The PlayStation Store Summer Sale

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The PlayStation Store Summer Sale

Brighten up your summer with up to 60% off a huge range of games and add-ons.

That time of year has arrived once more… the PlayStation Store Summer Sale has begun!

Our four-week Summer Sale sees a huge selection of amazing titles available on offer across PS4, PS3 and PS Vita. You can save up to 60% on selected titles during the four weeks of the sale, however some games will only be available in the sale for a limited time only, so don’t miss out.

With top titles such as FIFA 16, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Just Cause 3, Far Cry Primal, The Heavy Rain™ & BEYOND: Two Souls™ Collection and many many more, you’re sure to find something you’ll love this summer.

There’s plenty to discover, so head to the PlayStation Store Summer Sale page for all your regional pricing, and take a look below for a complete list of what’s on offer. Summer just got a little brighter with PlayStation Store!

Available only 27/07/2016 – 10/08/2016

Available only 27/07/2016 – 17/08/2016

Available throughout 27/07/2016 – 24/08/2016

*Some titles within the promotion may not be available in your region

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  • A nice list but having to either click every link or spend ages in the store researching these to see the prices/discount is annoying.
    Please take a page out of US blog and at least list the discounts or put them in a console order or something that means it’s not just a wall of text/links if possible.

    • More than likely monitoring the clicks for each link to gauge popularity/interest so they can set prices in future sales to maximise income.

    • You can do all that in the web version of the PS store, I just scanned all the PS4 and Vita games in less than 5 minutes…

      (And they’ve previously explained why they don’t include prices, though why they don’t list by console is anyones guess?)

    • @DJ_KOOP33 The console and web store are almost always a mess during the first day of sales and people have to inform them of it.

      Some problems I have come across include the store not loading at all, can’t sign in, discounts not appearing properly, links to Games and DLC not working, ability to download after payment not working, Screenshots and Videos crashing the store, payment not being accepted including pre payment cards.

      These have happened on PS3, PS4, Vita and web store regardless of browser used. You may have had a good experience with it but myself and others haven’t.

    • @DJ_K00P33:
      I also use PC and web-browser – but the PS Store work very slow, as was mentioned – several times I received error page doesnt exist.

    • whitestriderhiry

      Use the site psprices (dot) com, it’s done better than the web version of the PSN Store! :D

  • Dying Light and Zombie Army for me!

    Keep me going til Walking Dead season 6 xD

    • Sorry to hijack your post, but since you’re talking zombies I gotta chip in here…

      The Dead Island Remaster is broken, big time. No sound effects when playing in Co-Op, which kinda kills the game dead. No sign of a patch on the horizon. How does this stuff get past PSN’s ‘strict’ submissions system?!?

  • So let’s have a poll, good sale or bad sale?

    • Only because I’ve not been buying anything for a while (damn you, massive backlog of games), and a few on my ‘to buy’ list have come in quite cheap (DA:I goty for £12.99 and Borderlands: Handsome Collection for £15.99 are particular bargains)

    • same here. when you have a backlog already bought, you would buy only at good price. nothing good here for me… DA:I GOTY is a good deal, but I already have main game. the 3 DLCs even with sales cost more than GOTY now, but at this point I feel no need to support Bioware’s DLC policy…

    • What about a “just okay” sale?

    • How can you guys even complain? These prices are amazing and great for someone who missed out on a lot of ps plus months. So many gret games to choose from. What’s really bad is my wallet is filled with dust soon.

    • @Chijatsu Prices are amazing? Have you seen the US prices when it comes to sales? Hell, Until Dawn had a permanent price drop to $20 and we have to pay 45€ ON SALE? Amazing indeed…

    • Battleborne is $15USD on humblebundle now which also includes more games. Here it’s 3x that amount, yet this is the “sale” price.. pitiful.

  • When will the sale prices be alive? I only see some overpriced garbage.

    • They need to add the PS+ discounts too, ridiculous I have to log in to see them applied more than half of the time..

  • Damn Dirt Rally almost a must buy for anyone at that price.

  • For anyone interested Spec Ops:The line at £3.99 is a brilliant price and easily worth it for anyone yet to play it on PS3. One hell of a good game with some choices that seriously make you think about the consequence of your actions.

  • Not too much i’m interested in at these prices, but happy with Corpse Party for £3 :)

  • If there’s one thing you can be absolutely certain of The Last Tinker is on and will always be on ‘sale’

  • Bloodborne got promo, Bloodborne GOTY got promo, but why the heck Bloodborne Old Hunters Expansion not in promo prices?? I got to buy the expansion only to have complete collection but it’s not in promo now :/

    • This always seems to be the case on EU PSN. If you buy a game at launch you get the worst deals because they always discount the ‘full package’ but never just the season pass.

      Has happened with the Witcher about 4 times now!

