More games added to PlayStation Store’s Summer Sale

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More games added to PlayStation Store’s Summer Sale

Uncharted 4, Doom, Rainbow Six Siege, Umbrella Corps now discounted

We’re here at the half-way point of the PlayStation Store Summer Sale and we’ve added a selection of great new titles to the promotion, with up to 60% off!

Don’t miss out on amazing games such as Uncharted 4, Battlefield 4, Tom Clancy’s The Division, Trackmania Turbo, Doom and many more, all on offer until 24th August 2016.

Head to the Summer Sale page on PlayStation Store for details on regional pricing, but here’s a look at everything included in the promotion!

Summer Sale new additions – PS4

Summer Sale new additions – PS3

Still on offer (until 24/08/16) – PS4

Still on offer (until 24/08/16) – PS3

Still on offer (until 24/08/16) – PS Vita

*Some titles may not be available in your region

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  • I just noticed that ps2 classics have been added to the ps4 psn store. I purchased GTA San Andreas amongst others as a Ps2 classic on my ps3 and now they expect me to pay for the same games again. The way Sony has handled backwards compatibility is terrible. Oh well on to the future

    • It’s stupid yes, but these PS4 emulations have been upscaled to 1080 and trophy support.

    • @MaxDiehard
      Yay, those games were upscaled to 1080p.

      You can get the same result using freeware emulator on PC… or simply by buying upscaler for your PS2 and play those games using original PS2.

      Either way… it is paying twice for the same game.

      And maybe it is just me… but I couldn’t care less about trophy support.

    • You only noticed that now? I remember being [DELETED] about this ages ago but there really weren’t too many ps2 classics on the ps3 to begin with (was more for ps1 classics) so it’s not that big of a deal.

    • And lets you use PS4 features like Shareplay to play 2 player online of sorts. I use it to play The Warriors (a game I’ve played so much I really don’t mind that I’ve paid several times cos I still got my moneys worth each time) now with my friend overseas who I used to play with it locally on the PS2 way back then. :P And it looks far nicer in the higher resolution too. I found the PS2 classics looked a bit too muggy on PS3 and the original PS2 so seeing them crisper on PS4 makes them more playable to me.

    • Joys of being a vocal minority, but fair play in the business world no matter how we personally feel about the practice. Yes it’s shady, but the people who buy the games are encouraging this to keep happening.

    • What I don’t see is why Sony don’t offer the option of an upgrade fee like Nintendo do for their vc games if you already own it pay a quid to upgrade it to the newest version. Yes it’s shady but your more likely to pay a small upgrade fee than double or even triple dip.

  • Much better layout this time with the “New Additions” section. Thank you!

  • These prices are a joke! How can you call this a sale charging more than a physical copy? Why would I buy like uncharted, doom or homefront when I can pay kess…. finish it and get money back? Sony is like let’s reduce our ridiculous prices to half and call it a sale… Nothing but money grabbers who are too tight to do actual sale prices…

  • Ok. I’m going to use Uncharted 4 as the example here. This is the third time in about 3 months this title has been on “sale” twice in a sale and a flash weekend sale not long back. So the “sale” price is around £30-35. At this moment the game is £29 on Amazon for a new physical copy. So in between these 3 sales the digital copy is £50 or thereabouts. To me this stinks of deceptive marketing. Why not just leave the price at £29.99? I’ll tell you why shall I. It’s our fault as consumers. As long as people pre-order or buy over priced digital copies Sony will continue to sell them at that price. They realise people spend the money. The people that didn’t stupidly pay the overpriced amount, well that’s what sales are for. To put it bluntly the high prices are for the fools who pay it, the sale prices are for those who won’t. The only way we can ever get digital games at a reasonable price is if everyone stops buying them on release. But Sony know gamers. Sometimes it’s difficult to wait for sales or go to the shop. But all that will change if for a few months people refuse to pay the stupid prices. Sony will be forced to bring digital prices down to retail amounts and still make a hefty profits. It’s up to us as customers to boycott digital until the prices come down.

    • Or just maybe prices aren’t actually set by Sony.

    • Regardless who sets the prices it’s still the same scam. Maybe I shouldn’t have just targeted Sony but it still remains the same. So ok instead of Sony put in the words distributors.

    • *word. Instead of picking holes just stop buying digital so the prices come down. Don’t find excuses. We’re getting ripped off, only way to stop it is by stopping feeding the beast.

  • Just to add to that, why do you think new digital games are 35-40% more expensive than retail? Isn’t it obvious. For each game they sell that extra cost is paying for the customers who don’t buy expensive digital games on release. That’s right. Every time you buy a digital game the extra cost is to cover people who don’t buy the game. So essentially you’re buying a game almost twice to cover the sales loss created by people who refuse/can’t afford £60 digital games. It’s so obvious. Again I urge you fellow gamers, stop buying digital for 3 months.

  • Digital isn’t particularly cheap yet because, at the moment, you can’t purchase hardware through PSN. By undercutting all of the retailers who are selling your software, they can easily turn around and say that if Sony were to sell the software cheaper than they could, then why should they continue to push the hardware?

    I get it, as a consumer I want to see cheaper digital games, but until the market reaches a point where this can be accepted as a norm, I don’t see this happening soon.

