Life is Strange Episode 1 is free on PS4 and PS3 from tomorrow

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Life is Strange Episode 1 is free on PS4 and PS3 from tomorrow

Get a taste of Dontnod’s award-winning adventure without opening your wallet

Hi everyone. It’s been a little while since you heard from us but we wanted to share something special with you today. Starting on 21st July* we will be giving away Life is Strange Episode 1: Chrysalis entirely for free on both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4! This offer is available to everyone (regardless of whether you’re a PS Plus subscriber or not) and will run indefinitely.

Just in case you’re not yet familiar with Life is Strange, this brand new trailer should help get you started:

Life Is Strange follows the story of Max Caulfield, a photography senior who discovers she can rewind time while saving her best friend Chloe Price. The pair soon finds themselves investigating the mysterious disappearance of fellow student Rachel Amber, uncovering a dark side to life in Arcadia Bay.

Life is strange has been an incredible success for Square Enix and the response we’ve had from players so far has been incredible. We’ve loved interacting with our wonderful, fast growing and engaged community and have already shared a host of gaming awards including a PEABODY and a BAFTA for best story with them. The release of this first episode for free and in turn seeing so many more people begin their journey into Arcadia Bay is something we’ve therefore really been looking forward to.

Life is Strange

If you’ve already played Life is Strange, please do consider sharing the love and let a friend know that they can give it a try for free themselves now – no strings attached. And regardless of whether you’re a die-hard fan or have only recently discovered Life is Strange, we’d love to see you around our communities – discussing theories, sharing your Life is Strange related musings or simply making new friends!

Life is Strange

From everyone at Dontnod Entertainment, we want to thank everyone for your on-going and amazing support for Life is Strange and we hope you’ll enjoy you first steps into Arcadia Bay.

*You can pick up the Episode for free starting at midnight your local time. North American customers can get it for free at 8am PDT.

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  • This is a great game if you like a story driven adventure and worthy f a download to see if it is for you. If decide that it is for you though be sure to purchase on disc. The special edition with soundtrack included is cheaper than the digital download if you shop around.

  • looks intersting, noticed a lot of shops sold out of disc version back when it landed so that stuck in my head too.
    At least it wasn’t in a sale a week before it went ‘free’ as well, last time i bought first episode of series, albiet only £2 in sale, it went free very next week, that caused lots of resentment, RE rev2 ep1, you’s sold it half price a week, maybe two? before putting it out free, scraping the barrel lol..
    Going to try this one as it does look ‘strange’ indeed.. thanks for heads up Gotrek, will keep that in mind.

  • It’s a good game, had a lot of fun playing it. Easy platinum trophy as well, for those who like that sort of thing.

    Only thing really is the last episode drops the ball slightly and the stealth bits in that episode are a real pain to get through.

  • Wasn’t Ep1 free before?? Like always, until recently?
    I thought I had got it for free as a sort of teaser/tester the way Telltale do with their episodic games..??

    Maybe I’m imagining things.

    Anyway this was a really fun game. Soundtrack was AWFUL tho ;) Full of gushy bedwetter emo American indie rock. The rest of the game was by and large a delight, much more charming, funny & dramatic than the likes of the similarity adolescent themed Oxenfree (LiS was more Twin Peaks to Oxenfrees.. I dunno, Goosebumps??) & light years ahead in tone and execution from most point & click games.

    The rewind mechanic was really well implemented for the most part.
    I didn’t really mind the last episode or ending tho others did have complaints. I didn’t even mind the stealth sections either, tho maybe they were a little ill judged & incongruous. The only real hassle I had was one of the puzzles on the notice board, where you had to arrange things or something in order?? It’s all a long time ago now I can’t remember specifics clearly.

    Really enjoyed it. Fun game.
    Looking forward to Vampyr. Good luck with it. Vampires suck in general but Dontnod have earned my faith.

  • Great game full of emotional depth. Always up for more games like these.

  • will give it a try

  • Eh, thanks for that Sony. Time for me to give it a try.

  • game is way overhyped

  • I hope this promotion turns out well for Dontnod. Remember Me, even with a lot of unrealized potential, already showed they’re happy to show French flair rarely utilized in games. Some gorgeous character and environment design in that one. I happened to replay Walking Dead season 1 story only few months before I bought LiS and while writing is top notch, with all the fps hiccups and animation glitches it’s clear how ancient Telltale’s engine is growing in comparison to Dontnod’s.

    If we look at the top contenders in the adventure gaming field, Life is Strange equals Walking Dead in drama, I felt the main characters are deeper both in background story and progression, and the amount of possible outcomes will often exceed WD. Choices carry over between episodes more than just a few lines of dialogue here and there. Two endings with some variance based on earlier choices. The engine has a good five years to go until it begins to look an “old” game.

    Anyone who enjoys an adventure game has no reason to at least try it out now.

  • Vita version would be cool, especially since telltale does not seem interested in releasing their latest games on the platform

  • Hi, i can’t find the game in the ps store. is it not available in all regions?

  • I Can’t Find it in uk and episode 1 isn’t even there how long u said that 2 Weeks ago Sony please when will it come out in uk

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