, at launch?” While he’s already called the Xbox One’s FIFA 14 promotion “odd,” Ryan now added, “I think every business looks at pre-orders and if you need to you dial stuff up to stimulate demand, and we’re not in a situation where we need to do that. We don’t yet have a fix on supply but matching supply to demand is going to be our challenge.”
      From PS lifestyle

  • You dare defile two great games with a unworthy title such as No Man’s Sky? I think I’m gonna vomit…

  • I guess that’s one way to shift all those copies of No Man’s Sky that nobody wants now.

  • Seems strange not to have any PSVR or PS4 Pro bundles for November…

  • Can we have Ps4 Pro bundle? 2TB maybe? Much obliged.

  • i gone place mi 2tb in the pro , then re download stuf :(

    bundels = why no ps4/pro box whith option to pick 1 /2 games out of shelfs ? = always more intresting :)

  • hmm, trying to push no mans sky lol
    Even after its dropped completely out of the download top 20 in a month
    Get an update from hello games instead of flogging a dead horse

  • Why not Until Dawn instead of No Mans Sky ? Change it and i many customers like me will prolly buy the bundle ( maybe replace ps4 with pro one also ? )

  • Hey Sony…I just wanna remind you guys since it feels like you have forgotten BUT you have a new console that is supposed to be released in about 2 weeks from now…remember your Ps4 pro ? seriously disapointed on Sony..there is no hype, no pr. And zero mention of PS4 PRO bundles…do you even want to sell this console ? feels like you forgotten it totaly

  • just waiting for the Pro version

  • Will these bundles be available in Spain. And… When? =P

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