    • Yeah, the EU sales are bad regarding this. I bought Trails Fusion some time ago, since then Awesome MAX got released. The game was on sale many times, the game + the DLC was on sale many times – never the DLC alone. I’ve learned from that, I’m only buying Game of the Years / Complete Editions of games. I publisher want that, they can have it.

    • agrred. DA:I GOTY edition has all DLCs and is cheaper than the DLCs with all the discounts applied. while I’d consider buying the DLCs for that price, despite leaving them for a later time to play, this is simply neglect. a lost sale in my eyes…

    • Why for u no work??

  • The Store has always had a problem with telling you what game a given DLC pack is actually for. The first few entries on this list are a great example. In the worst case scenarios it’s not even possible to determine the game name from a DLC pack even with the detailed information to hand, at which point some light detective work is required.

    It’s a shoddy way to run a store.

  • Because putting just the expansion packs / season passes /dlcs without the game it’s too mainstream…

    • You should buy Game of the Years / Complete Edition only. Show the publishers what you think of that.

    • I really don’t understand… Just cause 3 Season Pass was on sale 2 week ago on Xbox. This is the second week that Just Cause 3 is discounted on PSN and it’s always the main game and XL edition. This happen with other games too.

  • Another game I recommend is Borderlands: The Handsome Collection at £15.99 on PS4. Essentially £8 per game and all DLC in remasterd graphics is surely a no brainer for most people who haven’t played this amazing funny franchise before.

  • Nice promo, when we will see PS Plus August games list?

  • The links to Max Payne 3 & it’s complete edition do not work, searching for the game on the PlayStation Store shows the game at it’s original price

    • Unless this is just an issue with my region not having that title on sale. If it is I’m gonna be [DELETED], it’s the only game in the sale i want and have wanted for some time! Can anyone confirm?

  • PSprices site is not working atm!!! This makes me a sad panda )-:

  • Let me see… Witcher 3 has 50% off, Witcher 3 + expansion pass has 33% off, but the expansion pass alone stays at full price. So if I buy the game at full price on release date (which I did), then I can only buy the expansion at full price. Just great!

    • They are a bit slack when it comes to this kind of thing. I also often come across games that are significantly cheaper than their season pass at standard price, or games that have been out for years, where a single piece of DLC costs more then the game… It’s ridiculous

    • They should do a lot more sales on DLC/season passes as those are digital-only.

  • Still no Marvel Pinball table discounted. Blue muppet is bluer today :/

  • The Last of Us… £24.99
    The same game that was under $10 on a US sale less than 2 weeks ago… stop taking the [DELETED].

  • Isnt Summer Sale known for having beefy discounts? I think a lot of the games listed could use an addition plus discount. I hope there will be a second wave incoming, hoping to pick up Gran Turismo 6 annivairy edition. Is it my or is Sony stingy with discounts on their own IPs

  • Awful sale. Lot of stuff from before that was cheaper back then, too expensive in general. And for the love of gaming, when will they finally stop with all this last-gen stuff (including for PS+)? At this point they just seem there to make the sales look more substantial (or fill up spots in the IGC)…

  • Please, consider adding more Season Pass\DLC in future sales.

  • There are some great games there but when you talk about ‘Sales’ and prices are 40€ and up for PS4 games… Yeah. Going to pass.

  • Apparently the Spider-man Shattered Dimensions was on sale as well. And the franchise pack for ps3 :)

  • Far Cry 4 and Primal bundle is a decent price! Witcher 3 season pass would be appreciated though!

  • This is really disappointing when compared to the North America Comic Con sale :(, can we get that sale instead?

  • Remember dear vita fans, dont buy your games through the vita store front. The ps plus discount, if there is one, doesnt work unless you go through webstore. Why, you say? Because Sony.

  • Not really impressed. Heavy Rain / Beyond Bundle was 1 euro cheaper 2 months ago. I bought it anyway. The LEGO PS4 Games are too expensive compared to US Sales and to retail Disc prices. WWE 2k16 is Games foe Gold next Month and here 24.99…. Really. Vita sale has some decent Prices, but i dont buy one. Cause the Memory Cards are still too pricey. The Evil Within i thibk was on sale 4 times for the same Price, also sniper elite 3 and zombie army. Ac Collection, bloodborne . borderlands. Mk x are ok. I hope there will be some Games on top next week.

  • Tell Tale collection on sale again. 7th time in last 18 months.

  • Great sale, might grab the Bioshock Trilogy Pack!

  • MLB 16 for £15.99? Superb! Been eyeing that up for a while.

  • That’s a good deal for Dragon Age GOTY. The physical version has been out of production for months.

  • Bo bo..BOOK OF SHADOWS!!? At last!!

  • There is indeed a great variety of games to choose from in this sale!!!

