Tricky Towers and Rebel Galaxy are coming to PlayStation Plus in August (update)

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Tricky Towers and Rebel Galaxy are coming to PlayStation Plus in August (update)

Plus Yakuza 5, Patapon 3 and more for PS3 and PS Vita

UPDATE: We would like to apologise for an error that lead to Retro/Grade being offered as one of this month’s free to download games on PS Plus.

We are aware that this title has previously been made available as part of the service in 2012 and had not intended to offer it again. We have now looked into and addressed this issue to ensure that it does not happen in the future.

To rectify this we are pleased to be able to offer an additional title for PS Plus members; Tom Clancy’s EndWar (PS3) from UbiSoft, which is now available to download immediately.

ORIGINAL POST: Hello everyone, and welcome to your PlayStation Plus monthly games update for August. This month we look to satisfy your inner space pirate while exploring the depths of space, and let you battle it out with friends in a hilariously frenzied tower builder.

First up is Tricky Towers, a new title from WeirdBeard Games. This physics-based action puzzler is at its best when you’re competing against friends, with local and online multiplayer for two to four players. As you compete to build your own precarious tower, rivalries will come to the surface as you cast spells to disrupt your opponents and try to make them lose balance and send their towers crashing down. Be warned, it’s ridiculously addictive fun and could turn friends against each other as the fast-paced rounds stack up.

Next up is Rebel Galaxy. Suit up and take command in this space combat action game from developer Double Damage. Take the helm of a massive destroyer as you make your reputation through trade, by being a work-for-hire mercenary or a swashbuckling pirate. In a procedurally generated universe, no two star systems are the same and there’s always something new to discover. So take the helm, prepare for battle, and have a blast playing Rebel Galaxy.

Full lineup:

So be sure to head to the PS Plus hub on your PS4 home screen and add these two fantastic games to your library. See you in-game and in the comments section below!

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  • Deary deary me!!!

  • Yakuza 5?! Didn’t see that coming ;)

  • Eh, happy to get Patapon 3. The rest doesn’t look all that great, and I got Yakuza 5 this month already for free.

  • comments gonna be fun

  • Uhm, Retro/Grade was already part of the IGC in August 2012. But nevermind, with just one good (and not totally outdated) game, repeats probably aren’t really such a upset, I assume.

    Haven’t been around for a while, is “The PS4 is still too new for better content!” still such a popular excuse?

  • This is AWESOME!!!

  • Look at MS they do better…. again.

    • I don’t use X360 nearly as much, but their GwG selections have largely been quite compelling, especially in comparison to Plus this past year or two. And besides, you get to keep the games on 360 till the end of time.

    • Of course MS does better, when you’re in 2nd place you HAVE to. Sony knows they’re in 1st place and have no incentive to give more than the bare minimum. Sony is posting major profits now due to the PS4 and PS+ so it’s not like they can’t afford to give us better – they choose not to because they know they don’t have to.

    • Buy an xbox then?

  • Not complaining about the games, but please sort your posts out!

    No images of the titles, no videos/trailers and no descriptions of the non-PS4 titles is pretty poor.

    This Blog has been rapidly going downhill over the last 12 months with lazy posts like this being one of the biggest bug-bears of your readers!

    • Agreed and its just the most minimal of effort. They cant even go ‘Oh its higher ups decision’ here like the prices because other regions like PsPlus Taiwan and Japan place the full lists up, even in video. Here? Its like the reveal gets thrown out haphazardly at random then forgotten. The fact that Retro/Grade is now the first game to be thrown up now twice is annoying for long-standing Plus members.

    • Absolutely agree. Couldn’t even be bothered to tell us the date these titles will be available. Sometime in the first week of guess, but this date does seem to change slightly from month to month

  • Ouch. This is an exceptionally poor offering. Things were starting to look up over the last few months as well. What a shame.

    • It’s amazing if you still play PS3, as Yakuza 5 alone makes PS+ worth the price for many months. Other than that though… yeah.

