What to do in your first 30 minutes with weird, wonderful The Tomorrow Children

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What to do in your first 30 minutes with weird, wonderful The Tomorrow Children

Plus, news on the first update coming to Q-Games' sandbox adventure

Hello comrades! Being thrust into the unknown can be tough, and an ‘unknown’ as weird and wonderful as The Tomorrow Children can be a little overwhelming at first! So here are some top tips for your first 30 minutes of play.

  1. First off make sure you are equipped! Pushing left on your D-Pad reveals your state-sanctioned tools, while pushing right will reveal your secret stash of illicit ‘imports’ and forgeries, such as the bourgeoisie papers that let you build a residence, and the illegal ‘void powers’ that let you manipulate the terrain around you in magical ways.
  2. To begin exploring the islands you primarily need a pick axe, maybe a shovel, and if you want to chop down some trees a chainsaw too.
  3. If your town has shops you can purchase any of those items in exchange for toil coupons . These are earned for any little thing you do for the good of the town. If your town doesn’t have a union shop then you can pop to another town via the underground rail station near the bus stop.
  4. To convert your ‘toil’ to coupons, visit the ministry of labour whenever you like! It’s the biggish building with a big round orb-looking thing on the front. It will list up everything you have been doing and reward you for it.
  5. If your town looks cool and you think you’ll be staying a while you can use your bourgeoisie papers to build a house (but only if there is a slot available). This will guarantee you are able to come to this town even when it otherwise seems full to other players.
  6. While you’re waiting for the bus to arrive, have a look around for ways to help your town. See any rubbish? Deposit it in the garbage! See gold lying around? Go and put it in the gold residue area! See a matryoshka doll sitting there? Grab it and put it on the resurrection machine which is the building with the big rotating number display showing you the resurrected population count.
  7. When the bus arrives ride it out to one of the islands. If it’s a big island get ready to do some spelunking! Don’t worry about bringing everything you find back to town, let others carry your stuff. So if you find a big gold deposit, just throw the gold somewhere someone can find it. Maybe place a flare if you have one for extra visibility. By doing this you can explore deeper and deeper into the islands where there are strange creatures and treasure to be found as well as mineral deposits such as gold and coal of course.
  8. Once you feel you have explored and discovered enough, take as much as you can carry and put it in the auto load area of the bus stop. When the bus leaves the stuff will load up automatically and then be deposited back in town.
  9. Crafting

    The Tomorrow Children

    Back in town the resource area holds all the communally collected food/fruit, wood, gold, coal, and crystal. This can be used to construct new things for the town to increase its usefulness and standing. Go to the crafting desk and scroll through the list of things that can be built. Remember to check the number that have already been made – you don’t want to overbuild as there is a ‘mandate limit for your town. The number next to the little weight icon on the crafting screen is how much mandate that particular building uses up.

    Mandates and monuments

    If you push L3 when standing around the name of the town its mandate limit will be displayed along with the current numbers of each resource. If everyone works together to achieve group goals the town is awarded monuments, which increase the size of the town and boost the mandate limit.

    For example, one of these monuments is awarded for the number of people who visit your town, so try and make a pretty town and then tweet screenshots to get people to drop by!

    A shared society

    Remember your comrades, they are all around you in ephemeral form and if you blow your whistle with L1 you can see where they are. Remember to greet them cheerfully by using R1 to perform gestures as this also awards you points!

    A harmonious society is a productive one and well mannered proletariat are held in high esteem.

    The Izverg

    The Tomorrow Children

    While you have been doing the above you may have noticed giant marauding creatures out in the void. Some may have even attacked your town! Help out your comrades by warning them when you see an Izverg heading your way. You can do this by ringing a bell if the town has one. If it doesn’t then build one! You can also use the whistle to quickly get attention. Climb up somewhere high for the best effect.

    Your town probably has turrets, but if it doesn’t you can build them or tesla towers at the crafting bench. You can also buy weapons at the military supplies shop such as a missile launcher.

    The bigger Izverg are very tough and will require everyone’s cooperation to take down. The smaller Izverg such as the spiders are easy enough to kill by yourself though.

    New update!

    We are also releasing an update that will enable the ‘free invite’ feature. You still have to earn some coupons in the game, but you’ll have the option to go to the shop and buy a code to give to your friends. This will go live on September 16th.

    There are also a number of other changes to reduce griefing considerably so hopefully a few of those people will end up in the gulag and contemplate their actions. :)

    There are many more layers to explore in this new world but the above should give you a helping hand for your first half hour!

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