PS4’s Media Player v2.50 update: 360° video and photos, FLAC and upscaled music support

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Use PlayStation VR to enjoy your 360° media, plus get high-resolution audio (FLAC) playback support

Your PlayStation 4’s Media Player is getting a new update tomorrow, 13th October, which rolls out support for 360° videos and photos using PlayStation VR, plus introduces new audio support options that’ll benefit audiophiles.

Let’s talk that 360° video and photo support first. If you’ve a PlayStation VR connected to your PlayStation 4, simply activate ‘VR mode’ from Media Player’s Options menu, then select your 360° video or photo from your media server or USB device. You’ll now be able to view your chosen media in full 360° thanks to the power of PlayStation VR.

(Note, to enjoy 360-degree media on PlayStation VR, any supported video – MKV, AVI, MP4, MPEG2 PS , MPEG2 TS, AVCHD – or photo – JPEG, BMP, PNG – files must be captured in equirectangular format by a 360-degree omnidirectional camera.)

PlayStation 4's Media Player Update
This is an example of an equirectangular video image, which will appear as a 360° video in PlayStation VR

But that’s not all. Also as part of tomorrow’s update rollout, v2.50 also introduces improvements to your audio experience. Once updated, the PS4 Media Player will not only support High-Res (FLAC) audio files, but will also upscale your non-FLAC music to near high-resolution audio quality.

The latter is thanks to Sony’s DSEE HX™ technology. What this means is any MP3s or AACs – files whose space-saving compression strips out some of a song’s subtleties – played through your PlayStation 4 will be automatically upscaled. It means your compressed music will now sound much richer as a result. You can get a more in-depth breakdown on how the technology works here.

PlayStation 4’s Media Player v2.50 update will be available for free to all PS4 owners from tomorrow, 13th October.

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  • Will it have support for 360 3D videos? SBS or otherwise?

    • YES, That’s the point!

    • No it’s not the point. I think these are just 360 degree videos in 2D. You can watch similar on youtube via cardboard. They’re like being on the inside of a painted sphere. Flat.

      Stereoscopic 360 or 180 is entirely different.

    • “Stereoscopic 360 or 180 is entirely different.” – how difficult is this to hack? why isn’t Sony supportive of the thousands of videos that you can watch for free on a google cardboard. I feel like i just waisted all my money on a PSVR. i’m pretty darn upset.

  • Sounds good only that I prefer to have my music on the HDD not a USB stick

  • Very happy about the FLAC support, something I’ve been asking for since the PS3. However, Stu123 makes the great point that this is rather cumbersome if we have to put all of our media on a USB stick/external hard drive to access it. The brilliant bit about the PS3 was that we were able to store our media files on the console. Having this option would be a welcomed addition. Hope you’re listening guys.

  • Thanks for the update! Very happy about FLAC support and audio upscaling.

    Unfortunately, video support is still not very good. A significant percentage of my video files won’t play, including MP4 videos from my digital camera and many MKVs.

    • That isn’t going to change, they don’t want to make that easy. Companies are trying to revoke codec licenses etc to make things worse too. Get a Raspberry Pi 3 put KODI on and get a decent external hard drive…

      A £30 computer really is better at media playback than a £300 console.

    • Yeah but I’d like to see them add HEVC (H.265 codec) video support. I know they won’t support DTS in those files because they’d have to license it so like CluckNuggets said, just get yourself an mini PC like an R Pi 3 or a TV box and slap Kodi on it and you’ll be able to use your passthrough to your receiver to decode DTS and whatnot with little issues.

    • I don’t know much about codecs, but I do play a lot of files that have 265 in the filename, which might suggest HEVC?
      The difference? I have everything on a Linux machine on which I’ve installed a UPnP server (Mediatomb). So I use the media player to stream from there, and that works.

    • @Hi-Q47-NL “but I do play a lot of files that have 265 in the filename, which might suggest HEVC?”

      They’re the same thing yeah. It’s far more efficient at compression than the older 264 format (The same quality video file is about half the size).

  • So with flac support is there any limitations to that? Can I play flac files in 24bit 192khz?

    • It doesn’t appear to support playing FLAC files from a media server on a network. MP3’s yes but not FLAC files. I just tried it and FLAC files do not display unlike MP3’s.

  • FLAC support is great

  • Like that new codecs are supported, would just like the option of storing my music on the system somewhere instead of pluging in a usb stick

  • Nice about FLAC support (although long overdue).

    About the new marketing DSEE buzzword, please don’t assume we are all idiots. Sony DSEE is nothing more than a fancy equalizer. There is no such thing as “sound upscaling”. It’s fundamentally impossible to recover the missing data of a lossy compressed sound.

  • By the way, why is the Media Player still incapable of properly displaying audio files by their track number instead of their title tag?

  • Yeeaaaah, will it be updated to actually show correct album order at all though? Until then it’s actually pretty useless as a music/media player.

  • THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for the FLAC support Sony! Been harping on about this for years now since PS3. It’s actually the main reason I don’t buy any Apple products.

  • To hell with FLAC. For high resolution audio, it’s pretty useless. It saves a negligible amount of space compared to WAV, and is WAY less compatible. Keep your FLAC playback, and give me WAV. If you’re one of the few people that still burns CDs, or one of even fewer who use DVD-Audio, you know that’s FLAC serves virtually no purpose.

