New PlayStation Store discounts start today: Mad Max, Rocket League, Alienation, more

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New PlayStation Store discounts start today: Mad Max, Rocket League, Alienation, more

A huge selection of digital-only hits get price cuts this week

Fight to stay alive in The Wasteland in this week’s PlayStation Store deal of the week: it’s the action-packed, open world title, Mad Max on PS4.


Totally Digital (until 24/08/16)

Also starting this week, we’re showcasing PlayStation Store’s huge selection of digital-only titles in our six-week long Totally Digital event.

We have a selection of your favourite titles on offer, with up to 50% off the likes of The Witness, Rocket League, Firewatch, SOMA and Dangerous Golf.

Not only are full game titles available in the promotion, we also have a range of selected digital pre-orders available on discount, including upcoming games such as Grow Up, Obliteracers, Cast of the Seven Godsends, Overcooked and more. Additional pre-order titles will be added throughout the next six weeks so don’t forget to keep checking back.

If that wasn’t enough, if you’re a member of PlayStation Plus, you can get additional PS Plus discounts on selected Totally Digital offers. Get a PS Plus membership today!

For regional pricing, visit the Totally Digital page on PlayStation Store, or read on for a complete list of what’s on offer!

*Some titles within the promotion may not be available in your region

Save on PS3 and PS Vita games (until 27/07/16)

To round everything off this week, we have some amazing deals on top PS3 and PS Vita titles. Get your hands on the unforgettable Uncharted, classics like Worms and Sonic Generations, and high-octane racers such as MotorStorm 3D Rift and GRID 2.

Head to the PlayStation Store category for more details, or see the full list of deals below.

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  • Just grabbed Alienatation. Nice to see the sales on early today :)

  • Outstanding price on SOMA, that

  • Alienation* You can tell its wednesday morning when your brain is half awake lol

  • The Witness & SOMA shall be mine.

    Are Beyond Eyes & White Knight any good?

    • Don’t know about Beyond, was looking at that myself, but I recommend White Night, bought and platted the game a long time ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. Still, depends what you like, youtube a few reviews, spoiler free if you can…

  • Resident Evil: Deluxe Origins Bundle is missing in that list. 15€ Just bought it earlier before this blog entry was even postet.

  • SOMA for 82% off, bought!

    More discounts like that in the future, please.

  • For anyone thinking of buying LBP Karting…

    Littlebigplanet Karting servers will be turned off in August.
    Online levels form a huge part of the experience.

    Also note. LBP servers in Japan are also closing, and this includes LBP3!
    Very sad for the Japanese LBP community.

  • That The Banner Saga price tho, after last weeks non-sale/bundle offer saga.. Nice work.

  • Was hoping for discounts on Severed and Volume but I think I will pick up Geometry Wars and Journey. Any recommendations for Vita anyone?

  • Had been waiting for Uncharted 1 & 2 to get a decent discount on PS3 for ages! Thanks!

  • This sales lasting 6 weeks!? Very disappointing, hopefully there are other sales taking place at the same time rather than just adding a few digital preorders to this.

  • Is it my imagination or is Fluster Cluck on semi-permanent ps+ sale? Every week I see it on the store reduced on ps+. Are they trying to set a world record for it being longest ps+ sale game?

  • I would love to see Rocksmith 2014 on Ps4 discounted, will that ever happen? Its still full price both in physical and digital form. Its almost 2 years old on Ps4 and not once has it been discounted or given a permanent price reduction, what is going on? Will it ever drop in price?

  • According to Eurogamer, Dangerous Golf is receiving a patch any day now that will address the load times and the controls which were the two biggest gripes for reviewers. Probably gonna give it a shot at the reduced price.

    • It got a patch yesterday, that was probably it..??

      Tbh, while it is fun the novelty wears off pretty quickly. And yes the loading times were a huge factor in the fun quickly wearing off, or encouraging you to stick around and uncover the depth of the game. Maybe now it’ll be a bit speedier & accessible, user friendly.
      It was weird because you can tell how much effort went into the physics of the thing, then it just seemed a slap-dash presentation was plonked over the top that kinda detracted from the whole.

      It is definitely worth a punt at the price tho. You’ll at least get your monies worth out of it even if it doesn’t quite live up to its potential. Tho like I say maybe with the spit and polish of the patch it might enliven it.

  • Was hoping for a PSN Summer Sale. Is that still happening this year?

    • Uncertain as the US store has just had their 2 week Summer sale. This Sale lasts until 3 August so maybe this IS the Summer Sale….

    • Europe get different sales… hence we got a “Big In Japan” sale whilst the US users were on the “Mid Year Sale”

  • Actually it last until 24 August . Ok we NEED an EDIT function on this blog…

  • What is the discount on the Hyper Light Drifter pre-order? It’s still £12.99 with no “This price is only available from 13/07/2016 01:00 am to 3/8/2016 11:59 pm.” like the others…?

