Dragon Quest Builders launches 14th October, Day 1 Edition detailed

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Plus, full box art revealed for upcoming RPG spin-off

Get ready to build for fun, adventure and to save the world because Dragon Quest Builders is coming to PS4 and PS Vita on 14th October, 2016! Today we’re announcing the Day 1 edition of the game and below you can see the all new (and wonderfully colourful) box art for Dragon Quest Builders too!

Dragon Quest Builders

In Dragon Quest Builders you gather materials, craft items and build everything you can imagine in a sandbox world packed with memorable characters and dangerous monsters. This is all set in a unique Dragon Quest story, so let’s quickly go over the story to get you all up to speed.

Generations ago, the realm of Alefgard was plunged into darkness by the terrible and treacherous Dragonlord, ruler of all monsters. Mankind was robbed of the power to build and forced to wander the ruins of their former home, scrounging and scavenging in the dust to survive.

Now it’s up to you, a Legendary Builder chosen by the Goddess herself, to return the power of creation to the people and rebuild Alefgard. Only when the wonder of imagination has been returned will mankind be able to overthrow the evil Dragonlord once and for all!

Dragon Quest BuildersDragon Quest Builders

Now that you’re all up to speed with the story, let’s talk about what you get in the Day 1 edition of Dragon Quest Builders.

The Day 1 edition comes with a voucher code to unlock three exclusive recipes for unique building materials which can be used in Terra Incognita (Free Build) Mode. The recipes are:

  • Springtide Sprinkles Recipe – An item that allows you to transform trees into festive Cherry Blossoms and soil into comfortable straw floor blocks
  • Slimy Block Recipe – Allows you to craft delightful blocks adorned with cute blue Slimes! (The blocks aren’t actually slimy but they are super cute!)
  • Gold Block Recipe – Allows you to show off your opulent side with blocks made of pure gold!

You’ll have access to these recipes as soon as you start up Terra Incognita Mode (which is accessible after you complete the first chapter of the main story) but you’ll still need to gather the raw materials to craft the items but you can make as much as you want so long as you have enough raw materials. Then you can build all sorts of amazing creations!

Dragon Quest Builders Dragon Quest BuildersDragon Quest Builders

So that’s the Day 1 edition of Dragon Quest Builders! If you’ve got any questions, then feel free to leave a comment and I’ll do my best to answer them.

Don’t forget to check out our website and follow/like/subscribe to us on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube via the links below!

Hope you’re looking forward to Dragon Quest Builders which is coming out on 14th October for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. Don’t forget to pre-order the Day 1 Edition to make sure you don’t miss out!

Dragon Quest BuildersDragon Quest Builders

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9 Author Replies

  • PS4 gets a physical release, good. But what about PS Vita ? Retail, or digital only ?

  • Not a big fan of building games, but it is Dragon Quest after all, so gonna get it day 1. Also it’s a pretty neat box-art. Is the Vita version retail or digital only? If retail im totally double dipping for an easy on-the-go game!
    Now.. Where’s Dragon Quest Heroes 2 and the proper Dragon Quest game?! :P

    • Dragon Quest has a very unique look and playful style so we wanted to make sure we captured the feeling of both Dragon Quest Builders and the Dragon Quest franchise in the box art but also slightly modernise it in some ways.

      The Vita version is a digital only release and DQ Builders is a proper DQ game!

  • madmanwithabox12

    So is the bonus content not on Vita? Why?

    You keep saying PS4 & Vita in the post and then telling everyone to get the Day 1 edition that’s only on PS4…

    • It’s Square Enix… for a long time they didn’t even remember that there is system called Vita. I remember getting surveys from them about what system I own… Vita wasn’t included.

      So aye, it’s easy to forget about Vita fans of SE when all you see is money.

    • The Vita version of DQ Builders will have everything the PS4 Day 1 Edition has so don’t worry :)

    • madmanwithabox12

      Thanks for clearing that up Daniel. How does the bonus content work on Vita? Is it automatic through PSN? Or is it a timed thing?

