An update on The Last Guardian

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An update on The Last Guardian

Fumito Ueda's new adventure will now launch on 7th December 2016

Hello PlayStation community. The Last Guardian development team is fast-approaching major milestones in production and has made the tough decision to delay the release of The Last Guardian by a few weeks. The Last Guardian will launch on 7th December 2016, across Europe and 9th December 2016 across UK & Ireland.

Fumito Ueda, gen DESIGN and JAPAN Studio have a wonderful vision for The Last Guardian’s touching, emotional journey of friendship and trust, and we want to deliver the most polished experience possible for our fans who have supported us for so long.

A delay is a difficult decision, particularly with this game, but we have encountered more bugs than anticipated while in the final stages of development. To ensure that The Last Guardian delivers on the experience that the game’s creators have envisioned, we need to take the extra time to work on those issues.

Our development continues to push itself to the fullest and we look forward to revealing new content towards the launch.

We appreciate your continued support.

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  • Never ending story…

  • I don’t believe you anymore

  • Please don’t say you have removed multiplayer!?

  • Will you please stop using the word ‘Update’ to announce a delay!!

    Just use the headline ‘The Last Guardian delayed’ or ‘Gran Turismo Sport delayed’ or ‘Horizon delayed’.

    Getting beyond a joke now, everytime readers of the Blog see the title ‘An update on…’ their hearts must sink knowing what is coming.

    I was looking forward to playing this, but now it is releasing the same week as South Park (which has only had one release date and so far has stuck to it, take note there Sony ;) ) I know which game will be getting my attention!

  • I’m a great fan but I have to say that this delay in a way its good, there’s a ton of games releasing this month and October, and I cant afford all of them so it’s good to have some time to pick them up.

    • Because you need to buy a game as soon as it comes out.
      This is a stupid reason to be happy about a delay, you can pick up a game whenever you want.

    • @KoopaTim, don’t hate on the guy for trying to find something positive in a negative situation. Delays arefrustrating.. but being a grump about it isn’t going to speed it up…

    • @KoopaTim: right, stop being so grumpy

  • No surprise really. The entire internet called it months ago.

  • This is really weak. I hope that at least TLG will be enhanced for PS4 Pro, other than that, some dissapoiting choices Sony made lately and before (lack of UHD Blu-ray for Pro, optical out for Slim,PS + price increase, prices for digital much higher than on Xbox…) Let´s hope they will wake up before it is too late.

  • Terrible from a marketing perspective. It’s being moved from a window where it was sufficiently different to the shooters and sports mainstream yearly titles into a 8 day period where all of Final Fantasy XV, Gravity Rush 2, South Park and probably Kingdom Hearts 2.8 all release together for the same console.

  • Haha wow. We were only joking on the Gran Turismo Sport “Update” blog post Sony. We didn’t want you to actually fulfill our wish (which again was a joke) of delaying The Last Guardian too.

    Wait maybe this will work. Oh I sure hope Sony don’t add native PS1 support to PS4 of all the PS1 games on the PS Store that play on PS3, PSP and Vita. I wonder will that work?

    Why am I even here, there are hardly any dev or community operator comments on these blog posts anymore.

  • im going to be buying South Park and FFXV. Ive already got them pre-ordered so this will have to wait. Maybe a delay to Jan would have been better than December. FFXV will take alot of time to complete so TLG may be overshadowed.

  • Is there any ps exclusive which is not delayed in the ps4 lifecycle till now ?

  • And UK&I get it 2 days later than the rest of Europe because…?

  • Whenever my train is delayed or I’m going to be late to an appointment I take pointers from this
    Blog. I send texts that begin “An update on my journey” or “An update on teatime” It’s a really good way of coming accross like an idiot. I love it. Thanks Sony blog headline managers. I guess there’s a manager.

  • Sony.. can you listen to us customers.. and bring the mods back to Fallout 4 and Skyrim.. why has you blocked the access for no explanation? what a failure Sony.. so bounce it back and give us something we wanted for PS4 expierience.. and yeah its a game changer so ALLOW THE DAMN MODs back.. and don’t leash me about the damn policy.. that can work for blocking 3rd party but Bethesda is not a 3rd party.. they created the game we all love and like to tinker with it for legal? but why did you block the mods for? what a dumb move.. “end rant”

    • Sony is anti-consumer and as bad as Apple. They’re becoming arrogant and complacent again just like they were after PS2, thinking they’re untouchable. No mods, no EA Access, no cross-platform multiplayer. Scorpio will come along like the 360 did and Sony won’t know what happened… Their arrogance lead to their downfall in other areas too, once the mighty Sony was untouchable and now their irrelevant in consumer electronics. I’ve went from having everything Sony; TV, HiFi, Walkman, DVD player, Sony Ericsson phone, Vaio laptop etc to only my PS4 being Sony in under 10 years.