    • The_David_Diablo

      Still, look on the bright side. We have had a few good months lately, so we were due a crap one. As long as this is just a blip and not the start of a new trend of crap games every month, we’re good. Of course, all eyes will be on September’s offering…

  • Rebel Galaxy was released early this year and it’s already a ps+ title? Well, another lesson learned.

    • Do you expect in PS+ only old games?

    • No, i expect at least a year before they put a game on ps+, this is showing the middle finger to those who purchased the game in the first place.

      Like i said, lesson learned, not purchasing indie games since i know that they will eventually end up on ps+.

  • Garbage. Complete indie garbage. Meanwhile on Games with Gold. Warriors Orochi and WWE.

    • I like this line-up more than the games with gold lineup personally as i don’t like wrestling games or Warriors Orochi.

      The games on PS+ speak to me far more so i’m happy with them.

    • Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate is outstanding, everyone should get to play it in their lifetime.

  • Looks like the mislisting of yakuza 5 was a sign. Yes!

  • Retro/Grade again? It was already given away back in 2012.

    Also, a another multiplayer only game? This is not good.

  • Someone please tell my why anyone would be attracted into paying £40 a year for this garbage???

    • What garbage? Some good games this month, Maybe not as good as the past 2-3 months but som egood games none the less.

    • Four words. ‘Mandatory for online gaming’.

    • £40 isn’t that expensive, you can blow that in 3-4 hours on drinks in a pub/bar or on a meal easily.

      You get an exceptionally stable service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 24 games if you’ve a ps4. If you have ps4/ps3 and vita its 60+ games… You need to stop being so cheap, I’ve friends who’ve played Rebel Galaxy and its meant to be neat, plus Yakuza 5 is highly rated too.

      Many of my favorite games ever I’ve played thanks to ‘plus’ Dragons Dogma springs to mind on ps3 and Binding of Isaac, Rocket League on ps4.

  • Welp, AAA for ps4 lasted long… smh. This is a mockery. To hell with PS+.

    • yep… Sony just doesn’t care about ‘good’ games lineup for their fanbase – they only care about profit and thus give us a minimum. I’m not sure I’ll ever go with Sony again :D

  • you give us a game that was already in the plus, amazing job sony ….

  • Rebel Galaxy is good but No mans sky comes out week after so..
    No exclusive vita games,a psp game and a cross buy…
    fair enough yakuza but balls that up this month.

    • it looks like Rebel Galaxy is there just to push the need for No man’s Sky. at one point, I was close to buying Rebel galaxy, because while it seems very average, the genre is essentially absent on PS4 anyways.

  • Are you kidding me?! Look every month for the last three, the free games have been absolutely pitiful. Try again next month Sony.

  • Hmm, back to disappointing games (PS4/Vita owner here), though last few months were ok, it wasn’t anything special. A “certain” platform is killing it with their free games, not this one though :-( .

  • Oh wow. This is bad. Retrograde has already been given on plus so those that have been with you for a long time are only getting one ps3 game.

    Shame on you sony. I think someone needs to sort you out. You have gotten too big for your own good.

  • I’ll be sure to keep an open mind for these games but tbh I probably won’t play them much :/ ah well, every month won’t be an AAA month for PS plus

  • You said a lot of times that once a game is free for PS Plus member, you are not going to give it again, still we see Retro/Grade, please explain why.

    • i guess because the ps+ games are now unified across all regions.

      in the past each region offered different games & while europe got retro/grade at the time other regions (including north america) didn’t. so while its a repeat game for european regions, its a new game everywhere else.

    • ^

      So basically a huge middle finger to everyone in the EU that has been subscribed for years?

      Here’s hoping we get Limbo for a 3rd time

    • Still they should not give it again

    • “I guess because the ps+ games are now unified across all regions.”

      They are? Is this new? Did I miss a memo?