  • OH NICE!!!! now they just need HEVC support

  • what I don’t like about the media player is that it ignores track numbers and instead sorts my songs by track title tags instead? :/

  • Sony fix your garbage player to actually show all mp3 music and movie files. Its sad that every device on planet earth is better at practically everything then Ps4 even the competition. Somebody should be fired ps4 support is horrible.

  • I can confirm that flac in 24bit 192khz works fine! My copy of Tea for the Tillerman by Cat Stevens is playing without any issues. When they said High res audio support then they meant it! I am happily surprised!
    Now getting the album covers to work is a completely different story.

  • What about track order?…

  • Flac is nice, but for videos the support is half assed again. What it needs is support for side by side or top to bottom VR Videos, not 360° videos.

    • I totally agree! I dont understand why is so hard to make support for sbs or over/under 3d videos. Whats the point making VR goggles and use them to watch 2D pics and video?

    • When is the Side By Side update available? is there a hack? Without SBS i feel like i want to return the whole system.

  • update will soon be available to improve the quality of the image for the ps vr? you can watch the videos with 360 PS VR?

  • Im still in shock that ps4 dosent play audio cds and now sony brings out psr pro with no 4k blueray player which is sonys technology. And xbox 1s does. Who on earth is the idiots that let this happen. So dissapointed in you sony.

  • How about some new codecs/features for the Vita?

  • Anyone know if ALAC (Apple Lossless) is working? I prefer to use that as it uses a little less space than FLAC.

  • will this allow me to experience VR adult entertainment?

  • I seriously don’t understand why I just bought a PS4 and a PSVR and i can’t even watch SBS video?!?!? Thats one of the main reasons I bought it. i wanted something superior to google cardboard. and thats FREE!!!! where is the SBS update sony? this is totally not ready for prime time!

  • Formatted external to exfat, added some 24 bit flacs, “no available media”.

  • Will Plex support native MKV etc?

  • Cheers Leafleap,will try that.

  • You guys should let us play 360º videos without the VR headset, like using the controller joystick or motion sensors to look around. That would pretty cool.

  • after this update fast forwarding all my movies in my external hard drive causes them to get twitchy until you stop and start it again. am i the only one to get this bug?

  • DTS support please!

  • 360 photos and videos can’t be viewed properly. When I moved my head, the screen was blank. However, the screen displayed the picture properly when I didn’t wear the headset. I moved the headset as if I was looking around and I could see the picture on my TV. Is anyone experiencing the same issue?

  • Can you make it play 3D Blu-ray in 3D?

  • Can you make it play the Sony HDR-TD10 High Definition 3D Handycam Camcorder files in 3D? Sony stuff should work with SONY’s other stuff, but it does not.

  • I stream my MP3’s to the PS4 via a media server on my PC and it works great. Have been waiting for FLAC support only to find that none of my FLAC files are displaying. If it will only work directly from a USB/external drive then what’s the point?

  • I am having a problem
    After new update of media player.
    In version 2.00 i was able to play songs and videos from my USB
    In version 2.50 the song is playing but sound not coming in video the sound is coming
    I tried every idea but failed.
    Any solution please?
    Sorry my english is not good!

  • this not a real update for most of the player out there…
    the media player should play also 180° clips in 3d… i mean whats the point of lookin at a 360° clip in 2d???? and why you call this an update?
    nobody needs to take a look at a paper cylinder wrapped around in 2d…
    so PLEASE make the media player ready for all or most kind of vr videos, especially in 3d!
    or should we buy an oculus rift for that? i think it would be great for sony the get their vr stuff compatible with other medias than only their games… i mean i can also play movies in 3d from blu rays, hsbs and hou with playstation… i am really dissapointed with these lacks of features from that “media player”.

    • SONY VR stuff is not even compatible with SONY’s other stuff, like the SONY HDR-TD10 High Definition 3D Handycam Camcorder 3D files made by SONY!!!!

  • How can the PS VR / Mediaplayer Update for PSVR not support 3D Video (SBS) ??
    This is unbelievable.

    All other VR Headsets on market even Samsung Gear support 3D SBS.
    And that other people plopp the PSVR to a MAC or PC now having 3D SBS via VLC Mediaplayer is really lol.

    So Sony when can we expect a patch for 3D SBS PSVR legit customers ?
    This feature should have been integrated 1st Day…

    I luv the PS4 and the VR but this is really kiddin that it misses this…

  • My media player is now disconnecting from my media server every 30 minutes while steaming.
    I have to close media player down then reopen it and cue the streaming movie each time. This started happening after 2.5 update.
    Anyone else having this problem?
    Is there a fix that you could share?

  • Hoping you guys add 4k HDR HEVC/H265 file support for the Pro, would be nice to actually be able to view HDR videos via that.

  • this player is just piece of s… i checkd like 30 different Video files. 2 ( TWO !!!! for heavens) worked. That just outrageous. No support with 360 or with any video in VR technology. I litteraly waist 350 quid for somethin i can use only with crappy games. Nice job Sony… very nice job. I wish to find this topic before i bought it… or new update or just die in hell all of ya Sony staff

  • Please, in future is possible view 360 stereoscopic image por ps4 vr? SBS player? it’s important for a good experience, I use ps4 for view architecture, and 360 2d it’s ok, but it’s possible view in stereo is much better,

    In the future is it possible? thanks,

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