      I’m close to buying an Xbox One S as it’s slowly becoming ‘4theplayers’. Sony is 4 nobody but Sony. I’m certainly buying Scorpio next year.

    • ^ See ya later, lol.

    • Na, you’ll not. Those of us with the ability to look at things objectively rather that through blind fanboyism will go where we feel caters to our needs more.

  • Just to be clear: I can fully understand a delay, if it improves the game and/or it is not completed. Nobody wants to buy a faulty game.

    BUT for goodness sake, don’t try to understate it by saying “a few weeks”, when it’s more like a month and a half. Be honest about it instead, even though it is not a very positive message.

  • Is get deleay for only 2 months not big deal for the previews it gets negative comments about the controls graphics, so if deleay is for fixes no problem.
    Poor Ueda though, his already tired to working for ever on this game i hope Sony don’t puse them to make it Enhanced edition for ps4 pro
    GT S was obvious it’s get deleay for long time. Kazunori leave in onother world, the wolrd the racing gamers is only the GT A academy players

  • i hope these delays cost you alot of money sony.

  • Same old never ending story.. bla bla.

  • So… Not the same as your Fallout 4 mod “update” then?

  • :)

    game consept realy nice when anounced
    so x times canseld + lots of time later = no intrest = 0%

    bringing out vr + lots of games in okt
    bringing out lots of games nov + ps4 pro ( who under powerd before ith lauching )
    so you punting in dec ( not buying games in dec ( lots devlopers need to understend aug-sept – jan= boaring like hel )
    you have rong filosofie about quiting peopel to pc
    why pc
    1-steam prices+ actions !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you can not compete
    2- some hate grapics – some hate fps on ps4 ( i second groupe ) 60 fps need to be a fact today no exeption !( so i realy hope devlopers geting a stabel framerate 100% ( no hic ups ) + leser time in sp on loading screens ( loading screens = mi nr 1 hate on ps4 )
    if yo do not want peopel to go to pc
    = 1 prices
    =bring out a console whith empty slots to upgrade
    = externe hd
    = free mod suport ( chame you atitude on falout 4 – skyrim mods )
    + hardcore gamers need a real upgrade no half empty promes

  • I see a lot of bitterness in the comments, but people need to put this into perspective. We’ve waited the best part of 8 or 9 years for this game and another few weeks isn’t going to make much difference. Believe me, I really want to play the game. Shadow of the Colossus and Ico are numbers one and two of my favourite games of all time so I’m dying to play The Last Guardian, but if it needs more time so be it. I also had the collectors edition ordered and at £105 it would’ve made money a little tight to buy my PS4 Pro in November, plus Battlefield 1 was dropping around the same time. I’m really looking forward to playing The Last Guardian on my PS4 Pro in December, it’s going to be aces!

  • We understand that devs need more time and that the game will be better for it. Delays happen. We get it. The problem is the last few years it feels like EVERY game suffers a delay. Here’s a list I came up and this is just PS4 games:
    Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End
    Final Fantasy XV
    No Man’s Sky
    The Last Guardian
    The Order: 1886
    Persona 5
    Mighty No9
    Batman: Return to Arkham Collection
    Batman: Arkham Knight
    XCOM 2
    The Division
    Gran Turismo Sport
    Horizon Zero Dawn
    Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
    Ratchet & Clank
    Infamous: Second Son
    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

    That’s some big names in there. And it feels delays became more common since the PS4 launched. Can anyone confirm if that’s true or am I just noticing more delays than I used too?

    • I hear ya. Some of the games listed turned out the delay was worth it though. I don’t think it’s an issue when the delay is validated by the finished product. Ya know? Otherwise it’s just frustrating.

    • Its not even just that. Some games are just taking so long to launch. Horizon Zero Dawn looks amazing but I think its more impressive that Guerilla managed to make the jump to PS4 AND release their newest game only over a year and a half after Killzone 3 at the PS4 console’s launch too.

      At the launch of Horizon ZD next year, it is going to be 3 and a half years since Killzone Shadow Fall came out. You would think the devs would have been better at developing on PS4 by now and we would have got it sooner.

