New on PlayStation Store this week: Abzu, Batman: The Telltale Series, more

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New on PlayStation Store this week: Abzu, Batman: The Telltale Series, more

Plus some big add-ons for The Division and DOOM

There’s lots to get excited about on PlayStation Store this week, with the first episode of Batman: The Telltale Series swooping in (along with its season pass), as well as the beautiful, long-awaited ABZU.

For those of you hungry for more action, there are big add-ons for Tom Clancy’s The Division in the shape of the Underground DLC, while DOOM smashes back into our lives with Unto the Evil.

Here’s the full list:

PlayStation StoreOut this week









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Free for PlayStation Plus subscribers in August

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  • Any explanation for why we get a PS Plus game we already had 2-3 years ago? Who at Playstation cares about the money I spent for this service when I subscribed? Why don’t people at Playstation reply ? We paid for it, so us PS Plus subscribers deserve an explanation. Is it going to happen every two months? Are we getting a compensation?

    • I think there is very simple explanation for why we get a PS Plus game we already had 2-3 years ago. Currently PS Plus game same for EU/US territories, and am sure that it compiled and prepared in US. Retro/Grade never was available in US on PS Plus, then they have different list of game. So for them they give new game, they just don’t care to check or change game for EU territory.

    • Yes, it’s a global team now, and clearly a case of prioritising the US users who didn’t get the game before, with a “we don’t care that Europe already got it” attitude.

      This would never happen the other way round…

    • Good luck ever getting an explanation to the current PS+ debacle. SCEE and in turn its staff don’t care about us the people who PAY to keep it running they just want your money. That’s all it is. Nothing more.

      So you don’t like the fact they are doing the same game twice? Well you’ve already paid so unlucky. You want to continue using online gaming on PS4? You’ve got to pay so yet agsin unlucky.
      Unless you go back to PS3 for free online and say “i dont care about my ps4 online gaming” or go to Xbox Live and get free Games with Gold that yet again are superior to PS+ this month you have little option.

      If you don’t use online gaming and only want the games and/or cloud saves my advice is upgrade to hard drive capacity, download your saves, play all games to completion you actually care about on PS+ and stop your subscription. Other than that hot much else you can do.

      This may not be what you want to hear but it’s the reality of the situation.

    • I stopped my subscription to PS+. But I hope so much that sony will be destroy by the competition for the next generation. And you now what? Sony will offer us very good games to attract patsy.

  • PlayStation Plus:

    We were told we’d be getting 2 x PS4 games, 2 x PS3 games, and 2 x Vita games each month. When you give out titles you’ve previously used on Plus (Retro/Grade was given August 2012), it’s reasonably foreseeable that you won’t be able to fulfill your own stated quota.

    Many EU users (and most long-term subscribers) already have this game on their Plus account, yet you still actively chose to use a repeated product, knowing that each of the aforementioned people would lose out.

    Please advise.

    • I completely agree, when I subscribed to PS PLus, I wasn’t thinking I would pay twice for the same game on the same platform, and on top of that no one at Playstation Blog as an explanation for this? ANy compensation? I feel DISRESPECTED

    • Hhhmmmm, Thanks for confirming, i actually thought to myself “did i actually buy Retro Grade?”

      I suspect that it was given before US and EU PS+ became aligned, so US subscribers have not gotten it.
      Just goes to show, these decisions are made only with America in mind.

    • OK then EU susbscribers deserve a compensation to keep things faire

    • Well, i wasn’t a PS+ subscriber until September 2012, so the game is “new” for me, but hey…

    • For the first time on PS Plus (PlayStation Plus) . a game is being repeated for same platform/console in the IGC (Instant Game Collection) for August 2016.

      In August 2016, “Retro/Grade” is being provided for PS3
      This same game was also on PS Plus line-up in August 2012 for Europe.

      As I am aware. the PS Plus IGC is the same for EU/US territories (maybe other regions), Retro/Grade never was available in US on PS Plus but it was on EU. For long time subscriber’s we are being delivered same game that we have already paid in service; and already have access.

      People who already paid for it, as a PS Plus subscriber, would like to have a simple explanation. Is this also going to happen from now own?

      I can understand that new subscribers can see/have Retro/Grade as new game on Europe region. Sony should take care of new, recent, mid term and long time subscribers of PS Plus.

  • I agree, can we have some honest answers, rather than just being fobbed off?

