‘Games under €20’ discounts start today on PlayStation Store

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‘Games under €20’ discounts start today on PlayStation Store

Plus, new savings on PS3 and PS Vita games, and One Piece deal of the week

The fast-paced fighting favourite, One Piece Burning Blood, is this week’s PlayStation Store Deal of the Week*!


We have both the Standard and Gold editions available on offer so don’t miss out on this great deal!

Head to the PlayStation Store Deal of the Week page for more information and download today!

*Deal of the Week title in India is NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja STORM 4 (Standard and Deluxe Editions)

Games Under €20/£16 (07/09/16 – 21/09/16)


Our Games Under €20/£16 promotion is back and we have a host of hand-picked titles available at a knock-down price!

Top titles such as Diablo III: Reaper of Souls – Ultimate Evil Edition, God of War® III Remastered, Mad Max, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Ratchet & Clank™ and many more are available on offer for the next two weeks.

The Games Under €20/£16 page has all your regional pricing, so head to PlayStation Store and save today!


*Some titles may not be available in your region and discounts may vary by currency.

Save on PS3 & Vita (until 21/09/16)

We have a host of amazing PS3 and PS Vita titles that you can save big on! Tales of Zestiria – Digital Standard Edition, The Last of Us Game of the Year Edition and LittleBigPlanet 3 are just a small selection of titles on offer.

Again, PlayStation Store has all your regional pricing, but here’s a comprehensive list on what’s on offer on PS3 and PS Vita!


PS Vita

*Some titles may not be available in your region

Digital Discounts (until 21/09/16)

Our Digital Discounts savings continue through September with the likes of ADR1FT, Obliteracers and Psychonauts on offer.

Details of the full product list can be found below. Save, download and play with PlayStation Store!

    *Some titles may not be available in your region

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  • All beautiful, i’m interested in a couple of games, but please, could you please restore the cross-buy feature for “Amplitude”? After that glitch fiasco, the game was temporarily delisted and returned as non-crossbuy. Every single time a glitch happens, you just don’t bother fixing the issue and leave it as it is forever (*cough*Theme Hospital*cough*)

    • Nevermind, the game is indeed crossbuy even if it’s not written.

      ps: if someone is even remotely interested in Mighty No.9, STAY AWAY from the non-bundle version for PS3. Just grab the bundle itself, it costs like 50 extra cents and you get both PS3 and PS4 editions.

  • In my opinion this is really great sale. But could you maybe update the PSVita store? Thanks.

    • I concur with this sentiment. The vita store is so messed up and hardly ever updated. The vita DLC section use to be broken up by game but now it just shows the previous few weeks worth of DLC and that’s it. It’s almost impossible to find anything through the vita store unless you search for it. I have resorted to using the PC store for all systems (As it is, by far, the best and easiest to use version).

      More on topic though, a great sale. Just picked up Tomb Raider for less than £6. I am happy with that. Played it on PS3 and am eager to play it again before Rise comes out later this year.

      – MjA –

  • Not too shabby, I reckon Valkyria Chronicles HD, Valkyria Chronicles II and Wolfenstein Old Blood will be heading my way very soon ;)

  • Nice sale but i would like to see some really good DLC & season pass offers !

  • Everyone should do themselves a favour and pick up Natural Doctrine. Game is sometimes hard as nails but really satisfying.

    • I agree, took me a couple of restarts to really start to get my head around the combat system but once it all starts to click it turns it into a very good game, if you’re not afraid of a challenge

  • Nice sale, thanks for that!

    It would be nice to see a nice dedicated Vita sale soon, too!

  • Hmmm.. not a bad sale. 2 actually good NFS games in 2 different sales, thanks! :) But too much common AAA games.. I will be happy when Until Dawn finally get his discount, this is the only exclusive game what is missing from my collection.
    // Zombie Vikings and ADR1FT are good games? Or good enough? //

    P.S.: I’m currently waiting for a Darksiders 2 discount..

  • The Order 1886:

    US Sale $7.99
    UK Sale £12.49

    I’ll consider buying online again when the EU stops getting screwed on prices.

  • Is there ever likely to be a discount on the ps4 version of Rocksmith 2014? I have it on ps3 already but would really like to get it for ps4, but i simply cannot justify £59.99 for a 2 year old game, especially when I already have it. I’ve tried many time to ask Ubisoft, but no reply unsurprisingly.

  • Some great prices but nothing there for me unfortunately. Mostly the same old AAA games we’ve been seeing on sale multiple times, games that should’ve been part of the PS+ igc ages ago. And if there is one that interests me because of the price, like Dishonored in this case to refresh my memory for Dishonored 2, it’s just not worth the downloading time and HDD space it takes digitally. But prices are great and it can’t get any worse than Nintendo’s sales..

  • It feels like certain games are left with silly prices to see who buys them, then put on sale now and again. A lot of these titles have been on sale a few times.

  • Dishonored PS3 GOTY: 10 euros

    DLC 1 for normal edition: 10 euros
    DLC 2 for normal edition: 10 euros

    Sony Sales 101, or “How to take your customers for complete idiots”

  • Saints Row®: The Third™ – The Full Package (PS3) doesn’t seem to be discounted in Australia.

    Is there any chance we could possibly see this discounted?

  • If I buy the absolute must haves on PS4 I’m going to be spending £65. Well done Sony. I haven’t seen a sale that made me want to buy more than 1 thing in a long time (probably my fault tbf, I buy a lot on release)

    Now if we can get that all important season pass for battlefront reduced to £24.99 I’d be over the moon.

  • Ratchet and clank, adr1ft and last of us left behind

    Sold! Thanks!

  • i cant be the only one seeing the prices of games in the eu shop being up to 6000 euros…is this some kind of glitch or something, it looks like the comma was moved so a game that originally costs about 30,00 euros now costs 3000 euros, im suprised not seeing other people complain about this bug or whatever….

  • Still with all the games available here, even with PS Plus, it still pales in comparison to the titles available on Xbox. Keep in mind that with the price increase, subscribers will want more value. I am a new subscriber and will become a permanent subscriber if you guys at Sony can get the titles right every month. I think I speak for every subscriber when I say that we want more AAA titles. You guys also need to stay competitive with Microsoft. People know that the Xbox Scorpio is coming out and will consider moving over to Xbox Live, which means you lose more subscribers. PS4 has been out 3 years now, PS Vita for 5 years and PS3 for 10 years. I am sure that you generated enough revenue from those titles first released, and those could still be used as AAA titles to keep subsribers happy. Playstation VR will be another revenue stream, so you guys can integrate this into the PS Plus benefits. If we get AAA titles every month, I think that more of us would become permanent subscribers. One more thing, the European PS store doesn’t include some good titles released in Japan and US. I still don’t understand why you guys keep discounts seperate across each region, as it will be much easier if you just integrate it. I really hope you guys take the steps to make the service better for your fans. I think Playstation is way better than Xbox, hands-down. But service is better on Xbox, and this could lead to Xbox taking the lead in the near future. I hope this is not the case, but PS Plus would be the perfect starting point. Build around that.

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