“Rhythm violence” game Thumper out this week, with PS VR and PS4 Pro 4K support

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“Rhythm violence” game Thumper out this week, with PS VR and PS4 Pro 4K support

Demo version of Drool's fast, furious action game lands on Thursday

It’s been seven years in the making. Thumper is rhythm violence and available 13th October as a digital download on PlayStation Store. Thumper’s entire campaign — all nine epic levels — are playable in both psychedelic 1080p on PS4 and dangerously immersive VR on PlayStation VR.


Thumper uses just one analogue stick and one button, so it’s simple to pick up and play. But it’s challenging to master — even the best action gamers will spend hours surviving the advanced levels and defeating the terrifying bosses. We’ve also added expert-level moves you’ll need to master to reach high scores and unlock lucrative Trophies (including a Platinum).

Playing in traditional HD is perfect for long play sessions as you lock into the rhythm and perfect your skills. Thumper’s visuals scale up beautifully on large screen displays and the thunderous soundtrack will put the biggest subwoofers to the test!

On PS VR, you’ll scream through Thumper with an overwhelming sense of speed and physicality. The brutal action gameplay is particularly well suited to the high frame-rate and beautiful OLED display. We think it’s unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. You can check it out on the PS VR demo downloadable from PlayStation Store on 13th October.


Last but not least, we’re excited to announce Thumper will support PS4 Pro from day one. We’ve worked hard to perfect Thumper’s graphics tech and the extra power lets us push our original vision even further. On PS4 Pro, Thumper will render at up to 4K resolution (With no upscaling!) for the ultimate high-gloss HD experience. PS4 Pro also enhances the VR rendering quality while maintaining the same rock-solid 90 frames-per-second. We’ll have more details on our PS4 Pro support soon!

Thumper is available 13th October on PlayStation Store. See you in rhythm hell!


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  • Sony what’s wrong with your secure.eu.playstation.com domain, whenever theres a login through this website I get into a redirect loop.

    Not to mention your MY PSN page on secure.eu.playstation.com is completely broken, perhaps the copyright at the bottom saying Sony COMPUTER Entertainment instead of Sony INTERACTIVE Entertainment is the root cause of that…..


    Also, wasn’t SEN rebranded to PlayStation(TM) Network last year as the central Sony entertainment destination? If so why is the account management page still say Sony Entertainment Network?????

  • This game is an epileptic seizure waiting to happen.

  • Looking forward to this.

  • I am really looking forward to this!

  • Think you meant to say 4k….rather than 1080p ;)

  • I love these games but then I suck at them and play the same 20 second segment over and over and get bored. And yet still I buy them. :(

  • So the ps4 pro cannot read 4K discs?! I really don’t see the point in it then. The last time i checked 4K movies average between 30-50gb . ( i own a 4K tv and have just downloaded a video from vimeo thats less than an hour long but comes in at 15gb) Given the huge file size and the playstation stores notoriously awful download speeds who’s going to want to download movies and games that big?! Plus surely one of the advantages of the 4K disc is not only the image quality but also that the discs can hold twice the amount of information of a regular blu ray disc? Which potentially means you could makes games so much bigger! Sorry this is not realted to this exact post but you closed comments down on the ps4 pro…despite still bombarding me with emails about it!…if you hadn’t guessed..i won’t be buying one.

  • ..and don’t get me wrong. I understand the need to do away with producing discs, we can all stand to use less plastic and own less clutter. The problem is the file sizes and a playstation network that is clearly not good enough to support downloading of those file sizes..it takes about 10 hours to download a sodding demo at the moment! Even on a top notch high speed connection. Plus theres storing the games and the inevitable huge update files. So unless the the ps4 pro comes with a 10tb hardrive how is it going to store everything? One of the major complaints people have about the ps4 is the storage and the huge update and install files and the fact that most people have had to buy new storage just to store game info let alone music or movies. You’re currently selling machines that have completely inadequate storage for their function ( i owned the 500gb and with updates and installs only managed to store enough information for 8 games before the hardrive was full) surely this problem is just going to get worse with the ps4 pro.

  • There are two or Three questions that need to be answered if im going to jump on the “PRO” train.

    1. What sata does it support / speeds 6gb/s, as the speeds are crucial for faster loadingtimes.
    2. Does it support more then 2Tb HDs/SSDs?
    3. Will games run smoother or faster even if the games are older and not developed especially for the Pro version?



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