      What are Sucker Punch studios doing at the moment? They managed to get Infamous Second Son out on PS4 less than 3 years after Infamous 2. If they stuck to the same development time (and again, they were use to PS4 hardware now so it would have been even easier now), they would have had a brand new game for us December this year (which is 2 years and 9 months since Second Son just like between Infamous 2 and SS). And I mean released in Dec, not announced and out sometime in the future.

      PS4 is out almost 3 years now and there is still no sign of the new Everybody’s Golf launching. What the hell happened to dev times?

      Almost 3 years on from the release of Beyond there is still no release yet for Detroit Becoming Human.

      It took over 3 years for us to get just a glimpse of what Santa Monica Studios was doing with a new God of War game on the way. What were doing for so long???

      The only developer still making insane turnarounds are Insomniac Games. They released a new Ratchet and Clank the end of 2013, Sunset Overdrive in late 2014, Ratchet and Clank was ready to go last year but was delayed for the release of the movie. So they are working on the Spiderman game a good while already. I expect that to launch next year easily because it is Insomniac making it.

    • @andrewsqual

      Most AAA games take 2 to 4 years to complete development. Conceptualisation of a game can take a few weeks to over a year. Very few high quality (visuals + gameplay + content) games take less than 3 years. The Witcher 3 is a prime example of that, it – like Horizon ZD is a complex game. It is also a shift in game style for the developer – which will have a learning curve for most of the KZ team.

      A developers turnaround for a game can vary massively depending on how the work is split up and how large the teams are. How well a previous title sells will affect the resources available too. There is also how much they can use from a previous game. Assets are very time consuming to produce. Back in the 00’s sequels were pretty much level and story design with much of the same assets being reused and very few game engine changes.

      In general the development time has very little to do with the hardware – which would have been quite familiar to developers given how much closer to typical PC architecture the PS4 is. Games are scrutinised in minute detail these days, and a game with lots of little bugs in very complex systems will quickly overwhelm a development team with limited resources. The final 6 months, when these things come to light it’s almost impossible to compensate by adding more programmers or testers – there simply isn’t enough time for those people to learn how what they are working on works.

      Larger studios like Ubisoft can churn out yearly releases because of their size. They run multiple development teams and the development of the sequel overlaps the development of the next game by 1 to 2 years. Other rapid release titles tend to change very little between games, sports games being the prime example.

      In Japan it’s not uncommon for studios to stop working on their franchise’s and spend a year or two assisting other development teams. Tri-Ace is a good example of this, where they came in to assist Square-Enix’s Final Fantasy team on FF13-2 and a number of other games.

      Sucker Punch were only done with Infamous after finishing Infamous First Light in August of 2014, so it’s only been 2 years. I’m sure they’ll be announcing something at E3 for release next year.

  • I think it´s ok…optimisation for Pro makes sense…

  • The Last Guardian >>> The Last Delay or The Latest Delay.

  • Came for the story. Stayed for the comments. This is turning in to vapourware at this point. I anticipate a PS7 launch title.

  • Should change your slogan from ‘4 The Players’ to ‘4 The Delayers’…

  • So much negative feedback for a delay due to wanting to release a minimally bugged game. Yet the majority of you griping about delays are the same ones who would get your nuts (tits for the ladies ) in a knot if it gets released “broken”. In today’s era of gaming with mind boggling amounts of code and HD graphics, you can’t have it both ways. Either you accept delays for a complete polished product or you cope with broken release and umpteen patches to fix it after the fact.

    Long story short. Calm your nips and wait until it’s release to gripe. If it’s released after delays still broken and buggy as ever, then release the dogs. Otherwise you just sound like spoiled fat children in a candy factory.

    • That’s nothing to do with delays. In fact, I find bugs in games quite funny under certain circumstances. For example, I finally checked out The Witcher 3 this year in June when patch 1.20 was released. I found it quite hilarious that this game is still fairly buggy. My horse’s tail literally disappeared 15 mins into the game and never returned ever again. So I couldn’t use the main mode of transport in this 300 hour game that you are supposed to use to get around because it looked AWFUL to ride around on. It looked like a donkey. There were plenty more problems like that throughout my 100s of hours of gaming.

      I can’t even imagine what this game must have been like at launch EVEN after the 2 major delays the game received with its constant hard crashes to the console/PC OS screen (the loading times, even to the main menu, were horrible enough as it was).
      That thing you mention about people with their nuts in knost, that is exactly how people reacted to me when I explained how funny it was that this game after 13 months was still not aboslutely great. Its like you just aren’t allowed to say anything negative about The Witcher 3.

      Delays for a game can be great but it doesn’t always mean it will be good at launch. I don’t believe for one second, FFXV will be properly optimised for the standard PS4 after its 2 month delay.

