New on PlayStation Store this week: No Man’s Sky, Fahrenheit, Brut@l, more

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New on PlayStation Store this week: No Man’s Sky, Fahrenheit, Brut@l, more

Plus, Transformers: Fall of Cybertron gets a PS4 release

After so many months of feverish anticipation, Hello Games’ wildly ambitious space epic No Man’s Sky is finally upon this week. Suit up for an interstellar adventure the likes of which you’ll have never experienced.

But that’s not all. Also out this week is retro-fabulous dungeon-crawler Brut@l, Quantic Dream’s trailblazing PS2 adventure Fahrenheit and a PS4 release for Transformers: Fall of Cybertron. See below for all the new arrivals.

Here’s the full list:

PlayStation StoreOut this week






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8 Author Replies

  • Is Bears Can’t Drift only available in some countries or hasn’t it been activated on the store yet? Can’t find it in Germany… :(

  • Time to download the Hatsune Miku: Project Diva X demo.

    • Oh right forgot I need to import this… It sucks its digital only in Europe.

    • And….. why does this matter?

    • Memory card size. I have 2 64gig cards and I feel like I don’t have enough space for all digital only titles I want. Plus the fact that folder arrangements mess up when you swap cards, titles magically vanish etc.

      If a titles available physically I’ll import US,JP,Asia.

    • I was under the assumption that we were talking about the PS4 version. Was not specified by OP.

      I do understand where you’re coming from in that case. But hey, how else would they sell the extremely overpriced Memory Cards?

    • It does matter since Digital Only is overpriced here in Europe. US Physical version is going be 45 euro (VGP) for the PS4. The download here probably just the usual 60 euro from SEGA Europe. I rather go for the cheaper option. This was the same with Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax back then.

    • Coming out on 30th August 2016 in the US, at the price of $49.99. You hear that, Sony? That means you CANNOT charge more than 45 euros for this game.

    • I thought of importing it, buy if previous experience (with two other games) has teach me something, is that doing so, I can not buy any future DLC, games are region free, but not the DLC

  • Hi, what happened to Risk Urban Assault for PS3? Was supposed to get released last week. Or is it ANOTHER mislabeled game? But it DOES exist according to various databases.

    ps: i wonder where’s HazelAM now… he asked for months to get Powers in EU territories… and now it has been cancelled for good :P

    • I can locate Risk Urban Assault for PS3 on the UK store here:!/en-gb/games/risk-urban-assault/cid=EP0001-NPEB02269_00-RISKGAMEPS300003

      It will not be releasing in Italy, as outlined in last week’s blog post.

    • Nobody warned me about the blog post being edited to add the “not in Italy” line after i stopped caring about it. Exact reason, pretty please?

    • she.

      and yes, i was disappointed with the cancellation of Powers, but if sony had handled the international distribution properly, the series would have done a lot better.
      honestly, i was surprised they even got to a second series when they didn’t let most of the world even watch the show.
      i said from the beginning, they weren’t going to give anybody outside the us the show with their plus sub like they promised.
      i said they were trying to sell it to other networks, and i was right.
      but the attempt to sell the show worldwide failed miserably, only a few countries ever got it, and so they decided they might as well put the second season on the psn since they made it and they knew nobody was buying, not for what they wanted clearly.

      and we finally got the second series, but most of the world still hadn’t seen the first, and with it being a direct continuation, not many people would want to watch.

      the thing is, for once, scee aren’t to blame here.
      this wasn’t one of the, many occasions where content only gets held back when scee are involved, see Kerbal Space Program as an example of the latest in the countless scee only delays.

      this was sony america, or maybe higher up.
      sony only seem to care about america these days.
      i mean, Canada had to wait a year for Powers, and they never did get the first season from what i’ve seen.

  • Any word on Moon Hunters?

  • Sigh… Still no sign of Kerbal Space Program…

    • Just buy it from the US Store. I did that. You’re going to wait for it forever at this rate.

    • Any down sides to doing this? I know I could still use it on my UK account if I made the US account also primary. What about future dlc or updates? Any region lock problems? Never done it before but damn, I really would like to play it…
      Would I need to use US PSN cards off Amazon or could I use PayPal?
      I’m seriously tempted to do it, as it’s been a month now with no real news.

    • You can play it with your UK account. You need to buy US PSN Cards, you can’t pay with PayPal, unless you’re a US citizen of course, and that you’re not. Updates are downloaded automatically, like in every other game. Just make sure you have your US profile in your PS4. Future DLC you’ll have to buy from US Store also. But since you’ve bought the game from US Store, that shouldn’t be a problem.

