Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness is out today on PS4

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Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness is out today on PS4

Square Enix’s fan favourite JRPG reutrns after a 7-year absence

It’s been a while since the last Star Ocean game came out – seven years in fact – so we’re really excited to bring the Star Ocean franchise back today on PS4! Don’t worry if you’re new to the series because you can enjoy Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness whether it’s the first game you’ve played in the series or the fifth.

Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness has quite an all-star development team including series creator Yoshiharu Gotanda, composer Motoi Sakuraba and character artist Akira “Akiman” Yasuda who is probably most famous for designing the characters in Street Fighter II!

If you’ve not seen much on the game then you can check out the launch trailer below:

Shuichi Kobayashi is the producer of Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness and we recently had the chance to ask him a couple of questions from the Star Ocean community.

What is the meaning behind the subtitle “Integrity and Faithlessness”?
Shuichi Kobayashi:
The meaning behind this subtitle for the game is something that was very much decided by Mr. Gotanda, who is the head of the development company (tri-Ace) who created the game. I’ve never explained it to people completely before, but basically you’ll get an idea of what it means through playing the game if you think about the meaning behind your actions, the decisions that you make, and what happens behind the scenes.

Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness

When making a new entry in the series how do you decide how heavily you want to reference the older games?
Shuichi Kobayashi:
The Star Ocean franchise has been going on for 20 years and this is the fifth game in the series. The story of Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness is designed so that you don’t have to have played the other games in the series to get into it and enjoy it. It’s very simple and easy to understand but all of the special terminology (like character names, organisation names) all reference to this one ongoing (franchise) storyline and reference back to older Star Ocean games.

So if you enjoy Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness and you go back and play the other games you can enjoy finding all of those little links and references.

Star Ocean: Integrity and FaithlessnessStar Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness
Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness
Board her


What was the inspiration for there to be such a large playable party?
Shuichi Kobayashi:
In Star Ocean: Integrity & Faithlessness, transitions between battles, events and story happen seamlessly, so in the world you have all of your party characters travelling together in one big party (all seven of them) and they enter battle and fight together at the same time.

We really didn’t want to have an unnatural transition in which only some of the characters enter battle and you only get to use four of them so we had all seven of them fighting at the same time. We also thought it’d really good to make the battle really big, flashy and exciting and really up the level of the battle antics with everyone using really powerful attacks at the same time, and that made it look really good.

When you’re in battle it’s actually very easy to control, you control one character directly and all of the other characters are operated by an AI customisation system so they can fight for themselves.

Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness

How has the combat system evolved from previous games in the series?
Shuichi Kobayashi:
The battle system is set up this time based on a rock-paper-scissors dynamic using the different qualities of the strong attack, weak attack and guard actions. Adjusting those to use against the enemy in the correct situation you can fight effectively in battle.

Another major feature of the battle system is the reserve rush gauge which builds up if you correctly use the right kind of inputs during battle. Depending on that gauge and how far you’ve charged it you can increase the amount of experience and skill points you gain from battle. You can use that gauge to initiate super moves, really powerful special attacks your characters have.

Star Ocean: Integrity and FaithlessnessStar Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness
Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness
Board her


Will private actions return in Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness?
Shuichi Kobayashi:
Yes, the private action system is back again in Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness! We’ve actually got more of them than in any other Star Ocean game and they’re all fully voiced as well. Both Japanese and English voices are available too.

There are two main types of private actions; ones which automatically trigger during the exploration scenes in which characters will come up to you, talk to you and start an event. The second one is a return of the kind of events you had in Star Ocean: The Second Story in which you enter a town and can choose to initiate a private action session where the characters go off and do their own things and you can go and talk to them and interact with them in town and see what they’re up to in their own time.

Based on the results and choices during these private actions you’ll be able to influence the endings and epilogues for each different character in the game.

Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness

Do you have a message for Star Ocean fans?
Shuichi Kobayashi:
It has been seven years since the last Star Ocean game came out. I am sorry for making you wait this long for the latest one. For those who are trying out a Star Ocean game for the first time you’re going to be able to play with no trouble, you don’t need to have played any of the others to get into it and enjoy the story.

