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Enjoy all the breaking news from this week’s New York event

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As many of you may have heard, tomorrow at the PlayStation Theatre in New York City, we’ll be briefing members of the press on a number of new PlayStation announcements. The event itself is only open to media, but we also wanted to open the invitation to PlayStation fans to watch live. Join us right here on this very page from 8pm BST/9pm CET on Wednesday 7th September to stream the event as it happens.

We’ll also be live tweeting throughout the event over at @PlayStationEU, so join us to discuss everything as it happens.

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    • will this livestream be on twitch

    • arkhamknight235 if nothing else will be on kindafunnygames on twitch as they are rebroadcasting the stream and talking (very infrequently) over the top like they did for E3 this year.

    • kindafunny are terrible… there are a million people who will rebroadcast it and comment on it, including easy allies, who are much better btw

    • arkhamknight235, the link below the video says “Watch live video from PlayStation on Twitch”, so I’m gonna wade in with a fairly confident “Yes, it will be on Twitch”.

  • Backwards Compatibility? And ps4 neo

    • dont get your hopes up for backwards compatibility

    • What part of “the cpu in the pa4 isn’t powerful enough” do you not understand

    • …and which part of “they tell you a load of porkies” do YOU not understand?

      Some people truly are gullible.

    • The PS4 CPU can barely run it’s own games, you think it’ll be able to emulate a PS3? If it will be able to, it’s because of a new processor and GPU in the Neo.

    • Stop being no naive.

    • Emulating SPE cores of Cell is a struggle even for high spec PC, but there games that use only PowerPC core, still it’s very limited selection

    • Does it count if they shrink the PS4 enough so that you can fit a PS3 Extra-Slim next to it? If so, today is your lucky day!

      Well, unless you also want the Neo, which probably doesn’t shrink much. In that case, just focus on the fact that this new box can still play all your PS4 games.

    • Backwards compatibility is very unlikely. I don’t see what the big deal with backwards compatibility on a system that is still on sale in the shops. I’d take PSONE or PS2 (fully) backwards compatibility with a good library to download over PS3 games.

    • “The CPU isn’t powerful enough” is such a crock. It’s not a all or nothing function. We could at least have PS2 and down.

  • Backwards compatibility? And Ps4 neo reveal? Please….

  • !!!Encantado!!!

  • Waiting for ps4 Neo

  • what time is this for QLD Australia?

  • It’s 5am on the 8th for us ps_maxout.

  • That I can make, I’ll give it a watch.

  • Please founds transferring for one psn account to another!
    Or at least refunds

  • Something better for us Vita fans than a kick in the teeth, please! :P

    Be nice if you give PS4 Vita compatibility, that would open up Vita / PSP / PS1 games to the PS4!

  • – Backwards compatibility
    – PlayStation Neo (with a different name please..) with a releasedate this year
    – PlayStation 4 Slim with a releasedate this year
    – Red Dead Redemption

    • Only going to show ps4 slim and ps vr. Ps neo maybe at Tokyo game show or Another PlayStation show feb 2017 to announce ps neo and show us some game play video’s. As for release date maybe around the same time as xb1 Scorpio ( Oct – Nov 2017 ).

    • If they don’t release PS4 Neo this year they could seriously miss out on the people wanting a UHD Bluray player and choosing Xbox One S instead.

      Also, since getting a 4K TV I have migrated back to PC for a lot of games as I can run them at 1440p or 2160p, depending on their age. However, I want a UHD Bluray player.

      So if PS4 Neo comes out soon I will get it for that reason as its likely it will support it. If it runs games closer to how my PC does then I may also start buying on PS4 again as its less hassle than PC.

      The longer they hold off, the less likely I will be buying PS4 games.

  • Neo with Red Dead remake.

  • A new Red Dead? ;)

  • Ps4 games aside… The ideal wish list!

    PS Vita regeneration – something that is actually built with the PS4 in mind, but can be used for on the go gaming. Full backward compatibility with Vita games.

    VR showcase.

    Neo and Slim + release dates.

    We’re all resigned to no backwards compatibility on PS4, but we’d ALL love to see PS1, PS2 classics available – and at MUCH cheaper prices – on PS4, and PS Vita too (Are Ps2 games even possible on Vita? Vita regeneration maybe… :p )

    And close.