    • Thanks for the tips m8. I’ll look into it. For some reason I thought PayPal was region free and you could still use it on both. I’m fine with using Amazon bought PSN cards though.
      BTW, what’s Sony’s thoughts / policy on this? I know millions of PSN users do this and have been doing it for years… I guess they just turn a blind eye to it?

    • The developer said they are hoping to release soon although could not give me a date

    • PayPal *is* region free, but Sony doesn’t want you to buy from other regions, especially if prices are cheaper. Thankfully, the use of different regional accounts is perfectly legal and you can buy PSN Cards from various outlets.

    • Thanks for all the info guys. I’m tired of waiting. I’m going to get it through the US store instead. Play-Asia sell US PSN cards at a fairly decent price. I found a valid 3% discount code for Play-Asia too that should knock the price down a bit as well.

      This is just starting to feel like PS3 Counter Strike GO for the EU region all over again. I’d rather just bite the bullet now and get it, than wait for something that may never appear.

  • Hey Francesca. Any word on the PS plus issue?

  • Business as usual, huh? Seriously, you don’t have ANYTHING ELSE to tell us?
    Wow, this Blog really hit the bottom, no shame or conscience!!!
    :( :( :(

  • I can’t believe we are still having to ask for an update on the retro/grade replacement. Show your customers some respect and address this.

  • How comes the links to the store from the blog never work (at least for me)?

    • Could you please be specific about which links aren’t working?

    • Battleship link does not work. Here it says release on the 9th and on the store it says release on th 12th. When does it actually release?

    • OlliOlli: Epic Combo Edition link also does not work, perhaps not surprisingly as it isn’t a digital release and probably shouldn’t be on here

    • Battleship will be releasing on the 12th, just to be clear. The blog post will be amended :)

  • Any news about Organ Trail price and Cross-Buy fix?

    How about commenting people about PS Plus issue also? Nothing? You get paid for this, right?

  • Rock Band Rivals Pre-Order Coming? Or is everyone continuing to blame one another for the ‘issues’ that are delaying everything.

    • Harmonix would be the ones to provide more information about any pre-orders in the EU.

    • Harmonix *have* provided information. The information provided is, and I quote:

      “One of Sony Europe’s tools we use to move this process along is awaiting an update/fix. We don’t have an ETA from them on when that will happen, but until we’re able to use that tool again, we can’t make any more progress on exports or other entitled DLC content.

      These issues are also affecting other digital products for Sony Europe, including the Rock Band Rivals pre-order, which has also yet to launch for SIEE players. Sorry for the continued problems here, we’ll continue doing everything we can to move this forward, and we’ll let you know when progress is unblocked by Sony.

      To folks outside of SIEE areas, SIEA uses very different tools and processes, so Sony America players aren’t affected by these issues, as I’m sure you’ve noticed.”

      Ball’s back in your court, wouldn’t you say?

    • Exactly as I said – Harmonix have provided information and can do so in the future, and I am unable to add further comments from my side.

    • @Francesca: So Harmonix has to answer questions about Sony’s tools, makes sense. Im starting to wonder what you guys at SCEE actually can do. Reading the Blog is hilarious though, so thanks for that.

    • @Francesca: When is this ‘tool’ getting fixed? It’s delaying the pre-order and the rest of Rock Bands exports (which are available everywhere else and on other systems). Considering we have been waiting for these for several months and it’s getting pretty clear that your system is at fault I think we deserve more than the equivalent of a shrug when we ask whats up…

    • It’s not just the Rock Band Rivals Pre-Order.

      It’s funny how you don’t even add each week’s Rock Band 4 content to your Blog Posts Francesca.

      Rock Band 4 owners were promised to have access to all of the content we owned in previous Rock Band titles on the PS3.

      The process is going smoothly and almost complete for SCEA in North America and for XBOX users Worldwide, but we here in SCEE regions only have a fraction of the content that we’re entitled to, and the hold-up is due to SCEE.

      In regards to your comment “Exactly as I said – Harmonix have provided information and can do so in the future, and I am unable to add further comments from my side.”… “unable” to add further comments from your side, or “unwilling”???

      If you’re unable to answer these questions, could we please get answers from someone else at SCEE?

      SCEE has been holding up the process for months. Please don’t fob us off and pass the blame onto the developer (Harmonix).

      As a SCEE consumer that has spent $1000s on content for the PS3 and PS4, I think I deserve a lil thing called respect and some good customer service.

