New on PlayStation Store: PS VR launch games, Rise Of The Tomb Raider, more

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New on PlayStation Store: PS VR launch games, Rise Of The Tomb Raider, more

Plus, Red Dead Revolver, WWE 2K17, Manual Samuel, Dragon Quest Builders

It’s a busy, busy week on PlayStation Store. There’s a trio of big-name blockbusters: Rise Of The Tomb Raider, WWE 2K17 and Dragon Quest Builders; intriguing indies Manual Samuel and Mantis Burn Racing; returning favourites Red Dead Revolver and Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour; and a raft of PlayStation VR launch games. See the full list below and head to the comments to let us know what you’re picking up!

PlayStation StoreOut this week















  • Wayward Sky
    13th October

  • Dragon Quest Builders Digital Day One Edition
    14th October

  • Let’s Sing 2017
    14th October


  • Now That’s What I Call Sing 2
    14th October

  • Let’s Sing 9 Version Española
    14th October

  • Let’s Sing 2017 Hits francais et internationaux (Only in Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Switzerland)
    14th October


  • Let’s Sing 2017 mit deutschen Hits (Only in Austria, Germany, Switzerland)
    14th October

  • Reus
    14th October

  • Call of Duty Infinite Warfare beta early access (Between 14th-17th Oct. Infinite Warfare full game must be pre-ordered for early beta access)
    14th October




  • Castle Invasion: Throne Out (In Australia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, India, Ireland, Israel, Malta, NZ, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, SA, UK)
    11th October

  • Royal Defense Ultimate Collection
    12th October

  • Doodle God Bundle
    12th October


  • Dragon Quest Builders – Launch Edition (Not in Saudi Arabia)
    14th October

Remember, if you’ve not got access to your PS4, PS3 or PS Vita then you can also buy through our online store on your mobile, tablet or computer.

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7 Author Replies

  • Happy PSVR week!

    • The sooner PSVR dies, the faster we can go back to video games.

    • The sooner you stop saturating VR related posts with your pathetic whining Ryusennin, the better.

    • They’re trying so hard to sell this PSVR. They will soon be on sale, in the clearance section.

    • Let the insecure kids whine all they want. They are just regurgitating comments of their favorite youtube hater and were not going to buy it anyways. People who want it will still buy it and the mass majority is praising it like crazy – even with its limited hardware. It has a much larger and higher quality launch lineup than any previous platform in history with more confirmed games on the way. This is unheard of for a NEW mass market technology.

      If it fails, then so be it, but lets not shoot it down before launch when it could be a real and new way to play. So far, its proven to be a success. Other companies are going “all in” at this forefront of mass market VR pioneering as well. The market research from these companies has obviously shown viable opportunity in a potential market ready to buy.

  • None of the PSVR apps are listed, is there anywhere i can find out which ones are availiable here?

  • So, Rock Band exports:

    What is the mysterious tool blocking the exports and why is it taking this long to address? Can you guys not just take a cue from what SCEA is doing?

  • Why Battlefield 1 Ultimate Edition is not available on PlayStation Store?

  • When do the VR demos go live? I see that the North American store already has their full VR demo disc to download.I assume we can expect the same on the EU store for our somewhat poorer demo disc to be available for download today/tomorrow?

  • So I guess that last PS4 DLC-update means there’s a Halloween-event for Overwatch starting tomorrow then? :)

  • It seems no Overwatch for me today. I’ll wait for new boxes before leveling again

  • Tomb Raider does look good, and the added bonuses are a welcome addition, but this whole Xbox timed exclusivity still leaves a bad taste in the mouth. It’s hard to part with your money after a forced waiting period that as gamers we had no say in.

    • Exclusivity is just part of the landscape. Sony and Microsoft both do it and while the Tomb Raider deal seems pretty weird given the Playstation fanbase, if you want to play it buy it. I think the feedback they got last year as pretty loud and clear. If they don’t learn from their mistake though, then I’d happily boycott it.

