Rise Of The Tomb Raider arrives on PS4 this October with new PS VR mission

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Rise Of The Tomb Raider arrives on PS4 this October with new PS VR mission

20 Year Celebration edition includes all the DLC and new Blood Ties chapter

Hi everyone! We just announced that Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration will launch on PlayStation 4 on 11th October 2016. We are thrilled to share this news with you.

When we were planning the PS4 version of Rise of the Tomb Raider, our very first imperative was to out-do anything we’d done before; such as our definitive editions. A mere “Game of the Year” wouldn’t satisfy us or our fans. We knew that the PlayStation community both deserved and demanded more than that. So we’re working with our long-time partner Nixxes Software to make this release truly special.

First, whenever we ask you what DLC you’re interested in, “new story” is number one on the wish list. Talking it over with our Franchise Creative Director, Noah Hughes, he immediately turned to a franchise favorite, Croft Manor.

Tomb Rider

While shown previously only in cut-scenes in the campaign of Rise of the Tomb Raider, the Manor represents more than just a place. It is Lara’s legacy, and in our new telling her birthright as well as a connection to her past. It’s an incredibly important part of her story and the franchise, and like many of you we have fond memories of it from the classic games. So we’re excited to introduce the all-new “Blood Ties” chapter, which will let you explore Croft Manor and unlock its mysteries in a new story mode; then defend it against an undead invasion in “Lara’s Nightmare”.

The Manor also offered a great opportunity for us to investigate the possibilities with cutting edge VR technology. So for the first time in franchise history, you’ll be able to play “Blood Ties” in first-person through Lara’s eyes!

Tomb Rider

Next, we’re adding a new online co-op expansion to Endurance mode. You and a friend can team up to raid tombs and battle for the longest survival run to stay at the top of the leaderboards.

To celebrate Tomb Raider releases through the years, you can outfit Lara with a re-envisioned version of the cold-weather outfit and the Hailstorm pistol that was featured in Tomb Raider III. In addition, a special card pack will allow you to replay the main story with five classic Lara models. You won’t believe your eyes when you see the original low-poly Lara model in glorious high fidelity Rise of the Tomb Raider cut-scenes.

For our hardcore fans, we’ve added a brutal new “Extreme Survivor” setting, which increases the difficulty and strips out all of the checkpoints. The only way to save your game is to forage enough resources to light campfires and survive from one to the next!

Tomb Rider

Finally, along with Endurance mode, all previously released DLC will be included, such as the three hour story addition Baba Yaga: The Temple of the Witch, and the Cold Darkness Awakened pack which forces you to combat waves of infected predators. Not to mention all of the outfits, all of the weapons, and a tonne of Expedition Cards. You receive everything in one package!

We can’t think of a better way to celebrate with all Tomb Raider fans, and to thank you for being on Lara’s 20 year journey with us. We’re excited to share more details on the new content in the coming months as we gear up for the launch of Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration on 11th October!

See you online in Endurance mode!

Tomb Rider

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  • Hooray,

    Happy 20th Anniversary, Tomb Raider and Lara Croft

  • Awesome. Really looking forward to this!

  • This is all very nice, curious to see what the price point will be on a year old game, though? It would also be nice to have an apology to the long standing fans on Playstation for the horrendous exclusivity rubbish and promise that it won’t happen again.

    • Why do you think they make such a big point of adding the extras and VR? It’s going to be full price for sure!

    • I imagine it’s going to be full price, what with all the extra content.
      Also, I don’t think apologies are in order.
      It’s just Microsoft throwing money about, trying (and some might say failing) to generate Xbone sales at the end of the day.
      Are PlayStation going to apologise to Spider-Man fans that don’t own a PlayStation?

    • Luc1ferous – I hope you are joking… apology? For what and from whom exactly? From Microsoft for making it an exclusive?
      Should Playstation be apologizing for The Last of US or Beyond 2 Souls etc.? Oh wait, my friend can’t afford a Playstation, I guess an apology is in order ;)
      When you were buying a console were you not aware about exclusive content?
      I would say PS is doing a really great job in getting “exclusives” from Microsoft.
      Also I am super excited for Rise of the Tomb Raider, didn’t even mind waiting – all patches are done, DLCs included, everything is perfect and ready for the Players :)

    • PaniJeziora – I seriously hoping that YOU are joking.

      You mention The Last of Us? Like really… Naughty Dog makes games for Playstation, not multi platform.They have made iconic games that have only been available on Playstation for ages.
      Beyond two souls was made by a company that had made no games for other platforms for 5 years before Heavy Rain also a PS exclusive and Sony was publisher for the game.

