Check out the World of Final Fantasy Collector’s Edition

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Check out the World of Final Fantasy Collector’s Edition

Plus, a brand new trailer for the upcoming RPG spin-off

If you’ve seen anything to do with World of Final Fantasy, I think you’d agree that it looks like a story book come to life (that and it’s so adorably cute)! We’ve got a brand new trailer which we’d like to share with you which delves deeper into the world (of World of Final Fantasy) so you can see how the game works and comes to life.

In World of Final Fantasy you take control of twin siblings Lann and Reyne as they step into the world called “Grymoire” to try and rediscover their lost memories. When we were coming up with ideas for the collector’s edition for World of Final Fantasy, we wanted to do something a little bit different to really bring you into Grymoire yourself and we came up with the perfect way to do this. So here it is, the World of Final Fantasy Collector’s Edition, exclusive to PS4.

World of Final Fantasy

Looks pretty cool right? So here’s what you get in the Collector’s Edition of World of Final Fantasy:

  • Exclusive pop-up book
    To house all of the physical and digital content in the Collector’s Edition, we’ve created a very special pop-up book featuring various scenes from World of Final Fantasy brought to life through striking 3D paper cuts – just like a story pop-up book! Since all of the contents of the Collector’s Edition of World of Final Fantasy fits inside of this pop-up book, it’s also pretty big!
  • Special art book
    World of Final Fantasy is an adorable game and has a unique style when compared to the rest of the Final Fantasy franchise. This 80-page hardback artbook shows off the stunning World of Final Fantasy creative direction and I’m sure it’ll put a smile on anyone who reads it.
  • Mini figures
    In World of Final Fantasy, you can summon legendary, legacy characters from the Final Fantasy franchise so in the Collector’s Edition we wanted to include some of our favourites. You’ll get mini figurines of Cloud (from Final Fantasy VII), Lightning (from Final Fantasy XIII) and Squall (from Final Fantasy VIII) in their adorable chibi form. Each figure is approximately 4-5cm tall.
  • Soundtrack selection
    A 20 track soundtrack selection CD featuring enchanting music from the game.
  • Extra digital bonus content
    You get five bonus bits of DLC which you can use in game:

    • Sephiroth (from Final Fantasy VII)
      • A special summon that will aid you in battle!
    • Red Bonnetberry, White Chocobo and Glow Moogle
      • These are special versions of mirages (monsters) you can recruit to join you on your quest and aid you in battle. If you’re a Final Fantasy fan, I’m sure you can recognise which mirages these are based on!
    • Japanese voice over DLC
      • This allows you to play the whole game with the Japanese voice overs
  • World of Final Fantasy game for PS4
    Obviously, we had to include the game itself! The Collector’s Edition will only be available for the PS4 version of World of Final Fantasy.
World of Final Fantasy World of Final FantasyWorld of Final Fantasy

You get a lot of cool stuff in the World of Final Fantasy Collector’s Edition and copies will be limited so make sure you pre-order one so you don’t miss out! You can pre-order the World of Final Fantasy Collector’s Edition exclusively from the Square Enix Store.

As well as the Collector’s Edition, we’re also announcing the Day 1 Edition of World of Final Fantasy! The Day 1 Edition comes with the full game and all of the extra digital bonus content (the Sephiroth summon, Red Bonnetberry, White Chocobo and Glow Moogle mirages and the Japanese voice over DLC). The Day 1 Edition will be available on both PS4 and PS Vita so whatever format you choose, you’ll be able to get all of the digital bonus goodies!

World of Final Fantasy World of Final FantasyWorld of Final Fantasy

If you’ve got any questions about the Collector’s Edition or the Day 1 Edition of World of Final Fantasy then feel free to ask in the comments and I’ll try my best to answer them.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on the Square Enix Store if you’d like to pre-order the Collector’s Edition or the Day 1 Edition and be sure to like and follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

I hope you’re looking forward to World of Final Fantasy which is coming out in Europe on 28th October, 2016!

World of Final FantasyWorld of Final Fantasy
World of Final FantasyWorld of Final Fantasy

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6 Author Replies

  • Just to be sure : I have been told that, unlike I Am Setsuna, World of Final Fantasy is getting a physical release on PS Vita, can someone confirm it ? I’m buying the game if, and only if it’s not digital-only.

    • Yes, there will be a physical release for the PS Vita. But I don’t think the Collector’s Edition or Limited Edition will be available for Vita.

    • As Pikajudar said, it is getting physical release though it won’t get collector’s edition. Limited Edition doesn’t seem to be available in EU region (even for PS4)… at least acording to SE shop.

