100s of games discounted on PlayStation Store this week

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100s of games discounted on PlayStation Store this week

Grab savings on Street Fighter V, Call of Duty titles, retro games and more

First up this week, the PlayStation Store Deal of the Week is back with the legendary fighting favourite, Street Fighter V!

PlayStation Store Discounts

With both Street Fighter V and Street Fighter V Deluxe Edition available on offer on PS4, the path to greatness begins here! Visit the Deal of the Week page on PlayStation Store and save big on this great title today!

COD Zone (until 07/09/16)

We’re showcasing a host of amazing Call of Duty games and add-ons available on offer in the PlayStation Store COD Zone promotion.

PlayStation Store Discounts

Big games such as Call of Duty Black Ops III, Advanced Warfare and Ghosts Gold Editions will be on offer with up to 50% off, as well as a whole host of amazing Call of Duty PS3 and PS4 full game and DLC content.

The COD Zone page has all your regional pricing, but here’s a look at everything that’s on offer:



*Some titles may not be available in your region

PlayStation Retro (until 07/09/16)

This week we’re also celebrating all things retro on PlayStation Store with our PlayStation Retro deals. Don’t miss out on classics such as the Grand Theft Auto Trilogy, Canis Canem Edit, PaRappa the Rapper 2 and Double Dragon, as well as the huge selection of PS4, PS3 and PS Vita titles on offer.

PlayStation Store Discounts

We’ve got the full list of titles below, with regional pricing found on the PlayStation Retro page.



PS Vita

*Some titles may not be available in your region

Digital Discounts (until 07/09/16)

Last but by no means least; we see the return of PlayStation Store’s Digital Discounts. Save big on great adventures such as The Last Blade 2, Riptide GP: Renegade, Deadlight: Director’s Cut and more. Head to PlayStation Store and download now!

*Some titles may not be available in your region

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  • Heh. Was just having a discussion a couple days ago with my friend about Street Fighter V and that he wished he’d bought it the last time it was in a sale like I did and now here it is again and looks to be even cheaper. I shall let him know after I’ve had a proper browse through the rest. :P

  • Any chance of a discount on Bubble Bobble?

  • Some great prices there (MGS2 and 3 HD for £3.99 each). Some baffling (£9.49 for the two in a bundle)

  • Ok I bought Kinetica and Super Mutant Alien Assault together for just under a tenner and had a quick go on each. Am enjoying them so I’m happy with this sale. :)

  • Can we have Gradius V as the next PS2 classic on PS4 as well please?

    Also to echo my colleague above, why no discount on Bubble Bobble, Salamander, Gradius and Double Dragon 2 in the Arcade Archives?

    Lastly, Super Star Wars is a wonderful trip down memory lane from my old SNES days, great stuff!

    • Those arcade archive games you mention are probably selling well enough compared to the others to not need a sale at moment. That’s my theory anyways being as they’re among the best titles in that category. :)

    • I would like to see Rule of Rose and Kuon as the next PS2 classic would be nice to see on PS4 *hint hint* even on the PS3 would be acceptable.

      Someone on ebay has Rule of Rose for £249.90 + postage and Kuon is around a £149. It would be so nice to see the people selling these disempowered from ruthless capitalism and suddenly holding a chocolate teapot with significantly reduced value. I suspect people have been using the Twitter request of PS2 on PS4 to inflate prices of old games on ebay.

  • Please, please, please a dlc sale, I know a lot of people would be pleased, me as well :3
    Obviously not the same dlcs that are always on sale, but some that have never been, like for the witcher, just cause 3, or even for old ps3 games like drakengard or enslaved …

  • Z.H.P! At long last. Only had a quick glance but this sale seems pretty good.

  • Please do something with our ps plus money to solve ws 37397-9

  • The SFV price more accurately reflects the price it should have been when it was released but, even now I can’t be bothered to buy it.

  • Sony, you know that Wild Arms 3 on PS4 crashes and a lot of people already got refunded and it doesn’t look like a patch is getting made right? Personally i didn’t buy it because I was waiting to see if a patch came out but looks like it’s not. Yet you’re still selling it just like that.. Is a patch coming or not?

    • Parappa the Rapper 2 is almost completely unplayable too – there’s no audio or video calibration options, and playing on a HDTV introduces lag to both. Not what you want from a rhythm action game

    • Eu duvido que alguma vez vá sair um patch, o jogo e processado por emulador, por isso o melhor e esperares pela próxima actualização da PS4.

