Journey and Lords of the Fallen headline PlayStation Plus in September

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Journey and Lords of the Fallen headline PlayStation Plus in September

Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands, Badland, Amnesia: Memories also inbound

Hey everyone – the time has come for you to discover your PlayStation Plus monthly games for September. Looks like you’ll be slashing your way through demonic hordes and enjoying a quest to discover the secrets of a forgotten civilization…

First up is Journey. The talented developers at thatgamecompany bring us the critically acclaimed winner of several Game of the Year awards. Finding yourself alone in the desert as the mysterious Traveler, you must make your way to a distant mountaintop. But there is so much more to this sublime experience than simply traversing the world. With stunning visuals, an amazing soundtrack, and a unique online experience there really is something very special about Journey.

Next up is the fantasy epic, Lords of the Fallen. Seeking redemption for past sins, you play as Harkyn looking to end a bloody war between humans and gods. With three classes to choose from, you can tailor the combat experience to your liking. And in a game where every encounter matters and your choices have consequences, the layers of customisation are an integral part of the game. So collect your gear and prepare for close-quarters combat as you take the fight to brutal demon lords.

Available to download on 6th September:

We’ll see you in the comments section – enjoy.

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  • Do you like this PS Plus update

  • IMO this is a good lineup.

    • I agree. Badlands is a great cross platform title if people don’t have it – download it!

      Looking forward to giving Journey a try and for “free”, I’ll try Lords of the Fallen. Best month in a while!

    • It’s hit and miss. I have had Journey ever since it came out on PS3 and it was short but great.

      I played Badland for 5 minutes then uninstalled it. It was slightly better than flappy birds but not enough to use up 250 Mb of hard drive space. Seems very ordinary.

  • Wow. Fantastically bad.

  • Best update in months. Years, even

  • nice update right here.

  • The Americans will be overjoyed to be paying more.

  • Wow, just wow. Something different :)

  • Well. I think this is a really good lineup :) Wanted to get LotF for a while. Can’t say no to the Journey either :) As for Amnesia, I am one of those people, that are glad to get a visual novel on Plus, but it certainly is not for everyone. A great improvement over last few months in my book :) Keep it up :)

  • An otome VN in a Vita PS+ line up? Oh man, please give us some more VNs for vita then! :p

  • Hurrah!! What a brilliant month!! At last, something to really cheer about rather than pretend to :-)

  • Oh yes – that’s more like it – thank you so much! Amazing line-up :D

  • People that don’t think this is a good offering must have crazy expectations. Some good games there and easily the best offering since Rocket League!!!

  • REALLY good month, thanks Greg!

  • Awesome games! Thank you!

  • People slagged off lords of the fallen when games with gold got it.

    Wonder if its suddenly good to them now we are getting it.

    Anyway nothing for me this month but i have tonnes to play so whatever

    • I got it on Steam and unfortunately it’s not that great. It’s ok to try it for free, though. But after having played the Souls games and Bloodborne, it just felt cheap (except for the graphics).

    • “People slagged off lords of the fallen when games with gold got it.”

      Really? I don’t remember that. Quite the opposite really, everyone was comparing Plus to GwG and saying how much better it was because GwG got Lords of the fallen. :S

  • Pretty good month. I will play all of them. I was especially curious about Amnesia and Lords of the Fallen. Thanks!

  • You want me to stop buying digital games? Since that’s what you guys live to give away free later.

    Make PS+ optional.

  • Hasnt Journey been free on PS Plus before? Wasnt that part of the IGC on PS3?

  • As one of the few people that’s never played Journey, I’m super happy with this lineup. Also another VN for on my Vita on the go is always a good thing.

  • Datura seems to be a primarily Move-based affair – can those who don’t own a Move controller still play it?

  • Great line up, best in a while. Don’t let this be a one off Sony

  • A GOOD LINE UP?!?! I must be dreaming.

  • Datura score 57 on MC… And is it ps move only game? And what if people don’t have move, is it theirs problem, or Sonys, that it gives games that people woludn’t play because they didn’t bought useless thing like move?

    • lol. Getting a little carried away there…?

      It’s not just a Move game, no.

    • Quick bit of effort searching the store page shows “Recommended for PlayStation®Move but also fully playable with a DUALSHOCK®3 Wireless Controller”. Wasn’t hard.