    • I’ll buy it… but not yet. No one likes sloppy seconds, right :)

      Joking aside, I’m not a fan of timed exclusivity on either side, we all like gaming, so be it PS or Xbox, it’s a shame when one side is forced to wait. I understand more when it’s a platform-centric IP like Mario or Halo etc, but when it comes to a game such as TR, by a company that makes games for both sides, it’s frustrating, and enough to stop me buying a game until it hits a sale. Yes, they still get the cash.. but the excitement of a new TR game has been tainted by a frankly unnecessary wait, and buying day one after it, isn’t something I will do.

    • Buying it second hand, massively reduced so Square Enix doesn’t see anything.

      Having to worry about spoilers when you can’t even play it on a relevant platform with a franchise that has had no real “home” after only just being rebooted is beyond ridiculous to me.

    • Spoilers? Don’t worry, there’s no story.

    • Hopefully exclusives whether timed or permanent will disappear someday. The “you can’t play this game because you went with the wrong console” is just a silly and outdated idea. I remember when Final Fantasy XIII was announced for Xbox 360, and some people were actually disappointed that more people could play the game now not just PS3 users.

    • KaneTheGoth
      I am with you on this one.

      I will also get it later, second hand. I have waited this long, then I can wait longer. Thing is there are several games coming out soon or just come out that I would rather play than a year old game, that has been pole of greed this generation so far. Play with fire and you might get burned. Crystal Dynamics/Square Enix said that the Tomb Raider 2013 didn’t sell enough (despite selling best on Playstation) well if you are concerned about the amount of sold copies then you have just lost another number in the stats. (Were the money goes to them)

      This type of exclusivity practice is a disgrace.
      Real exclusives is another thing. There the mind and pocket of the company is involved. Meaning ideas and money. Look at how great the Souls games have become, just after Demons Souls which was PS3 exclusive, as Sony put in money, idea, and not least also man power to develop.

  • Any news on the pricing for Dragon Quest Builders on PS VITA? Usually not my type of game but I picked up the demo last week and was hooked. Beautiful, brilliant and quirky.

    Anyone who’s not picked up the demo I urge you to at least try it.

    • We can’t comment on prices on the blog, unfortunately.

    • For the UK the Square guys on Facebook said it’ll be £29.99 with the Day 1 DLC. I’m on the fence as I love the game but PS4 is £32 on disc at Amazon.

    • Hmm thanks Spikes; very helpful. Yes; dilemma now which console I’ll buy it for.

    • The US Blog has the game priced at $ 39,99 so it will probably be € 39,99 aswell. Yes the american blog does mention the prices, but they also fixed the Rockband issue long ago.

  • And once again, the Zombie Campaign DLC for Tiny Troopers Joint Ops is literally MIA.

    I know you refuse to give a price for whatever “moral” reason, but does anyone have an ETA on this?

  • So when will these other psvr games go on the store as most aren’t on there currently?

  • Rez and Dragon Quest Builders for me this week. ;)

    Last week kotaku ran an article about the Rb exports so even the media doesn’t prompt you to act.

    I think we all know what to do now.

  • Why is the mobile version of the web store completely outdated???

  • The link to Duke Nukem takes you to a dead page and the game doesn’t show up if you search.

    Is there a problem with it.

  • PS4 – RED DEAD RE…volver?!?!?!


    Why must you do these things to me????

    • Only a matter of time before Red Dead Redemption gets re-mastered for PS4. These re-masters are a license to print money at relatively low cost to the developer compared to a brand new game.

    • Red Dead Redemption won’t be “remastered”. It’s been said numerous times by Rockstar that the source code is a mess.

  • When “Here They Lie” was showed at E3 this year, it was said it would release on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR. Looking at it now it seems like it is a VR exclusive title. Is this the case?

  • Where is thumper?
    Also are the vr demos going to be available to download.
    Seriously cant wait for the 13th.

  • So is the Video App “Within” not available at Launch?

  • How come Duke Nukem has been taken off the store completely? It used to be there but it says unable to find page on the computer and wont work on psn via the ps4 either.