  • Why I can’t pre-order any games in Qatar ps store
    Please help :(

  • Does this mean Don’t Starve: Shipwrecked isn’t releasing today? I’m sure there was a blog post a few weeks ago with August 2nd as the release date.

  • PSN team should be ashamed. The same game second time on the PS Plus and not even ONE person, replied to any questions about it. Not here, not on tweeter, not on facebook, nowhere!

  • Hello, first, thanks for ending the Towerfall debacle last week. Second, what happened to Tekken Revolution on the EU regions? Is it going to be shut down soon?

  • I thought mutant mudds was also releasing on vita can you confirm if this is correct

  • What game is everyone on about being on psplus 2nd time?? :s

  • Surely Yakuza 5 more than makes up for the fact that we get Retro/Grade again?

    • If we let it go unoticed, who can promise us that we wont get a game second time again? Also there is no reason to believe them.

    • It should at least soften the blow. I’m not a Plus subscriber, but I can confirm that Yakuza 5 is excellent.

      But I’m wondering why the PS blog staff still haven’t posted anything about the official release date (also for Europe: January 24, give or take a few days) for Yakuza 0. So I’ll just spam the US blog link again.

    • It doesn’t make up for it. The US get two “new Plus games, the EU gets one. I can’t image they would *ever* repeat a game that was already on the US Plus, yet clearly it’s fine to do that for Europe. That doesn’t bother you at all?

    • I can totally see why it’s annoying but every month I know how much Plus cost me for that month and I weigh that against what games are new for me.
      This month the only new games for me are Tricky Towers, Patapon 3 and Ultratron as I had Retro/Grade from the last Plus release and I bought Yakuza 5 and Rebel Galaxy. While not the best deal I still come out on top.
      At the point where Plus stops being worth it to me I’ll just stop subscribing.
      For what it’s worth I think it’s a good line up this month (especially as Yakuza 5 was £35 not that long ago!) and I’m sure the repeat was a one off.
      If it starts to happen often then I think it might be worth worrying about but for now it’s not an issue.

    • What a ridiculous short sighted statement

    • So if they give exactly the same games next month as this month are you still going to be happy? You’ll still be getting the Yakuza? Plus there is nothing to stop them.

  • Ape Escape 2 is on PS4 for those interested, I can’t see it mentioned here. It’s £7.99 and £5.99 with a plus discount

  • I got a reply for my e-mail concerning about PS Plus:

    “As far as I’m aware, we are trying to bring new games available through the PlayStation Plus subscription. Not everybody has been subscribed for several years and might enjoy having some of the older games being released again.”

    So here you go, people. This is just… Yeah.

    • This could be valid for people like me (first subscription on September 2012) but not for many others though :/

    • Then they should compensate those that were already PS Plus subscribers then… This explanation is weak, I’m sorry. I mean I didn’t pay for that, I don’t care if new subscribers weren’t there in 2012 because I was, and I paid. So I want what I paid for, sorry. It’s not I don’t care about the people but I care about my old money.

    • I’m another member of Ps plus that only joined 3 years ago so it’s another free game for me as I never had it, but the way the loyal customers are being treated now is a joke and I can understand all the upset and anger.It’s bad enough to give out the same game twice and to hand out psp games instead of vita but the complete lack of response and acknowledgement from the Sony staff on the blog site is just completely disrespectful.

    • So why they didn’t gave us games like Wh: Spacemarine or something close to it from the past, but not this retro/crap. I tried retro back in 2012 and even then it wasn’t worth MY money that I payed for plus, when plus wasn’t about online accsess…

  • All I’ve seen all week is people being ignored as to their legit queries into the duplicated PS+ game. It’s not hard to release a statement saying “all rules have been thrown out” or something..

    Also – Batman TTG on PS3 has been delayed until “later in the month” has it not?

  • I know this is the store page but sort out ps plus

  • Sorry, but when Sword Coast legends should arrive in UA store?

  • Still no fix for Organ Trail, I see. Well, I’m used to this. I thought about buying it from US Store, but I only have one PS Vita and it can only have one account at a time so no can do. Kerbal Space Program I bought from US Store and I’m thinking I’ll just use that in the future. Because EU Store simply sucks.

    • I have spoken to the developer and they are working on the EU version of Kerbal Space Program and hope to release soon. They could not give me a date yet

  • Will Damascus Gear for PS Vita be ever available in Russia?

  • Any news regarding Kerbal Space Program? At least some estimation (days, weeks, months)? Any info what is happening? Or is it such a big secret thank no customer can know?