  • Please Sony make this wish list come true for the same of me + millions of gamers out there:
    – External HDD support is a MUST, XBOne supports it so no reason for PS4 not to, game installs are way too big with some games

    – Extension to previous request, make the height bigger for internal HDDs so the new PS4 can support 3/4TB HDDs at the very least if your not supporting external HDDs

    – Like many others have said BC, how about a souped up PSOne emu (with quality upscaling, billnear filtering, anisotropic etc) similar to epsxe so I don’t have to keep turning on the PC. Would be sweet to knock in some PSOne discs and have it booted up in pristine upscaled quality (support for imports would be fantastic: Chrono Cross, Parasite Eve 1 etc). With PS2 games honestly I’m not cynical about it like many and its cool to play GTA3 (even if slightly upscaled) with trophies, gameshare etc but PLEASE up the ante in terms of quantity. Its just way too few and far between

    – Support for 5Ghz (wi fi) a few others have suggested this and I think it would be great too for those wireless centric PS4 users

    – Some sort of incentive to get PS Now freebies if your a PS+ subscriber (especially if all else fails on the BC front)

    – HDR 10/ Dolby Vision support

    – Inject life into the beauty of a handheld again (cough Vita cough) A Vita 3000 with 4G support, micro SD card support, higher specs (CPU/GPU) to help with frame rates/hiccups in current games, better battery life and a pledge for bolstered 1st party support and even more universal 3rd party support.

    Hope you knock it out the part with this meeting Sony and have a great time my fellow gamers! :)

    • I can’t say I agree with all of what you say. Sure external HDD support would be nice but it’s not a “must”. As soon as I got my PS4 back in late 2013. I instantly put a 1TB hard drive in. I still have that same 1TB HDD and I still have near 400GB left of space.

      If I do find my self needing more space ill just slap a 2TB in there. I can’t see them making space for a 3.5″ hard drive. Those things are really hot.

      I wouldn’t mind a PSone emulator. As long as they don’t insist we buy our PS1 games again. I have a few digital PSone titles on my PSTV. I would annoyed if I had to buy them again just to play on a PS4 console. Unless there updated with trophy support.

      5Ghz why not. As for the free PS Now game every month. I agree I have said this since PS Now launched.

      As for handheld. As much as I loved the Vita. It was the best handheld I have ever owned. I didn’t like how Sony just dropped AAA support for it. A big part of me does not want to see Sony in the handheld market again after the Vita.

    • I heard some sensible comments on why external hdd is a problem – Sony want everybody to run hardware controlled by Sony not to have performance issues. As soon as you get a freeze in a game run from your external hdd – who is to blame?

    • Hope the new DS controller has seriously upgraded battery life and also is shipped with Neo.
      Neo launch 2017 – I wait for Xbox Scorpio – earlier I go for it.

    • How is an external HDD any less Sony hardware than an internal HDD you put in yourself?

      So clearly that is not the reason.

      I believe the actual reason is similar to why you cannot change your PSN name. The database is designed a specific way and its not easy to adapt it.

      In this case, the database expects the storage to stay the same. If it allowed external games it would need to re-index every time you plug in or remove the drive, whereas Xbox One was designed with that in mind from the start so its not such a problem.

      Basically, Sony aren’t as good at forward thinking so they write the OS in a very locked down manner that cannot easily be changed.

  • Bold decision to clash with Great British Bake Off!

  • Pretty hyped. I can not wait. It does not really matter what you offer, but expect surprises. Everybody loves surprises. ^^

  • It probably won’t be announced here but I really really want PSN ID change feature. This is literally the most requested feature by the PlayStation community for a long time. Please make it happen as soon as possible.

    • They could simply make something like 1 change per 1 or 2 years and everyone would be happy.

    • But they can’t as the only way the network supports changing an ID is basically to create a new one then transfer your licenses over, losing your friends list, trophies, etc.

      The database was poorly designed and it would be a major undertaking to fix it now. Its likely a lot of this stuff is hard-coded in PS3 games so couldn’t be changed without patching every single game, or disabling PSN on PS3. This is basically what Microsoft did when making a lot of the changes on Xbox Live, they had to disable the original Xbox first.

  • I hope the rumours are true that we might get an announcement for Red Dead 3.

  • Ahhhh nice! Can’t wait for live stream. Pretty hyped for PS4 Neo, I hope you won’t disappoint, Sony!

  • – ps4 neo price ( hope 399,99€ )/ date + using power of neo ful ( no other option whith you competition )
    – ps4 slim price 250 € launch from friday
    – psvr more games anounced ( wil be hit if you suport )
    – to next vita rumors = bring out a dualshock controler whith al butons of ds4 + in midel a screen + micro sd card 32 gb +- 9/10 € to mem cards

    i agry also you have 1 problem whith size of u consoles hd you put in standart

    mi 2 tb = good ( can i put mi 2 tb from curent ps4 in to ps neo ? )

    also if you want faster console swaping = bring out slot in new consoles ( so peopel can upgrade when them are ready )

    stil my opinion = why not waited 1 jear bring out ps5 ( can play al ps4 disk )

  • PSNow free to all plus members, Red Dead Redemption 4..Dont care about Neo to be honest, Dont feel ive had my moneys worth out of this console yet

  • For those hoping for backward compatibility don’t dream too much. How could sony justify the price for psnow?