      If metacritic is your sole measure of worthiness of a game, you must not play too many.

    • Maybe this is their way of trying to sell a few extra Move units by the time VR launches? You can probably play the game without Move but it’s definitely an experience that was made to be played that way.
      Pretty much the only game I enjoyed with Move, together with Heavy rain.

  • a great offering of games, nice going Plus dudes :). a big game for PS4 & PS3, and some smaller indies, a nice little mix.

    Lords of the Fallen is an awesome game to get, as is PoP aswell (theyre all pretty fun) :D. havent played Journey but thats supposed to be very cool too 8)

  • As far as I’m concerned this the best plus month since the PS4 launched. I have journey already but it’s great for everyone that doesn’t have it.

    PS3 is really strong this month I bought Prince of Persia on release and it reminded me of the 2004 game.

  • Datura – 57 score on metacritic. Isn’t it a ps move only game? And what will do people that don’t have move? Isn’t it again a waste of money this year?

    • Nope, still not a Move-only game.

    • You can play Datura with regular controller too.

      Give it a chance. I actually liked the game quite a lot. It’s certainly not for everyone, but it’s strange and interesting, if nothing else.

  • Not as good as last month (seriously I love Tricky Towers especially playing with friends). I didn’t enjoy Journey on my PS3 at all so I really don’t need a PS4 version. May try Lords of the Fallen but haven’t been encouraged by what I’ve seen of it.

  • 3 PS3 Ubisoft titles in a row (4 unless you count Vita)? Ok.

    Also, Journey and Datura are alright but short at the time. You could complete them within hours.

    • Ubisoft tend to be more easy to negotiate with than other publishers. You can see this also in how frequently and deeply their games get discounted.

      The opposite end of the spectrum has publishers like Activision.

  • Journey is a great game for those who haven’t played it.

    I also thought Datura was pretty underrated too, especially if you have a Move controller to play it with. While Datura does have some issues with controls, it’s very unique and strange for those who like that kind of thing.

  • Whoops, 2 posts… Great that we can’t edit our comments… :)

  • Instead of spreading negativity lets praise Sony for this great month!

  • Not too bad. They just need to add Playstation Now when they increase the price.

    • Right, because we need more last-gen games that we all played years ago as opposed to modern, relevant ones. Oo If anything, they should drop ps3 and vita support and go fully ps4. Long, long overdue.

    • I think it would be better to swap the ps3 games out for PlayStation now titles, but would need to be a permanent subscription of the game.

    • There’s plenty of good last-gen games that not everyone has played yet. At the moment there are very few good RPGs on PS4, so what if a PS3 RPG like Dragon Age: Origins turned up on PS4? Alongside the usual PS4 PS+ games of course. There are already cross-buy games that have been included in PS+ before.

    • They should focus on getting PS Now out in more countries before doing anything about making it part of PS+.

  • Why, why, WHY would they put Journey as the free game when it was literally JUST on a sale – “Oh we’ll put this on sale and get some more copies sold …. and now you can have it for free.”


    • Lol! I bought Journey for £4.59 during the sale. You can’t blame them for trying to squeeze out a few more purchases of the game before putting it on PS+. I feel the price I paid matched the length of the game & it is quite an awesome experience playing through it.

    • I got Journey with my ps4. =/

  • Ah ya know what. I might be disappointed with this bunch (seriously I just don’t find Journey at all entertaining) but I’m glad other people are happy. Got some of my fave lil titles in the past few months and I got enough in sales to keep me busy and to be honest I spend most of my gaming time on Uncharted 4 multiplayer anyways (and that’s got a big update coming in the next month or so that should finally add the co op modes, yaaay!) I’ll give Fallen and Badlands a go when they’re up and see if I enjoy them

    Happy gaming, people. :)

  • If you haven’t played Rebel Galaxy from last month, go do so now! It’s an excellent space adventure game, you fly around shooting other ships, blowing them up and taking their cargo, doing missions to make money to upgrade your ship to complete story missions. It’s fantastic and totally overlooked. Go play that!

  • Really nice selection. Thanks!

  • Wow, 5 games I wanna play and one I already have (PoP), fantastic!