We think it’s going to be a really great experience and if you have any interest at all, please play this latest evolution of the JRPG. If you play for 15 minutes you’ll be hooked and I’m sure you’ll want to go straight through to the ending so please enjoy my game and give it a look – thank you.

Star Ocean: Integrity and FaithlessnessStar Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness
Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness
Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness


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5 Author Replies

  • Please let Star Ocean 6 live :(
    We need a return to SO3/SO2 and Star Ocean greatness.

  • Gaah, didn’t manage to finish AoM before this :(
    Bow do I start it straight away or keep on with mana?

    • I’m one of those guys who only plays one game at a time but Adventures of Mana is on a handheld so you could play Star Ocean Integrity and Faithlessness at home and Adventures of Mana when you’re out and about

    • True enough but I have the CE in hand now….played some but I need to finish AoM first. I’m the same, just one game at the time please

  • I ordered my copy from the Square Enix store… Stupid mistake…

    • Hey Witcher70. What was your problem with the SE store?

    • So did I, had it i the mail right on time this morning :(

    • So did I. I’m still waiting for it. I almost ordered FF XV from there too but decided to wait and see how it goes with this one. Glad I did, now I know I have to get it from somewhere else.

  • Got it yesterday :D

  • Got my Limited Edition right next to me. Cannot wait to start it. Waited almost 7 years for a new Star Ocean game! Hopefully we will get more in the future. Really don’t want the franchise to die.

    • Same here. I really hope that Star Ocean first- and second departure PSVita versions gets here. Will insta-get if they do.

    • Same here. Recently I play on Vita more than on all of my other consoles combined (and I have 10 in total). Square Enix… more surprise announcements maybe?

    • Thank you for supporting the franchise :) Tell all your friends to buy and play Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness too :P

  • Amazon shipped mine yesterday and it arrived today, yay! Just a small matter of watching Wales win their Euro 2016 quarter final (hopefully) before I dig into it. Should be a great weekend now!

  • Just out of curiosity, are trophies in this game as crazy-nuts as they were in previous instalment? :D

    • They are not. There are still Battle Trophies, but they are WAY easier and more forgiving.

    • @Rawanz. Hmm, that actually made me intrigued :) The game looks really good. I may look into tis after I am done with Odin Sphere and Zero Time Dilemma. :)

  • Received my gorgeous steel case limited edition today.Looking forward to playing it :)

  • alice_push_lara2

    a mediocre cash-grab, shame on you Square
    anyone who wants to buy this game should check out the reviews first

    • A review does not mean they are right. Most JRPGs get medicore scores and people still find them fantastic. Same for this. Make up your own mind instead of letting “Professionals” tell you what you like and what you don’t.

    • alice_push_lara2

      that’s generally true but not for this game; but hey, what you wanna do with your hard earned $$$ is entirely up to you :)

    • That’s what I’m thinking too. I really want to play it but I’m not sure it’s worth 45 euro. Maybe I will pass for now.

    • I second that!

  • Got my copy this morning :D now just waiting for the Wales game and the kids going to bed before digging in :D

  • I would love to give this game a shot but from what I hear from other players it’s now worth full price.

    • I’ve not played much of it yet but come on, what constitutes being worth full price nowadays? The Order? The Division? Star Ocean we know has hundreds of hours of gameplay, can’t think of anything else from this year that would have near as much, not much these days is worth the full price tag, but this has got to be up there as one that warrants the price. Also low support like this when devs have put a lot of time, money and effort to make a massive game and people say it’s not worth full price is a real bummer, we are going to go back to the 90’s where 1 in 10 of the great RPG’s get translated from Japanese because the Western market doesn’t appreciate the games enough to warrant releasing. Yet CoD and Fifa sell 20billion (I exaggerate for effect :p) copies each per month at full price and everyone thinks that is fine.

      Daniel I (and many others) appreciate the game and are extremely thankful for it, seems so far well worth the price and I really hope enough feel the same that further games in the series are worth translating.

