6 ways CCP is infusing interstellar dogfight sim EVE: Valkyrie with lore and life

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6 ways CCP is infusing interstellar dogfight sim EVE: Valkyrie with lore and life

Jet into the laser-filled lore of CCP Games’ upcoming PlayStation VR shooter

It’s not all just shooting and surviving in the intricate sci-fi universe of EVE: Valkyrie – with over 15 ships, a variety of interstellar maps and Hollywood voice talent, there’s much more to discover. Find out how CCP Games breathed life into a world where you’re an immortal space fighter pilot…

EVE Valkyrie

  1. Fans of EVE Online will recognise the ships and structures from a range of familiar races and alliances in the massively multiplayer online roleplaying game, including the Gallente Navy, Sarum Family, Caldari State, Minmatar Republic and Guristas Pirates.
  2. The Valkyrie are clones created from the recovered DNA of fallen pilots, and Rán Kavik – voiced by Katee Sackhoff of Battlestar Galactica and Riddick fame – is their fearsome leader. Her nemesis, Jirai ‘Fatal’ Laitanen, commands his own pirate faction named Schism.
  3. EVE Valkyrie

  4. The Phoenix, which is docked at the Shipyear, is over 3,000m long – 300 times longer than the Banshee support class ship. While the Titans are the largest ships in the game, measuring between 13-18km long, and roughly the length of a map in Valkyrie. You’d have to align 1,476 Wraiths end to end to match the colossal Gallente Erebus Titan.
  5. The first ship in the game, the Wraith, is capable of flying at supersonic speeds of up to 1,342 mph, (almost on par with Concord) but can be outrun by the Spectre’s Micro Warp Drive, which exceeds Mach 10 at 11,184 mph. There’s no wonder why it’s the most popular ship to fly into battle, even amongst veterans.
  6. EVE Valkyrie

  7. At 10km long, Station 27 at the Crossroads is one of the tallest structures in EVE: Valkyrie. Be sure to check it out as you can actually fly along the whole structure from end to end.
  8. The Necropolis map is a graveyard of ships destroyed during the battle at Esmes III, while the Shipyard map used to be a Caldari facility until it was assimilated by the Gurista pirate clan. And the Cathedral map features a huge structure at its centre that is used for religious gatherings.

EVE Valkyrie

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2 Author Replies

  • hmm i want to see it in action first.

    from the looks of it .. your ship is following a set path and you just aim using your head to shoot targets before they disappear or kill you which could get kinda boring fast so i need more details on the mission are there different paths or just one set path

    im not against games like that as one of my favourite games was house of the dead on Sega Saturn which is a gun game with different routes so i hope this game has route options if it is following a path and not free flight.

    • There are videos of the PC version on Youtube. Reviews are not fantastic, but this one review does say that you control the ship and that this is not a shooter on rails.

      “Holding a gamepad in your hand and using the sticks to control the pitch and yaw of your vessel is a breeze, while your weapon systems are tied to the two triggers. Lasers fire straight forward, requiring active tailing of foes and proper positional awareness in order to fire just ahead of them in time-honoured flight-fighting fashion. Missiles meanwhile are where all that VR innovation suddenly becomes a much more active ingredient.”

    • Hey FunkyPlasma, in EVE: Valkyrie you have full control over your ship using your gamepad and full control over where you look using….your head :) You can fly anywhere you like within the maps. In fact, exploring every nook and cranny can give you a serious tactical advantage. Once you know your way around you’ll be able to use terrain as cover, or get the drop on an enemy for a surprise attack.

      Freedom of movement, and supporting natural motions (see the Look-to-Lock Missiles Blog) are essential ingredients of our VR combat.

  • what it didnt remind you above is that is got a very interesting PVP part to the game which could be the best part of the game

  • the Oculus Rift version didn’t get very good ratings

  • its good to see that at least they are working on the game to make it better with fine tuning and new modes

    it does sound like a good game

  • I think this is the flagship launch title.

    Im definitely interested but I have to be honest. A full price digital only game is a risky prospect.

  • I’ve played Eve: Valkrie for about 10 minutes and that 10 minutes was the best experience I have had in a space shooter in all of my 40+ years of gaming. I can’t wait to play Eve: Valkrie in my home!

  • This game looks great from what I’ve seen, I’ve been a gamer since the early 80’s and still get excited by new tech and advances in games. Valkrie looks like everthing I’ve been waiting for so thanks guys at CCP for making it happen.

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