An update on Gran Turismo Sport

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An update on Gran Turismo Sport

Polyphony Digital’s competitive racer has been delayed

Hello GT community. I want to share the news that we have made the difficult decision to delay the release of Gran Turismo Sport to 2017. GT Sport is Polyphony‘s foremost competitive gaming title, with high expectations from both the fans and from within our team.

From the start, the title has been one of our most ambitious undertakings, using the latest technologies, such as physics-based rendering and sound simulations, and Scapes photo mode. In combining these features with a new Sport mode, we are offering a competitive gaming experience to truly reinvent what it means to be a racing game. We’ve been excited and humbled by the response each time we’ve shared new gameplay with everyone.

However, as we approach our planned release date in November, we realise we need more time to perfect GT Sport, to which we’ve already dedicated so much effort to since announcing the title, and do not want to compromise the experience. While we cannot confirm a new release date at this time, we are more committed than ever to making GT Sport the best Gran Turismo game to date.

GT Sport will continue to be shown at several gaming events around the world. I hope everyone has the opportunity to experience first-hand the yet-to-be revealed cutting edge experiences that will be achieved by GT Sport. Thank you for all your continued support.

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  • Never mind. I just hope it’s great on release. I’d rather have a great late game than poor early game.

    • Hear hear!!

    • Sadly a delay is usually not a guarantee to get a better game, often this ends real badly as seen with Gt5 and Gt6. Sony should just push Driveclub instead thats an AMAZING game despite Sony making life so hard for the devs and firing them constantly for no reason at all.

  • I love how the word “update” ALWAYS means “delay”.

  • Really looking forward to a new Gran Turismo. It did seem a little shonky at times in certain videos and interesting that those who tried to film it at Gamescom where told to leave. I would much, much, rather the game was as envisioned than rushed out. Good luck Polyphony.

    • Have you tried Driveclub? Its AMAZING

    • Not surprised at all. I used to love GT and count GT2 as one of my favourite games. Wasn’t too thrilled with the last GT entry when compared against FORZA. Have to echo what PDI2016 says. Try DriveClub

    • Driveclub? You mean the “racing” game that runs at 30fps so it looks like a slideshow and got such poor reviews and sales that Sony shutdown the company and fired everyone? Please. The only good PS4 racing game is Project Cars, which after 6+ months of patching is very good now.

  • what a surprise ;P

  • If it needs more time then so be it. Perfection is worth waiting for. “Hello games” please take note! although in saying that I suspect that they were pressured into releasing the game.

    • You know why many people always need more time? Because they are lazy. The only dev I can think of who makes great games from delays is Rockstar Games. Most other companies just show weak leadership, bring out horrible games from their delays.

    • PDI2016 ummm uncharted 4?

  • *falls off chair in shock*

    I give it, ooh, three weeks before we get “An update on The Last Guardian”

  • Are you seriously going to pull another GT5/6?

  • After Gran Turismo 6’s announcement at E3 2013 and then release 5 months later that you promised, I actually believed and had faith in you this time. Thanks for that, it was too good to be true. Don’t bother giving a date if you can’t keep it, will you never learn???

    Oh and that is the most PATHETIC blog post ever. Thank goodness I didn’t preorder yet. I still have yet to see if there is actually going to be a single player GT Mode in this game and I guess I’m not going to find out now for a looooong time either. Its the sole decider of if I will be buying it or not. You would be doing me a solid if you just confirmed that right now.

    Like others mentioned, yeah lets wait for the inevitable The Last Guardian “update” now.

    • Yes, GT Sport does have Single Player. They have provided plenty of information on this, just keep an eye on GTPlanet for GT news… I don’t know how people have gotten so confused over GT Sport, I guess PD should have expected it considering their lack of communication for the community.

  • Have Sony managed to ship even one PS4 title that was developed in-house so far without it getting delayed? I honestly can’t think of one

  • Typical, after the disasters of GT5 and 6. How on earth has Polyphony Digital managed to stay open while the likes of Studio Liverpool and Evolution have been shut down. Ridiculous.

  • Nothing new there. All gt games have been delayed at some point.