      If you’re not willing to provide that level of customer service, then I will involve the ACCC, DOFT and other government departments to ensure we get the level of customer service that we’re paying for (and rightly deserve).

  • Fahrenheit is an uncut version or not?

    • Let’s hope so. The European version was uncut before, it was the US game that was censored. I heard the uncut version was being used… fingers crossed!

    • Yes, uncut. I have the Steam version and to my knowledge, this is a straight port.
      As the title suggests, this is based on the European game “Fahrenheit”, not “Indigo Prophecy”. On PS4, I would still recommend it: you basically get a PS2 game with supposedly trophy support, and at least half of the textures have been updated to meet HD standards.
      Yet I was disappointed: there are no more benefits on the PC, therefore I should have sticked with the GOG version instead, waiting for this day to arrive.

  • @Francesca

    Anyone going to fix the discounts on the store when accessed from the PS Vita? It almost never shows the correct amounts in sales and never has PS Plus discounts showing. When going ahead with a purchase it does charge the shown amount and doesn’t add the extra PS Plus percentage either.

    Annoying to say the least.

  • This is too funny! They’ve stopped answering our questions altogether. Amazing job!

  • Customer service Sony, do you speak it?

  • Still no statement on Retro/Grade?

  • The quicker Sony mergers SCEE and SCEA together, the better… get rid of this incompetence.

  • No Caladrius Blaze for Australia/New Zealand? Geez.

    Good thing there’s a physical Asian release I guess.

    • Stealth release o.O How can companies expect us to support niche titles locally, if they don’t let us know they plan to release titles.
      Im guessing most people who wanted have imported it. Meaning sales will most likely be really low over here.

  • Not a single comment about No Man’s Sky until me just now! I can’t stand all the self entitled whiny whinging on this Forum. Go and play a game or go outside and do something less boring instead! But please, stop with all the moaning

  • ill be having fahrenhiet, never played on ps2 so looking forward to it. no mans sky will have to wait, too much to play at the mo. on a separate note ive not heard anything from a previous email using the link from the blog to admin @scee or a reply by using twitter??????????

  • No idea where else to ask this, but how come Bomberman Ultra is no longer for sale on PS3 in certain countries? UK store has it, NL store and BE store doesn’t.

  • Still no metal slug =[

  • Lifeless Planet or Shadow Blade Reload coming to the UK anytime soon. Thanks

  • @Francesca
    Hi,any news about Organ Trail price And crossbuy fixes?

    Thank you as always

  • Why is the PS+ issue being completely ignored? Disgraceful.

  • @Francesca

    Organ Trail price and Cross-Buy fix? It’s still 14,95€ for PS4, 15,95€ for PS Vita and no Cross-buy. It’s $9,99 with Cross-buy in the US. When do we get that fixed?

  • Phew everyone we can stop panicking, the SCEE team is alive and well, now onto the question burning in everyones mind! What the hell SCEE?…

  • @Hatsune Miku Project Diva X (PS4)
    Is this “demo” similar to the Japanese free version (with trophy support)?

  • over all nothing of interest, except of course of the HM demo, can’t wait for the full release

  • any news on the Retro Grade / PS PLus issue ?

  • And Emily Wants to play?!

  • Will the remastered version of Fahrenheit (Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Remastered) be released on the PlayStation Store or is it only the PS2 version that has been re-coded for PS4 that is released

  • So that skin pack for 7 Days To Die….exactly where is it?

  • Another unhappy Rock Band 4 owner here. We’ve waited nearly a year since it launched, when were encouraged to buy it on the understanding that it would support all legacy DLC and exported songs. So far only RB1 and RB3 have been made available, and Harmonix are suggesting the delays are related to a tool used in the SCEE’s submission/entitlement process which is awaiting a fix.

    If (in her own words) the blog moderator is “unable to add further comments from my side” please can we have someone who can?


  • I’ve not bought any of the other songs which I now feel a bit bad for as I have been blaming Harmonix. SCEE, SIEE whoever the hell they are clearly aren’t fit to run this operation. I wish we had some of the American team come over and see how bad things really are. The PS4 is a great product but it’s got a bunch of hardcore Xbox fans running it.

  • No Kerbal yet? Not at least some small info what is happeinng?

  • Organ Trail price is fixed. It’s 9,95€ for PS4 and 9,95€ for PS Vita. Now fix Cross-Buy. It’s Cross-Buy in US Store. And please, start telling people stuff like this! “Hi, price on Organ Trail is fixed, now trying to sort out the problem with Cross-Buy”. That wasn’t so hard? [DELETED]

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