    • We haven’t confirmed details just yet I’m afraid but personally, I think it’ll be automatic but best wait until we have official confirmation on how everything will work. Hopefully we can let you know soon!

    • madmanwithabox12

      Champion. Thank you sir. (^_^)_b

  • Do I get it right? No physical version for Vita even though Minecraft is the most popular game on the Vita system… which btw was released with physical edition here in Europe.

    Man, Square Enix loves to hate Vita owners.
    -Adventures of Mana released without any announcement (did buy it, close to platting it by now)
    -I am Setsuna not localised for Vita (even though developer contrary to what you Dan say, never mentioned that they are too small studio.. they said more or less -if there will be swell of demand they will think about it- and since than twitter is flooded by people asking it to localise it on the right system.
    -Dragon Quest Builders – as a digital only.

    Good thing that at least World of Final Fantasy will have retail release… though it would be nice if you would show some material from Vita version… go on, don’t be ashamed of it. It’s one of the few good decisions SE Europe made.

    • madmanwithabox12

      Setsuna isn’t very good on Vita, digital gaming isn’t going to hurt you and stealth releases happen all the time on every platform. Relax.

    • Setsuna has slightly longer loading time on Vita… that’s it.

      Don’t believe everything you read over the internet.

      If you want to discuss (always open for discussion you can PM me), no point in spamming thread with our argument right?

    • madmanwithabox12

      Discussion requires rationality and a willingness to accept new ideas (like, shock horror, digital distribution!).

    • I know I won’t change your mind Archacus but I’ll try anyway:

      Adventures of Mana was only released on Vita outside of Japan purely because the community asked for it. You probably won’t believe this but some games don’t require prior announcements (but we did announce the games release when it went live). News will still travel on the internet regardless after all.

      If the demand is there for I am Setsuna on Vita we will certainly think about it just like we do with all of our games. This is no guarantee of course as we have to balance our resources but it’s also important to remember that developing games and releasing games is (almost) two separate processes that need its own resources, including time.

      Dragon Quest Builders is releasing as a digital only title on Vita because it’s the only viable way for us to do so. It’s either this or it doesn’t release on this format at all and I’m sure people would be happy with a digital release than no release.

      I think we’re going off topic here now but I hope you’re looking forward to DQ Builders and will enjoy it when it comes out :)

    • @madmanwithabox12
      You see me as a hater, yet it seems that between you and me.
      It’s actualy you who have more traits of a one. Bit shame.

      Rationality? What’s rational about spending heavy earned money on something which doesn’t even exist. Contrary to what you believe it’s not the same product. It’s not even yours. You are not even owner of said product, if SONY will ever decide to pull out the plug all your games will vanish into thin air unless you made back up on your computer. Funny thing, but that’s also opinion of European Commission about all sort of digital services (the gist of it would be without option to re-sell it can’t be ownership – though not supporting re-selling)

      I am wholeheartedly gamer, a console gamer if I may add. And that’s what distinguishe me from PC gamer. Digital industry was born as a way for fighting piracy on PC (fun trivia: when I was young piracy was legal here in Poland)… I took a pride from being console gamer and having original physicaly released games. And that’s what I still do, I buy and collect games.

      I have large collection of PSX, PS2, PS3, PSV games… and I can play those whenever I want.

      I’m not saying NO to all digital games. Despite having all PSX games with retail edition I bought them again on PSN… and not once but 2 times. Adventures of Mana being only port of mobile phone is also obvious candidate for digital only… and that’s ok.

      But paying full price for digital stuff? That’s not rational. Why? From physical release publisher earns around 30%… though of course it depends on various factors. If all digital games would cost around 70% less than physical goods… than sure, I would have nothing against it. But why pay the same price?

      What’s rational about buying digital games? Buying from sales, sure… full price? no.

      The end. No point in spamming this thread any longer, you can of course write reply and I will read it, but I won’t respond. Take care, have a nice evening mate.

    • @Daniel
      Know that I really respect the fact that you decided to reply. And I really mean it.