      Tomb Raider is an entire different story, it had it’s breakthrough on PC, PS and Sega Saturn, after that it has been a multiplatform franchise – Exception there was 1 game that was only on Playstation. Up until Microsoft offers money. Then they try to spin off all the bs with Microsofts long term interest. No they were only interested in one thing, finding a game that could offer just a tiny bit of competition with Uncharted.
      Beside Square Enix has the right to Tomb Raider, that also makes the world of difference.

      By the way care to explain more how Sony have taken games that have been somewhat iconic to the past of the Xbox? Tomb Raider was never really exclusive to Sony, yet PC players were also put out several months.

    • It’s like people don’t know the difference between a long standing 3rd party series not attached to any individual platform going exclusive and 1st party properties ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    • @JuDD3rd It kind of makes sense Sony has exclusive rights to the Spider-Man game after all Sony Pictures own the rights to the Spider-Man and The Amazing Spider-Man movies.

    • Apology will come at the same time Sony apologies for taking multiplatform street fighter away!

      Both companies invested money, no apologies for the “entitled”. This is an awesome game without the dlc and I hope you all enjoy it.

  • Been looking forward to this, it’s a shame Tomb Raider fans on PlayStation had to wait but at least we will get the definitive edition. I especially like the sound of the online coop survival mode and it’ll be very cool to check out Croft Manor again after ages.

  • Awesome, sounds brilliant. Can’t wait to pick this up

  • Well, color me interested.

  • No thanks, a year too late and Uncharted has been filling that void since 2007

  • Hopefully they have used the year or so from it’s M$ release properly and it has given them chance to sort out bugs etc
    Like the sound of new content and all DLC. Really looking forward to this.

  • At first before I wasn’t planning to buying this since we were sold this game so late compared to PC and Xbox it irritated me but with all DLC included and new modes too like PSVR support etc now looks like you made it up for us guess I’ll buy it now :)

  • Do we get a discount seeing as by October it’ll be an 11 month old game?

  • The title of the articles mentions a PS VR mission but the article itself makes no mention of what that entails. Does it or does it not have VR support and to which extent is this?

    • read again, its in there.

      “The Manor also offered a great opportunity for us to investigate the possibilities with cutting edge VR technology. So for the first time in franchise history, you’ll be able to play “Blood Ties” in first-person through Lara’s eyes!”

    • It says in the article (or at the least, heavily implies) that the “Blood Ties” chapter will be playable in VR?

  • Amen to that. its like a second hand game now. First they sucked microsoft (you know what) for a year. And now we are good enough to buy. Hell no i will ever buy it.

  • “the Hailstorm pistol that was featured in Tomb Raider III”

    … what the heck was a Hailstorm pistol from TR3? Do they mean the Desert Eagle? The harpoon gun? What?

  • Will it run at 60fps or 30fps?

  • Oh, so now we are allowed to buy your game? How about NO! You screw your biggest fanbase with this stupid exclusive deal, and only thing it did is angered your fans and damaged the franchise. You don’t deserve even one sold copy for this move.

  • It’s nice that you include the DLC, but unless there’s a discount too, I won’t be getting a 1-year old game (I assume XBOX and PC will get this edition, too, maybe minus the PSVR part).

  • Your exclusivity was a kick in the teeth. I hope you have learned your lesson.

  • If this is £25 around Christmas time ill get it. I got it dirt cheap on PC and enjoyed it. But I never bought the £25 season pass. So £25 is my max am paying for this this year.

    • this is obviously gonna be full price. just buy the season pass on pc if you already own the game there. why would you expect this to just cost the same as the season pass?

    • I don’t expect it to be £25 on launch. But I do expect it to be £25 within a month of launch. I can pre order it now for £35 only £10 of my target.

      I want to play the VR mission as well. But I can wait a extra month or so.

  • Really hoping the price is respectable after offensively having to wait for so long for this and pretty much sabotaging the release as a whole. Screwing the fanbase and developers. If this goes for full retail now (which in itself is a joke) I won’t even bother or second hand as cheap as possible.

    • This hit even harder knowing that Tomb Raider was a Playstation series, spiritually. Sony is just as hard to blame for letting it go, though.

    • well IIRC the very first game was released first on Saturn lol

  • Have played the games since beginning and was sad to see Xbox steal a march on us. Looking forward to new game as always and hope it will be all that you promise. Love the girl, love the game, Happy Anniversary Tomb Raider and all tombies!

