The Tomorrow Children is out now on PS4

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The Tomorrow Children is out now on PS4

Q-Games’ eccentric post-apocalyptic sandbox adventure arrives on PlayStation Store

Comrades! I’m absolutely thrilled to announce that The Tomorrow Children releases today and everyone is welcome to jump into this strange neo-Soviet alternative future we’ve created!

The Tomorrow Children is a game quite unlike any other. It features elements of action, simulation, strategy and social gaming all brought together in a unique alternate reality, sandbox world.

As a projection clone, you must work with others to restore an annihilated human civilization to its former glory by gathering resources, expanding and customizing your town, constructing defenses, and fending off the “Izverg” Kaiju monsters.

With tremendous support from our community during our open beta test, we’ve been able to make a number of improvements to the game in recent months, some of which I have outlined below. Thanks again to everyone who took part and helped us hone the game – there will be more adjustments and new features added in the coming weeks.

New features

1. Town Restoration

By reviving Matryoshka dolls and reaching the target population, your town can be ‘restored’ (to glory, comrades!). Those making the most contributions to the restoration will be awarded special points which, in turn, can be exchanged for building permits, new void powers and a bunch of other cool stuff!

When a town is restored it will be frozen for posterity so that you can move on to a new one. You can always revisit your previous towns and later in the year and we are planning some fun stuff for these ‘completed’ towns.

The Tomorrow Children

2. Comrade Summons

As reward for your labour you’ll earn official coupons which can, in turn, be exchanged at the residents’ store for a Comrade Summons. With this you can invite up to five other players to The Tomorrow Children for free. All you need to do is copy the voucher code displayed on the Comrade Summons and send it to your friends via any means.

Redeemed voucher codes will give the player an entitlement to play the free version of The Tomorrow Children as the proletariat (this will be included in an update to be released in September).

The Tomorrow ChildrenThe Tomorrow Children


3. Toil Chips

Toil Chips can be found on the ground at random and will allow you to earn extra ‘toil’ if you collect them. Also, the Freeman dollar drops that were missing in the latest beta have also been restored.

The Tomorrow Children The Tomorrow ChildrenThe Tomorrow Children


4. Tree variations

It’s now possible for a variety of tree types to co-exist in the same town – as oppose to one. Plant saplings can even be brought from other towns to mix things up a little bit!

The Tomorrow ChildrenThe Tomorrow Children


5. Terrain colours

Terrain created by Void powers, the Eagle Corp Jackrammer and the Comrade’s Jackrammer will now have a unique colour associated to the town.

6. Further improvements

  • Snubbed players (who have been turned blue) will now be caught and thrown in a gulag by constables as they wander around town.
  • The parameters for snubbing have been adjusted to avoid griefing.
  • Players are automatically snubbed when they attack a facility.
  • Facility strength has been adjusted so that they are more difficult to destroy.
  • The town hall can no longer be disassembled and will consume less resources when destroyed.
  • When facility signboards are thrown in to the recycling bin, it will now return a partial amount of the resources that were used when the facility was built.
  • Players who throw resources in to recycling bins will now be automatically snubbed.
  • Only one “Ministry of Labor” can exist in a town.
  • Use of “Disassembler” is now limited to players with a residence built in the town.
  • The frequency of Izverg attacks now dynamically adjusts according to the active player numbers present in town, making it a little less tough to defend if there are only a handful of you manning the guns.
  • The pattern of Izverg attacks will differ between towns meaning some towns will be a lot harder than others (and other towns will be a little easier).
  • When the Forged Fruit voucher is used on top of the storage it will drop the food directly in to the deposit.
  • The act of loading a resource at the bus stop will now be rewarded with toil.
  • The “Ministry of Labor” will only award toil for actions made within the town you are in, so when you decide to visit a new town remember to collect your coupons first (you can always come back later too).
  • Lots of balancing adjustments.

As you can see from this list, we have been very busy and are now incredibly excited to have everyone join in and play The Tomorrow Children.

Oh, and as an extra special bonus for people with smart phones, we knocked up a little iOS and Android app that we plan to keep adding features to over the next year. For now, there’s a fun little puzzle game that will help you hone your your crafting desk skills – you can download it now for free from iOS App Store or Google Play.

And, of course, glory to all!

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  • Communism killed over 100 million people !!
    Don’t get how you can make a game about Communism? :S

  • I don’t get it. I guess I need to watch some gameplay…

    • I played the beta for close to 5 hours and I still don’t get it.
      It seems like a very niche game that far from everyone will like.

    • As far as I know, there is nothing to get. It is basically MMO version of simple mobile games.
      Basically you grind resources on small random islands around the main city. (so imagine No Mans Sky gameplay when you are digging resources). When you do, you carry them to the city and drop them to the shared pool. And from this you upgrade the city from time to time. Grind-drop-repeat.
      I dont believe there is anything else or any goal.

  • Is it just me, or does this look like one of the most boring games ever devised? And this “founders pack” crap has to stop. No matter how they spin it, they’re charging people to play a free to play game a few weeks early.
    This gen is born of crooks and con men., and Sony and welcoming them in open arms.
    If Sony think I’m buying Neo (the second most powerful console lol) for weak F2P games, delays, 80% of ALL their games crashing at some point, they’re dreaming. I spend between £1500 to £2000 a year on games, and sorry Sony, that money is not going to you when Scorpio comes out (yes I already own an XBO…that has never crashed since launch).

    • The worst thing? It doesn’t matter what we say. No one at Sony reads this Blog. maybe 5 or 6 years ago, but now? It’s just used for advertising. So long as the money keeps rolling in, Sony don’t give a [DELETED] about discontentment.

    • What’s funny is I’m not sure if you are serious or not. Do you think Microsoft are any different? Reading your post makes me think you do, and that’s hilarious. Microsoft are by far one of the biggest sell out companies the world has seen. yet you think the new improved Xbox will somehow make the world a better place?? Best of luck in your world, it sounds lovely.

  • I played the beta and liked it a lot,
    i also wanne support Q games as they brought me so many fun games, (give me PJM 2 darn it!!)

    So yea ill buy the founders pack for 2 reasons, one to support the company and two cause i want to.

    I find minecraft boring as hell, still millions play it, so to each their own i geuss :).

  • With the launch of The Tomorrow Children’s founders pack, Sony is offering a PS4 theme and a pack of avatars for free for PlayStation Plus members in North American PlayStation Store. Can we expect to have this same offering for Europe?

  • Someone can give a friend code??? Sendo me in PSN friend request. Thanks

  • any one have a summons code, ill pay it forward and give a code out too.

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