    As to your “obvious” point that the games are expensive because it’s covering the cost of people not purchasing digital, then you are contradicting your plan of action. If the increased price is purely to cover the cost of people not buying digital, then by everyone not buying digital, the cost would only go up, not down as you are insinuating. The reality here is that the RRP (recommended retail price) for PS4 games these days is roughly £60. Sony is simply following the RRP, if anyone buys at £60 (can’t really see why other than to get day 1 pre-loaded) then they win.

    This also sets them up for sales such as this where they can say “Yeah, buy this because it’s got 25% off” and guess what, people buy it because they think they’re getting a deal.

    I don’t think there is anything deceptive about the marketing here. It clearly has a base price of £50, because that’s what Sony believe’s the perceived value is. Some people will pop along to the store, see it for £50 and buy it, others will hold out for the sales, etc. If they were to leave it at £29.99, the not only will Sony lose out on those who were happy to pay £50 for it, but those looking for a deal might then see that and think great, I’ll pick that up when it goes on sale again for £19.99

    Sometimes people forget that this is actually a business that Sony is running and the ultimate goal of any business is to maximise the wealth of their shareholders, not to give ridiculously low prices for all of their premium software. As a consumer of Sony’s products, there are loads of things that I want them to do (answer blog questions on repeat PS plus games, give information on price/sale parity between stores, let us change PSN IDs), but the reality is that I’m not the one who Sony needs to please.

    • Of course I didn’t contradict. People buy digital on release date. That happens. But to take into account that not everyone buys digital that’s what the extra cost really covers. If no one bought digital full stop it would stop that plan from working and the prices would drop to what they should be. Regardless of what you think, the reason the prices are high on digital games is because people buy them at that price. If no one bought them then the prices wouldn’t be high. Believe the rubbish about saving the retail market if you like. But it is rubbish. The only way to bring the prices down is to stop paying the stupid prices in the first place.

    • If digital having high prices was to aid retail then the only way to save retail would be to not have digital at all. The intention is not to save retail it’s to make as much money as possible from people who who buy digital games for whatever reason. As long as people buy digital then the prices will always be high.

    • I respectfully disagree with you on the cost front.

      As for saving the retail market, I’m not sure where you’ve got that from. When I’ve mentioned hardware earlier, I was referring to the actual consoles, rather than the games. If Sony undercuts the retailers on the games front, what incentive do the retailers have to continue pushing sales of the consoles?

      If no-one bought digital, then this would more than likely reduce the amount invested into the PSN infrastructure as well as investment into PSN only titles, rather than force Sony to push down the prices.

    • Your thinking is exactly why digital games cost so much. They don’t have to undercut, just match the prices. A game that sits on a server should not cost 35% more than a game on a bluray. The reason the price is so high is because people keep paying those prices. People buy £60 digital games months before release. Which company in their right mind wouldn’t take advantage of that. Which is exactly what is happening. If everyone bought retail discs and not digital then they wouldn’t rip us off. It’s actually insulting saying a game is on sale with 35% off or whatever bringing it to the same as Amazon or high street game shops. If they can drop Uncharted 4 3 times in 3-4 months to £30-35 then they can keep it at that price. But while it’s not on sale people still buy it. If everyone stopped buying over priced games then the advantage on the distributors side will be gone. Obviously we have to agree to disagree at some point. But my side of the argument is against paying more for digital than retail. Where as you think it’s ok. So you’re one of the people I’m referring to who keeps the fire burning.

    • Again, you are completely not getting the point I’m making

      At no point did I say it was OK for digital games to be more expensive than retail, that is your assumption. I personally never bought anything above £30 on the PSN. I’m not blessed with a lot of disposable income so I have to carefully pick and choose which games I purchase.

      I get the logic that digital games should be cheaper than retailer, but I also get the wider picture as to why they aren’t.

      I’m was happy to agree to disagree, but you seem intent on carrying on the argument and resulting in accusations of me being ‘one of those who keeps the fire burning’.

    • Jeez is this still going on. Yeah that’s cool no worries you’re right. Take care.

  • The price of Batman: Arkham Knight for PS4 seems to be wrong. It’s priced at 599 DKK in the danish store, but in the details section it looks like it should be priced at 239 DKK. Am I mistaken here?

  • … The premium edition that is.

  • Picked up Castle of Illusion at a great price – would love to see more older titles on sale that I never got when they came out.

    Would also love to find out why I can’t buy Bomberman Ultra for the PS3 anymore… it’s a digital only title and all I can do is place it on my wishlist.

  • I don’t comment on here often but this layout highlighting new additions to the sale is very much appreciated :)

  • Battlefield 4 and Hardline £3.99 each, again??? Surely there can’t be many people who haven’t got these yet??? Or is it one last sales squeeze before they go on plus?

    • I haven’t bought it yet. I know it’s extremely cheap, but still have to ask – is it worth a buy? Anyways I’m glad to see Doom here, can’t wait to play it.

    • Battlefield 4 is definitely worth purchasing, especially if you get the premium edition with all dlc, just be prepared to sacrifice around 75GB on your hard drive, hardline is an a lease skip even at that price, can see the servers on battlefield 4 still being fairly busy even after battlefield 1 comes out

  • why cant i see the sale im usa ps plus user

  • Maybe cause this is a sale from the european psn store ?

  • Damn was hoping that the season pass for rainbow would be on sale too again

  • These games are not showing up for me. Why is there no link for the Summer Sale on the PSN network?

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