  • Well that’s a distinctly lacklustre offering. It’s also concerning, because by giving away indie games every month, you’re not supporting the indie industry, because it’s got to crush competition for the ‘paid’ indie games on the store? I certainly would never buy one, because the come out on PS+ so often.

    • This way, at least some of them get promotion, oftentimes the ones that would never be looked at twice otherwise. It’s good and it’s bad in different ways.

  • Yakuza 5 is great. Rebel Galaxy I bought from US PS Store when it came. All the others… Yeah.

  • Being a PS Plus subscriber is like shopping in Poundland.

    • All games I already own or have zero interest in so not that great from my pov.

      i’m far more interested in ps+, several games i think i’m really going to enjoy :)

    • The 360 games have already been part of PS+.

      As for the rest, I’m with stephusapsn: already own, don’t care. The same cannot be said for PS+ (Retro/Grade excepted, of course…)

  • August lineup is a good excuse to turn off the PS4 for a while and enjoy the summer outside.

  • Yakuza 5 is excellent. Patapon 3 and Ultratron are decent, although I already own them on other platforms. Cant’s muster up any excitement or interest in the rest, not enough to even download and try them. PS4 and Vita selections are generally fairly poor or games that nobody cares about, more so in recent months than ever before. Please bring back the glory days of PlayStation Plus, it absolutely went downhill ever since it became required for PS4 online multiplayer, and I think we all know why.

  • Can someone please tell me an email or something where I can contact Sony about our situation with incompetent PS Store staff and this joke-blog. Seriously, compared to the US, we have way, way much more problems with prices, waiting someone to fix them, games published months after US etc. and I just can’t take it anymore. I’m don with this.

    • Support takes 3 months to solve a simple ticket about an expired retail online pass with about 5 requests for proof of purchase, after promising that it’s moving along and then never writing back again. Funnily enough, it was for Patapon 3 in my case.

    • Email this address; with Formal Complaint in the subject. Don’t scare people away with wait times or whatever, people should be urged to make a complaint when neccessary.

  • What the hell you did not accounce that Vita would be getting PSP games now not native games that is not why i have plus, i am normally happy and other games don’t look too bad but whats that 5 months in a row with a vita game wasted cause it is some 10 year old psp game that look so bad due to resolution are unplayable to me really unhappy about this the main reason for plus is the steady flow of vita games but this is now really a joke please stop it, I am going to look through advertising and probably report it to advertising standards if i can find wording applicable i feel completley ripped off I did not sign up to get PSP games on vita, one fine but every month I was miss sold, and have stack my plus for years! Seriously annoyed by this and sure it is illegal as have been sold as something else.

    • Same here, vita games is why I signed up for plus. 4 months on the trot now. Enough is enough.

    • i don’t really care about vita getting psp games as i never owned a psp so there all new games for me.

      yes it would be nice to be getting vita titles but there are some great psp games which many vita owners may have never played so i like that there dipping into that library.

    • i also hear the patapon games were great so nice to get to play one.

    • I’m mostly in for PS3 and Vita, since PS4 hardly offers a lot of what I would actually play, as variety and quality of those offerings is often rather questionable, and that has been apparent for years now. And some people even think that PS4 selections is such rubbish because Sony won’t drop the support for older systems. Preposterous.

  • I am a bit disappointed that we get Retro/grade for the second time. I thought it was part of the policy that we won’t get games twice.


  • A cheap Curve Digital game on PS+? Wow never saw that one coming -.-

  • Damn. I missread the game title and tought we are getting Rogue Galaxy, which I would love to see there even tough it is a PS2 port. Anyways, is it just me, or are we getting too many “space” games lately? Well, I at least can not complain about Yakuza! I did miss out on the glitch, so I am one of those few that are glad it is actually a legit plus offering. At least I recently started completing my Vita collection, so my backlog is huge. Hopefully, PS4 gets something better next month… (hopefuly without the space theme xD )

  • Retro/Grade 22 August 2012 17 October 2012

    Wasn’t the game on PS+ before? Repeats? That’s new.