    • I gave up waiting for it and just bought it from US Store. When you look at how things are done in EU Store, you could be waiting for a year for this game.

    • The developers are working on it and although could not give me a data they hope to release soon

    • It is not secret. The developer are working on it and hope to release very soon although no date could be given yet.

  • The price for the Batman Season Pass doesn’t seem right to me. If Episode 1 is priced at £4.99 and there are 5 episodes in the series then that would be £24.95 yet the season pass is £24.99 (I know 4p more expensive :o). It says on the Season Pass game page “Save money on content for this game by purchasing the Season Pass.’ Shouldn’t there be a small discount on the season pass to give incentive to buy the whole series upfront? Is the season pass price a mistake?

    • I noticed this as well. The same thing happened with “The Walking Dead: Michonne”. The Season Pass was priced £11.99, yet each separate episode (3 total) were priced £3.99, which would make a total of £11.97. Some time later, I really don’t remember how long, the Season Pass price was reduced to £9.99. So I guess it was a mistake then, and probably is one now with Batman. In any case, I ain’t buying it this way…

    • This is the case with every Telltale game recently. Minecraft Story Mode was a rip off if you bought the season pass. Seems whoever came up with the pricing has a poor understanding of basic mathematics.

  • If Sony is running out of possibilities (Retro/Grade being repeated – although I urge everybody to look at the bright side of PS3 this month: YAKUZA 5 !!!), I have a proposal. Give a PS+ freebie status to some Move-exclusive games to boost their sales, especially before PS VR release. I bought PS Vita a few years ago mainly because of the games I got from PS+. Most probably some will be prone to test out the motion controller given some full free games to start with.

  • Hey guys I just bought the special summer game loot boxes for Overwatch however nothing has shown up in game even though my money has been taken, do you know whats going on?

  • 7Days to Die is a £30 game that’s full of bugs and glitches , £30 for a game that’s not seeing patches or graphics improvements, sort yourselves out Sony stop making a mockery of people and there hard earned cash and releasing free games twice really bites the bullet , your becoming a disgrace !!!!

  • Also the Division is a broken game , you can keep the DLC no thanks from me !!

  • A great selection this week.

    Do you have any news on when the PS4 versions of the Ape Escape games from the PS2 will be arriving on the store?

  • whats happening with the ps plus issue of recycling previous games???

  • Come on, still no KSP and Attractio Vita? Do you not want my money?

  • The pictures and video on Tricky Towers page on store are for different game. Cannon Brawl or something. Even Sony workers can’t believe, it’s for Ps+. LOL

  • Also, no Don’t Strave Shipwrecked? Please don’t tell me this last minute delays and false promises still a trend.

  • Was Strike Vector EX listed by mistake? It isn’t in the store…

  • Just fed up with the psp games being put on ps plus every month
    I thought it was meant to be 2 PS4 2 PS3 2 PS VITA Games?

  • Wow. Rereleasing a plus game and hoping nobody notices? The worst thing about it though is that they are actually [DELETED] on the the most loyal subscribers. Think Ill pass on renewing my sub.

    • You aren’t even subscribed right now…

    • My sub ended just a couple of days ago. The only reason for me to get a new sub would be to play all the previous plus games. Not much of an online player. Will probably end up getting a new sub, but it really isnt tempting at the moment.

  • Anyone know what happened to don’t starve shipwrecked? Thought was out today.

    • Same thing that happens to every game that’s supposed to be released on EU Store: delay. Delay. Delay. I would have been amazed to see it in EU Store in time.

      Damn, no edit still available for comments.

    • It’s up now, but you’ll have to search for it, showing the PS Plus discount too. Shame they haven’t thought to update the post as they always promise to….

  • Same thing that happens to every game that’s supposed to be released on EU Store: delay. Delay. Delay. I would have been amazed to see it in EU Store in time.

  • Im pretty certain nobody at PlayStation has a clue. No really, I dare you all to learn how to tie shoe laces. Why the insult?

    How is this an answer to the Retro/Grade issue?

    “As far as I’m aware, we are trying to bring new games available through the PlayStation Plus subscription. Not everybody has been subscribed for several years and might enjoy having some of the older games being released again”

    NO, If they missed out, that’s their hard luck. They can go and purchase the games like non-subscribers would have too, after all they were none subscribers at the time.

    This is a fob off, Does this mean that we have several games coming up in the IGC, that we have already had?

    Would you pay for this service.

    Come on Francesca, Fred, hell even Shuhei. Get this sorted.