  • Can someone clarify if Assassins Creed Trilogy has a platinum trophy. I’ve heard only the disc based version has the platinum but iv seen a few people post that the EU digital version does have a platinum but the American version does not. Thanks to anyone who can answer.

    • I hope for everyone it does, but when I realized there it might have a platinum and extra gold trophy I felt bad about buying the 2 other games separately today (I already bought China before, but if it has a platinum the extra 2.5 euro might be worth the trilogy version over buying the 2 others separately).

      So I hope for everyone it does, but I hope for myself it doesn’t as I have screwed myself otherwise (as I totally forgot about this).

  • I can see Salt & Sanctuary in the ‘Totally Digital’ section of the sale, does this mean there is an upcoming sale for this title?

    Also, any word on the Vita release of this?

    • Would definitely snap up Salt & Sanctuary if it get’s a discount ;)

      Wouldn’t hold your breath on a Vita release. It seems from hearing developers speak that Vita ports are often very complex and from a commercial point of view it doesn’t make sense for Indie titles due to Sony’s *ahem* “support” for the Vita these days

  • Just got Soma. I couldn’t say no at that price ^^

  • Was hoping for Terraria vita version.

  • Tried to buy something from the UK Store… asked to re-enter my password, which I messed up once forgetting a capital letter, only to be told I hadn’t purchased anything.

    When I go back to buy the same game (which is showing in my purchase history now three times) I’m told I’m not eligible to buy it.

    • Same thing happened to me with Lost Dimension Vita, without giving a wrong password. Customer support told me to reset the console to factory settings, yeah right…

  • Was excited to read about digital-only since I’m reluctant to get that in general, and there are some games in there I’ve been putting on hold for this occassion, but the discounts aren’t substantial enough for me yet to jump on top of it. Witness still too expensive for someone like me who just wants to experience it for the atmosphere and music. Firewatch and Ethan Carter might’ve convinced me at slightly better discounts as well.
    Disappointing to see so much stuff in there we already got in our PS+ library though, can’t help but think those are spots that could’ve been filled with better choices.. But better than the Japan sale atleast imo. I’ll pick up Alienation.

    • In line with this sale, I would also love to see more digital-only sales on DLC and season passes. Always reluctant to get digital stuff since you never really truly own it, so sales are always nice and welcome there.

  • How the heck does a game on PSN get as low as Soma while being good? Jolly good show, carry on!

  • Anyone else having problems buying on the PC?
    I bought Soma and Hitman GO, but neither game show up in my download list yet my payPal has been charged…

  • Please, please, please bring Gauntlet 1 and Gauntlet 2 back to PS4!!

  • Yeah, I think I’ll try ‘Journey’ at that price.

  • Another awful sale! Lots of old junk nobody will buy… Lots of previous PS plus games nobody will buy and lots of games that are always on sale…..

    • Or loads of great games for people who enjoy good games or have an open mind to try something different.Soma at that price is a steal.One best games I’ve played.

  • Oh look, Broforce is on sale… Wait, that reminds me of something, what was it…

    OHHHHHH, RIGHT!!!! Where’s the promised second patch that was going to fix the framerate problems?

  • Nooooooo I bought ALIENATION yesterday for 15.99 and today is for 9.99!!! Me and my luck.. bummer

  • If anyone still has their PS3 I highly recommend getting Puppeteer. I bought this game on release and, even to date, is one of the best gaming experiences I ever had on my PS3. It is truly like no other game. The aesthetics, characters and constant narration make for a masterpeice fo a game.

    – MjA –

    • Puppeteer is wonderful indeed, but a lot of us already got it in our PS+ library (one of the rare PS+ games that I did enjoy and consider a must-have).

  • Knew Enter The Gungeon would be on sale someday and now I bought it along with SOMA.

    Too bad I hadn’t enough time at the moment!

  • Mad Max was on a sale in March. Btw. Thanks for Shadow of the Beast! Also bought Resogun, Escape Plan and The Unfinished Swan. How Ether One does? Is it a good game?

  • Ether one is amazing game mate, it was platinum worth game for me.

  • was hoping that sony finally reduces lbp 2 extra edition, but oh well there is always next time

  • Why is Dirt 3 cheaper than its DLCs? Seriously, how hard is it to make a DLC bundle?

  • Discounts do not appear. What I can do?

    • Either check the US blog for your own discount, or move to Europe to take advantage of these. It’s up to you!

  • Can you please discount Muramasa Rebirth’s DLC next time?

  • “Unable to find the page” error for most of the links. Not surprised though, this is the norm for Sony.

  • Any games worth buying according to you guys? I’ve recently bought Alienation (unfortunately a couple of days before this sale..) and thinking about Soma and/or White knight. Any ideas?

  • we want gta V

  • SOMA just got a price increase mid-sale. What’s up with that. I schedule my purchases and yday i tried to buy it but instead of the initial 5.3 it is up to 7.99. What’s up with that? We should grab (scheduled) sales the moment we see them just in case you change your mind?

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