Repair a broken world through dance in Bound, out today on PS4

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Repair a broken world through dance in Bound, out today on PS4

Plastic’s elegant, mysterious adventure pirouettes onto PlayStation Store

Today everyone at Plastic is incredibly excited. We’re releasing Bound – a unique platformer, in which you play as a contemporary dancer.

The game, however, is not just about the dance. It also delivers a serious story in a modern, experimental way that is possible only in games. Instead of telling you the story, Bound invites you to explore it and discover at your own individual pace.

The game’s strong narrative can touch you on a personal level. That is why we haven’t revealed any details of Bound’s story before today. We ask you to please not spoil the meaning of our game to your friends. It works best when you approach it fresh, without any preconceptions about where it’s headed.

We worked for almost four years to implement as many unique and unexplored game elements as possible. For the aesthetics of Bound, we have chosen modern art and demoscene algorithms. For its audio, we decided to go into electroacoustic music and combine it with classical ballet piano. And finally we have brought you the possibility to dance through the whole game.

But we have also thought about hardcore gamers. You can complete the game in 120 different ways. The order that you play the levels affects how the game looks, sounds and behaves, as well as your perspective on the events of the game. It can completely change how you interpret the events of the story. The order of the levels also affects how difficult they are to complete. Finding the fastest path will be hard, and will grant you a platinum trophy.

Finally, Bound will be available on PlayStation VR on 13th October as a free update. We are really proud of our camera system which proves that third-person camera games are possible in VR and that they can deliver an absolutely new kind of amazing experience to you, the players.

Please enjoy Bound.

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