  • Oh polyphony, you. Be honest you’re fed up making these games now right? GT5 delayed, demoed then delayed then finally released. GT6 released but needed many updates. Last time I checked it still wasn’t finished.

    How Evolution got the axe and you didnt is beyond me. I had a lot of fun with Motorstorm.

  • Why am I not surprised….

  • A GT game delayed? Never seen that before. Seriously though hopefully you use the time to make this the best GT yet. Single biggest area of improvement required in the series is ai, and given how this is constantly being talked about as multiplayer, I was worried it would still be pathetically poor. Please go play the latest F1 and take note.
    Also I agree with Airiaen. Must have something to do with them being Japanese. Knack was poor, but the studio didn’t suffer as a result and team ico have been funded for 10 years now with no output. If they were European studios, they would have suffered the consequences long ago.

  • I believe with GT, there are still at least 2 more dates to be announced before we see a correct one…

  • Just get the AED on Studio Liverpool’s heart and make more Wipeout.

    Wipeout…. sniff

  • I don’t mind waiting as long as I get to play a great racing game in PSVR. :)

  • Note how they don’t even say early 2017. This might take awhile…at least Sony is willing to alllow their developers to delay their games can’t say that much for other publishers . So does Sony have any fall exclusives now?

    • “does Sony have any fall exclusives now?”

      The entire PSVR launch slate, plus Gravity Rush 2 and The Last Guardian. For now…

  • This was going to be my Christmas present! :-(

  • Am all for if it needs more time blah blah but as a huge GT fan this is very disappointing the PS4 will have been out for over 3 years and still no GT think you need to really look at opening a second GT studio.

  • LOL. Then i have to buy Assetto Corsa! I’ve done everything in Driveclub and i need a new racing game.

    • Consider Project Cars, after 6+ months of patches it’s really good. Assetto Corsa is the best driving simulator there is yes, but it’s a terrible game other than that.

  • Surprise surprise

  • I swear that’s Polyphony Digital’s favourite word, “delay”. Don’t be surprised when you hear it again in 2017.

  • Welp, there are plenty of releases this period but too bad I won’t have a race game for a while.

  • Booooooooo

  • With the delay, the current PSN listing has been removed. I had this game pre-ordered, will my money be refunded or just kept by Sony until they make up their mind?

    In the meantime I’d like to be playing something else, perhaps Assetto Corsa, since we are left waiting so long to get ANY decent racing titles on Playstation! Forza Horizon looks great but I can’t afford an XBox. Just a pity Sony doesn’t see how much money and time they are wasting funding Kaz’s pet project while Microsoft manages to make 4 Forza games in the time PD barely makes 1! Guess it was a real stupid idea to trust that a Gran Turismo game wouldn’t get delayed.

    Maybe Sony shouldn’t have disbanded Evolution Studios (considering DriveClub was actually an amazing game) and tasked them to make a Forza Horizon competitor. I’m sure they would have managed to make it before we ever got a new GT game!

    • Uh… Driveclub was delayed by almost a year not to mention the PS+ edition by 18 months!!

      Studio Liverpool is my beef. Worry we’ll never see wipeout again. Given how great the last two looked on Vita and PS3 a PS4 version would be stunning.

      As for Forza, I agree entirely. The thing stopping me is I’ve invested in a G29 wheel setup for PS4 that won’t work with an Xbone or I’d be all over one.

  • Just drop the “Sport” and make it Gran Turismo 7

  • A Grand Turismo delayed! Never!

    Is my super expensive steering wheel supported yet? If not still out of the franchise hey ho.

  • I honestly cringe whenever I see the “rather this than a broken game” line. We all know how DriveClub turned out. We all know Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is a good game but overhyped. The PC version of No Man’s Sky? Yeah, that works perfectly and was totally worth the longer wait.

    Not to be cynical or anything, but I believe a lot of delays are purely to extend marketing time. Make that hype train even longer. Even as a huge Gran Turismo fan I am extremely disappointed.

  • off topic I know, but I just want to play Burnout Revenge again :-(

  • As someone who doesn’t play online, I wasn’t impressed when the list of features for GT Sport basically said, “… Oh, and there’s a bit of a single-player game in there somewhere…”

    This doesn’t bode well – I saw GT6 as a massive step *down* from GT5. “The 24 *minutes* of Le Mans” anyone?