    Unfortunatlely , the only game I was interested in (Bioshock Infinite Complete Edition)
    seems to have a bad discount this time.It’s main price is for some reason pemanently very high at 49.99 €
    (while other similar masterpieces like DishonoredGOTY cost half the price 21.99€) and now we get 74% off
    which sounds great but it’s not.While comparing older discounts at psprices I found that in January it was
    12.49€ , later in March and also in June it was 9.99€ and now it is even higher at 12.99€ , which discouraged
    me from even thinking of bying it now..I was hoping we got at least the previous prices or even better
    (DishonoredGOTY ,for example,had recently an amazing discount at 6.99€ only)
    I hope next time we can expect a better price for this amazing title,especially when the Bioshock collection
    comes out in September for the PS4 players :D

  • Just for comparison’s sake. For £10 you can get Battleborn and Borderlands Pre-Sequel on PC from Humble Bundle.

  • Too bad for Until Dawn. €45 isn’t a discount when retail is €30. Plus in a previous sale it was at €27 in the PsStore.

  • Again, TOO HIGH PRICES….Grow up SONY.

  • I’m a loyal Sony PS fan since 95, but I have to be honest. Your official website sucks. It crashes all the time. Especially when I’m purchasing an item. I’ve even been charged twice. Your site need a complete makeover.

  • Bring it on sony, put some serious season pass sale.

  • A question guys; Destiny The taken King..
    Does the DLC 1&2 come with seperate codes (so I can sell them) or are they auto redeemed? (I had the season pass before I sold my original copy of the game so I already have those DLCs)

  • Hello, guys! I have a question. Does UK have special prices? Or prices are the same within EU region? No need to explain exchange rates to me, but Bloodborne GOTY Edition costs 29£ in UK and 45€ in Finland. Is this a mistake to be fixed, or the final price? I’m looking to play the game, so will appreciate the clear answer. Thanks!

    • So Bloodborne in UK is 40% off, while in Finland is only 25% off. Can someone tell me the reason of such difference, please?!

    • Maybe that’s why they don’t show prices or ℅ anymore. They don’t want you to know that it’s different ℅ off in other countries.

  • I hope that there will be added more games next week or something. That at least would be good to see what else you have to offer.

    I will be honest, there isn’t much for me this sale. No it’s not because I will say its a bad sale more because I find some games a bit expensive, others I have and some I really don’t care about. Also why are some of games on sale a bit more expensive than when they have been on sale in the past? That isn’t really logical, imo.

  • This not showing the price because it’s confusing is actually more confusing. Just posting a list of games without even the % off is just silly. Just post links to the sale page on PS store. Or write about something more worthwhile like socks or how much wool one sheep can produce in its lifetime.

  • Considering that this is THE Summer sale, TLOU remastered should have at least been £15.99 (lowest price I’ve seen it for non ps-plus members). US store had it at $7.99 for everyone & that was a real bargain in my humble opinion.

  • I miss when you used to show us the prices!
    I’m not going to click on the link individually, coz I know I’d be disappointed at the price.
    I usually look at the price before I look at the name of the game. And if I like the price I look at the game and do a little research to see if it’s worth buying.
    Looking through this list of games gives me a headache. So I won’t be coming here anymore.

  • This is a very dull sale. The recent “Big in Japan” sale was much more exciting!

    What is the reason to offer a discount for main games but leave Season Passes unattended? I’ve been waiting for a discounted “The Evil Within” Season Pass for half a year. And looks like I need to wait more… Shame.

    The prices for Sony exclusive games are even bigger than during previous sales.

    I have to admit this is the first sale when I am not willing to buy anything. Maybe the second wave of this Summer Sale (if it happens) will be more exciting.

  • I live in New Zealand, we are part of the Europe store but you always forgot about our game pricing! Max Payne 3’s normal price in the UK store is £15, which is about $30 NZ, however our actual normal listed price for Max Payne 3 is $63, this is ridiculous! Not only that, but you forgot to include Max Payne 3 for us in the sale! So the UK store has the game for £4 and we have to pay $63 (£30)!? Do you intend to forget about this game forever? Sort this asap!

  • first console after ps3 i can say , no time to play al games i want :)
    sale time a bit rong moment of the jear ( bring in a big one whith huge % drop of from feb to jun )

    never winter nice game ( jes some problems whith dungons no one can enter like pirate dungeon )

    swords coast ledgends ( great game – only chame = loading times + loading after talking = need to be faster in future patch – also put on world map icone of squire to go to you camp ( needed to find 2 days on internet before i find you need to push squire !!!! )

    starbound pc ( also great game , waiting to long on ps4)

    to me ith simpel = price not ok i do not buy
    if you bring out you game 1 jear later like tomb raider = 25 € ( them gone ask 59 € vr tipe of mision = extra them say ) i say i do not buy you game ath al enimore

  • is only going to be in the eu, help! please answer

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