The King of Fighters XIV is out today – watch the launch trailer

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The King of Fighters XIV is out today – watch the launch trailer

Plus, Producer Yasuyuki Oda speaks to PS Blog about the fighting game sequel

Dear PlayStation fans, we’re very excited today to share some new details on the next instalment in The King of Fighters franchise, The King of Fighters XIV, out now in Europe for €59.99/£49.99. Those who pick up the Day One edition will get an exclusive Steelbook and Classic Kyo DLC costume!

We had the chance to sit down with KOF XIV Producer, Yasuyuki Oda-san, to discuss the development of KOF XIV for PlayStation 4, but before we get into the interview we’re thrilled to release our new trailer to celebrate the launch of KOF XIV around the world!

Now, without further ado, the interview KOF XIV Producer, Yasuyuki Oda-san

How was KOF XIV’s development started? What was the “trigger” that kicked off the project?

Yasuyuki Oda: I heard that while SNK Playmore was focusing mainly on Pachinko-Slot Machines and Mobile Apps a few years back, one day the former chairman Mr. Kawasaki decided to revive SNK’s (internal) console game development. However, there was a definite lack of developers / manpower at the time, so we had to recruit a lot of dev staff for this project.

A few times every year, some of the ex-Fatal Fury dev team members would get together to go out for dinner and drinks. A few years back our current lead artist Ogura was asked by the chairman to introduce and headhunt some of the ex-SNK dev staff to reunite for this project.

It took some time, but thanks to the chairman’s call a good number of veteran staff returned to Esaka, and officially started development on the KOF XIV project from April 2014.

The King of Fighters XIV

How was the large roster of 50 characters formed?

Yasuyuki Oda: First off, we made one line-up consisting of all the existing (classic) characters, and then another one comprised of 90% new characters (many of them not very “KOF-ish”). We then went on to compare them, and discuss internally. Additionally, we thought of markets such as Mexico, South America, and China, and even a few of the popular Pachi-Slot characters here in Japan, for a true SNK “All-Star” line-up.

The King of Fighters XIV

What was the biggest change that you’ve liked in this new instalment of KOF?

Yasuyuki Oda: It has to be the large amount of new and fresh characters in KOF XIV.

Do you have a special message to all the fans at launch?

Yasuyuki Oda: For these past two years, in order to successfully resurrect the SNK brand, both new and veteran staff members have come together with the goal of developing this flagship title. We have long looked forward to this day, to release the newest instalment in the KOF Series that our fans and a new generation of KOF players can fully enjoy.

I hope you, your friends, and all your rival players truly have a blast playing KOF XIV.


The King of Fighters XIV

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  • This is the fighting game everyone has needed. Now we need publicity for BlazBlue and Persona 4 Arena 2 (I kid, RIP my angel). Thanks GG for keeping it locked down.

  • Post office is slow… My package will arrive Monday :(
    Well I’ll just train some with the demo until Monday then :D

  • I own all fighting games on PS4 to be honest I’ve enjoyed KOF since PS2 days & I’ve always enjoyed KOF, I picked up a copy of KOF XIV since it came out to tell you the truth from my side the game is awesome & I think people should try buy it it’s good, I enjoy it as much as SFV, Mortal Kombat 10 & DOA 5 Last Round. Every game brings different feel & fighting strategy, I love it I’m not trying to force it down people’s throats but at list try playing demo see how you feel about it.

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