PS4 System Software update 4.00 out tomorrow

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PS4 System Software update 4.00 out tomorrow

Full details on all the features in the latest PS4 update

PlayStation 4’s next major system software update, version 4.00 (codenamed Shingen), will be available tomorrow. This update brings a refreshed system UI, Folders, a new Quick Menu and Share Menu, Library improvements, and much more…

Refreshed UI

Throughout the update, the overall look and feel of PS4’s main user interface has been improved. We’ve added new system backgrounds, updated system icons and revised pop up notifications and drop down menus to make these clearer. All of these features come together to offer a more refined and accessible experience.



Quick Menu

The Quick Menu has been redesigned to now cover only a portion of the screen which means you never have to leave your game – and you can customize it to access your most used features.

We’ve added a range of shortcuts to the most commonly used settings, allowing you to do things like invite friends to a party, or check out which of your friends are currently online and see what games they’re playing – all without leaving your current play session. One new addition to the Quick Menu that wasn’t featured in the beta program is an enhanced Music section to allow you to discover, play, and control Spotify or the USB Music Player without needing to open the Spotify app so you’ll now be able to play, pause, skip, shuffle, repeat and save songs whilst still in the game.

We’ve made the Quick Menu smarter, so that it offers you options most relevant to what you’re currently doing. If you’re broadcasting your game online, for example, it’ll automatically place the options you’re most likely to need – adjusting audio levels or checking comments – on the Quick Menu for you. It’ll adjust the options accordingly in other scenarios too, such as regular gameplay or when using Share Play.


Folders and Library

You can now easily keep tabs on your ever-expanding games and apps collection with custom folders. These can be added to both the main home-screen and your library and will store as many games and apps as you wish. You’re free to edit, sort or remove them at any time.

  • To create a folder from your home screen hit ‘Options’ on a selected game or app and select “Add to new folder”. You can then name your folders whatever you like and fill them up with games and apps from your home screen or Library, and go back in at a later date to rename the folder and add more content to it.


  • To create a folder from your Library, navigate to the Folders icon and choose “Create New”. As above, you can rename the folder, then choose “Select” to add any games and apps to it.

It’s now easier to find the content you want in your Library with the new Search function via text input. You can also sort content by purchase date or install status, while the ‘All’ tab will show you the content you have currently installed. The ‘Purchased Content’ tab will show you all your downloaded and deleted content, including betas and demos.



What’s New

What’s New has been redesigned and now includes more information about what your friends have been doing on PS4. The left column includes the new Activity Feed, which has larger images and easily accessible options to like, comment or reshare. The right column includes sections for Now Playing, Trending, Players You May Know and Who to Follow. It’s now easier to interact, like and comment.



Content Info Screen

We’ve given a similar redesign to the Content Info Screen, which you can access by pressing down on a game tile while on the home screen. You’ll be able to easily select from a variety of options to view a game’s Overview, Trending media, Friends and Communities, Activities and related PlayStation Store content.



Yours and your friends’ profiles have been revised and updated to provide more relevant information and comparisons about the games you’ve been playing, the trophies you’ve earned and the communities you’re active in. You can also personalize your profile with a cover image.



You can now find and interact even more like-minded players in Communities as each community size limit has been increased to 100,000 and you now have the ability to reply to Community wall comments. You can also share your best screenshots directly to a Community wall via the Share menu.

Data Transfer to new PS4

In order to make it easier to get all of your data from one PS4 to another, especially useful if you’ve upgraded your system to PS4 Pro, we’ve added the ability to transfer data over a wired LAN connection. You can transfer games, user info, and saved data. Of course, you can re-download content and transfer saves through the cloud, but the LAN transfer should be much faster and easier.

High Dynamic Range

We’re really excited that 4.00 will allow all PS4 consoles, including the new slimmer PS4 and PlayStation®4 Pro to support High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging technology. HDR enables the reproduction of brightness and darkness while realizing a much wider range of colours. Users who own an HDR-compatible TV will be able to enjoy supported games and other entertainment content with visuals that are more realistic, strikingly vivid and truer to the way the human eye sees the real world.

