First look at two new licensed pro controllers for PS4

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First look at two new licensed pro controllers for PS4

Dominate the competition with the Razer Raiju and Nacon Revolution

We are excited to give you a first look at the Razer Raiju and Nacon Revolution, two officially licensed pro controllers coming to the SIEE region for PS4 this year.

To give our competitive and pro players more choice, we invited Razer and Nacon to use their knowledge and expertise in developing eSports peripherals to design two unique pro controllers for PS4.

pro controllers for PS4

Through close collaboration we’ve been able to help optimise each controller for PS4 – incorporating innovative Dualshock 4 controls and ensuring gamers can enjoy a plug & play experience with any model of PS4.

As you can see, and read about in more detail below, each controller offers a different layout and range of unique features – so competitive gamers can find one which best compliments and adapts to their unique gameplay style.

Razer Raiju

The Razer team’s extensive knowledge in developing eSports peripherals made them an ideal partner to create a tournament-grade controller for PS4.

pro controllers for PS4

Designed for conquering professional eSports tournaments, the Razer Raiju is equipped with advanced controller customisation and ergonomics. Its features include:

  • Two extra bumpers and two extra detachable triggers
  • Built-in control panel on the front of the controller
  • Trigger-stop switches and hair trigger mode for ultra-fast trigger responses
  • Two custom profiles which you can instantly switch between and modify
  • 3.5mm headset jack and dedicated headset volume and mic mute controls
  • Detachable analog stick rubber caps which provide extra grip during intense gaming sessions
  • Compatibility with all PS4 systems via the braided 3m-long USB cable – detachable for easy storage

The Razer Raiju will launch this holiday season and you can sign up to receive more information about it here.

pro controllers for PS4

Nacon Revolution

Developed with the eSport player in mind, the Nacon team of industrial designers and engineers collaborated with pro-gamers to develop the Revolution Pro Controller to meet a wide range of their gameplay needs.

pro controllers for PS4

Thanks to this collaboration, the Revolution Pro Controller features include:

  • 46° amplitude dual analogue sticks, enhanced with innovative firmware for advanced eSports accuracy and reach
  • Four extra shortcut buttons
  • Eight-way directional pad
  • Four custom profiles – all configurable via the companion PC application, enabling players to: re-map buttons, assign macros to the four shortcut controls and adjust analog and trigger sensitivity
  • Two internal compartments with six additional weights – for a tailored balance and feel
  • Compatibility with all PS4 systems via the 3m-long secure connection USB cable – detachable for easy storage

The Revolution Pro Controller will also be available this holiday season and you can visit the Nacon website here for more information.

pro controllers for PS4

Leave us your thoughts in the comments below about both controllers and visit the Razer and Nacon websites to find out more.

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  • if it’s 99 euros it would be okay , but it feels more like a rip off of the elite xbox one controller with half the features… and wired… so i hope the price will no go above 99€

    • The fact that they’re wired is important, the PS4 controllers break at LAN events due to the bluetooth interference. Wired is the only solution to that.

    • And before you ask, no plugging in the normal PS4 controllers does not disable the bluetooth, it remains active.

    • But you can use the dual shock 4 v2 wired without bluetooth

    • The price for the Nacon Revolution will be € 110 (got it from a press release).

    • [Wispii 26 October, 2016 @ 6:54 pm 1.2 Report
      And before you ask, no plugging in the normal PS4 controllers does not disable the bluetooth, it remains active.]

      Wispii, this is simply not true.

      I sometimes play in an alternative room, my Ps4 remains in living room but is going through an HDMI switch with a 15m cable to the alternative room. As the bluetooth doesn’t reach this room (it connects, but movement is delayed by a second and is unplayable) I have a very long ethernet cable with a USB to Ethernet adapters at each end.

      With this USB cable in the next room, I can simply plug in and play even though the bluetooth can’t get a good signal.

    • You don’t get his point. BT is still active.