  • Sony-to-English translator: “An update on” = “Announcing the delay of”.

    Seriously though, with PSVR out in October, I really don’t mind waiting for this, and December 9th is perfect timing for my three week Christmas holiday. :)

  • When is saw the “an update on..” i knew everything.. with this delay, the hate will flow forth..

  • After all the bad comments you got guys, I’m one of the believers. Take the time you need, and release the game when you think it’s ready, and can amaze us the way it should!
    You still have my full support. I want to believe this game will be marvelous, and I know you guys want it just as much as I do!
    Best of luck!

    • Ezt te sem gondoltad komolyan.. több mint 10 éve készült a játék, de még most is késik. Mi olyan nehéz, ha már a rendszer adott? Elvileg PS3-ra készült anno, utána sokat hallgatott a fejlesztőbrigád. Majd a tavalyi E3-on feltűnt és basztak mellé egy megjelenési dátumot, amit képtelenek tartani. Attól tartok, hogy a sok várakozás és a jelenlegi hype miatt csalódás lesz a játék sokaknak és még több gyűlölködőnek lesz majd igaza, amit aztán hallgathatunk jó sokáig. 9-10 pont körül szünne meg csak az átok. Reménykedjünk!

  • At this point, I guess an extra delay won’t kill me. Japanese development in general has taken a back seat these last two generations. It really doesn’t seem to matter if the console structure is easier to develop for, in fact there has been less AAA than ever before, I’ll take anything I can get. Too bad it’s pretty much on the same day as South Park though, as that is my other most anticipated game. Too bad they always release so many games in November as opposed to spreading them out over the year, they should really stop doing that.
    Any delay in these periods I don’t really mind since there is enough to buy, just too bad it had to be Last Guardian.

  • Take your time – the fall is packed as it is.

  • Sony today announced there would be a delay before the next delayed announcement, this is to avoid a potential delay

  • We’ve waited what? 7 years? I’m sure we can wait less then 3 months for the games to come out, just chill.

  • Can you please release the E3 demo of this game atleast

  • Why are there so many angry responses? Does this forum help vent the frustration of your overall lives? I have been gaming since Atari, and video games are still categorized as games. No Man’s Sky, Last Guardan, etc., are not life-saving medicine that millions of people need right now. Relax, people. Just checking, no death threats yet on Last Guardian though, correct?

    • I’m not entirely convinced the usual people commenting (or whingeing should that be their desired approach) in here even have the time to actually play* games.

      * By play games, I mean wait for the latest AAA title to make its way to PS+ instead of actually buying games..

  • Yeah that’s ok….the game has been delayed so many times my body doesn’t respond to news like this anymore. Kinda like diabetes. I have Uedabetes….

  • Im coming from the position of having worked in Testing before, this should not happen.

    This is Pathetic, After this length of time thats just embarresing, this should all be done by now, bugs cmon now thats just silly there should be none or little, not enough for a delay, @ E3 all anyone wanted was a release date, you guys knew it would b pushed back and gave any old date to keep the e3 masses happy,

    No excuse for a game thats been in development this long.

    Losing your position as No1 SONY, price hikes, delay after delay after delay.. .. .. ..

  • Hardly a surprise and i don’t think there’s many that even care anymore. This game is so long overdue that it can’t possibly be a success, it would better off being the fabled mysterious game that never comes out

  • Damn I had a whole week off work to play this, guess I’ll just play the ICO and SOTC collection again.

  • This running joke has been going on for 8 years now.

    Let this unfinished game die already.

  • This is why it’s better to complete your game, put it in boxes and then set a release date. Gamers can be pretty annoyed when they’re really looking forward to a game release in one or two months time. Still, if there are that many angry people out there… you’ll probably be turning them into customers.

  • Really annoying, but I’d still rather it be delayed (yet again) than suffer with glitches. Though Sony really needs to get better at predicting release dates, almost every single one of their titles is delayed.

  • What happened to most of the Japanese devs and publishers?? They were epic! And in the last 5-6 years? Ridiculous!
    (Platinum and From are the two exceptions)

  • I am waiting since the first announcement of The Last Guardian. I hope that all the people behind the game are proud about what they have created. All the ups and downs over so many years! In german we say “Hut ab!”. I whish them, that the game will be a success and I will buy me a PS4 Pro to play it. I was ill for a long time, and since some month I feel better and better. So I feel very much connected to the game and the people, behind. Congratulation for your perseverance and fertile imagination. Thanks, with respect :-)…

  • Has the No mans sky best seller of the month dissapeared?

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