  • Wow. This is pretty terrible.

    PS4 games are questionable and more PSP games for Vita. Possibly the worst plus month in 2016

    • This is indeed amazing, it’s almost as if Vita has an extremely poor library that lacks any decent games to choose from. Absolutely not the case.

    • What’s worse is that the vita (sorry, PSP games) are Sony’s owned IP. This means they are really scrapping the barrel with this stuff.

      Maybe this is the end of Plus for vita.

    • I would actually say that getting PSP games is great if all that games were AAA titles like God of War. Patapon might be good, but it’s a small title AND it’s from a past console. That’s too much.

      And no, it’s not like Vita has nothing to offer. Just look at the first page of best Vita games on gamerankings and you’ll see that most of them are yet to be on PS+.

  • Haven’t bothered to leave a comment on this site in a long time. The offerings this month are so shambolic that I just had to log in and add my voice of discontent. I know they can’t all be amazing but this is really, really bad.

  • Hoping for a replacement for Retro/Grade as that’s a repeat and shoulsn’t happen.

  • This list is not garbage. IT’S UTTER GARBAGE ! before anyone ‘attack’ me, don’t say ”you give 5 pound every month what do you expect ?” What kind of games are they ? If I don’t count Yakuza 5( which is great) I don’t even know or hear other game’s names !!! They don’t even give pics and videos about games anymore ! Not to mention release date. Please cut the ps3 and vita plus support or just cut the whole free games. I rather pay only for online gaming, not for these garbages. I’ve been a sony fanboy since 1998 but enough is enough !They’re not even games. Just someone coded in his/her garage.

    • Unless you really enjoy cloud saves and online multiplayer on PS4 and use those constantly, what you get is basically rental lottery. And some plus-focused sales where half the discount is gated behind a subscription.

    • only cloud saves concern me and some online multiplayer, otherwise nobody can deny these garbages. As you can see my friend they’re laughing at us in their offices but I’m happy for you bro IF you happy with these titles. At least some of us likes it. And one last thing. why dont they give us release dates !?!?

    • Every month gets worsssssst. Garbage. Complete indie garbage.

  • Tricky Towers & Rebel Galaxy look pretty fun, will be cool to try those. Yakuza seems prety good as well, nice one 8).

    but big oh dear Sony! you have a choice of alooooooooooot of PS3 games, out of all of those hundreds of games (old, new, rubbish or not) why would you pick Retro/Grade, a game we’ve kinda half already had as part of PS Plus? xD. its cool, probably just a mistake :)

  • So it’s now time to start repeating games we already received with plus? How can you include something that has already been given on plus? Is there a different game for long time subscribers, pointless asking as questions are drowned out by epic advancement of tumbleweed.

    I get that looking through the PS3 store is antagonistic at best and sadistic at the worst but come on that’s poor. Perhaps you thought “oh wow check it out I made it to R before the store crashed and in crashed on Retro/Grade and it was meant to happen- that it wants to be one of our ps3 titles of the month

  • What the is this garbage?? The rumours couldn’t of been more wrong!! What’s annoyed me is giving us previous PS plus games.. That is just a complete rip off

  • One step forward, two steps back. *sigh* :(

  • Hmm. I’m generally pretty happy with Plus and don’t want to come across as entitled, but PSP games and PS3 repeats feel a bit bait-and-switch-y

  • So can we expect more and more old PS+ titles to be recycled as new freebies? The most loyal of PS+ members will have already received Retro/Grade. Poor show. Especially given what the competition is doing.

    And if you’re going to give away old PSP titles can you at least put Peace Walker on the list? In all honesty it’s the only PSP game that’s still worth playing.

  • Games already own. Why Patapon 3 if there is not Patapon 4?. And Please, localize Deemo Last Recital.

  • Yakuza 5 is pretty awesome, but Retro Grade was ALREADY on the PS3 IGC in august/october 2012. Surely this can’t be right…

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