You can now stream classic PlayStation games to your PC via PS Now

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You can now stream classic PlayStation games to your PC via PS Now

Download the new app today and enjoy over 300 great PS3 titles

For the first time in PlayStation’s history, you can now stream hundreds of blockbuster titles straight to your Windows PC, all courtesy of PlayStation Now.

PlayStation games to your PC

Just download the app here*, grab a compatible controller (we recommend the DS4 [obvs] for full features), hook it up to your PC and start your free trial or subscription. If you already have a PS Now subscription via one of our other compatible devices, then you can continue the fun at no extra cost on even more platforms! To get all the details, check out our FAQs here.

If you’re new to PlayStation Now then find out all about it here - with over 300 classic games for just £12.99 a month you’re sure to have a gaming extravaganza.

*This service is currently available in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Belgium.

PlayStation games to your PC

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  • “This service will only ever be available in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Belgium.”

    There, fixed it for you.

    • LOL! To add insult to injury, the more information link provided goes to a 404 because the URL has the region hard coded. #picardfacepalm

    • Nah, sooner or later SIEE will be forced to introduce this and all other services across all EU countries.

      European Commission is planning to enforce their initiative named Digital Single Market.

      If Netflix was forced to listen to EC than SIEE won’t?


      “The rules are aimed at preventing EU citizens from being discriminated against when shopping for goods or services online because of where they live.”

      Any comment, SCEE/SIEE?

    • It’s hardly discrimination lads, come on now. The Digital Single Market initiative will sort this out eventually, and Sony will likely have to comply. It doesn’t make sense to them to negotiate deals for smaller individual countries like us in Ireland where they won’t see a return by the time they have to renegotiate for the DSM anyway. That and proximity to data centers are likely the issue.

      Remember Onlive, Gaikai and the other failed streaming games services? A sub-par service isn’t going to cut it, better to wait until Sony is ready with it’s rollout.

    • Wait, what? Gaikai failed? I thought it IS Playstation Now lol…

  • Great news. A Mac version would be nice!

    • Needs to be available in your country first, amigo.

    • @Brodiesan: Although this is my main account I actually live in the UK and have a separate UK account for this as Sony doesn’t allow switching countries on our profiles due to licensing reasons.

    • I’d love to see a Mac version as well and apparently they are considering it. In the meantime I’m going to give it a go through parallels.

  • Spain is a bigger Market than NL and BE. So I don’t understand who decides this.
    Also FR, IT and DE are bigger than these two countries.

    • I’m assuming the data centre is in the UK and they don’t want big regions like France and Germany experiencing geo-based lag. Belgium and The Nethelands are probably small test cases to gauge and monitor such lag.

    • Because our internet speed in BE and NL 10x faster ? So they dont need to change things. 100-200mbit is normal around here.

    • In Spain we have 300 upload/ 300 donwload with telefónica and Others

    • In addition, I am currently living in Ireland with 80 megas download / 10 uplolad and I dont have any problems (lag, and others) to play streaming with GameFly via Samsung Smart TV using a Dual Shock 4 with games as Tomb Raider Definitive edition.

    • 80 mega ? Sorry , that speed is only for south korea. You mean 80 mbit.

      Really that fast in Spain ? I am justed that spanish people lagg and on holiday the internet was drama too :(.

    • Yes, 80 mbit in Ireland (in a small town)
      And yes, 300 mbit in spain up/down

      Im glad with PSnow in BE and NL. You are lucky. I just I think is a strange decision because there are bigers markets like Germany or France, not only Spain

    • IT is bigger? LOL in some cities in the southern part they had 128k connection until a couple of years ago!

    • Well… in Spain Telefonica and some other providers give us real 300mbps fiber connection… but in reality is some kind of [DELETED] marketing, because our connections with the rest of the world suck, because is mainly ruled by Telefonica itself. Telefonica only gives 300connection with the servers they decide. The rest of the traffic goes through the same old rusty connections, who use to ping in the Netherlands… Because the Netherlands has a solid and constantly updated broadband infrastructure maintained by the government.

