Flash sale: Uncharted 4 discounted on PlayStation Store this weekend

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Flash sale: Uncharted 4 discounted on PlayStation Store this weekend

Grab a big saving on Nathan Drake’s acclaimed new adventure

If you are yet to explore the award-winning world of Nathan Drake, now is your chance! You can save big on Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End on PlayStation Store this weekend.

Simply head to PlayStation Store for details on local pricing and begin the adventure today. Make haste – the price promotion ends on Monday 11th July.

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  • Is £34.99 the sale price?

  • Awful copycat of US flash sale.

    • Doesn’t bother me none, a sale is a sale! :-)

    • One game?
      They’re really stretching the meaning of a sale. A “special offer” maybe, but a flash sale of one freakin item?! Haha! & @ at £35! Oh well.. It’s the thought that counts I guess..

  • Not sure what people are moaning about?
    £35 for one of the best games (if not THE best game) on PS4 is pretty great I reckon.
    The MP is frickin’ brilliant too, with loads of free content being added so there’s plenty of longevity.
    This, people, is a total bargain!

    • No, this is not a bargain. Well not for us in the UK. Or maybe just me.
      I plan on selling this after I’m done with single player. I know multiplayer is awesome, but I’m not even gonna bother with it.

  • Is it worth getting the Deluxe version? Not as much of a discount but still, it’s a discount. Main extra seems to be an additional chapter to play. Anyone else played it and feels its worth the extra £15?

    • Hard to tell. You get a few pieces of MP stuff cherry picked for you.
      The first lot has just dropped with the MP update. there’s some good stuff in there. Especially if you want to run around as Drake dressed like a pirate.
      And there’s going to be a second batch released down the line as well.
      As you say, the biggest draw is the new single player content though.
      Only thing is we don’t know anything about it, or when it’s coming out?
      I’m guessing (and hoping) it’ll be comparable to Left Behind for The Last of Us.
      If so, it’s money well spent!

  • Cheers – I can’t imagine it will cost more than £15 though, as you say if it’s like Left Behind I think that was released at around £11.99.

    Think I’ll just stick with the £34.99 version!

  • What self-acclaimed gamer doesn’t own this yet?

    • I love to think I’m self-acclaimed. Yet I won’t get this until co-op is implemented.

    • I do like gaming (I game 25 years or something now), but I am not the biggest fan of the uncharted games. I am tempted to buy it at this price, but because my backlog is (too) big, I probably will wait until they sell it for 30 euro instead.

      In my opinion the gameplay in the uncharted games is very shallow. I stopped playing the first one after 10 hours or something. I have seen lets plays of the 2 others and nothing really changed.

      I also completed the last of us and while I loved the story and I really enjoyed the game because of that, the gameplay in that one is the same shallow walking from cutscene to cutscene and shoot a bit.

      In my opinion they are all somewhat overrated.

      I don’t see why everybody should own those games to be honest. But I want to give it another chance and will probably buy it later.

    • Btw, I am not saying they are bad games (far from it), but they are not my style of gameplay.

      The art direction and the worlds created are fantastic btw, it is just the gameplay which is not as good as the rest of the games are imo.

      I understand why people really love them, but to say everybody need to have played them is a step too far. They just get too much praise imo.

  • Hi!

    Yesterday i purchased UNCHARTED™ 4: A Thief’s End Digital Edition for 499DKK, only to log in today and find out that it is on sale to save 37%… I can’t help but fell a bit cheated.

    Could you please help me with this. (there is now forum about this particular subject)

    Thank you in advance.

    • While I do feel for you (I know the feeling, it sucks), there is always a chance this will happen when you buy something. I don’t really understand what you expect them to do.

      Where do you draw the line?

      Again, it really sucks and I would never want anybody to have to deal with something like this, but otherwise they can never ever do a sale again as there always will be somebody who bought it the day or the week or the month before.

    • Contact support, you can ask for a refund.

    • Isn’t there a rule you can only ask for a refund once in total? But yeah, you can do that.
      I also think there has to be a good reason for it if I’m not mistaken (but I never used the refund rule, so I am not sure about this).

    • Sony does NOT refund.

  • Where are the other 20 or so games in this sale, you know, like the US flash sales always get?

    EU/UK. Sony second class citizens as usual.

  • Lol! You call just 1 game a flash sale?! Maybe you should head over to the US Blog and have a look at their flash sale…. Lots of games at decent prices.

  • I paid £35 on release…..on disc pmsl.

  • 30-35 in new retail !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • What a joke, more expensive than on disk? Are you making fun of us? 22%?

  • I got the disc version £37.99 and it arrived the day before the PS Store version but it’s such a great game and I play the multiplayer most days too. The digital version still tempts me just for convienence. I hate disc swapping. :P

  • Dammit, the first time in more than a year that I want to buy a game on the EU store and the checkout is telling me that my transaction cannot be processed at this moment. Is this a known issue?
    It’s telling me to try it on my PS4 but that’s not an option at the moment so I need to buy it on PC.

    • It is a SONYs dirty way of making business. Transaction cannot be processed at this moment, system maintenance is underway, try again later and so on. But in fact they have received your payment, and they sent you an email about it. If you try once again the same thing happens. Another email comes and SONY is clear about it. But who goes and reads email after direct message “Transaction cannot be processed at this moment”. Nobody. That way I paid twice a year subscription, and SONY wont send me back my subscription money for a second year. Just a refund in my wallet. Dirty business.

    • Yikes, that sucks, man. Luckily, that wasn’t the case with me. But now the deal has passed and I wasn’t able to buy it. More their loss than mine, though. I’ll find another better deal elsewhere later but they won’t be seeing my money with 100% profit for them.

  • Wow, you discounted it to the price it should have been at retail.

    Digital games on PlayStation are pathetic.

  • I don’t buy digital games, especially if it’s more than retail price. I like to resell my games once im done with it. can’t do that with digital.

    • Outside the UK, it’s not possible to get retail prices that cheap in Europe. And getting it delivered from the UK has added shipping cost and time which negate the lower price. That’s why this gen has been purely digital for me so that I can buy it from the US store. With that in mind, this price is actually the best I’ll see for a long time.

    • Oh, I see. But don’t you hate it when you buy a game digital and it turns out to be a game you don’t like or don’t play anymore? How will you get your money back? I have so many digital games on my ps3 and a few on ps4 and none of them I play any more. And every time I see them I question myself, “why did I buy that?”

    • I’m very careful with the money I spend ;)

      But you’re right about selling it if you don’t like it. However, the money I would get back for my games in Belgium is really not worth it. Now and then there’ll be a “deal” in the retail shops along the lines of “trade in 3 AAA games and get a 15 euro discount on your next game”. I prefer to just keep my games in case I every want to give it another chance and having them digitally makes that a lot easier.

    • UE laws allow the reselling of digital contents since 2012. Not that it makes a difference, as Sony doesn’t abide by the European law.

  • Um… this is NOT how you are supposed to use the term ‘flash sale’ =D

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