    • I remember when PS Plus came, Sony said that there’s NOT going to be same game twice on IGC, that if you miss a game on Plus, that’s it and you have to buy it. If they are going to do this now, recycling PS Plus games, they should just free every single PS Plus game ever, and just PS Plus subscripers download them freely.

    • I remember the time Jack Tretton introduced the revamped Plus and IGC, no reissued games, 80% Metacritic etc. I also remember when he said every PS4 game would have a demo. Fact is Sony are full of crap. Bait and switch doesn’t even begin to cover it.

  • Are you not advertising ps2 classics in the blog post anymore? I noticed psychonauts got stealth released a couple of weeks ago, and now no mention for ape escape 2 this week. Given that there’s no ps2 category on the actual ps4 store (or PS3 for that matter and no ps1 category on that either) how the heck are we supposed to know when games are released or what games are available? can we please have a category search function on both PS3/4 or is this too much to ask for as part of our £40/year?

  • You need to address repeat titles on PS Plus ASAP. You have lost a lot of consumer trust since you ended the IGC starting with not renewing the Vita yearly titles when you said you would, followed by the Driveclub debacle, the introduction of trial games/ dlc standalone son stead of full games I.e kings quest, infamous first light and gat out of hell, and now you’ve started repeating games on Ps+.

    These are all completely unacceptable on their own- mostly because none of them came with any kind of explanation. As a whole you are terrible at providing a consistent and decent service.

  • It doesn’t look like anything is going to happen regarding this retro/grade debacle. Another one swept under the carpet. I wasn’t a member when it was on ps+ in 2012 but I am not downloading it out of principle. If we just accept this it will happen again and again and again. Spot on with that comment Sicmay.

  • Remember when PS Plus games used be AAA games every month including The Simspons acrade game free PS Plus game . owner of PS4 wont give us AAA games. something need to do something about it. Sony needs make more AAA games instead indie crap. At least message past to ps plus team .

  • PSN is mess no ps2 games in ps2 section . And put indie games in that section .

  • Sony sort out fallout4 mods please . Leaveing fans in dark. If cant sort out fans will go to the xbox 1.

  • Sort ps plus out if dont everyone will quite ps plus to get responed.

  • So. 15 PS4 titles. 2 Vita.

    Yet developers continue to spurn the Vita whilst trying to focus on that larger PS4 install base, thinking it will guarantee a larger return. When people have so much more choice.

    You are so missing a trick…

  • No mention of the Layers of Fear Inheritance DLC either.Its in the store £3.99

  • Next months PSPlus will be a repeat of January’s plus line-up you watch. Jokes aside though Sony EU should do the right thing and offer a different game for EU/PAL members its false advertising otherwise. Stop being darned ignorant and hoping matters like these will be forgotten about….thats like its being swept under the carpet.
    Its bad enough offering different versions of games offered previously including Limbo and Guacamole but to offer the SAME VERSION again is insulting. Mind you I still wonder why we got 1 chapter of a game thats NOW FREE for all and a LocoRoco screensaver this year plus games from 2006-2007… (I mean talk about the scraping the barrel).

  • @Francesca Mead You normally respond to at least three comments a week on this post. This week, nothing from you. Coincidence or because there are plenty of PS+ questions?

  • So anyway, any word on Mutant Mudds Super Challenge on the Vita this week? It’s listed for PS4 and out in NA, so you would imagine so but no word from anyone here…

    • Could belive my eyes when I saw Mutant Mudds Super Challenge on the PS4… I gave up hope of the MM Deluxe every coming out on the Vita in Europe. Even tweeted the developers a few times after Xeodrifter came out to see if MMD was every gonna happen. But got a ‘never say never, but probably never’ reply!
      So to see it on the store but no word on it being Cross Buy is almost rubbing salt into the wounds!!!
      Is it gonna appear later as Cross Buy for the Vita or even as a stand alone purchase?
      The Vita is the only platform for me for a game like Mutant Mudds.

  • Hi Francesca.

    Is Indigo Prophecy still coming this week?

  • @Francesca @everyboy

    Does anybody know if the summer sale will get a second round of titles. four weeks of the same titles just feels unnecessary. Plus hoping for some more games from my wishlist

  • 85 comments, many asking questions.
    and did you reply?
    to even one?
    no, clearly, that’s too much work for you.

    and nothing about the game we got on plus four years ago being repeated?

    no, if you can’t pass the buck or feign ignorance, just pretend the question doesn’t exist right?

  • Tumbleweed from the blog team………………….

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