  • Badland, a cross-buy mobile port of yet another puzzle platformer. Wish it wasn’t always the Vita slot that gets taken up by one of these.

    • So a puzzle platformer is what it is? Darn. Don’t like those. But it’s not a Curve Digital one, is it? That would be even worse.

  • this is more like it
    Journey – great game
    LOTF – Good full release game

    finally a month to be proud of

    My PS+ sub is up this month and for the first time it’s not an automatic renewal for me, i will be closely watching next month to see if i need to renew or if i can let it slide for a month or 2

    • Lords of the fallen is not a great game sorry to burst your bubble folks. I guess all you guys care about it the release price tag though

    • @harrisown I bet it gives me more enjoyment than most of the spectrum rip offs we get every month. I lived through that gen, don’t need to do it again.

  • I got Journey Special Edition (+ Flow and Flower) on the last sales. It’s a nice mini-game (1h30/2h long).
    I got Lords of the Fallen on a Steam sale, and it’s a horrible game. It’s an attempt at copying Dark Souls, but with repetitive mechanics, uninteresting story and mechanics, and glitch-based difficulty. I’ll check the Vita games, I guess…

    • Journey in one and a half hour? Dude you surely missed out on something there. Even when I was a Whitecloak and exactly knew where everything was it took around three hours to finish and see everything.

  • Figures, first two decent games in years and already own them (Journey and Datura). The ps4 AAA saves it a little bit for me, just for the sake of being AAA (too bad it had to be a Dark Souls clone, not my kinda game) but next month it might as well be fully indie again so not knowing we’re certainly getting AAA on ps4 consistently still blows. Forgotten sands for ps3 not bad either but who still plays ps3 these days? Not an absolutely horrible update as usual in general, but personally I won’t be getting anything out of it yet again.

    Split the online costs from the PS+ subscription and I’ll be happier. It’s only fair that we shouldn’t be forced into this subscription if it holds zero merit for some of us. Very discriminative business you guys have gotten into -_-

  • I can honestly say that Journey is one of the best games I ever played. A true masterpiece

  • Sony did GREAT this month! It’s interesting to see the difference between the last month fiasco (rather poor games choice and Retro/Grade again) and this INCREDIBLE line-up. Maybe the price “update” for the subscription had something to do, at least this line-up seems to be worth it. I just hope next months will be as good. PLEASE, Sony make an effort always afterall this is for the players, right?

  • I already own Journey, Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands and Datura. I can easily recommend people check out all 3 titles, as I really enjoyed them all. And all of the remaining titles actually interest me in different ways, so while I may only get 3 games this month, I have to say, it’s looking like a good selection.

    Journey and Datura can easily be completed within a couple hours each, but they’re both really interesting experiences, and very much worth playing, so I definitely recommend playing those two at the very least :)

    I’ve heard next to nothing about Lords of the Fallen, but I know it’s an action-RPG, and I really like that genre. So I’ll definitely check it out, even though it only holds a score of 68 on Metacritic :P

    I’ve heard some good things about Badland, and it looks like a good fit for Vita, so I’ll certainly give it a try there :)

    And I love visual novels, so the game I’m most excited to try this month is probably Amnesia: Memories. However, if I’m not mistaken, it’s a love story from a girl’s point of view… Can’t say I’ve tried that before, so I guess I’ll just have to see how I feel about that :)

    All in all, a great month IMO, regardless of me owning half the games already. So cheers! :D

    • And btw, feel free to keep those VN’s coming for Vita. I LOVE those games on my Vita :)

    • Yeah man keep the Vita love up! I would love to see more of these every month :). The Vita is so underrated here.

    • has for Amnesia: Memories don’t worry about it, I hear it was made in a way that it would appeal to both audiences, even though it’s an Otome game.

  • Now this is fate, I was LITERALLY about to buy LoF. So glad I waited. Very happy now it’s free. Saved some pennies! Pretty good month to be fair.

    • You certainly did save some pennies, it’s not a very good game. You might get some enjoyment out of it for free, though. Well, not free, you’re paying for your PS+ membership, but you know what I mean.

  • Great month. Looks like I’ll be renewing my plus sub on 5th September.

  • Nice! Journey I have but Lords of the Fallen I haven’t played yet. And PS Vita offering is nice!

  • Quite good this month, and wheyyy no PSP games

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