The PlayStation weekly wrap-up

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The PlayStation weekly wrap-up

All the news, trailers, announcements and everything else from the world of PlayStation.

It’s that time of year again; as the rest of Europe basks in a heatwave and London is covered in its usual grey clouds (we’re not bitter, honest), the PlayStation Store Summer Sale gets underway and brings a ray of sunshine to all of our gaming lives.

Of course, the gaming industry doesn’t take summer holidays and there’s been plenty of news this week, so read on for our round-up of what’s been happening – then jump into the comments section below and let us know what you’ve been playing…

This week’s biggest trailers

  1. No Man’s Sky – Survive
    The last video in our four-part Guide to the Galaxy series showcases the near infinite ways to perish in the cold/hot/poisonous/sharp-toothed depths of space. No Man’s Sky is so close we can almost taste the space dust… are you as excited as we are? Find out more on how to survive here

  2. PES 2017 teams up with FC Barcelona
    Messi, Neymar, Suarez and the rest of the FC Barcelona team are set to star in PES 2017, along with the incredible Camp Nou stadium. This trailer showcases the stunning detail they’ve been recreated in – and the insane footwork you can hope to pull off in-game.

  3. Injustice 2 – Wonder Woman reveal
    If you’re going to mess with Wonder Woman, you’d better have some pretty explosive super powers hidden under your cape; the Amazonian goddess is coming to Injustice 2 along with fan-favourite Blue Beetle. See them slug it out in this new trailer:

Tweets of the week

Joel & Ellie Cosplayers

Around the world of PlayStation

  • Incredibly graceful, enthrallingly beautiful, Bound is coming to PS4 and PlayStation VR later this year. Gamespot sat down with game director Michal Staniszewski to dance their way through some of the game and chat about what’s inspired this unique title.

  • Now this is cool… if you’re looking for an arts and crafts project, you too could make your own God of War axe. It might not quite be sharp enough to storm Olympus with though.

  • Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is an all-time classic of the FPS genre – and as you’ll have heard, it’s getting the remaster treatment in time for the launch of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. IGN took a look at how this polished version measures up against the original (and remember, pre-order the Legacy Edition for PS4 and you’ll get exclusive early access to the single player campaign).
  • Everyone loves a freebie and this Suicide Squad PS4 theme has been getting a lot of love – you can pick it up now on PlayStation Store.

This week’s PlayStation Store ‘leftfield’ pick:

If you’re looking for a big old slice of nostalgia with a hefty side order of absolute mayhem this week, Retro City Rampage DX has you more than covered. With nods to more classic games than I could count (Paperboy and the original Grand Theft Auto were standouts though), this is fantastic 8-bit fun – and what’s more, it’s incredible value as Cross-Buy gives you access to the PS4, PS Vita and PS3 versions for only one purchase.

The pick of PlayStation Blog:

  • Your PlayStation Plus monthly games for August touch down next week and PS4 players have Tricky Towers and Rebel Galaxy coming their way. Tricky Towers in particular has been turning lunchtimes in the PlayStation office into riotous affairs, and some rivalries are now pushing the boundaries of professional courtesy – you’ll want to play this one, trust us.
  • The PlayStation Store Summer Sale is now in full swing, bringing some of the biggest discounts of the year on a whole heap of triple-A titles. The list of games on sale is HUGE, so take a minute or two to check it out here
  • The next big PS4 system software update is on its way, and you could be one of the first to test-drive the new features being added by signing up to the beta trial. I’ve seen the list and there is some very cool stuff coming – so sign up now to be in with a chance of being a beta tester.

The rest of the headlines:

What we’re currently playing:

With Fred away on holiday this week, it’s been down to the three stooges to hold the fort…

Corey: “All the Rogue One excitement of late has made me turn to LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Turns out I’m kind of a big deal in the Resistance…”

Matt: “I picked up the Resident Evil Origins double pack last month and with my TV now fixed I can finally jump in to REmake. The good: for a 14-year-old game, it looks and plays fantastic. The bad: all of Barry’s classic one liners from the original RE have been rewritten. The ugly: his new one liners might be even cheesier!”

Rhys: “I know I’m getting a bit repetitive here, but I can’t stop playing Rainbow Six Siege – and new maps are coming soon, so I can’t see this changing for a while”.

