Dead Rising 1, 2, and Off The Record are coming to PS4 next month

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Dead Rising 1, 2, and Off The Record are coming to PS4 next month

Capcom’s zombie sandbox series gets a fresh lick of paint on 13th September

In celebration of Dead Rising’s 10th anniversary, we’re excited to announce that Capcom is bringing Dead Rising, Dead Rising 2, and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record to a new generation of zombie slayers on PS4. Launching digitally on 13th September, expect classic zombie sandbox gameplay and upgraded graphics presented in 1080p and targeting 60 frames per second.

Since we began working on the Dead Rising series with Dead Rising 2, the studio has joined the Capcom family and officially become Capcom Vancouver. We love the series, and like Dead Rising fans the world over, can’t wait to get our hands on these updated versions.

Dead Rising

Here are the details:

  • Dead Rising
  • Dead Rising 2
  • Dead Rising 2: Off the Record
    • Each sold separately for €19.99/£15.99
  • Dead Rising Triple Pack
    • Digital bundle for €49.99/£39.99 that includes all three games (Dead Rising, Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record)
Dead RisingDead Rising

Also to commemorate this announcement, we are happy to unveil the new official Dead Rising web portal at For new players who want to learn more about the series, or veterans who want to brush up on their backstory, the website is a great place to start, so please check it out!
2016 is the year of Dead Rising. With 10 years of zombie expertise under our belt we are looking forward to introducing a new generation of PlayStation fans to the franchise. What a time to be undead!

Dead RisingDead Rising


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  • I’ll buy DR1 for sure as i only played it once on X360. For DR2…OMG i still remembered for Zombie Genocide Master trophy (Kill 72,000 zombies) i ran over the zombies in plaza from 6pm until 6am of next day without sleep.

    BTW i’ll be glad to see DR3 to be launched on PS4, too. And i’ll wait for DR4 coming next year i hope.

  • Retail with all 3 games in one disc or no buy. And do the same with RE4, 5 and 6.
    Even little indie games can effort retail releases but big boy Capcom can’t? Just do it already.

  • I’m very glad the series is finally coming to PS systems :D

    But two questions;

    1. Will Case Zero and Case West also be coming as well.
    2. Why not bundle them all together for retail?

    • You joking right? Dead Rising 2 and OFF the Record has been already on playstation. Dead Rising 1 is new for ps players (10 years later yay). We are still missing 3 and 4 (maybe in 2026 lol)

    • Capcom will sell DR1 and DR2 seperatly in disc in NA, but not DR2OTR. Sometimes i just really don’t understand the marketing of Capcom.

      This year i already bought RE5, RE6 and REUC in disc and also the coming RE4. For REUC it’s only launched in retail in Asia, so weird….

    • Disc is only for americans. Jist like Resident Evil 4-6. Stupid decision i know.

  • I hope they updated horrible save system… I would be more excited if it was DR1, DR2 Off the Record and Dead Rising 3… Im not excited at all, looks like a 1080/60 port, not real remaster with new extras, please Capcom if you want make another remaster just make Resident Evil Outbreak

  • Interested. One problem I have though. I don’t see any mention of a pre-order incentive discount like I have read over on the US PS Blog. Over there they can get 16% off for pre-ordering the triple pack. What about us?? Also when rebooting / porting games over from a previous console and companies state targeting 60fps what’s really so hard about that and the 1080p upgrade which sometimes end’s up being only 720! Sometimes companies say these things only to then rush out the product to meet deadlines etc.. Which usually turns out pretty bad for said companies and consumers altogether. Take the Prototype/2 upgrades for PS4 and XB One and the fury from Batman Arkham Knight PC at launch as prime examples. Just hoping these highly rated games will be served justice just like the countless zombies that shall be slayed!! :D I already own all games for PS3, Xb360 and DR3 on Xb One including all the dlc’s but to be able to experience them in all HD glory or should that be HD Gory visuals :D is an inticing prospect indeed. Can’t wait for Dead Rising 4 looks awesome comes out 3 day’s after my birthday. Know what I’m getting myself. Buying it for Playstation too seen as that’s where most of my collection lies. Apart from these criticisms I’ve outlined keep up the great work to every company that’s bringing back the classics! :)

  • Only interested if the Loading Times are fixed. I finally dropped the Game on PS3 because those Loading Times after every Door were horrible. 19,99 is a bit overpriced i think, look at the RE 5,6 remaster… i think 14,99 should be the right price.

  • Since Dead Rising 4 is only a 1 year time exclusive on XBone. I hope PS4 will get it in late 2017. But what about Dead Rising 3? Will that ever release on PS4?

  • When are we getting Dead Rising 3 for PS4 as thats the best one. Seriously its obvious we will get Dead Rising 4 as well so it would be so weird having every Dead Rising available game on PS4 except Dead Rising 3. Make it happen Capcom. Don’t let the best Dead Rising game die on the mediocre Xbox.

  • So will the cheat codes work or are they DLC? :)

  • I would also like to know if we’ll ever get DR3 for PS4. I have to say DR2 is the most fun game I’ve played on PS3 :)

  • North America is getting a physical release but currently no plans for Europe. These are the times I’m glad the PlayStation 4 isn’t region locked.

  • We will never get DR3. It was published by Microsoft

    • However Capcom published it on PC so entirely possible that it could come to PS4

    • So was Rise of the Tomb Raider, and that was a timed exclusive same as DR3 & DR4. The game only sold 1.9 million copies on XB1, I don’t know if Capcom are happy about that, but they may not have seen that as good enough money to bother with a port to another system and taking a risk on how it performs. The ports of these games may be them testing that they have a market still on the PS4 for this series and we could get a release of DR3 next year along with DR4.

  • Not complaining, but how come Capcom is allowed to tell us the prices of these games in euros and pounds?

  • not related to this but can you release resident evil 4,5,6 for uk retail? (disc)

  • Capcom got me to download their completely non-functioning Umbrella Corps Demo and never replied to any of the messages… they’re not getting nothing from me.

  • but I want a dead rising 3

  • im not supporting dead rising because it gave me the middle finger with part3

  • Unless this gets a physical release, or at least just the first game, here in EU (More specifically UK), I’m not interested in the slightest, which is a shame, since the first game is in my top ten of all time… and it makes no sense since the first two are being released physically in the US… why not ship a few copies this way instead of treating us like the second child of the Playstation family?

  • Why no 16% preorder bonus like in the us region

  • No physical copy in EU? Wow, that sucks…

  • Dead rising 3 and 4 will be on ps4 capcon would be very daft not to add em to ps4

  • So can we pre-order it then????

  • File size is too much with Sony’s rubbish download speeds. Please do a physical release or no buy. Sorry!

  • Is there really no physical copy for this? Sorry but I’m out if that’s the case. I have too many games to play and wanted this but I’m not interested in buying digital so I will pass on it. Will just have to put my money towards something else, something that comes as a physical copy

  • Will off the record be available on disc? as of right now I’m not seeing it anywhere.

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