  • Will the unlisted PSVR titles be going up on Thursday? Was hoping they’d launch sooner so I can get them downloaded in time for launch.

    • You and me both, mainly as well so I had a damn price guide so I know what I’m buying

      Soending £350 on the system, kinda gotta go budget on the games, lol

  • Where is Duke Nukem 3D? It’s mentioned on the blog and is nowhere to be found.

  • OK, what’s going on with Duke Nukem? Anyone cares to explain? I can understand technical problems, delays etc. but I can’t understand that you just don’t keep your customers informed…

    • I agree, i sent a message to Sony and they told me to contact the publisher…

    • It’s not the first time I’ve seen titles vanish from PS Store without a word as to why, although it is the first time I’ve seen this happen on a release day. In the past everything came back on store eventually, also without a word as to why it happened in the first place.

      I also contacted Sony once regarding a vanished title that was in a sale at the time and got the same answer back “contact the publisher / developer”. Sometime after the sale ended, the title showed up again and I received another email from Sony, apologising for the answer I got before.

      I also had a long ongoing problem with Deus Ex Mankind Divided. The blame was shoved from one company to the next and back again until it finally got sorted out by someone who actually seemed to care about my problem AND understand it.

      In short, it always depends on what representative you get when you contact Sony, or pretty much any other company for that matter.

    • It’s just the best when you actually listen, ask the publisher and they say “ask sony”.

    • I had the same issue with deus ex, covert pack, right? Still have no idea if it’s actually in my season pass or not. Should have just bought the damn thing but was worried I was wasting £12

  • Even though I’m a big fan of the previous Tomb Raider game, not getting it. First of all, I’m not paying full price for a year old game, second – PS fanbase is obviously not important to Square Enix, so keep your game. My hype for it died already anyway.

    • Ill be buying it second hand.

    • That’s what I’m doing too.

    • The VR part is really tempting me to buy it right a way…I would prefer it cheaper, sale or used copy…lets see how long I will resist

    • Same. Maybe next year…

    • Lots of people feel like you do and want to send a ‘loud and clear’ message to SE with regards to the long exclusivity period of TR by purchasing second hand or on discount.
      It would be interesting to follow the sales chart and see what happens in the next few weeks as this may shift any potential decision to make the follow up exclusive to xbox (unless the deal has already been made).

      I have always said that the best way to send a message to publishers is to vote with your wallet.
      Developers want to bring the game to a wider audience so they rarely care about exclusivity deals whereas publishers are in for the profit (rightly so) and they are not afraid of making deals unless they get hurt where it matter the most, the bottom line profit.

    • AdamBogocz

      Yea the VR part sounds like it could be good.
      Though I think they should first fix some of the issues with it. There have been a good amount of people saying it’s not the most pleasant experience. Mainly because of the pace(movement) and generally it makes them feel bad real quick. Hopefully they will do something about that

    • Amen brother!

  • Congratulations on your three months aniversary of total Kerbal silence. I mean, why should be fans informed about the status, right?

  • Great to finally have a list of VR titles for the U.K but no prices sucks, trying to budget when you’re going off American prices is a nightmare, especially as $20 could mean £15.99, £19.99 or £24.99 what with rip off britains prices.

  • Also next tuesday 18th SNOW the game beta it will be $19.99 in NA about £20 in the uk im guessing and also next friday 21st lego harry potter collection retail and ps4 store i know this because i looked up SNOW the game on twitter also looked up looked up lego harry potter collection as long as both are out nxt week hopefully il buy both woohoo

  • No mention of Hatsune Miku: VR Future Live – which was advertised on this very blog recently. Instead, you list Project Diva X with a release date of October 13th, even though this game has been out for quite a while now.

    Sigh. Why am I not surprised.

  • Where is Duke Nukem world tour? It was on the store last night, now it’s not, its not even search-able.

    What gives??