Two step verification

While not technically part of the 4.00 update, it’s worth noting that Two-step verification has recently been added to give and extra layer of security to your PlayStation Network account when you sign in. You can find out more about this feature and activate it on your account here:

That’s not all…

These are the main features of the 4.00 update, but we’ve made several other tweaks and improvements that you’ll notice. Sharing videos to Twitter gives you up to 140 seconds of playback time. In the PlayStation Plus hub, there’s now a percentage meter to show how much online storage you’ve used. We’ve enhanced the messaging app so you can communicate with PSN friends in new ways, and you can now check your trophies and compare your collection whilst offline. In addition, we’ve also updated the Rare trophy icon so you can show off your achievements more clearly. It all adds up to lots more ways to stay connected to your friends and your gaming worlds.

That’s all for now – we hope you enjoy the new features!

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  • I’ve already had the pleasure of using the PS4 Data Transfer feature to upgrade my current HDD to 2TB.

    Copied from main to bf’s PS4, installed the HDD and the OS, then copied it back. Worked like a charm.

    • Hi, do you mind me asking what model of 2TB HDD you upgraded to and where you got it from? Thanks.

    • What are the steps ?


      Technically, the transfer is to copy your data to a new system if you’re upgrading, but I took advantage of this.

      I had my PS4 and my boyfriend’s which he never used so the HDD was practically empty.

      You attach the two together via an Ethernet/LAN cable, access the feature in the menus. You can choose what to copy over by catagory.

      Users data
      Game data/updates
      Capture data
      Save data
      Theme data

      It will not delete from your current HDD nor the one you’re copying to.

      I connected the systems, initiated it. I copied my current data over to the other PS4, I then removed my current HDD, installed the new 2TB one and installed the OS via USB with update data from the official website.

      I then initiated the transfer again, but from the other PS4, copying all that data back over to the new HDD, users, games, saves and captures intact.

    • You could’ve just used the backup feature and then restored it on the new drive.

    • @Clucknuggets

      Back Up & Restore only allows you to back up to a USB, and I don’t have a 450GB USB.

    • that the same hard drive i purchased and its still working fine. had mine for nearly 2 years and i just transferred my save data on to a USB stick

    • I managed to upgrade my ps4 from 500gb to 1tb and everything went smoothly but a few themes I had on the old HDD never moved over. I’m not sure how to move them over and any help would be very much appreciated :)

    • Hi,

      I want to do the same thing and copying the data would be way more effective than redownload everything (esp. patches). You had to use your login on the other PS4 as well, I assume, not the login of your boyfriend, right?

    • I’m so scarred that I lose the Konami “PT Demo” as I don’t think it can be downloaded from the PSN server anymore. Hopefully we can use this network cable transfer process to preserve that demo, if upgrading to the PRO or transferring to a Slim.

  • “…Two-step verification has recently been added to give and extra layer of security…..”.

    And? Triggered….. I know it’s nitpicking, but come on.

  • As a part of a beta testing community of update 4.0 I’ve enjoyed new features and this update. Nice to see that now we can have a better control over Spotify while in games, but not adding a Message tab into Quick Menu is so sad, but overall very good update after all.

  • Has multiplayer been removed?

  • That sounds great and all, but when will the PS4 be able to run PS1 Classics? You know, the thing both the PS3 and Vita could do from Day 1.

  • Just out of curiosity, is the PS3 ever getting any more updates?

    Seems a shame to leave it on 4.80 and not finish at 5.00 at least :)

    • PS3 is no longer the focus. It’s already had a decade of support, well over its intended lifetime.

    • Probably only piece of news that PS3 owners could wait for is announcement of no longer support of PS3 hardware, but if that console will do somehow get an update, it will only fix the security and stability issues.

    • What more can they add? It’s scientifically impossible to make the PS3 software anymore stable than it already is.

    • I doubt there’ll be any major update to the PS3 beyond stability patches and compatibility patches for any games that come to the PS3 from now until its EOL.