    Having been playing GT since GT1, having bought my PS2 just to play GT3 and my PS3 just to play GT5, for the first time ever, I *won’t* be buying GT Sport on the day of release/pre-ordering. I’ll be waiting for release and then seeing if it’s worth bothering with.

    It’s not encouraging that they’re listing “Scapes photo mode” as one of the “ambitious undertakings, using the latest technologies” that they, apparently, think we should be excited about. Am I alone in thinking that I buy GT games to *race* the cars, not to take photos of them! I mean, is anyone on here genuinely getting excited about the fact that we’re going to be able to take really, really good photos of cars? Is that why you’re going to buy it? Is that *anywhere near* the top of the list of your reasons for wanting it?

    Am I bothered that it’s delayed? Well, given that the evidence so far suggests that it may well be as much of a lame duck as GT6 (from a single-player point of view), frankly I expect I’ll be waiting for it to hit the pre-owned bargain shelves before I part with my hard-earned cash for it. So, I’m not looking forward to it as much as I was for GT6 (which I did pre-order, and bought the Deluxe version of).

    Still, I suppose the delay will allow then to use the “ambitious… latest technologies” like “Scapes photo mode” to take lots of loverly marketing shots. I just wish they’d spend the time more constructively giving us an “ambitious… latest technologies” single-player game worthy of next-gen consoles, and the Gran Turismo name.

  • Polyphony back to their same old bad habits.

  • P dawg …. Com’n tho drop a demo at least, I’ve been waiting to play some GT since I rid of my PS3. I’m starting to come down with some ish

  • As the wait for GT to arrive on the PS4 continues, 3 years plus, you can understand why closing Evolution Studio was the right decision!

    Sony could have issued Driveclub this winter with two seasons of cars (More than in GT Sport) plus started a third season. Who knows how much more could have been added.

    Hopefully this delay to the next GT will add the missing offline campaign (100 plus events minimum), improved AI and audio.

    The other option is a remaster of GT3, best in the series, just add the online play.

  • Oh man how I miss the PS2 days so bad! When developers gave a date meant finished and not delayed, plus how I miss when games were shipped on disc completed without problems!

    GT6 on PS3 is still unfinished and they haven’t released the promised cars yet and that’s a shame!

  • Damn I wac actually going to pre order it today but there’s no use in doing that now

  • I bet it’s been delayed because of the new ps4k there all shafting us with

  • My Pre-order just got cancelled…does that mean this is yet another game that won’t be released in my Region without any official news post regarding this?
    I mean what the hell happened to Final Fantasy XV or Rise of Tomb Raider and my pre-orders?

  • Not surprised. Why release a simcade in November when the simulator Assetto Corsa was just released. I don’t see why anyone other than the fanbase of GT-series would want to buy GT so close to AC. I just hope they manage to release GT in time for us to take part in the 2017 season of the FIA championships. That’s the one and only reason I’m buying GT.

  • No dynamic weather, no dynamic time and you are not creating the cars from scratch! What the hell are you guys delaying this game for? If the cars sound the same as they are in GT6, as a very avid GT fan, I’m not going to buy it. I hope this game doesn’t turn into a PS+ freebie.

  • Kaz and his team are great in delaying promises. Ok, there are lots of racing games out there while I wait until gt sport release. For me it will be a must buy. GT6 still delivers solid gameplay and gt sport will definately do better.

  • Since the PlayStation 4 does not support my Logitech G27 wheel, sadly I will be giving this version a miss.
    Unless they magically make the G27 work!

    Played the demo at the unveiling – Much work was needed then, yet Project Cars has a better feel
    Looks like I have moved from PS to PC

  • Nothing is certain except death, taxes and Gran Turismo Delays…

  • Always the same !!!!!!!!!! Im tier this . Very bad

  • now i have a question for uk players due to to the 2017 date, will it be new £5 notes if after may or old £5 notes before may as we need to know ASAP as after may we will have to use the new £5 note?

  • Lets hope that they don’t delay more the launch… to Q2 2017…

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