    • Yup as Pikajudar and Archacus have mentioned World of FF is getting a physical release on Vita and you can get the Day 1 Edition here –>

    • Oh, i really don’t know why there is still people, who likes these awful physical copies of the game. Digital versions is sooo much more convenient

    • ‘Awful physical copies’? Yeah how terrible, saving money and actually owning the game you pay for.

      Get out.

  • Looks lovely. Do you know a rough cost yet and how limited the stock would be. As a massive fan of Final Fantasy through the years this may be something I put some money aside to make sure I get. Just need to know how much haha.

  • I hope the Japanese voices aren’t exclusive to the collector edition…

    • From what I’ve seen, they are exclusive to the Day One editions. So the Japanese voices will be included in the Collector’s Edition, Limited Edition and the standard Day One editions.

    • Thanks Pikajudar, I’m getting the Day One Edition so I’m happy with this :)

    • Nope, as mentioned in the post (and by Pikajudar) the CE and the Day 1 edition will come with the Japanese VO so as long as you pre-order the game (or pick it up soon after launch) you’ll get the Japanese VO

    • @Daniel Seto: Does that mean the Japanese voices will NOT be released on store and if you wait with purchase, you will be forced to play in English as there would be no option to obtain the DLC?

      In other words, this game does NOT come with dual audio?

  • Price is the big one?

  • madmanwithabox12

    Really looking forward to this, especially for previous FF locations, characters and music. To that point, I really hope there is plenty of classic pre-VII representation – tired of seeing the regular VII, X, XIII show at this point. My boy Edgar looking sharp though and Faris with Syldra is something I didn’t think I’d see again. Will all of the heroes be summons or only some of them? I need my IX party yo.

    Liked the Eternal Wind remix in the trailer, hope there’s plenty more what that came from. =}

    • There’s lots of nods and references to previous FF games in World of FF but I won’t spoil them here ;)

      The legacy FF characters are called champions in World of FF and they are all summons (though they do have roles in the story too, with the exception of Sephiroth who is a special DLC champion) so they won’t be able to join your team as a regular party member

    • madmanwithabox12

      Awesome. That’s cool. So I can summon Celes, Edgar and Faris? That’s pretty glorious.

      Really hoping to see Alexandria as a place (and by extension a super long shot; the BAMF that is General Beatrix =p).

      I like that the champions all seem to have their own music too (judging from some of the Japanese gameplay I’ve seen). Good times all around, can’t wait. =D

  • Why is the collector’s edition exclusive to the ps4 in Europe? I think it is a missed opportunity considering that the vita version is getting a physical release this time.

  • 1. Bit disappointed with lack of Collector’s Edition for Vita version… though it’s good that at least there is physical release. As I’m not fan of collector’s edition from SE, this time you really did great job with that pop-up book.

    2. I think that it is high time for you to show Vita gameplay, don’t you think. It’s PS4, PS4, PS4 only PS4… we already know how PS4 version looks like.

    3. As I’m fan of jRPGs I’m far far far more excited for World of FF than FF XV.

    • 3. Hopefully a lot of people are! Show SE there is still a huge market for this kind of game.

      Just wish the combat animations were better and it would be perfect.

    • Hopefully, but sadly I don’t think that FF will ever return to jRPG roots even if we would show massive support for it. If it will fail there won’t be anylonger FF, if it will be success than all FF starting from FF XV will be hack&slashy wRPGs.

      Though it’s great that there are still games like Bravely Default, Legend of Legacy or I am Setsuna… I would kill for all three to come to Vita system…. but sadly…

      Anyway I’ve already pre-ordered it ages ago… so I will be showing my support.

    • I also would love to have Bravely Default and Legend of Legacy on Vita but I don’t think they’ll ever localize I am Setsuna, I’m surprised you’re still hung up to that not in a bad way I mean because I respect your point of view, but I think SQ is also hard set in not localizing that game

  • Regarding the pre-order, I went to the Square Enix store but it wasn’t available. Im in Australia if that helps. Also, is collectors edition available with the Vita version? And is it cross save between PS4 and Vita?

    • I think we may have experienced a small glitch on the store but you can pre-order the CE here –>

      There is no CE for the Vita version though but there will be cross save functionality

    • The Aussie Squeenix store only does PC games, we’ll likely see this as an EB exclusive, probably more expensive than it would otherwise be.

    • Where and when can Aussies pre-order the physical CE? Any word on $AUD? Thanks SE, long time FF fan!

