How to organise your games and apps with PS4 folders

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How to organise your games and apps with PS4 folders

Personalise your PS4 home screen with new ways to store all your favourite games and apps

It’s one of the most requested features since the launch of PlayStation 4 – and now with the latest system software update 4.0, you can sort all of your most-used games and apps into folders that are easily accessible from the PS4 home screen.

Here’s a run-down of how to create folders, manage their content and personalise your PS4 experience:

Creating a folder

How to organise your games and apps with PS4 folders

To create your first folder, choose a game or an app that you’ll want to add to it and press the Options button on your controller, and select “Add to folder”.

By default, it’ll simply be named “Folder” – but of course you can be as creative as you like. You could name them by genre, developer, type of app you’re going to add, or create a folder of your most played games.

Adding content to your folders

How to organise your games and apps with PS4 folders

Once your folder is named, you see a “Content” field. Choose the “Select” button and you’ll see a list of all your installed games and apps; put a tick against whatever you want to add and hit “Confirm”.

To add content to an already existing folder, choose a game either from your home screen or from your Library, press the Options button, choose “Add to folder” and select one of your existing folders from the list.

You can add up to 1000 games and apps to each folder – so even with a 1TB PS4 and a serious gaming habit, you’ll have to go a long way to fill them up!

Creating a folder from your Library

How to organise your games and apps with PS4 folders

At the far right of your home screen, you’ll find the Library icon. To create a new folder here, navigate down to the Folders tab, and go to “Create New”. As before, you’ll then be able to name your folder and add games and apps to it.

Deleting a folder

To delete a folder from either your home screen or Library, simply navigate to it and select either “Delete folder only” or “Delete folder and content”. Be sure to choose the right option, as you don’t want to accidentally remove any games you’ve installed.

Navigating your Library

How to organise your games and apps with PS4 folders

When viewing your PS4 Library, there are a couple of new options:

The “All” tab will display every game and app that’s currently installed on your PS4 system – both digital downloads and games installed from a disc. Ready to play, or arrange into a folder.

“Folders” shows each folder that you’ve created and filled with content, all in one place. They’ll also appear on your home screen as you access them.

The “Purchased” tab shows everything you’ve bought and downloaded from PlayStation Store – both currently installed games, and things you might have deleted and can re-install whenever you like.

To search for content within your Library, you’ll find a magnifying glass symbol at the top of the page. You can also sort your content by using the drop-down menu at the top right of the page – alphabetically, or by most recently used game, or install date.

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  • It seems a bit strange to have “All” as just the stuff that is on your HDD. Wouldn’t “Installed” have been better and “All” used instead of “Purchased”?

    • I think “All” is everything which is either installed or was once installed on your system. “Purchased” is everything you have purchased. There is a subtle difference if you add stuff to your account, but don’t install it (eg. like I have done with some F2P games).

      As the installed stuff is at the top in “All”, I don’t really see a problem in using it the way you want to use it either.

    • I just realize, I have those things on top because of how I order my library. But it can be done at least.

  • That folder main icon is so ugly it hurts, how about take off the stupid mini folder icon that’s taken the forth slot of the preview in the main folder on the dashboard and let 3 game icons be shown there? We don’t need an icon folder to know that that is actually a folder *sigh*

    Also, transparency is your friend, don’t be afraid to use it, it should be available as that dark blur background of te folder showing in the dashboard hurts my eyes and the OS itself, it’s horrendous.

    • WOW. Just when I thought gamers couldn’t get any snottier

    • I’m all for criticism but that’s a bit far.
      I don’t know what you mean by the background, but I’m loving the new themes and the way the folders are implemented is awesome. I’ve been waiting years for an update like this. But the folder icon? Does anyone really care?

    • Now now everyone, VitalogyPJ is probably just a little upset over the dashboard hurting his delicate eyes.

      It’s definitely a Kleenex moment.

    • I totally agree about the folder thing, it looks ugly, bad design. I am also not a fan of not being able to organize/hide the Tv & Video section apps i dont use. Other than that the new quick menu is sick i really like that.

  • Needs arrengement options as well. I’ll make a folder for Spotify and Share factory and all that mess, but I’ll probably get to spend a half hour inserting games to get that freshly created folder to move all the way to the back… -_- Very annoying and I don’t even keep too many games installed, can only imagine how horrible this must get if you do..

    • Shove it.

    • What does it really matter? Youre really going to insert and open all your games just to get the folder in the rear? Jesus dude smoke a joint

    • It’s not a big thing obviously but I prefer looking at an actual game cover over some ugly app like Share factory or a folder. I only got a few games installed so if I don’t do it this way it’s pretty much there all year. Why are you guys acting like some arrangement options wouldn’t do nicely? What does anything really matter?

  • Goodbye forever, The Playroom and other undeletable crap! :)

  • seems like there’s no way to auto sort the folders, I have 120 games that it just put in a random order so it’s hard to find stuff

    • You can organise the folders and arrange which order the contents go in. The first 3 will pose as the main icon on the menu.