      After all we are both fans of Square Soft and Enix legacy.

      1. Dan I’m not entirely unfamiliar with gaming industry … or how market is working. Announcing games beforehand contrary to what you said is important. You might not be aware but there are many gamers who do not rely on the internet medium.

      Just 3 or 4 years ago I was never visiting blog site nor any gaming site. I never even knew that there were sales on PSN. And I know many people who don’t have time for doing this on daily routine.

      I myself had to inform 4 of my friends in work that Adventures of Mana was released on Vita, because they didn’t even know about it. That’s the consequence of stealth release, you didn’t give give a chance for gaming media to build a presence that would be noticable.

      If you think that all gamers have Twitter, Facebook and do nothing but read gaming sites, than you are deeply mistaken.

      2. I am Setsuna – that’s one of the most professional reply about this issue you gave so far. Really! You are not giving false hope but you are not giving also excuses.

      3. I know that you probably can’t say anything about it. But is it due to partnership with Koch Media? Look if Asian division can release english version for R3 region… why can’t you do it for Europe or NA? I really doubt that R3 without Japan is as big as either EU or NA. Here in EU Spain alone sold 600k units of Vita (officialy confirmed data from 2015 by James Armstrong), and Minecraft is THE most popular game on Vita.

      I know that there is always issue of risk assessing. Whether there is big enough demand to justify making this or that. But contrary to what big fishes in industry think, Vita IS viable option. Many games released on PS3/PS4/PSV sold most units here on Vita. And with the policy of SONY which doesn’t limit production like Microsoft or Wiii there is ALWAYS option to release limited edition and sell it exclusively via your own shop. Sorry I won’t believe that it’s not viable, unless of course Koch media has something to say about it. Though look at Limited Run Games they are selling 3-4k units of games for Vita in just few seconds.

      Square Enix really doesn’t give me any reason to like it nowadays. But once again I really DO respect you.

      I will be probably importing retail edition. Sorry. That’s how it is, even though FF X included digital code for FF X-2 I simply imported FF X-2 from R3.

    • @madman: There IS a problem with digital titles, and it’s actually problem for the company. With digital titles, most players wait for sale because it eventually happens. Thus, no one buys it week 1, hence, less money for the company.
      AND at the same time it hurts Vita as well. No one buys it => company thinks there is no demand for Vita => no more Vita releases.
      With physical releases, this is eliminated. Vita fans are strong supporters but we can’t accept everything.

    • madmanwithabox12

      That’s bogus. What evidence do you have for such a ridiculous claim? Prices go down for physical games too. Nobody buys digital huh, that why the likes of Digimon and Sword Art Online smash Vita sales charts in spite of people complaining endlessly about not having a box on their shelf? Every game on Vita is digital – it’s a digital platform. Memory cards suck, but that’s a minor gripe when you can fit tonnes of game on a 64GB card and always have the option of deleting games that you aren’t playing anymore. Sure, you can sell your physical games back to the store, but you only get a pittance for doing so.

      As for this apparent notion that Sony will one day take away your games… that’s paranoia talking. What reason do Sony have to do that? Engendering mass bad-will across the world for a laugh? If it eventually happens it won’t be for decades.

      Physical and digital games are fine. Why does it rile y’all up to the point of being rude to the people who are just trying to bring their games to you?

  • madmanwithabox12

    Just so that the comments aren’t full of whining entitlement, I’ll add that I’m definitely interested in trying the game. It’ll be my first Dragon Quest title. With World of Final Fantasy out so imminently afterwards though, I don’t think this will be getting quite as much play time out of me – especially since Trails of Cold Steel II will be out by then. Poor release timing really. Still, it might be a nice little time-waster when i’m not looking for something as story-centric as Trails or WoFF.

    • “whining entitlement”

      oh so much hate.

      Anyway ignoring jabs, as you are fresh to the series. I highly recommend you checking out Dragon Quest VIII first. Really great game, great story, great music, battle system and… well… Akira Toriyama. Though I’m not sure whethere you can buy it on PS4 (via PSN), though you can buy it physicaly (yes one of advantages of retail release) and play it on PS2.