    • There was a problem with bluetooth, until Dualshock 4 v2, which Rammstone has already mentioned Sidone.

    • Agreed. Being wired alone is a no-go. I want a controller like X1’s elite

  • Looks bad. Really bad.

    • As long as it’s comfortable and rigid then it’s fine.

    • or they could do similar to what SCUF do and take the shell of the ps4 controller and add 2 triggers on the back? a cheaper version of SCUF would be appreciated.

    • The look fine imo. Scuf controllers might look the part, but they have the worst support and I know a few people who have them who have latency issues and the paddles have broken on them.

  • Competitive players manage just fine in a level playing field.
    Its mediocre players who need this kind of stuff in order to be competitive.

    At this rate consoles wont have any advantages over the PC by the end of the gen. RIP standardisation.

    • Actually, most pro’s use SCUF controllers to give them a competitive edge.

    • Pretty dumb comment. Pro players in fact use paddle controllers, besides the fact there is no single reason why you would want to lift your right thumb of the stick to perform jumps and reloads and such. It’s a logical evolution of how we control games.

    • @ ChrisPigne
      Which implies that they wouldnt be as competitive if they used the standard controller. So if they win, its hard to attribute it to them being a better player unless everyone used the same controller – which wont be the case in non-pro gaming after these launch.

    • @ Sausbert
      Pretty dumb comment. By that logic we should be allowed to use mouse and keyboard on PS4 as well.

    • Yes. Players should use Mouse+Keyboard. If they want. :)

  • Total garbage. Sony, make your own Pro controller and I’ll gladly hand you my $150.

    • This. Give me fancy metallic triggers and shoulder buttons or whatever instead of the cheap ones and facebuttons that don’t get stuck. As long as it doesn’t weigh more, take my money for that!

    • When you say metallic triggers and shoulder buttons, do you actually mean Metal or, just visually metal?

      Cause…How could you expect it to not weigh more? If you want to be feel sturdy I mean. I haven’t personally had this issue with stuck buttons, unless the controllers aren’t cleaned for long periods of time, and gunk gets stuck inbetween the buttons.

      But…That’s the case for any device. You should always take time to clean your controllers.

      If the controller replaced the buttons with metal buttons, it would definitely not be as light. That’s just how it works. Doesn’t mean it would be a significant difference, but it would definitely weigh more.

  • yes , for additional triggers… but new controllers has to be more ergonomic than existing. I have hand pain after 12 hours of fighting in UFC because i love it and then i know for it sure – true love always hurts :)

    • Be careful not to get Repetitive Strain Injury; I’m being serious… I have it in the fingers of my right hand and I had to say goodbye forever to competitive gaming. It’s not fun or pretty so please be careful.

  • Was pretty stoked to read about this but they turned out to be third party Xbox lookalikes rather than a fully fledged ‘elite’ ps4 controller. No thanks, genuine, official PS controllers only for me.

    • My view on this is that they wanted to cater to ps4 users (with the ps4 look alike controller) but also to xbone users, for those who finally realize that the xbone is garbage compared to the ps4, and if they decide to switch they might have a hard time transitioning to ps4 controller layout. So now people on the edge of switching finally have that final push to go ps4.

    • “for those who finally realize that the xbone is garbage compared to the ps4”

      @OthmanWahab Garbage in what respect?

  • The Revolution looks nice. I always liked the 360 stick layout. Don’t really need the other features, but maybe they are cool.

  • Nice try Sony but this is not the answer we were looking for. Mirror the Xbox elite controller because it is an amazing device that PlayStation fans deserved.

    • Uhhh… have you seen the reaction to the Elite controller? It’s some of the worst QA I’ve ever seen in a gaming peripheral.

  • Wait, these are supposed to be better than the original? These look extremely uncomfortable to hold and play with. Also look fugly.

    • Because the priority when wanting a decent controller is how it looks.

      And I like how you’ve already made up your mind about how they play after seeing 3 photos online about it.