    • I have been searching for this as well. I don’t want to complain about this feature as I was waiting for this for a long time and it is much better than it was, but I want to be able to auto-sort my folders on last played.

      I don’t understand why that feature isn’t in there. I know there is a possibility to manually sort it (which is fine, I think it is a good idea to give that option as well), but I don’t want to deal with this and rather would have it auto-sort (the same options you get in the library).

      Hopefully this will be added at a later date.

  • The mind boggles that this was not standard functionality day 1. Truly shocking!

    • Why? It’s not needed and ps4 has had he best UI since xbox 360…. get a life

    • Why? Because folders are standard in any basic operating system.
      I’m glad it’s here, but it took far too long, just as it did on Vita. I’m really particular with organisation, and waiting years *twice* for something like folders was ridiculous. I’m guessing when the PS5 comes out, it’ll be another three year wait?

    • How is something that makes the PS4 better not needed? The UI was good to begin with yes, so all it needs are smaller improvements like folders being added.

  • Yep really happy with these new folder features and the rest of the system improvements. Already sorted my folders out this morning, it was easy. Much better than the PS3’s take on it too. Even lets me assign a game to the folder before the game’s finished downloading. It’s all nice and tidy.

  • What on earth possessed you guys to change the What’s New section!? It looks horrific now.

    Who wants to have to scroll endlessly?

  • In the next update can we choose how the folders appear on the main screen. Not in library as that has options. But I don’t want my folders to be last used. I want them alphabetical. On the home screen. Thanks I know you guys listen so I’ll be expecting this small change soon. When I say soon I mean PS5

    • No no no, you have it all wrong. PS5 won’t have folders for the first few years, until they’re eventually added in an update with the title “you asked, we listened!”.

  • Preferred the old black notifications to the new white ones, looked much better.

    • Just saw and totally agree. White ones are way too noticeable.

    • Definitely agree. I much prefer the black notifications. Please give us an option to choose white or black, Sony. There are a lot of us who love the look of the notifications we’ve been using the last 3 years and don’t want it changed.

    • While I don’t mind the colour, the black notifications were WAY more readable on my TV than the new white ones.

  • That’s kinda nice and my games are now sorted by type, and the few physical games I have (warning: here be disc-swaps) are in their own folder.

    But I still can’t group together the few media apps I use on a near-daily basis, and have to still leave them mixed alongside apps that aren’t even installed and, quite frankly, i’m not likely to use any time soon?

    Hell, even the games I play rarely are now better organised than the apps I use daily.

  • Totally ruined the user profiles too. Instead of seeing the overview you now see their games by default?!…
    So much for easily and quickly seeing where people are from before joining them in the Division… /facepalm
    More slowdown when visiting profiles too.
    So with this and the white notifications this update pretty much ruins as much as it fixes…
    One step forward, two steps back.

  • Can you please change the notifications back to how they were before; they were perfect. The new white ones are awful. Thank you.

  • Any plans to return ability to see purchased and/or installed add-ons without entering PS store?
    And some games now even don’t have “store” (“related” in previous FW) tab despite the fact, that they have available add-ons.

    • I had the same bitter taste when i wanted to check the overview/related panel of a random game.. And was just pressing the down arrow for nothing. Only Start.
      Would definitely want the same UI element back.

      White notifications are game-breaking for me.. It gets you out of the gameplay.
      Older ones were far too good!

      As someone above said, and i qoute: “one step forward, two steps back”

  • You can put games into folders but why not media apps? If I want to use YouTube I have to scroll down three sets of icons for services I haven’t downloaded and I am never going to use. I want YouTube to appear as an icon on the top of the screen the same as any of my other games!

    • word, that was my biggest gripe too

    • This is the only thing I want. I have to scroll past the download YouTube app just to get to the YouTube app i have already installed. It is beyond annoying that in 2016 i can’t put the apps i use the most first.

  • Thank you PlayStation for that increased stability ;)

    I have by the way noticed one minor issue. No need to hurry it isn’t urgent. I can’t change my nickname on the service. no hurry, take your time

    • The explanation I have heard before seems to be that it will be almost impossible to pull this off because of how their database is set up. I suspect the username is their key for one of the tables (instead of using an ID), so if they change a username, everything will be screwed.

      It is a pain to change this in small databases, I can not imagine what it will be in a database with this many users (which is without a doubt very complicated). They will probably will need to disable PSN for at least few days to get it done.

      If they could copy the database, make the changes and put everything back, it would be doable, but because the data on the service is always changing, this is not an option. I don’t see how you can make these changes on a live system.

      I don’t understand why you would ever design it like this as a professional company, but that’s another matter.

      Hopefully they can get it fixed in the future, but they more or less said it was going to be impossible.

      (that said, I don’t really care for this feature, but I know a lot of people are asking for it).