    • I don’t think you understand what entitlement means… There are way too many people throwing this word around like it’s some sort of argument insta-win. People are annoyed there is no supply where there is demand, it’s kinda simple really. I don’t do physical, don’t like to swap cards/discs around, but with how sony and others treat digital distribution I am not surprised people want a copy that they can keep. Especially when some regions get it…

    • Glad to hear you’re looking forward to DQ Builders madmanwithabox12! There’s a lot of great games coming out at the end of the year but it’s always fun to take a break and just build something sometimes.

    • ApocalipticGhost

      I hope you like it and makes you become a fellow DQ fan :D

  • Daniel!! Why don’t Square Enix have more Dragon Quest merch in their EMEA store? I needs it man ^^

    Also about the game, can’t wait to buy it again and see what the localisation team has done with it. Really enjoyed everything about it…well one thing still bugs me. Why do the blacksmiths/DQ bodybuilders sleep with their eyes open? Why? :|

    • Sadly I only work on the video games and not on the merch but I’ll let the team know that you want more merch on the EU store!

      DQ localisation is usually really good, so I can’t wait to see the new jokes and puns in the English version. I won’t ask why you’re watching the blacksmiths sleep though…

    • Thanks for being an awesome Daniel.
      Really appreciate your efforts to communicate with us. <3

  • So we are only getting a day one edition or will there be a Collectors Edition later?

    I am waiting to see before I preorder.

  • ApocalipticGhost

    The Japanese boxart was really good with that Toriyama artwork, but i love our boxart, its really neat, loving it. You did a fantastic job there :D

    Also loving that preorder content, i think only got the cherry trees one with my Japanese copy. Can’t wait to play this in Spanish, and more given how goo’d the DQ translations have been so far.

    • Toriyama-san’s art is a really important part of Dragon Quest so we wanted to stay true to the original Japanese box art while updating it for the West. Glad you like it :D

      I’m looking forward to seeing all of the DQ Builders puns in the game!

  • I’ve never played Dragon Quest before so this will be my first! Can’t wait to start building stuff.

    • Hopefully this will build a loving relationship between you and the Dragon Quest franchise (and maybe some slimes too) ;)

  • This game looks great.

    Shame about lack of a physical vita version (the Japanese release looked wonderful – especially that Slime Vita!)

    Still, a digital version is better than no version at all.

    Any idea what the UK pricing will be for Vita?

    • “Still, a digital version is better than no version at all”

      I strongly agree to that sentence


  • Looking forward to playing this game

  • Hey Daniel.

    Really loving I Am Setsuna, thanks for bringing it to the west. I am also really looking forward to DQ Builders. Can i ask if more DQ games are coming our way?

    • Im not Daniel, but i can answer that :p
      For now we’ve got two more DQ games coming, the remakes of Dragon Quest VII and VIII for 3DS.
      Maybe in some months we’ll get Dragon Quest Heroes 2 on PS4 and PSV, but nothing confirmed about it yet.

    • @ApocalipticGhost

      Thank you for your help. Very happy with the answer :)

  • Dan, can you answer how many Gb/Mb the game file and saves/map data take up for Vita?

    That’s going to be a big consideration when choosing whether to buy it digitally or import the physical Asia region release as my 64Gb memory card is down to its last few Gb left.

    • The game is about 250mb, according to its japanese PSN store page. (PS4 version is about 700mb) Keep in mind that the international version might be a bit bigger due to multi-5 text.
      As for the file saves, i can only speak about the PS4 version. i have around 15 saves in total (3 for chapter + 3 more for free mode) and it takes about 200mb.

  • Thank you so much for bringing the Vita version, personally I don’t mind about the digital and release stuff because having it localised is more than enough for me. What’s the size of the game for the Vita version?

  • What is the difference between this and Minecraft?
    You can’t copy another game and sell it for more coz it’s dragon quest!
    I ain’t buying it!

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