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4 Author Replies

  • Since there are over 200 comments now on the Playstation Plus reveal post and no replies, I want to know what you are going to do about Retro/Grade. It has already been free with plus back in 2012, and games are not supposed to be repeated, or is this another one of your rules that you have now suddenly changed, like the metacritic score one?

    My plus membership ended on the 9th July and I decided to wait until after the August reveal to decide whether to renew or not this month, but if Retro/Grade does not get replaced and you keep repeating games then I am done with Playstation Plus.

  • Corey, Matt, Rhys could you put down the controller and answer the comments on the PS Plus Update article. Still no response to the Retrograde mistake. Definitely do not want the same game twice. It’s not what I signed up for.

    • I really wish I’d had enough time in my weekend to even pick up a controller…

    • @Rhys

      Way to skip over the real point in link1983’s comment. Why don’t you guys man up, tell us why were getting retro/grade for a second time or better yet just give us a different game? It’s not like these ancient downloadable PS3 games are breaking the bank are they? We’ve had games that cost £2.49 in recent months.

      I’m sick of this 4theplayers front, it’s a load of marketing BS to hide behind while for the most part you do the exact opposite.

    • Damn. Just saw Rhys’ comment at the bottom. Wish I saw that before commenting.

      Anyway, here’s hoping we actually get a replacement

    • No worries. Maybe my initial response should have been pinned to the first comment. I was more going for the fact that comments aren’t being ignored, but as it was the weekend, we simply weren’t around to reply.

  • Yep any comments why we getting repeat plus games or is this another post and hide??

  • I too would appreciate a comment regarding the repeat of Retro/Grade in the PS Plus IGC.

  • Can we take your silence on the repeated inclusion of retro/grade in the PS+ selection for next month as indicative of the contempt you hold for PS+ subscribers?

  • We really would love SOME sort of comment regarding the PsPlus repeat game issue, even if its just a apology, instead its just the staff ignoring comments on the subject again.

  • If you add anything to Summer Sale list, here’s my current wishlist for PS3 titles:
    * Shatter
    * Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection Online
    * Black Ops 2: Season Pass

  • Do you know what i really want , it’s a “AMY” episode 2. Incredibly underestimated game.

    • Wow, That is literally the worst game on PS3. I regretted buying it on release and still feel buyers remorse 5 years on. Man that game was so bad.

  • A comment about Retro/Grade would be nice… After all we paid for Retro/Grade TWICE…. Is that even legal?!

  • Romero_Carpenter

    File Size missing from PSN store or Just me?

    • I don’t see the point of removing file sizes from the game description on psn store. It helps determine it you want to download it or not.

    • I see it’s been fixed today without a mention after the usual tweet from @AskPlayStation of Sorry to hear that! Please contact the support team in your region for further assistance.
      Your welcome!

  • The question I’d like to see answered is what is happening with mods / user generated content on PS4.

    Farming Simulator 17 has just announced mod support, which is rather strange as Fallout 4 mods have been indefinitely delayed. It’s also clear from Bethesda’s PR responses that unnamed “others”, for this read Sony, have placed them under an NDA and that they are effectively prohibited from answering questions about it.

    Can we please have a definitive answer on what Sony’s position is on this issue, as while Microsoft have been very open and supportive about including XBox mod support, the only information we have been drip fed from various sources to us PS4 owners is that there are issues with proprietary graphics files, leading to less optimised PC textures being used, that sound mods are not possible due to proprietary formatting, and that a less than ideal cap of 900Mb is being imposed compared to 2Gb on XBox.

    Now that Microsoft have implemented this feature, this is a massive issue for customers choosing which system to buy cross-platform games on for the future, and so information is key. Is this simply a case of needing to wait for the next firmware issue later this month, because I don’t see the need for such secrecy if that’s the case.

  • Suggest everyone unhappy with Sony repeating games on ps+ or blog staff continually ignoring customer comments email with subject Formal Complaint. That’s the email address live assistance gave me. It’s worth a try to hopefully get some kind of response instead of continued silence.

  • As mentioned many times above, what is the deal with the reissue of Retro/Grade as a PS3 Plus game for those of us that received it in 2012? It’s understandable that the US didn’t get the game before the unification of Plus but why should long standing EU Plus members lose out, will we be offered an alternative title?

    It’s widely accepted that Sony favour US PlayStation owners far more than their SCEE/EU/PAL Region counterparts, continued silence on this matter only reaffirms how little we are valued as paying customers.