    • MrMette: It does not have to be so difficult. I was dealing with such requests on small systems (you had stable DB field that you used as a key. And then for some reason you needed to make it editable – like emploee number. And then sudenly HR comes to you they need a way to modify these)
      What you are proposing is adding new ID collumn and setting it as a primary key. And then letting people to modify the original collumn with name. That is diffults and tricky.
      But there is kind of simple way that you will just add new additional collumn into the users table with “Display-Name” and keep the old one as a key. And then just modify the few functions that shows the user name to point to new collumn. This is something that can be easily done on running system. And there is low risk of big bugs (if you forget one function to keep pointing to the old collumn, the system does not crash. Just shows the old original name. It will affect only minority of the players and can be fixed as non urgent issue)

    • @Agarwel
      I am not really an expert in databases (I can work with them), so I take your word for it. Your idea seems to fix the problem (although I can imagine they will have to adapt a lot of scripts).

      That said, it should be feasible for them to implement this way of working (if they want to do it like this).

  • This is a nice update, I like it.

  • Well. nice addition. But being able to manually sort he order of folders and content would be nice. It is hard to organize something, when it is constantly changing order (imagine icons on your desktop reorganize all the time)
    Also TV/Video fodler should give us more options. But I guess it is not possible because someone payd Sony extra money to be always visible and to be always above Youtube.

  • The white notifications are great when I play Unfinished Swan! ;)

  • All very good but why is it still not possible to delete/hide demos, betas, games I will never play again or download again from my library ????.
    Please add this feature in future updates.

  • How do you do this? I’ve never been able to. Please explain the procedure. Cheers

  • You can delete them but they still appear in your Library…that is what PompeyMac wants to do, delete them from the library.

    As yet I can’t see how you do that.

    • yeah exactly homerjnick. I want to delete them from my Library but you cant do it!
      Just want to tidy it up like you can do on the Xbox One.
      Hope they make it possible in the future. Seems nuts that they put them in the Library in the first place.

  • Maybe I’ve missed something obvious but is there a way to create folders within the library section, the ‘purchased’ section particularly?

    If not then it would be nice to expand the folders to include this. For example, I have a lot of PS+ games that are uninstalled. It would be handy if I could make separate folders for games that I have played/finished and games that I still haven’t tried yet. It would also be nice to have my own library folders for games I actually paid for as well but don’t have installed at the moment.

    Essentially, have folders be applicable to uninstalled stuff within the library for quicker browsing.

  • You can only put installed games in folders

  • Sorry if this has been asked, but are we able to move the folders on the home screen left and right?

  • Thanks for a slick update.

  • Two complaints about the folders:

    1. You can’t put purchased but uninstalled games in their own folder, this is a must. I shouldn’t have to sift through hundreds of demos, betas and crappy PS Plus games to find a game I want to re-install to play again. I would like to be able to make a folder of purchased full price games and another of smaller PSN games so I know exactly where to go to find what I’m looking for. This was and is the main problem with the library, finding installed content was easy.

    2. Demos and betas still can’t be hidden or deleted, basically this is a solution to the above problem, it’s not as good as just making folders for the stuff you want from the purchased folder as above but it would be better than nothing. People have been going on about this problem for years and still after an update to the library it still hasn’t been fixed.

    Also the main UI is still terrible, the XMB was far better than the cluttered mess that is the PS4 UI, this seriously needs an overhaul of some sort.

  • Can you please add the ability to add cover art to the folder I create. Also give us the ability to change colors to the folders and hide the game thumbnails.

  • Why can’t I organize the TV and Video apps I have installed. I have to scroll past the download now version of the app just to get to the same app i have already installed on my PS4. You even tease the idea of organizing it in a folder by showing the tv and video apps, but when you try and add it to the folder you can’t select any of them. Only games can be added to a folder. this is so [DELETED] stupid.

  • Ngl, I just wanna be able to move my stuff around how I want it. Let me change the order of my games on the home screen. So what if I want the disc thing to be the first thing and not the ps store? And why can’t I add Hulu or HBO Max to my home screen? Kinda rude, just sayin. And a place to share community custom themes, so I can get a decent theme going on, or simply give the option to change the constant home screen music to something from the hdd or a usb, like mp3s, right? And to just set an image as the background?

  • I would like to have it organize videos on the media player app to be like that of a pc file explorer.

  • Why cant I add Crunchyroll, Wakanim, Netflix, Disney+ etc. basically all of my streaming apps, to a freaking folder, or just the home screen.. And then why can’t remove something like your stupid normal apps ex ps5 remote play (I don’t have a ps5,so why is it there), share factory, The Playroom and your stupid browser too, all of your “factory” apps from my home screen.

    – Yeah yeah yeah,I know I can put them in a folder, but why can’t I Remove them from my home screen, please do something, even though you probably don’t care anymore, since the ps5 is out..

  • Add a feature to organize your add-ons please

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