      Personally though I’d love to see an update to make the Download list usable on the PS3. I own over 400 items on the PS Store that are in my download list so the option to sort the list either alphabetically or by newest release, most recent purchase, etc would be quite welcome. Or you know PS3, PS Vita, PS2 Classics, etc would also be good.

    • I agree. If they do push it to 5.00, I would like them to add support for 2TB hard drives. I tried to upgrade my 1TB to 2TB and was told that the PS3 does not support it. I was absolutely gutted about it, but at least it meant that I could upgrade my PS4 from 500GB to 2TB as an alternative.

  • sony should get mods for fallout 4 and skyrim working on ps4

    • actually they are working, and it isnt sony holding them back. its the community and the way they handled the mods with uploading, they are being cautious until Bethseda change the way they are uploaded. so really its Bethsedas fault for not having a secure uploading procedure, and the players uploading copyrighted items and things that could have viruses.

  • But are the notifications black?

  • I’ve been in the beta and i love how all the new UI looks and finally using folders is great.

    But i still want a”hours played” statistic for each game, every platform had it except PS, i think it’s time for it to come.

    • same that would be good, just steam does it. i played hours in destiny and nothing shows up besides the destiny tracker, but that is to hard to add every day up seperate.

    • Folders is great indeed! Such a shame the selected game takes up so much of the screen, so the rest of the games fade away into the background…

  • I do hope that the 60 Minutes recording time and 60FPS 720P Streaming with the share function will still be a thing in the actual update. Cause I would really like that personally.

  • Seriously sony? There’s hundreds of feedback posts in the beta forums with surely over 95% people bashing the new “what’s new” yet you’ll launch it exactly like that, dysfunctional and ugly *sigh* same thing goes for the horrible folders and the stupid icon in it -.-‘

    You clearly showed you don’y give a F for the testers/consumers/gamers you simply do what you want and that’s it. I don’t even know what the heck you launch a beta for that matter.

    I really do hope the white notifications are gone for good and you went back with the previous colors otherwise I’ll have to keep ’em disabled because it’s unbearable.

    • Someone didn’t read what their purpose as a beta participant was. To identify abd bugs so Sony could fix it abd test the stability of the update. Not to give feedback ib if they looked the design. It can always be changed in the future ofc….

    • overreacting a bit?

  • But is there FLAC support for the media player?

  • I really wish I can still play the game or whatever while transferring the data from PS4 to USB.

  • As a beta tester i think it pretty good i didnt like the clusterful of what’s new now it neat and tidy in a line going down.

    The old one was lots of boxes all over the screen also the new what’s new it quite big in fact it’s overwhelming at first but i got use to it.

    didnt expect the HDR part as that wasn’t in the beta. sony keep that quiet lol.

    My XMB looks good in red. :)

  • Does anyone know what time we can start to update to 4.0 tomorrow?

  • In the next update can you please introduce a trophy progress tracker like the Xbox has with there achievements?

  • Requests: Overhaul the download list in our accounts. Its insane trying to find an older game to download without using a web browser on a PC which is only slightly better. Add a favorite option on consoles for the store not just the web site.

    • Read the article.

      ‘It’s now easier to find the content you want in your Library with the new Search function via text input. You can also sort content by purchase date or install status, while the ‘All’ tab will show you the content you have currently installed. The ‘Purchased Content’ tab will show you all your downloaded and deleted content, including betas and demos.’

  • I like the update, but why you cant add PSN ID change?? I would even pay to do that!

  • YES YES YES my ps4 with that update become SEMI-PRO YES YES YES I have a PS4 SP is not amateur any more

  • Next update external hard drive support plz. i understand the reasoning but 500gb is simply not enough and external hard drives are easier to install than new internal hard drives or internal ssds.

    • It’s really not that hard to install and you can get more storage for the same price using an internal hard drive.

    • External drives pose a security risk.

    • It hasn’t to my Xbox One. It’s all down to the software and security features installed on the console, not the fact there’s a drive attached.

    • I’m sorry, I missed the part where Xbox was interesting.

    • He’s right. An external drive would be a lifesaver. I have a 2tb drive and it’s full. It would be a great idea if Sony supported the use of external drives. I use one for the Xbox One and it makes it much easier than redownloading or deleting data if you buy a new game!