      Yeah you will have 300mbps with movistar+ (telefonica VOD service), but with Sony’s PlayStation Video service we have a laugh and slow connection. YouTube? Sometimes my phone’s 4g works better than my home connection…

      Remember the Netflix issue with Telefonica? (Google it). Telefonica forces companies to pay an extra fee in order to give full speed connection. That’s why PlayStation Now will be hardly deployed in Spain..

  • whats the point when classics like Gran Turismo and Skate 3 are not playable

  • Please please please, make a Mac version.

    Remote Play app and the new DS4 USB adapter supporting Mac makes it a no-brainer :)

  • So the upgraded PS4 is really a PC? SELLOUTS!

  • Congrats UK, NL and BL. I don’t know what you did to get Sony’s love all to yourselves, but I hope enjoy it for the rest of us as well! *throwing money at Sony*

    Update: money was thrown back without explanation.

  • No i can’t actually

  • Since this is such a huge deal, I looked into PS Now. I couldn’t believe that you could actually use Vita to stream PS3 games into it!!! And it has been available for quite some time already!

    Then I remember eastern europe is bottom tier priority…. One day!

    • No worries, pretty much all of Western Europe as well is unknown to Sony Europe as it seems. Please can someone give them a video which shows them of what countries Europe consists?

    • If you’re not profitable, Sony won’t care. The rest of the company is a mess so they’re not going to take risks.

  • thats it, there is no more reasons to buy a playstation console

  • Why is sony keep wasting money and resources on this rip off service called ps now? secondly why would pc owners want to play inferior ps3 ports of games that are already on pc for example the pc version of borderlands 2 destroys the awful ps3 port and thats without considering the streaming issues like lag and even worse artificial low framerate.

    So that leaves the exclusive ps3 games half of which are remastered on ps4 and we all know how elitist pc gamers can get when they arent playing games at anything less than 4k and 60 fps.

    also alot of once former exclusives are jumping ship to pc anyway with native ports like tales of zesteria. Not sure why sony thinks it can just waste money on trash like ps now because of ps4s success because the ps4 has now peaked in sales so you cant rely on ps4 forever.

    • Cry some more kiddo.

    • “why would pc owners want to play inferior ps3 ports of games that are already on pc for example the pc version of borderlands 2 destroys the awful ps3 port and thats without considering the streaming issues like lag and even worse artificial low framerate.”

      Because i can play borderlands and hundreds of games on my laptop with intel graphics with this service but i can’t with the pc versions. Not all PC users have powerful graphics cards. I thought this was obvious…

  • Are there people who actually want to pay money to play old games with terrible lag!?

    • Plenty.

      The terrible lag must be an issue on your side, however. Works beautifully well over here.

    • Telling me that it works well makes you a liar. It objectively does not work well at all.

    • I think liar may be a bit strong. Everyone will have different experiences with the service.
      That you have issues doesn’t render the entire service useless or bad for everyone else. I also don’t have any trouble with the service on my 200meg connection.

    • Works perfect here. No lag at all. Are you on ghetto internet or just trolling?

    • Works fine here too , wouldn’t sub to it but have trialled it and even in beta I couldn’t fault the quality, even on vita over WiFi I had no problems

    • Even Remote Play from PSTV with Ethernet connection over a LAN to a PS4 with Ethernet connection has a noticeable delay compared with playing natively, so don’t try to tell me that PSNow works perfectly, because it simply isn’t possible.

    • Works great for me I am in the uk got 35mbps download and I get no problems lag well I have not noticed to me it’s like playing the disc version of the game I have not tried multi player but story mode games work just fine

  • Should have been launched below £10. Too expensive as is, also should be able to stream games I already own digitally.

    • I completely agree with your last point. I don’t see why we would not be able to stream the games we paid for. I don’t mind the subscription part but so far this product/service is still incomplete and some choices made by Sony make no sense so far.

    • I don’t see why people always mention this. If you already own the game digitally why would you stream it and not just play it on the PS3 you bought it on… Although it would be a lot nicer to be useful to play it on PS4 aswell.

  • Hey Sony, what did 95% of Europe do to you that you ignore it completely?

  • I may have put my PS3 away when I bought the PS4 and Xbox One and Wii U but at £12.99 a month you can still shove it. I’d rather Sony just keep emulating+upgrading old games and porting them to their new system. At least then I can just use Remote Play on my PC to play everything.

