Stylish PS4 sci-fi action game Earth’s Dawn launches 1st November

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Stylish PS4 sci-fi action game Earth’s Dawn launches 1st November

New trailer showcases fast-paced combat and deep customisation

Hello, my name is Mr.Kuroki, Director at oneoreight Studios. We’re a game development studio established April 2012 and based in Tokyo, Japan. Our motto is “to make interesting games that we believe in.”

That may seem like a very broad mission statement, but it boils down to creating games we enjoy playing. And combating alien warriors as a heroic soldier intent on ensuring the future survival of Earth sounds pretty appealing. So I want to introduce our first PlayStation 4 title, Earth’s Dawn.

The very first thing you will notice is the game’s unique 2D art style. The game takes place in the future when alien invaders known as the E.B.E. have destroyed most of Earth. As such, the setting needed to be dark, threatening. We captured this not just through the game’s atmosphere, but also in the design of the soldiers, the deadly looking weapons, and of course, the enemies.

Earth's Dawn

The gameplay in Earth’s Dawn is fast-paced, mixing gunplay and melee attacks. Players must learn how to chain together gun, sword and advanced attacks, as well a dash ability! I think you’ll find the gameplay very addictive.

In some battles, you’ll have your combat skills graded. The more varied and exciting your combat approach, the higher the grade and reward. It is often fun starting with a few slash attacks, knocking the enemy up in the air, following them upwards for some more melee strikes, then continue to keep them airborne with gunshots, and finish them off with a throw.

Our dev team is often competing to see who can get the highest number of hits in a combo, as we are very competitive!

I am also very proud of the amount of customisation on offer for both weapons and abilities. Defeating enemies will give you materials to create new weapons and equipment. When crafting, substitute in better versions of the components to raise the base stats on an item. If you really enjoy using a particular weapon, you can also sacrifice more resources in order to level it up, making it even more powerful! We really focus on the small details, so your gear upgrades are reflected on your character. Axes are cool. But ones with flames coming off them? Even cooler.

Earth's Dawn

The skill system fits the theme of the game and has a lot of depth. The hero is part of an elite fighting force that use implanted alien E.B.E. technology to grant them superhuman abilities. As you level up in the game, you will learn different skills that will improve your abilities in offense, defense, speed, endurance and more. As you unlock these, you will also be able to “link” skills together to create new ones! There are over 100 different skills to customize, so choose wisely in creating your hero!

Earth's Dawn

We hope you enjoy Earth’s Dawn, our very first game from OneorEight, coming out 1st November – we are also very excited to see PS4 box versions in retail stores on the same day!

Earth's Dawn

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