      C’mon Sony! Just do it!

  • Is there going to be a chang in time with recording videos for youtube

  • So basically no different to the beta?! All the issues and stuff we told you about you acknowledged and changed absolutely NOTHING! This is just proof that sony really don’t care and are extremely lazy…. The new What’s New is terrible and doesn’t even work for lots of people…. Sony ignoring it. Can’t download anything while playing a game or spotify because as soon as you do the download goes from 100mb to 400kb and 3.50 was when the issue started… Sony ignoring it. Lots of people asked for simple changes in the beta like a clock in the quick menu, been able to add more things because you can add hardly anything useful to it but as usual Sony ignoring us…. The 4.00 is a hell of a lot slower everything has an annoying please wait screen, you can no longer easily pause and resume a download to try get the speed going again, you can no longer quickly log out, turn the system off, switch user or contol spotify like before….. Great work sony. The PS4 gets worse with every update. What’s funny is the PS3 has had all the main features in these updates for years… Features the PS4 should of had day 1… PS4 has felt like a 3 year beta for the Pro.

    • Now I didn’t follow the beta, but my understanding is that the testing is to find and fix bugs, not to get features changed. Also, this is 4.00, emphasis on .00. All comments on functionality may very well be noted, and then handled for 4.01 and later. You can’t do all that for 4.00 without releasing already, because there will always be something, and then you can’t release at all.

  • When is the firmware update be available so that I could leave my PS4 in rest mode or on something like that?

  • You should have added in so we can play with mods!

  • By “new backgrounds” I’m assuming you don’t mean the extremely simple ability to set our own background images. We all love spending $2-5 dollars on “themes” of glowing mushrooms and bikini ladies ripped from old MySpace accounts, sold on PSN by who the hell knows. Way better than just being able to upload an image.. $$$$$$

    • I don’t get why you had both the options on the PS3 (buy themes and add themes yourself) but they wrecked this feature on the PS4…

  • Loved the Beta. Glad everyone else now gets to experience this new update

  • Looks well good :P Nice 1 SONY ;)

  • is communities coming to the playstation app yet?

  • The update is in fact, terrific.

  • 4.0 is nice. But it’s a shame you’ve seemingly ignored feedback during the beta. There are plenty of people asking for the time to be shown on the quick menu. Isn’t reflected in the latest screens and I doubt it’ll be in the update tomorrow which is a shame.

    • The point of a beta is to make sure the new functionalities work, not requests for new features.

    • @MaxDiehard

      Sony asked for “feedback” in during the beta. The feedback was that people loved the new menu but would would prefer it to also show the time. This is feedback of a new feature.

      Sony had a completely separate system for bug reporting.

  • I’m one of few who had the pleasure to try out the Beta 4.0. I’m still impressed how stable it runs, had never a single freeze or black-screen. All these improvements and new features are a nice addition and there are more than list above us tells us.

    My further wishes for the future are:

    Capture gallery:
    – Zoom-in/zoom-out with right Analog Stick in screenshots/pictures

    – Copy multiple links and quotes from websites and messages like we know it from PS3
    – Support for Sony Bluetooth Headsets from PS3 (those with only a microphone)
    – Video chat on PS4

    Functions (Multimedia):
    – Copy music (MP3, AAC, ATRAC etc.) on PS4’s hard drive
    – Copy photos from USB flash drive on PS4
    – Playback for Audio-CD

    – Increase time of voice-mails (30 seconds)
    – Send several pictures simultaneously

    – Notification when a friend goes offline (with an option to select friends)
    – Notification when a friend starts broadcasting gameplay via Twitch/YouTube etc.

    PlayStation Store:
    – Add a wish list.

    – Capture videos in 1080p and 60 frames per second (1080p has priority)
    – Screenshot Upload to Flickr
    – Twitter: Upload 4 pictures simultaneously

    System Storage Management:
    – Applications: Option to delete only game’s install file, so you can keep update file (would save many time if you want to play a game months later).