    Step up Sony and do the right thing by us for once.

  • Learn dead riseing 1,2,off record coiming PS4 in collection and remasterd darksiders. Miss old PS plus when gave lot AAA games and aslo The Simspons acrade game :] good old times. aslo Rempage DX know cross buy.

  • Hi everyone. We’re keenly aware that you’ve had a lot to say regarding PS Plus this month – we’ve read all the comments and have passed your feedback directly to the PS Plus team.

    • Just passed feedback on? Or is something being done about it. Because there is a big difference between the complaining in the past about the poor quality, and the complaining now about outright being lied to about repeat games, which is a very significant change in the service (along with part-games being offered e.g Kings Quest).

      Hopefully they aren’t just filed as “Feedback”

    • @Rhys Sutheran
      We need something more than you being aware about the situation, and that you’ve passed the feedback: we need to hear about a replacement of the said game from the relevant team.

    • @Sicmay Seems Sony just doesn’t care anymore, they’ve got us playing for online now so they can just throw out whatever they want on Plus now. It’s sad because I joined at the very start and have spent so much money on PlayStation I don’t want to have to go full PC after so much investment.

    • So what has been discussed and is there a change being made because not to be funny, it’s not rocket science

    • Hi Rhys, any update on Retro/grade? Are we going to get a replacement, perhaps a game the US had while we had this game back in 2012? Not nice looking at the full list on the store right now with this being the only game showing up as already purchased. It pretty much counts as a game short this month for many of us that have been using the service since then.

      By the way who selects those games? SCEA? I miss the days when we had our own selection of games that was different to them. It seems we are the ones that are going to suffer with repeats so they continue to get games they never had before and this is a start to that.

    • I got a reply for my e-mail considering about PS Plus:

      “As far as I’m aware, we are trying to bring new games available through the PlayStation Plus subscription. Not everybody has been subscribed for several years and might enjoy having some of the older games being released again.”

      So here you go, people. This is just… Yeah.

    • Rhys or anyone from blog care to comment on oldhorn666 post??
      Not acceptable and you WILL HAVE TO DO better. We as consumers put your bums on seats. For too long we have had to accept whatever rubbish excuse you give us. Change will come if you do not DO MORE.

    • The constant changes to plus are disgusting. They basically don’t agree to give us anything but expect us to keep paying to keep stuff from the past. There is nothing for the players about this company this generation

    • What a silly email! I remember a time when I started the service I missed out on plenty of games and asked if they would ever make a return (many others done it too) and they made it clear at the time that any game previously added to the service won’t make a return. I accepted that and looked forward to the future games. Now those customer service are saying it’s okay to have previous games again by giving us that excuse to make it seem okay to start now… It doesn’t matter if they haven’t been subscribed for several years, there can be no excuses for going back on their word. If they miss out then they miss out. Need to keep moving forward not dipping back into the past as a quick fix. If they can’t keep to their word then why should any of us trust them anymore?!.

      This aren’t for the players. It’s just Sony going cheap on us.

  • Two weeks until GamesCom and still no word about a conference or not.

    Has it been moved to Paris Games Week?

  • May not be the appropriate blog to ask this in. However any ideas when we can order Attack on Titan?
    It should be released 26th August. So it would be nice to soon know when we can pre-order.

    • Hi Fleexie – it looks like Attack on Titan is going straight to full release on PlayStation Store, so I don’t think a pre-order option will be available.

    • Hey Rhys
      Thanks for the information :) I was just looking forward for the game, so hoped a pre-order and preload/download would be available.
      Anyway thanks for letting me know.

  • Your options aren’t limited to complaining here guys. Sony aren’t immune to advertising regulations in the UK and when you entered into a contract with them (ie. by subscribing to PS+) they should have made it clear they may repeat games in the future. My advice? Go to the Advertising Standards Authority website and click the ‘File a Complaint’ button. Be concise and to the point. Don’t waffle or rage. If they think they are dealing with a level headed adult they will treat your complaint seriously. If you were a PS+ subscriber prior to the first time Retro/Grade was given away, you have a strong case.

  • I hope the Retro/Grade fiasco is not getting brushed under the carpet. An update would be nice as this is not going to go away.

  • Yes need an update on retro grade. The deafening silence shows how much contempt you have for us. #For the players
    It’s the players that got you to this Point!!!!!

  • السلام عليكم

  • Where is this week’s weekly wrap up post?

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