New on PlayStation Store: Deus Ex Mankind Divided, Inside, Armikrog, more

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New on PlayStation Store: Deus Ex Mankind Divided, Inside, Armikrog, more

Worms WMD, Alone With You and a beta trial for Nioh also go live

This week sees the return of augmented assassin Adam Jensen in Eidos Montreal’s phenomenal Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. Also look out for Inside, from the team behind Limbo; a new entry in the ever-popular Worms series; eccentric sci-fi romance Alone With You; claymation romp Armikrog; and a beta run for Koei Tecmo’s upcoming slice ’em up Nioh. Full details below.

PlayStation StoreOut this week





  • Nioh beta(Not in Germany)
    23rd August

  • Arcade Archives Vulcan Venture
    24th August

  • The King of Fighters 2000
    24th August


  • Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 demo
    24th August

  • A.O.T. Wings of Freedom, with bonus (Not in Ireland)
    26th August

  • The King of Fighters XIV
    26th August


  • Space Hulk (Not in Aus/NZ)
    26th August



  • Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 demo
    24th August

  • A.O.T. Wings of Freedom (Not in Ireland)
    26th August


  • A.O.T. Wings of Freedom (Not in Ireland)
    26th August


22nd August

23rd August

24th August

  • Overwatch
  • 2x Loot Box
  • 5x Loot Box
  • 11x Loot Box
  • 24x Loot Box
  • 50x Loot Box
  • Warframe
  • Nekros Prime Access Pack
  • Nekros Prime Accessories Pack

25th August

  • Asetto Corsa
  • Asetto Corsa – DLC Season Pass (Only in AUS, NZ, Germany)

26th August

  • Asetto Corsa
  • Asetto Corsa – DLC Season Pass

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5 Author Replies

  • Great week lots of games to buy!

    • Only thing I care for is Prominence Poker but its nowhere to be found in the store, typical Sony make an egghunt every week in PSN. New sales this week? 5-10€ are good prices for a game, 60€ without refunds is not. I mean in US its cheaper and they all get refunds on No Mans Sky easily in livechat. In EU….?

  • And status about Kerbal Space Program is still big confidential secret?

    • I once again contacted the developers. I suspect, as usual, is something to do with certification but I wonder why they cannot say it.

  • Prominance Poker?

  • PS+ is 60€ soon in EU? I mean its such great games every month (Cough, Cough)

    • PS Plus prices have gone up since last Sept. so don’t worry fellow American we know your pain.

    • New titles in Digital only sales when?

    • They’re obviously not gonna say this, because then people could buy subscriptions before the price goes up, duh.

      Not that an increase in price would be justified in even the largest stretch of the imagination…..

    • The PS Plus price increase is for the US only, as the EU had a price increase already this time last year.

  • Space Hulk = Cross buy?

  • Any news on attractio for the vita?

  • Is A.O.T. Wings of Freedom not coming to Ireland in any form or just not coming to Ireland on that date?

  • Alone with you is vita also, why no listing

  • New titles in Digital only sales when?

  • NiOh is available in Germany, btw. It’s just a PS+ exclusive (because of the 18+ rating).

    Also surprised they went with the “Vulcan Venture” name instead of the more well-known “Gradius II”.

  • Will the A.O.T Wings of Freedom for PS Vita also have a Bonus ????

    Another great release for PS Store, Awesome!!!!!!

  • I see Asetto (needs another s!) Corsa DLC, but not the main game?

    • Maybe it launches friday? Not sure but I saw it still has the Pre-order banner on its icon.

    • Aye, it’s supposed to be Friday, but there are games listed above which are also out on Friday.

      Alarm bells be ringing!

    • I’m also curious about this, need a new racing game, got last seasons F1, so won’t be buying this years until a price drop.

  • A very good week full of releases. I am looking forward to getting another go at Nioh. Will be nice to see how it’s come along since the Alpha.

    @Fransesca – The ‘Commando Voice Pack’ for Alienation is not showing on the Store and the link provided takes me to a 404 page. Can this be looked into please?

    – MjA –

  • Oh look… Another week us EU/AU players have no updates with any legacy Rock Band content. We’re getting closer to it being a whole year since Rock Band 4 came out and we have almost nothing compared to what SIEA has, and just recently they got the Metal Track Pack Export.