  • It looks like these controllers don’t have any lightbars. Why the hell would I buy a crippled incomplete product?

    And why would Sony even approve a controller that will be incompatible with a huge amount of games on their brand new shiny VR platform!? So much stupidity here.

    • Because the light bar is next to useless. These are for pro players and gamers who are more competitive than the average Joe. VR has nothing to do with it. You don’t need an advanced controller to play VR. “Huge” amount of games? lol

    • If you are playing with a third market ‘pro’ controller, you aren’t using VR.

    • It looks like the Nacon has a lightbar around the right thumbstick.

  • What happened to the age of bluetooth?

    • Bluetooth suffers from lag. Us “unprofessional” gamers probably wouldn’t notice the difference, but Pro gamers do. The new Dual Shock 4 does the same.

  • sony should let people use there dualshock 3 on ps4 as for an elite controller do a ds3 version made like the xbox elite controller also fix skyrim on ps4 mods

    • As someone who doesn’t have baby sized hands I’d rather not get controller fatigue by using the DS3 again. Skyrim on PS4 has mods, blame Bethesda for how limited they are, and if you want full mods then use a PC.

    • Actually I heard the problem was from Sony’s end, for Skyrim, they didn’t want mods in the first place.

    • you would want to watch your hands dont get broke,as for mods its sony who isnt doing the mods right

    • Skyrim is buggy enough on the PS4, Bethesda can’t fix the base game, they aren’t going to add mods so a few 12 years can carry on playing a 5 year old game.

  • Make it wireless … at least as an option … i like to buy the best but im not a gaming freak who blames input lag because im [DELETED] at a game … and also make it urself and how about bunde it wit the ps4 pro witch i have pre ordered since the day after it was announced … iv also had the original launch day ps4 .. then the limited edition white one … just cos it was white and then the metal gear solid ps4 cos it was just beautiful.. this will be my 4th ps4 since 2013 .. how about a bit of gratitude

  • made like the xbox elite controller steel dpad etc not the xbox controller layout with the offset tumbsticks

  • These look absolutely horrible.

    • Yea wat max said i seen better art sculptures in a art gallery why cant sony stick to the 3 S simple sleek and super

  • Neither of these controllers have a light bar meaning they will be mostly redundant for PlayStation Vr games making their use a bit limited.

  • Woo me parece excelente me gusta ese nuevo control

  • Ehm, i dont have any free USB slots, even with a Ps4PRO you still wont since the headset, PSVR and USB stick require slots.

    I was waiting on a decent/usable controller with more input possebilities but this is obviously not going to work..Shame.

  • Who’s going to be handling warranty stuff for these? Really like the look of the Razer controller, but after having wasted 89chf on one that died after 2 weeks, and Razer refusing to do anything, even though the issue was very widespread (right analogue stick didn’t work for the up and down axis), kinda puts me off a bit.

  • People complain about every little thing i swear…

  • if the Bluetooth is better on these id get one,…better than my ds4 freaking out every time I’m more than 4ft away.
    kinda look like xbox controllers

  • ok I see now!! their wired, were regressing.
    a simple Roku 3 set-top box connects via wifi

  • I don’t see pre-order anywere, Help

  • Man, y’all are just delivering win after win to Microsoft. This is your answer to the Elite controller? A sharp-angled controller from Razer, who’s best known for how their products are unreliable garbage, and a knock-off Xbox controller? And they’re both wired? I get that Bluetooth is bad for competition play (which is probably why Sony is the only console that uses BT as its connection standard), but 99% of the people who would want to buy these aren’t MLG pro gamers, they just want a more premium controller that adds some functionality over the stock DS4.

    Every time I think I might want to get a PS4 again (sold my first one to get an Elite Xbox One bundle), you do something to convince me that I’m happy with my Xbox One until Scorpio comes out.

