Ubisoft 30th Anniversary discounts start today on PlayStation Store

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Ubisoft 30th Anniversary discounts start today on PlayStation Store

Plus, a new Deal Of The Week, and fresh digital savings

The PlayStation Store Deal of the Week this week is the epic sci-fi RPG saga, Star Ocean: Integrity And Faithlessness Digital Edition. If you are a PlayStation Plus member there’s an additional discount so head to PlayStation Store and save today!

Ubisoft 30th Anniversary

Ubisoft 30th Anniversary (until 05/10/16)

We’re celebrating Ubisoft’s 30th Anniversary in our latest promotion on PlayStation Store. You’ll be able to save up to 60% on some familiar names on PS3, PS4 and PS Vita.

Not only are great titles such as Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate, Far Cry Primal, Rainbow Six Siege, Tom Clancy’s The Division and Rayman Legends available on offer, but we have a host of Season Passes and DLC content discounted too!

Ubisoft 30th Anniversary

The Ubisoft 30th Anniversary page has regional pricing, but here’s a look at exactly what’s on offer!


PS3 & Vita

*Some titles may not be available in your region

Digital Discounts (until 05/10/16)

Our Digital Discounts promotion continues this week with great deals on great digital PS4 titles such as ABZÛ and Prison Architect: PlayStation 4 Edition. Visit the PlayStation Store to save, download and play!

*Some titles may not be available in your region

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  • Nice, might grab Star Ocean for that price!

  • Was hoping to see Rocksmith 2014 in this extensive list, but sadly the 2+ year old game is still £59.99… keeping my ps3 a bit longer…

  • Oh joy… meanwhile PC players get entire games for free.

    • Wouldn’t be surprised if October PS+ was all Ubisoft tbh

    • @ZeroAbbadon With Watchdogs 2 about to be released soon I think first one hitting the Instant Games Collection in October is almost guaranteed, especially now it’s just gone on sale.

  • Good sale. ABZU for me

  • Wow, and to think just yesterday I was asking when Awesome Level MAX DLC for Trials Fusion would ever go on sale and now it happens!

    Also picked up Trials of the Blood Dragon. Very happy!

    @TheLordPegasus – The free PC games are through their own game service, UPlay. I am assuming they have much more control over what they can do with their own games there than they have on other platforms.

    A great sale though. It’s nice to see heft discounts instead of just 20% off.

    – MjA –

    • I saw that on sale and remembered your comment. Can you please ask for a sale on Zero escape next week. Use your powers for (my) good.

    • You know, come to think of it I have always been hoping to see Zero Escape on sale. My first venture into the series was with Virtues Last Reward when it was a plus game; and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I really liked the story and the gameplay was a refreshing change. So yeah, would love to see Zero Time Dilemma on sale some time soon ;)

      – MjA –

    • They really did it! Wow! After that many times the full package including Trails Fusion was on sale, i wasn’t expecting this. Great, instabuy!

    • Yes, I would imagine that’s the case. Doesn’t make it any less annoying though.

  • “Baseball Riot” and “Tennis in the face” are on sale only for PS4 and not for Vita :-(, could someone correct this?

  • Why is Assassin’s Creed 3 not on the Playstation Store? I’m certain there was a Gold Edition on sale earlier in the year?

  • So wanted the crew wild run edition. So close yet so far.

  • Jesus Christ look at the amount of weapon skins, outfits, coin packs, car packs and general stuff that was clearly cut out of games to nickel and dime customers. Companies like Ubi and EA truly are gaming cancer.

  • Ubisoft sale, wow cool!
    But no Rocksmith in sight, why am I not surprised?
    Seriously though, not once has it been on sale and its still full price in retail. What gives ubisoft?

  • For anyone buying Hyper Light Drifter, don’t expect a Vita version. It was cancelled.

  • I was pondering about Far Cry:Primal,is it just same as all previous FC’s but just with sticks and stones ?

    • The short answer to this is no. Infact the long answer to this is also no.

      It may have the Far Cry name, and be built around a similar premis to previous games but it is vastly different in gameplay and the way in which you tackle obstacles. I found it to actually be my favourite Far Cry game to date. It felt so fresh and original, and the game looks absolutely stunning! I don’t think I have ever used my PS4 share button as much as I did with this game! Highly recommend*

      *Disclaimer – If you buy the game from my reference and don’t like it I am not responsible :p

      – MjA –

    • I wouldn’t say it’s vastly different in gameplay and the way you tackle obstacles, just presented that way. I got the feeling that you feel less capable as a player with the lack of firearms and leave more of the fun work to your ‘automatons’, in this case your domesticated pets. For example, you won’t be taking out bases silently with a sniper but will have to call your owl to take down hard to reach targets.. The lack of firearms made it more of a ‘stealthy melee’ game for me since arrows and spears aren’t that great of ranged weapons, or interesting or diverse for that matter. It felt like a very basic concept of what they already had, that at the surface might make things seem different but in a way also limits your tactical options. Like some of the fun had to suffer for an element of survival. I feel it would’ve been better off as a big DLC add-on. Still a great game definitely worth playing, I just personally prefer the traditional Far Cry.

    • Alrighty gentlemen, thanks for the deep analysis, think i’ll give it a shot.

    • Yeah, I played a bit of Far Cry Primal on the Xbone and it looked beautiful. Plus I loved the stealth aspects of being able to send in your owl and sabretooth tiger to kill the enemies in their outposts. Now it’s come down from £55 to a more reasonable £20, it’s an instant purchase.

  • Pumped BMX on sale!!??!! WHAT?!!??

  • Is Baseball Riot Cross Buy?

  • Prince of Persia: Epilogue! Finally after several years of waiting I can buy it at a reasonable price :)

  • Thinking about getting The Crew with the Season Pass. Is the Wild Run campaign included with the Season Pass?

    • Unfortunatley it is not. THe season pass only includes new cars. The wild Run Expansion is a standalone purchase (But it did come out a year or so after release so its understandable as a games season pass only covers it’s first year of DLC (In most scenarios).

      – MjA –

    • Well that’s disappointing. I could care less about bonus cars compared to a single player campaign expansion. I’ll probably just get a physical copy the Wild Run edition then.

    • I’ve just found out that Ubisoft are releasing The Crew Ultimate Edition at the end of November. It has the game, the Wild Run Expansion, a new expansion called Calling All Cars and everything included in the Season Pass. Just wait for that instead of buying The Crew now. I do recommend basically everything else though. Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry, Watch Dogs and especially the discounted season passes. It’s a great sale but I already have most of it.

  • Trackmania is an alright price, and I think I actually have enough on my psn to get driver San Fran. Hells highway for £4 may also get bought as I loved the 2 on ps2. Ubisoft actually do have some decent games, it’s just a shame most of them are copy and paste open worlds full of filler these days (they even managed to get the towers, to unlock missions, into the crew), and the way they try to Nickel and dime you with “micro”-transactions and selling you cut content is unreal.

  • Why is monopoly deal being.sold still? I bought it in the sale before and.you can’t even play the game beyond the tutorial

  • Help. Is the PSN store down or anything?
    Since yesterday it kept saying “YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO ACCESS THIS CONTENT” when trying to buy any of those games but the rest of the store is accessible.
    why is this so?

  • Does anyone know why the PlayStation Store is no more Assassin’s Creed III?

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