    I’m a UK player and i have all the exports i managed to get before they expired (1 and 3) but i’m still frustrated with SIEE that there is a lot of people out there still waiting for RB2, LEGO, Green Day, AC/DC and you don’t seem to be doing much to help bring this content to the PS4

    But look on the bright side everyone, the weekly PAID DLC is out on time, which for some reason you always seem to be leaving out of the blog as well


  • Francesca,

    There was new content added this week for both Rock Band 4 and Rocksmith 2014 which don’t appear here!

    And, is there any news on that “updated tool” SCEE needs to provide Harmonix so they can continue rolling out the Exports and Entitlement Fixes for Rock Band 4?

    SCEA and XBOX users have almost all of their content.

    Whereas, we SCEE users only have the Rock Band 3 Export and an incomplete Rock Band 1 Export.

    The game was released 10 months ago. We were promised all content we owned for the previous Rock Band titles on the PS3 would be available for free for use in Rock Band 4 on the PS4.

    The developer isn’t holding up the process, SCEE is.

    If you’re unable to answer the question, could you please ask Fred, Rhys or someone else at SCEE to provide us with a much deserved response?

    Thank you!

    • We RockBand users want answers !

    • Another week of no news about the missing exports or info on whether we can pre order rivals in EU regions.

      Is Sony not at all embarrassed by how long this is taking or worried that it reflects poorly on them compared to Microsoft?

      Also second Graffins motion to pass this info onto someone higher up in the chain who can do something about this.

    • I haven’t been given any updates regarding any Rock Band content or releases.

  • Prominence Poker is meant to be today but isn’t even mentioned and not on the store?

  • What is the price for Attack on Titan on PS Vita? ^_^

  • Why is attack on titan not coming out in Ireland?

    • KOEI said they’re awaiting rating/certification approval because Ireland does not accept PEGI. So blame your country.

  • The Augmented Covert Agent Pack has been removed, I wanted to buy it at 8am but I got a phone call, logged back in at 10am and it had gone, it’s still gone now, any ideas why?

  • Another Rock Band 4 content-less owner here…. oh well, guess we have to wait another week. :'(

    • A week is more than a tad optimistic.

      You should be checking for new updates every 3 months or so that way you aren’t wasting time.

      I’d say we’ll go into 2017 and beyond with no info about the missing exports or news about the broken tool.

      In fact I am starting to doubt that this will ever be fixed.

  • Given that the US PS plus is going up in price next month can we expect the same? That will be great pr given the farce of a service it’s been recently.

    • I wouldnt be suprised if PS+ in EU soon costs as much as they charge now for most new games day1 so 60gbp in UK right? Makes you think if you still should even buy multiplayer games for 60 when you cant even play them online after just paying so much.

    • I mean if new games at least came with 3 (additonal) months of PS+ that would be fine actually. But like now its pretty much unfriendly.

    • I struggled to justify my last PS plus subscription, and it was more to allow me time to complete some of the old ps3 ones. I don’t tend to play online games as I don’t have the time to dedicate to being good enough.

    • I doubt it. We had our price increase a couple of years back.

    • Only the 3 month one increased though didn’t it? Not the 12 month.

    • Why worry about something that hasn’t happened. Could get run over tomorrow, but i’m not going to start worrying about traffic.

  • Hi! Any news on the Galak Z Void DLC and when it’s coming out in Europe?

  • Can someone please shed a light on the AOT “not in Ireland” situation. This usually suggests a ban. Is it banned or just launching at a later date?

  • Prominence Poker is up now in US PSN in “New games”…. Still not in EU

  • Sounds like the whole psn is a trainwreck this week, there’s missing Deus Ex content, content that’s supposed to be part of the season pass which wants me to pay for it, no Titan for Ireland, no Poker, no RB4.

    What the hell is going on?

  • That (not in Ireland) on Attack on Titan scares me…is not not coming out here or are we just not getting the bonus?

    Calm my fears guys!

    • Accidentally posted this above and meant to post it here:

      It says “Not in Ireland” under the PS3 version as well which doesn’t have the Bonus, so sounds like we won’t be getting the game.