    • This right here: “but 99% of the people who would want to buy these aren’t MLG pro gamers, they just want a more premium controller that adds some functionality over the stock DS4.”

      That is exactly what I’m thinking. So by making them wired, they limited the sales to ONLY Pro gamers, or people who really don’t care about wires running all over their living room.

      I just don’t understand why they wouldn’t make them compatible with both wired and wireless.

    • I’m glad you sold your ps4 to play less great games…

    • this is so true. the customer service of razer and their damn controllers is kinda [DELETED]. I will never ever order from them again. sony I really hope for you that this was no mistake to let your controller to be outsourced. if you would create your own controller with the right qualiti this means that it has to last at least 2 years like any other normal controller then I would gladly give you my money.

    • @InTheZone

      “I’m glad you sold your ps4 to play less great games…”


  • I love these controllers they look awesome and has much more uses than the dualshock controller

  • What the actual hell Sony? This is seriously what you think is an acceptable and competitive solution to the Xbox Elite controller? I’m really starting to second guess my decision to go with the PS4 this generation, Microsoft is kicking your ass right now and you see absolutely clueless.

  • will the L3 stick brake in the first week you will have it?

  • So much uneducated and nearsighted fumes on here. That PlayStation community..

  • Okay, so at first glance, I was extremely excited that we might get something nice which would compete with SCUF and the Elite Xbone controller. After looking longer, I’m left unsatisfied yet again..
    I have both, and hate SCUF with a passion..
    Sony , your community wants you to put the time and effort into building something with the player in mind, create something that wont break after 6 months of use, and can be used in competitive gaming. we don’t need to move our right thumb, for button bashing. keep the dual shock 4 shell, and make it “PRO”.
    Some people may counter the idea of needing a pro controller, however if xbox one elite controller was anything to go by when it was originally released it seems as though there is a growing market for it Sony, and it seems alot of your community want something designed by YOU, not third party rip offs, which take a little from column A and B and say ” see we’ve made itttt!”. Not good enough.
    If your trade mark is “for the players” then prove us wrong.


  • Sony what the Heck??????

  • looks like bone controllers ugleh

  • The Razer Raiju looks like a great controller for me. I like playing racing games, but because of my back I can’t sit up long enough to use a wheel, so I use my controller. There are just too many functions I can assign, but too few buttons. On this controller I could shift using the backpaddles, have a more sensitive brake and accelerator and be able to mute / unmute without taking my hands of the controls.

  • Calling them “pro” controllers is a bad move. People are going to get confused with the “pro” console. Immediately when i saw the name i assumed this would only be for the PS pro.

    • no, no one would ever assume a controller only works for a specific iteration of a console when it was known that all games/accessories are compatible across the original, slim, and pro

      sorry, but nice try

  • These things look horrendous, they both look like toss away xbox controllers, I’ll get the Nacon, but seriously I feel like these guys should of learned a bit more from SCUF rather than doing I mean so with the Razer great you got the grips, but they also have sharper edges, this was really poor choices I feel. All in all the Nacon looks better, but its really a matter of holding one in the hand and seeing if those rear triggers will work all that well or will generate false hits since it seems to be 4 buttons for 2 triggers.

  • Nacon Revolution looks too ugly.

  • not mi ting
    ps4 orginal controler = 90 % correct

    – mute buton = beter
    -option / chare butons need beter placement on oficial controler ( them to close to touch pad )
    chare buton = moast iritating when you play online games !!!!!
    -beter batery lifespan

  • I don’t know about you guys, but these two new controllers look SO amazing. The design is incredible and the fact that they are designed for Pro and eSports players makes even more cool (finally we’ll get the chance to feel like a real PRO). Some might say that because they’re wired, they may not be so comfortable as a wireless one, but with a 3m cable everything is okay. Personally, the one that stands among these two is the Razer Raiju. Its design is really nice and I like the extra triggers and the new buttons that we can use for some of the controller’s settings, it makes it simplistic and useful. Definitely would buy one! Go Sony!