  • Some people need to get over the exclusive deal.

    The game is fantastic, into better then the last of us 2 erm, uncharted 4 and has more gameplay then cutscenes.

    Jokes aside, seriously Rise was a fantastic entry to the genre. Exclusive deals happen on both sides it’s just the way it is.

    Can’t wait. If you enjoy action adventure it is fully worth the admission

    • There really is no debating that the deal sabotaged the release, if your happy paying an exorbitant full price way after the fact and rewarding Square Enix then all power to you. I for one am not.

    • Hey don’t buy it full price then, or buy second hand no worries for me. But it’s sad that gamers are this entitled that they will miss out on a great game because of behind hurt.

      I love that people seem to believe Sony are innocent of this exact practice. They only thing missing on the X version was the plat but I myself and not immature enough to avoid another play through. I joked about U4 but this was a far better game for the genre and I’ll enjoy it again.


    • Yeaaah, never said any of that, anywhere. Don’t intend on missing out, best case scenario for me is SE receiving nothing though. No one owes these companies anything, that includes Sony. You don’t get a medal for sticking up for them and poor decisions.

    • Never said anything about a medal. I said it’s funny that some people are childish enough to just not buy this game and settle for a worse game(in my opinion)

      As said. It’s funny. Sad, but funny. Troll elsewhere it’s lacking.

    • Some people etc etc…. “proceeds to miss the point of everyone being critical of this”

      Pretty sure your the one trolling here mate.

    • I don’t agree. I don’t think people need to get over the exclusive deal. Exclusive deals is the worst deal for us gamers and nothing to be excited or happy about. There is plenty of other good games, like Uncharted 4 or The Last of Us, to play PS4.

  • I’ll wait… When I find it at a good price, or second handed, I’ll buy it. Preferably second hand.
    The least money you win, the better. You need to learn some way, that you should not ***** up the majoroty of you fanbase.
    I think lara croft and the temple of osiris, learned the hard way.

  • Agree smokeypsd. They have missed the boat with this one. Way too many games coming out and pre-ordered to care about this one anymore. Maybe if enough people give this a wide berth they will drop it to a reasonable price for a game that is nearly a year old.

  • I’m not too bothered about that exclusivity deal because uncharted 4 was there (which I was more hyped for) but now that we all know by having exclusive deals it ruins the sales + angers the fans I may buy this complete edition because I need that online coop xD.

  • Can’t wait to play it.

    All the extra content will make it worth full price. I might get the 20th Anniversary Edition.

  • Been eagerly awaiting this release. Absolutely enjoyed the 2013 one, and all reviews state that Rise is a huge improvement on the first with more tombs to raider. Glad they are including all the DLC and extras. Just not sure about paying full price for a year old game. Might have to wait for a sale to come along.

    • yea i agree with the price thing, and we waited for a year so what is another few months waiting for that sale.

  • Well to be honest. It’s not a day one buy for me.
    Why not? You choose a time were other games have just been released and others will release at the time or straight after. Generally your game is way down on the list.
    Why is it down on the list?
    I don’t pay full price for a game that is about an year old, even with the dlc stuff. I don’t care.
    You make that type of deal, selling out so that the fanbase that made sure the franchise even survived that long. Well do you also put your hand into the mouth of a hungry lion? I doubt you would.

    I will most likely buy it used, there is absolutely no reason for you guys to get money from my purchase. As mentioned there are other games I am looking forward to. They will definitely keep me occupied more than enough.

    Anyway Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix, you got what you wanted, you got some quick cash from Microsoft, but angered the fans of the 2 biggest communities – PC and Playstation. Well done. Also now that you may not sell well on Playstation, you will probably make that as an excuse for timed exclusivity yet it was said exclusivity that caused it.

    In the end it’s not the deal you made with Microsoft that is making me wait. It is actually just because there are other games, I just don’t think I will have time for Rise of the Tomb Raider for quite some time. So I will not buy it day 1 since I don’t think I have time for it. Waste of money if it gets a price reduction when I find the time. If you had chosen a release date like earlier like August, then maybe. But October, that’s just not a good month to release a game. Well not for me at least. I bet there are tons of people who are not interested in the games I will buy.

    Crystal Dynamics, I hope you understand that the decisions you made in the past will haunt you in the future.
    Maybe not for me that much, but generally you have lost tons of fans. You better find a way to restore that fan base of yours, before it will be lost.