  • Hmmm, well Fred said on twitter they are aware number of blog responses are down and it will improve, and I don’t see one answer to anyone on here yet, typical

    • Yeah its like they absolutely hate their job and really want to quit instead of loving their job and helping Sony customers all day

    • Would be happy with even half a day, or like the ps plus fiasco a response in less than two weeks maybe, is that too much to ask

  • I remember when things went wrong the blog team used to respond to alleviate fears, guess that’s not the case anymore as 3 hours after issues got reported 0 author replies remains.

  • Why the sam heck is Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom not available in Ireland? Please explain.

  • What’s the story with AOT in Ireland?

  • Yeah why the hell are we not getting attack on titan. It is super weird to have it not come out for one region specifically.

    • I’m guessing the game’s rating was rejected in ireland. But I don’t see what would be in the game which would make them reject it.

      Hopefully it’s some temporary error, but we’ll see. If it was the rating being rejected I’ll start getting the pitchforks ready to complain to the raings/censors/whatever they are called these days board..

  • Rock band rivals pre order? Remaining Rock band exports? Follow me down? Remaining entitlement fixes?


  • Hm, for PS4 prominence poker isn’t out in the EU?

  • Still no fallout4 mods Sony problem really sick waiting . I dont think ever get fallout4 mods. Next week last dlc of fallout4 .

  • Where is the remaining exports for rock band 4 ? SCEA and XBOX users have all of their content but we SCEE users only have the Rock Band 3 and Rock Band 1 Export.

    Is the broken “tool” being fixed soon so we can have our content that we paid for?

    The game was released almost a year ago. We were promised that all content we paid for in the previous Rock Band titles on the PS3 would be available for free for use in Rock Band 4 on the PS4.

  • A.O.T. Wings of Freedom, with bonus – 26th August
    Yes finally.would have hoped for a preload but that’s fine. Sad for Irish people that they don’t get it at least for now.

    Also going to try Nioh again.

  • Just woke up, found a ton of new content has been uploaded, still no reupload of the Augmented Covert Pack and it still wants to charge me for the Assault pack.

    And to echo Unicronic’s thoughts, no replies is shocking.

    I don’t expect the blog team to work 24/7 but to work for maybe an hour or 3 after posting the listing JUST IN CASE ANYTHING HAS GONE WRONG, (like it has) doesn’t seem like an insane thought to me.

  • Rock band 4 exports?

  • Google finally has answers so I’m posting here for the maybe 1 other person who has been flumaxed by this seeing as clearly no reply is coming from Sony.

    The Augmented Cover Pack is the preorder day 1 pack with a different freaking name, why they choose to do this I do not know, but if you preordered you already have it all.

    Still can’t find out why the assault pack is not park of the ps4 season pass but I’m past caring.

    • Because honestly calling one the covert agent pack and one the augmented covert agent pack is insanity when augmented means… having been made greater in size or value.

      So one would assume the augmented covert pack was some greater than the covert pack.

      BTW yes I am Autistic and yes I take thing literal which is why this has demented me.

      Whoever choose to name them differently hates Autism

  • Does anyone know how to access the OST sampler and comic book pre order bonuses? I have everything else including the theme but I can’t find the Digital Novella, Comic Book, Artbook, & OST Sampler

    • I got a code with the game that I had to use on their website to get an actual PSN code (I know, backwards right?) and on that actual website that stuff could be downloaded after putting in the first code.
      It’s nothing substantial, they’re all just a couple of pages and the OST has 9 songs, mostly trailer songs and opening credits etc.. Not a real OST by any means, a typical pre order free OST.

  • I e-mailed the classifications office about the release of AOT in Ireland and they said that the game hasn’t been submitted to them for examination, so whatever the issue is, it’s happening on Koei Tecmo’s side

  • Some Worms avatars would be nice if you can have a word with Team 17 please :)

  • Why US has PS Plus discount on Alone With You but EU doesn’t? How are PS Plus discounts decided?

  • What happened to The Huntsman? Yesterday it was in the store, but not available to buy, today its gone altogether???

    Austrian Store, btw.

    • The game is not on the German Store as well. I think, this is because the game doesn’t have a German language pack (yet). Maybe kind of similar to what happened with Bears Can’t Drift?! But I have to guess here. Couldn’t find anything on the internet, except that Desert Owl Games said on their Twitter, that currently the game is available in English only.

    • I hope this problem can be solved though … the art in the game is so beautiful.

  • I never asked for this. (Grunt)

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