Hatsune Miku: VR Future Live launches 13th October

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See Miku in concert like you've never seen her before

Greetings to all the Hatsune Miku fans out there in PlayStation land. This is Sam Mullen, the North American producer for the Project Diva series and resident knower of all things Miku.

We know you guys are still coming down off your high from playing Hatsune Miku: Project Diva X which launched for PS4 and PS Vita recently, but here we are again ready to talk about a totally new experience: Hatsune Miku in concert as you’ve never seen her before!

Hatsune Miku

It’s not easy to put the Hatsune Miku: VR Future Live experience into words, and video pales in comparison. But when you don your PS VR headset and put on those headphones, you get transported to Miku’s world. Surrounded by thousands of screaming fans, you raise up your glow stick, swinging in time to the music. As you get more into the concert, waving your controller and singing along out loud, the concert reacts to you, showering the stage in light and effects that exceed the constraints of our boring old physical world.

Each Stage is comprised of a setlist of three songs, and you’ll have the option to choose between two songs for each set. And if everything goes just right, you will be transported to a special solo performance by Miku, just for you!

So, what songs can you choose from? Here are the tracks available in the first Stage:

  • Love Trial by 40mP
  • 1/6 – out of the gravity – by noa
  • Satisfaction by kz
  • Weekender Girl by kz & Hachioji P
  • 39 by DECO*27 & sasakure.UK
  • Cute Medley – Idol Sounds by Mitchie M
  • Love Song by Lamaze-P

Plus, there are tons of little things hidden in the concerts for you, such as special places you can call out and have special effects appear — but that’s all part of the experience, so try lots of things!

Hatsune Miku:

Oh, and PS VR and Miku doesn’t stop here. If you picked up Hatsune Miku: Project Diva X, be sure to check out the VR-enabling patch, which will be released alongside PS VR, that will enable you to view concerts you created using the Concert Editor in VR! While not the full VR Future Live experience, it will give you a small taste of what Miku + VR can be!

And if you aren’t convinced, be sure to check out the trial version of Hatsune Miku: VR Future Live, being released at the same time, which features a single song for you to try.

I’m super excited about Hatsune Miku coming to PS VR on 13th October, and I hope you guys check it out!

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  • I always need more Miku… but I also need more money before I can even consider vr.
    This will be on my list though.

  • this is interesting, but i’m not planning to buy the PS VR

  • I mean, sure…. but is the game getting any more DLC? It’s really underwhelming in comparison to F and F2nd, both in terms of content as in the quality of said content.

  • After first two Diva F/f games I was disappointed with X. No story-based music videos (repetitive concerts quickly became boring to me), random unlocks and story mode being veeery weak and medleys instead of full-fledged songs…

    Still, I hope the VR patch will make up a bit for the shortcomings of the X installment. Waiting for Future Tone to come to the west and importing PSP games from Japan in the meantime (unless you’re bringing them digitally here, then I’ll happily wait).

    • Agreed on the repetitiveness. Who thought it was a good idea to put 12 rare modules in ONE song?!?! Next thing you know we’ll all be having nightmares about those “underhanded rangers”!

    • @Finka_Karfein I wouldn’t hold my breath for Future Tone being released here. Releasing that game overseas would probably be an absolute licensing nightmare for Sega, considering it has over 220 songs.

      But you can make a japanese PSN account and buy it from there (using prepaid PSN cards, of course) :)

    • @DoYouLikeMyID Yeah, I know. At least IA/VT Colorful creators were sincere about it and told even before the release that we should just import it and don’t wait for the western release. And I have a JP account for years already :D Especially that the games bought there work just fine on EU account dropping trophies and all.

      Hatsune Miku is at least import-friendly with little reading included in comparison to Yakuza, Valkyria or Tales games I’ve imported or about to import.

    • @Finka_Karfein They definitely are very import-friendly :) I have all the japanese PSP PD-games and never had any problems playing them :)

  • Games like this make VR worth!
    Keep them coming, Japan!

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