    On a side note, the 2013 Tomb Raider was good, I guess this will be good too. Just a stupid situation you put yourself in to. Best of luck for you, let’s hope for a flawless release at least. Now that you have had almost a year to make sure that there aren’t flaws. ^^

  • I actualy forgot about this game and now there are many other games I look forward to. You would have my money last year.

  • I suppose we will not be getting the figure from the Collector’s Edition? Was hoping for that actually…

  • Including all DLC so you can sell at full price, right? I’ll pick it up but not for more than 30€ at this point, also keeping our short end of the stick in terms of exclusitivity in account.

  • Huge fan of Tomb Raider since the first game on Playstation. The first Tomb Raider game on Playstation is one of my favourite games. I loved the 2013 Tomb Raider reboot, and was really looking forward to Rise of the Tomb Raider. With that said, I will NEVER buy this game. I don’t support the way Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics treats it’s fans. I hope this is the end of silly exclusive deals. These deals never benefits us gamers.

  • Let’s see how fast this gets to €20.

  • 28€ its the price of the game… You would have my money when It came out… Now i give 20€ and thats It…

  • I just hope the new online mode does not mean online trophies, I will buy the game regardless since I loved her first one and I love story driven games in general, but if online trophies are presented, it will take a lot of play time away, why try to expand your time with the game by hunting trophies when you know you will never take the platinum? (since I dont play online)

  • “In addition, a special card pack will allow you to replay the main story with five classic Lara models.”

    What does this mean even? Is there a bunch of DLC-codes / “day one patches” or are all the old rags actually on disc?

  • I have no doubts that this is a great game, however I don’t like the way they handled this. Square Enix’s main goal was “quick money” by not releasing this on playstation. I will not support this game as I don’t like their decisions. When it’s on sale for like 7 euros, then maybe. But otherwise – I don’t like you, people who are responsible for this delay.

  • FINALLY!!! I am looking forward to playing this game when I get it as a birthday present in November. I hope???

  • ThroughTheIris56

    Sounds awesome I can’t wait :D

  • I am going to buy this, but please don’t do what you did with this game next time

  • I’m looking forward to playing this, loving the reboot series. But won’t get it until it’s on sale…imo you don’t deserve to have your cake and eat it too.

  • Great game, but I will be purchasing it 2nd hand so that you won’t be getting my money.

    Disgusting exclusivity deal. You will pay for it.

  • Surely 70 euros is a mistake, right?

  • If you want the game but it?, if you don’t then don’t buy it? If you can’t afford it get yourself a better job!.

  • If you want the game buy**

  • Any collector’s edition release on PS4?

  • Nope. Square can suck these you know whats. This franchise will never see a dime from me, again.

    Congrats on 20 years! You know how you got to a 20 year anniversary? Playstation and gamers.

  • Wow what a bunch of crybabies I’m not going to buy the game because of Microsoft seriously get over it, the reason it happened was because of uncharted 4 ms needed a game has good it U4 and didn’t have it so bought tr for a year.
    Then uncharted 4 got delayed but anyway you get to play it now, imo it was good business sense of ms to get this game.
    Besides I think the old tomb raider games are awful I will always prefer the reboot series.

    • We’re not going to buy it because they decided to leave part of their audience behind to cash in from Microsoft and now are trying to sell us a 1 year-old game for a new release price.

    • @warensembler83
      Couldn’t have said it better myself

    • Wow that’s not nice calling me an a m*ron lol, I don’t know why people take it so seriously it’s just game you will now be able to play just be happy with that.
      If you own both consoles like me this isn’t a problem.

    • Fleexie. for some one who type so much, as most reasonable people would comment, ( just be happy that’s the game is finally on PS4 for those who don’t have 2 consoles.

      Also you have to understand the exclusivity is what’s make PS4 or Xbox one, and be proud that you own PS4, with over 16 exclusive games for PS4 in this year, most of them are SO BIG NAMES like, U4, gone Days, GT, Horizen, No man sky and so on and on,

      with this names been said, you should feel sympasthy for MS ( Xbox one Owners ) for only have 6 to 7 Exclusive games.

  • What is fair is fair. You made me wait, i’ll make you wait too… for my money. And you will get it when its around 20€. If i waited this long, why not a couple of months more? Whats the rush seriously? All the hype died.

  • I have pre-ordered Mafia 3 and I want to play The Last Guardian a lot. I also want to buy the PSVR if I can preview is somewhere first so it ‘ll be a ling time before I would buy Tombraider, but that is ok, I needed to wait for it so long I can wait even longer.

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