  • I think ill wait for TR to land in a sale or buy it second handed. Im not happy with buying a 1-year old game at full price even if they say they have new content for it.

  • What’s wrong with buy 2 get 50% off sale. Almost half of the games cannot be bought, item not available please try later. I want to buy something damnit!

  • This is getting beyond a complete joke. Gearbox had DN3D for October 11th and the blog entery had the date for the same day. Why is the game STILL missing?? Duke Nukem should of stayed with 3D Realms. Selling the IP to Gearbox is a major mistake.

  • The sooner PSVR dies, the faster we can go back to video games.

  • No VR Apps launching this week??

  • Whats up with Party Golf from last week and Castle Invasion this week? Maybe someone will remember good marketing, after the big vr+hdr+ps pro fail… i hope so

  • So Red Dead Revolver releasing on PS4, is pretty much guaranteeing that Red Dead Redemption is going to come to PS4 too right?

    Please guys release Redemption soon, it was my most played PS3 game.

  • Almost 8pm and still no Duke Nukem 3D. I tired getting in touch with Gearbox and it’s CEO and still no response. I don’t except silence.

  • the psn has dragon quest for vita but there is no download button on my vita store it has day one edition but i dont wont the day one edtion

  • will the do\ay one edition will the other one come out tommarow or do they both come out the same day

  • Oh and get this, Duke Nukem 3D is also not available on Steam as well. Pretty Gearbox at fault once again.

  • Rock band rivals pre order? Remaining Rock band exports? Follow me down? Remaining entitlement fixes?


    I know you can’t hear it anymore but that “tool” needs a pretty long time to get fixed. Is there any sort of progress?

    And I think there won’t be an answer….

    • EU PSN isn’t getting a rivals pre-order, BUT if you buy it between the 18th October and the 1st November you get ALL the pre-order songs, instruments and clothes

    • I wouldnt count on getting all the pre-order songs, cause you know…SCEE

  • Duke Nukem still not showing on the store

  • Duke Nukem is FINALLY on the store!

  • I wish they wouldve made you more like a partner with lara on the adventure and as a partner we would help each other through the game and both be equally important. I think a vr experience like that would really take it back to the feel of the first game.

  • Where is the KERBAL Space Program?????? I waiting longer then twom months and it became seriously tedious!
    Or else tell my, who can give my some real response.

  • Yeah I second that I was just about to ask the same question, how can Kerbal Space Program be released so much earlier in the states and us still be waiting, I thought it was just a minor QA issue originally.

    Very Poor service for us UK/EU customers

    • It’s not just UK or Europe Customers they ain’t servicing correctly, there’s Australia and NZ too.

      But hey, if they ain’t going to be answering questions about the tool that’s stopping Rock Band’s Exports being released in our region, they ain’t going to be answering any questions about Kerbal.

  • i buy okt
    mafia 3
    deus ex
    tomb raider
    skyrim remasterd
    remasterd of cod

    stil no sing of beta download ( unlock key when release )

    next mont
    ps4 pro
    watch dogs 2

    already pre orderd
    god of war
    zero dawn
    days gone
    mass effect : andromeda

    canceld = ps vr ( not convinced by type/ amount of games i like )
    i want other vr head set
    no litel box ( instant in ps4 console )
    i do not want social box
    switching cabels to be abel to use hdr = no go

  • PS VR has been dispatched, with three games, and will be here tomorrow, PS4 Pro already pre-ordered and I have just loaded my PSN account with £100 minus £15.99 for Batman (I’m not rich, all of this is on credit :p).

    I was a little disappointed when I loaded up the store and saw there were barely any VR games on it, that is why I came here and saw all the lovely games that will appear here tomorrow.

    Thanks a lot for Sony bringing VR to consoles, please don’t let us down and give up on it in a couple of years.

  • I used my US account to download the PS VR demo disc from the PS store, but it’s padlocked (because it’s not my primary PS4)

    I downloaded the EU PS VR demo disc from the PS Store and it list all 18 demos, not 8 like the pack-in version


    now to await my helmet…

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