    • I have played Wild Arms 3 for 10 h and none of the crashes were critical and inevitable. Perhaps they become more critical later? Or there could be other reasons…

  • Can we please have original Metal Gear Solid back on croatian ps store?
    It just disappeared some time ago, and we got all the other MGS games, even the special missions.

  • Actualy… this is quite nice sale. Imho even better than summer sale. I have vast majority of those games though…

    I only have one question though…. would you guys be so kind to try talk with someone about putting Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness on some sale in the future? I understand that nobody really want to acknowledge that it is their game (neither Koei Tecmo nor NISA)… but it’s high time for this little gem to get sale.

    • Because most of them were in the sale last time and a bit cheaper too, that’s when I picked most up. If you didn’t pick up RSG Magnificent Seven last time it’s a nice bundle just to play the Harvest Moon games on ps vita tv.

    • @Izorpo
      I actualy bought all Rising Star Games when they had their birthday sale :P

      So yeah… but I might actualy buy Spectral Souls and Fear Effects (I don’t even remember seeing those games on PSN)

      Thinking also about Z.H.P.

      Though bit sad that once again Gungnir and Growlanser didn’t receive any sale. I would love to buy those… but I can’t force myself to pay as much as they want for full price.

    • I keep thinking both Gungir and Growlanser have been on sale before maybe in the £10-12 each range . I know the US has had them for sale in the past usually when there is a Atlus sale where they have Persona games for $4.99. I wish we had Persona : Eternal Punishment on the store (considering the other American import PSone games on EU store)

  • frustrating that i’ve already purchased something on PS3, and would have to pay again for PS4 version. Can understand for disc but for download copy…

  • How can the rock star collections be called vita collections when they are not vita games? They are PSP games aren’t they? Slightly misleading there.

  • A lot of the PSP JRPG’s I bought last time and for a bit less. A few though I can add to my collection.

    Has anyone played Lost Sea? How is it? Better than Rainbow Moon?

  • Capcom reloaded link doesn’t work and the price is unchanged on the store. can you please fix it, i really want to buy this one.

  • Hey look, they (kinda) listened and are providing a link so you can see prices. Next time, they’ll post it here to save our time. Right? #sarcasm

  • Really? CoD and retro games?

    And I thought the whole Summer Sale was exceptionally weak, but yeah, it could still get worse, which is obvious now.

  • I wonder when will Sony update those ps2/ps4 games to 60hz…

    • Tried to contact Italian support team but no luck. No luck on Twitter either.

      And no answer here.

      The discount price have disappeared from UK store too, now. Lol.

      So no fix, for now. Any chance they will notice and fix it?

  • Still no Salt&Sanctuary sale.. Nice Sony nice.. And totally digital has been taken out too…

    • That is a great game and the reason its not on sale is probably it sells extremely well (and well deserved so). See Shovel Knight and Axiom Verge they didnt come on sale until like a year after release? Because they also sold pretty good. They usually put the games on sale that dont sell that well (of course there is always some exceptions). Anyway you can get it kinda cheap if you create a canadian account :D It comes to around 11€

    • I’m sure it was on sale on “Totally Digital” or something similar in 1 of the weeks during the Summer Sale as I was trying to talk a friend round to buying it!

    • @EllzW really? Because I was watching the summer sale and never found it. Maybe it was on the week I was on vacations. :(

      @PDI2016 Is there a problem If I have the same credit card I have on my Greek account?If not then I will buy it from there If i can play it on my account.

  • Been waiting for that Black Ops 2 Season Pass. Thank you! Next waiting for Tekken™ 5: Dark Resurrection Online to hit sale.

  • Retro sale is a good chance to ask about the extreme lack of additional PSOne / PS2 classics. When is Alundra 2? When is Syphon Filter 2 (Why are SF and SF3 on the store but not SF2? Don’t tell me the second disc SF2 had is stopping this??)? When is Chocobo Racing? When is Timesplitters / Timesplitters 2 / Timesplitters Future Perfect?

    • Lack of additional PS1 classics makes sense since they were associated with ps3, which is no longer the relevant console. I wouldn’t mind more PS2 classics on ps4 of course, Timesplitters trilogy would be sweet.