  • When will the service be available in France?

    • I think only Germany atm has the biggest chance to get it sometime 2017, they have been running beta tests of PSNow since last February. The other german speaking countries are ignored however by Sony completely by this beta test. So I guess unless Sony runs a PSNow Beta test for France, there only are slim chances France will get it in the near future.

  • For the cost of a years worth of PSNow you could pick up a second hand PS3 and every game that’s actually worth playing on the service and still have change left over.

    • Well that’s exactly what I am going to do, I am interested in about 5 games on the PS3 which have not been ported to the PS4 yet (one of them – Okami HD is not even on PS Now yet). A second hand PS3 and getting those games also second hand will cost me about 150 Euros which means probably about 1 year of PS Now. Also add to that that PSNow will probably never be available in my country although they run beta tests in a neighboring country with the same language. So I don´t think waiting for Sony to get its act together PSNow wise makes sense for me ATM. As for the British people, congrats you have the service. I just wished that Sony would stop to advertising it as an European service which it clearly is not ATM. In the meanwhile Samsungs Gamefly and NVidias game streaming service run circles around PSNows availability on a worldwide scale.

      Also the connecitivity in Europe is even less than an issue than in the US, with 100MBit+ being available in many european regions (yes even in eastern Europe you can get Fibre to Home or similar offerings)

      It probably might be better for Sony to team up with Samsung/Gamefly instead of rolling out PSNow in such a pityful manner. Samsung was later with Gamefly than Sony, but it is available in way more countries on way more devices with less monthly costs ATM. NVidia also is way more available although ATM only on two devices and only covering PC games (which I mostly have anyway – at leat the ones I am interested in)

      Either you are in the game which means covering all important countries worldwide with a decent pricing scheme or you don´t do it at all instead of [DELETED] off 5% of potential customers who can get it with high prices and [DELETED] off 95% of the potential customers who want to get it by advertising it for years but not delivering anything.

      Don’t get me wrong Gamestreaming has a bright future, but the price has to be right and the availability as well. In both criteria Sony fails big time, at least in Europe, which consists of more than three countries.

  • *This service is currently available in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Belgium.

    That’s a joke right? Germany has the strongest PC Market in the world and Sony is not launching their servie there??? What a shame…

  • This internet service is not available in the country with the best internet.

  • Is there any chances to roll out PS NOW to other europe countries?

  • When PSNOW will be available in Poland?

    • The chances are slim for 2017 that any other country than Germany will get PSNow. Germany is the only country I am aware of where Sony runs Beta tests for PS Now atm (and blocking out the other german speaking countries which traditionally have excellent internet backbones to germany at the same time). In the end it is probably cheaper anyway to get a used PS4 and the handful of games which are interesting and not yet ported to the PS4 used. Thats what I am going to do. Sony you just lost a potential PSNow customer.

  • Still we have about 25% games less available in Europe compared to the US. I’ve no plans to support PSnow while SCEE is still this incompetent.

  • *scans list of games*
    Nope still no Demon’s Souls = No sale.

  • Will it ever be available in Israel?

    But when you are expecting nothing at all,

    even Apple finally opened Apple Music in Israel :)

  • Maybe this will expand the PS Now.
    To one new country.

  • Does anyone know how long it takes for new, AAA games to appear on this service?

    I am thinking of Uncharted 4 – what’s a reasonable guess as to when that will appear on this??

  • Wow, not only have they decided to support windows 7 but it’s also availble in Belgium before all the rest. What’s the catch?

  • Can anyone tell me if its gonna be available in Greece?I saw someone said “This service will only ever be available in UK Belgium and the Netherlands”I mean PS Now should be available in every country right?I may understand something wrong..Can anyone explain and answer?

  • We’re can I buy the dongle I checked Amazon no dongle

  • missing PS now feature in m country ….still useless feature if you outside GB you are wery limited in PSN and in features ..and PS plus is only good for multiplayer ….please make some advance and make features for all EU countries not only one ….most games for PSP and PS one missing in our stores as well ..

  • My one issue here… is the PC CPU requirements! HOLY… just… why?

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