    – Auto-sync of trophies in background
    – Sort Trophies by name

    User Interface:
    – Background wallpaper for PS4 Menu (downloadable + from USB-device)

    Various things:
    – Different jingle when someone joins a party (there was actually a different one before Firmware 2.0)

    Wish and improvement list for the Media Player app

    – Add a volume option in videos to increase/decrease volume
    – Screenshots and photos not only sorted as a list where you have to scroll up and down but multiple screenshots displayed side by side (e.g. 5), so it’s easier to navigate and you see a little photo of them.
    – There is no playback of music data with ATRAC. Why? This is a Sony audio format. Please fix!
    – Videos with higher IQ and framerate (60 fps) often got issues in playback (stuttering, slowdowns) e.g. some high quality videos from

  • NICE! But as usual i’ll wait a while before downloading anything!!

  • What are the measurements for cover photo?

  • It is nice to add the feature of LAN transfer of games between PS4 and PS4 pro. It helps customers moving more easily to the new platform. Put their hand in the pocket more easily and buy the system – if you know what i mean. It helps sales. But what about making life easier for your existing customers? :
    What about adding the capability of storing e.g. a 50GB game, which we do not plan to replay soon, to the external HDD we already have? So to avoid waiting to re-download all the data again. Moving old games to external storage would save considerable space in our system for new games, which helps avoid buying a bigger HDD. Just saying.
    PS: The feature of adding folders in our libraries was a nice addition.

    • Having game data accessible on an external drive opens them up to piracy.

    • Encoding properly the hardware id of the console along with the owner details into the image file would secure enough the image so that it would fail to be restored in a system that the owner has no rights to access the particular game. We have to do with a big company here, this task to do is trivial for them. They have security experts and know their job.
      Also when i said that the game should be able to be moved to the external drive, i meant in no way to be in playable state from the external drive. I meant that the external drive would play the role of just a storage option to relieve considerable space from the internal HDD of the PS4. When the player would like to revisit the old game that had been stored in the image, he would plug it in the PS4, perform a restore of the particular game, and enjoy the game after some minutes, utilizing USB 3.0 transfer speeds; much better than having to redownload the game, and wait for hours, and also consume bandwidth , a good that is valuable for all SONY customers.

    • So what the Wii U does? My understanding is that it formats an external HDD to be usable only to that specific console.

    • Hi-Q47-NL: i am not aware of the Wii capabilities, but as you describe it it, this would be a most acceptable solution. I can not see why Nintendo has implemented this, why xbox goes even further by letting you even play games from the external hdd, and SONY is left behind by not providing none of the two options that others offer.

  • Customisable Quick menu is the only thing of value for me here. My quick menu will finally be limited to only the ‘Power’ section for quick shutdown :p The other stuff in there is completely useless for me so I’m glad I won’t have to browse through that anymore. Folders I don’t need in general, although it will be nice to finally ‘hide’ those non-gaming apps that are just there for no reason if you never use them. Might mess around with the Profile picture thing from time to time as well, although I stopped taking pictures in general after Destiny.

    I know this probably doesn’t get asked for a lot and doubt if anyone from Sony is reading this, but PLEASE consider an option to get rid of games in the trophy list permanently (not just 0%) in a future update, or at the very least a way to hide them from the actual user as well. I want my trophy list to be ‘my own’ again, I get really OCB over such things and it gnaws at me -_-

    • Also consider bringing customisation to the What’s New section. I don’t like it at all and from what I read it’s gotten even worse. I don’t need an update on every trophy my brother unlocks, even if he decides to share that with his friends… Give us some control over what we see popping up in there ;)
      Same goes for the ‘Overview’ of games, while I’ve loved the idea of having installed and available DLC showing up in there from the start, I hate the Live streams, community and recent activities sections being in there. It even seems to slow down the interface frequently as it seems much smoother on those rare occasions I’m offline and all that clutter isn’t there. More customisation is always very welcome.
      Thanks in advance.

  • So quick question. Dont think my tv has any “HDR Compatible” feature. Am i still able to use the HDR feature?