    • Not sure if it’s the same where you are, but I had to manually search for SF2. It also appears to only be a PSP game, whereas 1 and 3 are for Vita… Not sure if that has anything to do with anything…


  • Retro sale is pretty cool, will definitely have to pick up the Warriors now. Already thoroughly enjoyed Fahrenheit again from a previous sale :) I have to say I’m getting really sick of the last-gen support now. Every time there’s 2 pages of relevant ps4 content and dozens of ps3/vita history. I’m sure a few people still bite but in general it just seems like a way to make the sale seem more substantial. Are they really going to continue this last-gen support well into the next generation? :s Their timing on this was way better going from ps2 to 3, they supported it for a little while but not this long. I suppose the whole digital store format has something to do with it too but still..

    • Didnt Fahrenheit only just come out? How was it on sale already? BTW I really wish they would start giving good discounts again, 40% off is hardly a good discount.

    • Oh right, my mistake. It was one of those small discounts for PS+ during launch, I guess. I just meant I’ve been quite enjoying the ps2 classics on ps4 so far :) Bully was also great again and still need to properly start with the GTA’s. Might even give Primal a playthrough again for this price. Anything below 10€ I’m good with for the games that provide me with great nostalgia :)

  • I don’t mean to sound ungrateful but I have to ask again, what is the point of having a plus subscription if only a handful of games have an additional discount? It’s incredibly disappointing when compared to the massive 70-90% sales that the U.S. gets.

    • You realize how PS+ discounts work? Instead of giving 40% off to everyone they make it 20% off for everyone and another 20% off for ps+ so you save nothing EVER with ps+ discounts. All the games that used to be 80% off in sales earlier are now maybe 40% or 50% off with ps+ or if you are lucky 70% off but the deal is, with a PS+ discount they just make the non-PS+ discount lesser so thats where its from, not an additional ps+ discount at all, its basically misleading advertising.

    • @PDI2016
      Sure, I get how PS Plus discounts work. Disregarding the advertised percentage, my issue is with how many games get an additional or exclusive discount from being a subscriber. A lot of these sales are open to everyone, but unlike the U.S., we get a paltry selection of titles that benefit from being a subscriber.

      For example, look at this sale from the U.S. a couple months back:

      Just about everything nets you an additional discount because you are a plus member. Compare that to what we usually get and I can’t help but feel a bit dissatisfied.

      I can always wait for a U.S. based sale as they usually provide deeper discounts even without a membership, but why can’t the benefits for being a plus member be equal worldwide?

  • There was some rumours a while ago about the PS2 Shooter BLACK coming to PS4, which many consider as the Godfather of Call of Duty & Battlefield. Is this coming to PS4 soon as a PS2 classic?

  • No matter what else you do, please NEVER remove this retro category on the Vita store. It is solid GOLD! And these titles used to be ridiculously hard to find.

  • There’s basically most of my childhood on sale right now.

  • Capcom Classics Reloaded and Ace Combat: Joint Assault aren’t on sale, and the links above don’t work. It doesn’t even look like you can buy Ace Combat at all…

  • I would love to buy some of this stuff, but the Store keeps telling me my card information is wrong and also won’t let me use paypal!

  • This discounts also in USA psn?

  • Its nice to see many PS games be discounted,especially after the release of the Play Station Now for PC: http://playstationnow.yolasite.com/

  • I also had some payment/login issue yesterday. However when adding money to wallet separately and then making purchase, everything worked.

  • I thought about buying Dark Cloud, Dark Chronicle and Rogue Galaxy but now I’m thinking should I buy them from US Store? Because I’ve heard these PS2 ports are somehow [DELETED] in Europe? Is this true?

  • Tomb(i)a! FINALLY. Been waiting for this to go on sale for bloody ages.

  • Where’s rock band 4’s dlc announcement?

  • Why is it always EU? NA doesn’t get good discounts like this. A few months ago we didn’t get the Golden Week Sale and then we didn’t get Big In Japan PSN Sale as well. And now we don’t have this! I live in Canada and we rarely get any discounts on PSN. Why? Is PS+ more expensive there or something? :(

  • I will definitely be buying from this retro sale. I worked as video games product manager for Virgin Mega Stores and I remember selling these games NEW! It has to start somewhere and I wish big companies like you Sony would respect that. The playstation 1&2 games in the store have been next to impossible to find,. Same for psp, Can you please fix OUR STORE so we could buy what WE WANT,…

  • I’m kinda torn. I’m not sure if I should just pick up Half-Minute Hero or get it as part of the RPG Collection bundle with Blazing Souls Accelate?

  • Cannot have a retro sale without Space Invaders

  • Dex doesn’t appear on the portuguese PS Store anymore. It was there until yesterday on the sale, now it seems that it can’t be found at all.


    In other words: 0 results when searching for the game

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