  • Was REALLY REALLY excited for this announcement until I realized they’re BOTH wired controllers. Thanks for nothing, I guess.

  • So, for the PS4 Pro (which I have pre-ordered) there can be no discernible advantage given to online players through its upgraded hardware but then we get officially sanctioned controllers that allow the owners of these peripherals an advantage!

    Am I missing something here but we seem to have a mixed message?!

    • – Compatibility with all PS4 systems via the braided 3m-long USB cable – detachable for easy storage

    • Through close collaboration we’ve been able to help optimise each controller for PS4 – incorporating innovative Dualshock 4 controls and ensuring gamers can enjoy a plug & play experience with any model of PS4.

    • “Am I missing something here”


  • Imo the revolution looks very nice. hopefully it feels comfortable too. If the raiju has the same “manufactory” quality the razer wildcat has then good night. had one and broke in 1 month. Most customer reviews of the wildcat are terrible either. the triggers on the raiju look really cheap sry. I really hope they care about the quality on the revolution controller.

  • No !! please don’t !! I actually have nothing to say.. but this ” new licensed pro controllers ” are so bad !! so just keep the old one ! it’s better than this :)

  • Can someone tell me if these controllers will be wireless or not?????

  • Just feel like throwing these few ideas out there:

    1) They are licensed but third-party products. You don’t have to buy them, you can stick with the DS4 (which is already a pretty solid build)

    2) One of the companies I am familiar with (I own a Razer Blackwidow Ultimate keyboard). These guys have amazing build quality and I know that this remote would meet their quality standards. I know it will probably be a 99-149USD remote but that is a steal considering my keyboard was ~145USD.

    3) It breaks standardization and sets foot into personalization; what works for you and feels good for you may not translate well to another person. You grow into a more personal device and it allows you to attune and step your game up in a more personal manner.

    4) Since they are made by companies with dedicated software interfaces (ie Razer Synapse Services), It more than likely will be usable on PC too (this is actually a really neat selling point for me).

    • So in the end which one do you prefer? And are they worth buying (m seriously considering buying as i have problems with my ds4). Last thing, this thing is wireless right?

    • I would prefer the Raiju. Mostly because, as a pretty dedicated WoW player, having extra buttons/triggers/keys usually helps with my ability to make finer commands in game and I am very familiar with the Razer brand (they make top-tier consumer keyboards, mice, and joysticks).

      But here’s the thing: till more games on console support button remapping (changing the button-action interface), these remotes are moot. The reason I have a 12 (24 with G shift) button mouse on PC is because I can assign a function to every single possible button. Until console gaming has that (or has a reason to have that), it is hard to say if it is worth it. having these extra buttons just for something like a “taunt” or “wave” command. I want the buttons to have good use if I am going out of my way to pay for it.

      They are wired with a 3m wire but the wire is detachable. Strange nowadays but I don’t mind using a 3meter wire, I play near the console anyway.

  • Why?? I have been playing on playstation most of my life & love the dualshock 4 controller. I have a 4ps scuf modded controller which looks & feels exactly the same with two extra modded buttons on the back which is great!

    Why have you shown us two xbox controllers? I do not enjoy playing with xbox controllers they feel to big & analogs are different? Getting use to a bigger controller will take awhile & will not be great if you are already use to dualshock 4.

    Look at scuf designs or cinch gaming same controller more buttons. Why have you not done that Sony.

    As a big fan for over 17 years I am not impressed ????

  • That reminds me i must sell my lego collection and yea if i wanted a custom controller id make a better 1 called duelshock 4 V2 with lightbar on touchpad #DontMessUpAGdController

  • They both look…not Playstation. I wouldn’t have either of them about me, especially for the price they’ll likely charge. The DS3 and DS4 designs are where it’s at for me and if I wanted an X1 controller, I’d buy one.

  • They look great! I’ll definitely be picking one of these two up at some point!

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