  • I’ve had the standard edition preordered since August 2015 from Amazon, so assume that will be the day one edition?

    • You should automatically be upgraded to the Day 1 Edition but best to keep an eye out and double check

    • I have it pre-ordered at amazon uk too. Really hope all pre-orders become day one ed I really want sephiroth. The collectors edition looks amazing but I can’t afford it. Really can’t wait for this too come out.

    • @Daniel Seto: Will we be informed of the upgrade by Amazon?

  • madmanwithabox12

    Seeing WoL has me hankering for more Dissidia. Hopefully the Arcade/PS4 game gets brought over when it’s done.

  • HI Daniel, I’m still not having any luck. I use the link, and all I see in the AUSTRALIAN SQUARE ENIX STORE is the Dues Ex pre-order. Can you please help me resolve the issue for the AUSTRALIAN SQUARE ENIX STORE?

    A special note, the Australian store normally doesn’t get physical releases, only digital steam keys. If it won’t be available by your direct store, and you direct to how to pre-order it?

  • Omg those Chibi figures!! They are so adorable! Even the Lightning one (I hate her normally). Just Pre-ordered not missing out on those for my collection!

    So hyped for this game! Can’t even describe how excited I am! ^o^
    Hoping for some Dissidia news/announcement after the release! :D

  • Really glad to see this game getting the limited edition treatment, but also disappointed how it’s once again PS4 exclusive. Also, why doesn’t Europe have the edition with the game and the smaller artbook? Would really love to have the limited edition for the Vita version, as well, and if not, at least some way to get the hardcover artbook or the smaller one given to the US fans along with the game if buying Day One.

    Also huge thanks for including Japanese voiceover DLC, you have made a lot of people happy with that.

  • What about Australia? It seems like we don’t get much love here. Still waiting to hear about the extra Collector’s Edition copies of FFXV for Australia…

  • Yes I’m so happy that there will be a collector edition unfortunately I’m dead set on getting the Vita version.

    Can the collector edition dlc used for the Vita version? And is it gonna be exclusive dlc content for collector edition or will it be available as a paid dlc later on in the future?

  • Preordered,

    Can’t wait to play it.

  • adoooooooooooooooooooorable indeed ^^ Man how a person can change about the chibi thing, rarely ever liked it in the prior generations but having a clean smooth look to it really helps and I’ve suddenly turned into a kid again with a magical princess syndrom ^^
    Anyway, cancelled my old order and pre ordered the CE…it feels weird cancelling a game. I never do that :D

  • Is the the number of tracks in the soundtrack (20) different to the number in the NA’s collector edition? The NA collector edition doesn’t seem to give a indication of the number of tracks.

    Kind of disappointed there is no steelbook for this CE =/

    Still a pre-order anyway!

  • Flippin’ eck Dan, how much more money are you people going to cost me this year, this edition looks absolutely awesome and a lesson to every company out there as to how you do a special edition.

    Just pre-ordered the Collectors Edition of the PS4 version from the SE site, and already had the Vita version on pre-order. I’ve also got the deluxe edition of XV ordered, although sadly the Collectors Edition sold out way too quickly.

    Not to mention I am Setsuna, Dragon Quest Builders on both PS4 and Vita, and the Final Fantasy XII remaster early next year (along with everything else coming out at the same time). This is a crazy time for gamers with so many quality titles being released – all you need to do now is announce the release dates for the FFVII Remake, Dragon Quest Heroes 2, the new Dissidia, and a localisation for Dragon Quest XI on PS4 and you’ll drive my bank manager into a nervous breakdown.

    Would really love to see a Collectors Edition like this for the Final Fantasy XII remaster – soundtrack, artbook, map of Ivalice and a Montblanc plush perhaps?

  • I’m so much more invested in this little gem than I am in FFXV. Please please make XVI more like the older ones. I understand the need to progress but in doing so the core games have mutated into something that bares little resemblance to Final Fantasy. Go back to basics. I think the unit sales will speak out about this. I’m hoping This game sells more than XV and makes it obvious we want the old FF back.

  • Looks pretty nice, not a fan of the big heads/tiny bodies style, eventhough it’s cute I always felt it sort of makes a more childish impression. Loving the look of the environments though. Will keep an eye on this.

  • Lightning put beside Squall and Cloud as “legendary” minifigures. That IS legendary but at least it made me laugh and cry at the same time.
    What’s next? Hope put beside Vivi as “legendary” secondary characters?

  • Dual audio should be default. Not an incentive. Not everyone can afford day 1 release so you’re flipping the bird to many fans right there. Very disappointed.

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