    • backward compatibel wil not come indeed ,

      only ting not corect = price you need to pay !!!!
      why not change ps+ so no free games ( instead 2 games you are abel to stream = end of dislikes of ps+ games )
      50 € ps+
      now 16.99 x 12 = 203.88€ ( total 253.88 € )= no go
      do not forget lots staying whith you only 4 2 reason
      a – saves ( you not give use externe save )
      b -some litel amount of mp games
      sertenly not 4 a great service ore great prices

      also games you own digital need to be free .

      i wil never suport now
      1 = price
      2= sony self say you need to move foward ( them shoot them self in leg whith it . )

  • Ps vita 2 c’mon Sony!! Your are crazy enough! Make it happen Marc Cerny!!!

  • We’re gonna be disapointed tomorrow?!

  • Hoping for Backwards Compatibility and a new handheld

  • “Kojima game finished, on store now”



    RUMOR: PS4 Neo (Forever) Will Have Upgradeable Components

  • So by my reckoning, the live stream will start at around 6PM +2GMT…..or is it 7PM?

  • I’m hoping it’s backwards compatibility on PS4 for PS3 games, but it won’t be because Sony is greedy and must charge you again for games you already purchased with their Playstation Now service.

    • its not greed, the ps3 architecture is just way too complicated to be emulated on ps4

    • I’m just glad the PS4 didn’t use the same architecture. It was bad enough having inferior multiplatform games on PS3 compared to Xbox 360, but it’s still causing issues even now by stopping backwards compatibility from being possible on PS4.

    • PS3 is unlikely but I wish they would bring over PSone and PS2 support. Not just a choice few, every title that worked on PS3.

  • SONY ARE GETTING WAY TO GREEDY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Psn services are DOWN yet again sony fix it will you this is more important and dont tell me Psn isnt down because it is i just checked sony needs better servers and internet

  • We need some hype in this chat
    #witness the litness

  • there will be a translation in french ?

  • i cant sign in on ps3 wots goin on

  • Now watch, they will reveal the NX since nintendo takes so long xD And when does it start in european time? Another question. I got my ps3 almost a 3 ago, I know I am late but i have alot of fun with it! How can I change my profile picture?

    • the article already states the european starting times. 8pm for britain/western europe, 9pm for central europe (germany etc)

  • What is this about??

  • And once again you have embedded the http link to twitch, so it is being blocked by browser when your blog being visited through https.

  • I wonder if there will be any final fantasy vii news. I doubt it, but since it’s a Sony exclusive might be a chance….. I think I’m over hoping here :P

  • I soon Hope to see PS4 4.5 in 4K

  • “Gotcha! We were just kidding about our lack of support for the Vita – we’ve actually been working on a bajillion new games for it. Also, the next update allows the Google Play Store and Android Apps to work on the system.”

    “Oh, also, Red Dead Redemption HD, Red Dead 3, backwards compatability (including all previously purchased PS3 digital library), Vita digital games now playable on PS4, PSVR price cut, new Crash Bandicoot game, PS4 streaming app for XBox, Medievil 3, new Oddworld game, Sonic Adventure 3, Shenmue 1 & 2 HD remake, FFVII Remake free for owners of FFXV, PlayStation Plumbus, Resident Evil 2, 3 & Code Veronica HD Remakes, Fallout 4 and Skyrim Mods of any GB size allowed, Elder Scrolls 6, and a brand new car!”

  • Vita 3000 please, with a better WiFi chip, modest LCD screen quality update (no need for HD) and make the 1GB accessible while a memory card is installed – and perhaps a new colour or two, that’s all we ask!

  • I would like to see Sony expand PS Plus so that it also covers the movie section & music section with free content similar to amazon’s prime membership. if scrapping the the ps3 from the igc for this I would be happy

    • This would be great! a lot of the things people are asking like backwards compatibility are great, but super unlikely to happen due to architecture problems, but this would help give more value to the ps plus membership, they could just thow some Sony movies and I would be happy.

  • I think the 1st thing they will show off is red read remaster followed by the shocking news that ea access is coming to ps4. Ps4 slim will get abit of airtime and the neo, maybe PS now will offer the games you already own on the ps2 and 3 for streaming for no extra cost.

  • السلام عليكم

  • I am very excited for new ps4 :)

  • If they announce a machine of any kind, it best have 4TB+ pf HDD or no buy.

    500gb is an absolute joke this gen when some games are clocking in at 60 and 70gb.

    Even with the 2tb HDD upgrade, I still have around 500gb of games I cant get installed.

    They need to actually pay attention to the fans for once, but I have a bad feeling they’re going to ruin their dominance by focusing on VR and substandard HW… exactly how MS lost it by focusing on Kinect and X1.

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