  • As PS4 Update 4.00 Beta Tester, I believe everyone will like what they see and enjoy the new UI layout and Quick Menu layout and being able to put a cover photo on your profile is pretty Unique (:

  • Wow I didn’t know HDR will be in 4.00. Was it in the Beta? When the update is up can we enjoy HDR on PS4 on previously released games like Uncharted 4 or do we have to wait for the devs to update their titles?

  • at what time will it releasse

  • The redesigned What’s New section has been one of the most criticized points of the beta program.

    Again Sony ignores its customers input.

    • Completely redoing that would not fit in the release timeframe. If it’s not in fact broken or buggy it won’t stop the release. Comments on it can be taken into account for future updates.

  • I really hate the new white notification label. Please bring an option to choose the black one again. This white box looks too ugly on a platinum trophy screenshot.

  • Looks good, a lot of improvments. :)
    A nice swan song for my commitment to Sonys consoles, been enjoying the ride all since the release of PS1. But I just can’t support a company that clearly is becoming more and more anti-consumer , greedy and stuck in the past. Just because you’re (at the moment) the biggest boy in the schoolyard dosen’t mean you should become a bully. :/

  • Absolutely stoked to experience videogames in HDR. With both Uncharted 4 and TLOU confirmed to be receiving support it’s going to be a real treat.

    This was a big surprise for me at the PlayStation event and I’m glad to see he UI evolving. Hopefully this is only the beginning.

  • Why is it your library of games is still at the very end of the list

    Why is it so difficult to understand that the list of games should be easily accessible

    How about instead of wasting your time adding cover photos that no one cares about, just because you want to turn into Facebook, you focus on important things

    How about you move the library to the left near the store

    Or how about you replace the store with the library icon, wow what an insane idea

    There’s many things you need to change. This is just one of them. Get a brain playstation. I’m fed up with your rubbish.

  • Crippling bugs and account crashing worked out?

  • They can redefine the UI, put folders etc, ect, ect, but still no backwards compatibility, unlike XBox and WiiU!? Bye bye Playstation, you’re about to lose the share market this X-mas pretty quick

    • please inform yourself why. this has been discussed a million times already…

    • And it will be discussed a trillion times, besides there’s millions of ppl out there who wanted to play the old classic games, (back when it was the good ol’ playstation) the new videogames are all graphics and no context, like no man’s sky for instance. And there’s huge library of classics that in europe we never knew they existed

    • Processor can’t do it, right? Not good enough, it’s a beyond flimsy argument/justification.

      Backwards compatibility isn’t an all or nothing thing. There’s 3 generations of Playstation. The fact if you actually agree it might not be possible to cover 3 doesn’t change the fact 1/2 can still be covered, easily with patchy emulation of individual titles already happening as we speak (and us being charged all over again).

    • Then why the competition consoles are doing backwards? And the funny part is, they are not being charged for it, if they previously owned the game! And who is going to get a new console with 4K capability, when the TV set is 3x more expensive the console itself? All I’m trying to say is that, sadly, Sony forgot who they really used to be, as well as many ppl. If power processor is what you want and faster online playing, as well as showing off your deeds on youtube and facebook; fine be my guest, but don’t start to cry when Sony starts to charge/rip you off, for your ps plus subscriptions more 20$+ 30$+ a year. As for the new update itself, it’s not that impressive, they should have worked more on the wallpapers

    • The Xbox isn’t Backwards compatible either you put your disc in and have to download a version compatible for the one so it’s more you own this game but we’ve ported it to the One for you and since you own it you got it

  • May be off topic, but does anyone know if PS4 Data Transfer tool retains expired/removed content, like P.T.? Or will it initiate a new license check, see it’s there’s no longer an active license in the store DB, and lock access to my content?

    I adore P.T. (seriously one of my favorites) and do not want to risk losing it. This would honestly be a complete deal breaker for me moving to the PS4Pro.

    God I hate digital-only.

  • Apologies for awful typos.

  • All nice so far! On the next update consider the idle status we used to have like ps3 or even a comment section ;)

  • Sony? will you put the mods back in Fallout 4 and Skyrim instead of being instead of stalling the time for nothing

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