    • Thing is from what I hear this one seems like a budget game. Rushed and little story, broken gameplay, side quests that have no meaning, only one planet when the game is called star ocean and a bad NG+ mode. From What I played and read for the rest of the series, the game feels very little compared to the old ones. I think I will pass on this one for now. I will hold my money for FFXV, KH 2.8, P5 and we will see. Believe me, I really want to help the team behing it by buying the game but I want the game to be very good for the money I give. Also I don’t support crappy and copy paste games like FIFA and CoD and I’m against that full price recycle thing they are doing. The shame goes to the people who support them.

    • well, same here. bought PS4 mainly for JRPGs and had way more time spent buying and playing other games. sadly, breakdown of this game on reviews made me think “some other time”… deep combat system is definitely a selling point for me, but not at full price or at the cost of time spent now.

  • I bought the PS4 only for this game. Thanks tri-Ace, thanks Kobayashi-san.

  • It would be nice to see the PS1 game Star Ocean 2 on the European Playstation Store, which is arguably the best SO game.

    And then there are all the other PS1 Square-Enix games that are still not released there, like Brave Fencer Musashi, Chrono Cross, Legend of Mana, Threads of Fate and Xenogears just to mention a few.
    PS1 US imports been allowed on the European Playstation Store for quite some time;

    And PS2 games as well, like Dragon Quest VIII and Musashi: Samurai Legend.

    And SNES and Game Boy games are missing on the Wii U and 3DS eShop, like Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy Legend 3 (my favorite Game Boy game).

    Why is Square-Enix so bad at embracing and offer the hits of their past for sale in digital stores? Every gamer hold their games of the 90s in high regard, and yet they are nowhere to find, instead Square-Enix Europe acts like they never existed.

  • Full price? The pre-ordered physical edition was very reasonably priced, even cheaper than some vita games. Surely that’s value for money in anyone’s book? Especially if you are a jrpg fan

  • Well pop down to my local tesco, they haven’t got in yet. Went to asda! They haven’t got it yet! Ok went to Argos and guess what online exclusive only! So no where to buy it around here. Gutted tbh. I hate pre order since last game I bought didn’t arrive on day 1, had to wait 21 day before I could claim missing package, which by that time the game drop in price. So cancel and refund and reordered saved money but game was a month old. Refuse to by off psn as I think it to privet on new games.

    Disappointed not being able to buy from local shops, love star ocean

    • Go digital, it costs more but is so much less hassle. The Star Ocean series is pretty obscure compared to a lot of games, the advertising has almost always been non-existent.

      Supermarkets tend to sell games based on the most efficient use of shelf space and knowing that the games really will sell. I dont think they know that the Square Enix logo alone would sell Star Ocean here.

  • I would like to be excited about it, but made a big mistake by pre-ordering my limited edition from the square enix store… they haven’t even shipped it yet, accidentally debited my bank account twice instead of just once and still haven’t gotten a refund for that yet. :)) Never again, you have my word!

  • Have to add Japanese PS3 version to my collection at some point since West doesn’t get that version. Maybe English PC port would emerge, though, since this is from Square-Enix.

  • I’d love to have Star Ocean 1 and 2 (PSOne or the PSP versions, I’m not picky) up on the EU store. Any chance of that?

  • I shall be another one voicing my concern over the lack of Star Ocean 1 and 2 on EU PSN. The second one even had a Vita and PS4 port of the PSP version in Japan, how about bringing that over here as well?

  • If you aren’t a hardcore JRPG fan I’d really suggest reading some reviews before you take the plunge on this.

  • Reviews don’t look that good. I am gonna wait this one out and see what the public opinion is after a bunch of people played it (and there has been a discount maybe).
    A ps vita version of Star ocean: second evolution however I would buy without a doubt. Pretty please.

  • It’s worst Star Ocean game! Game looks like unfinish (Alpha maybe). Worst of money!

  • I agree above “worst of money” just like beyond two souls & South Park stick of truth I won’t buy censored games. That empease SJWs.

  • Cant say anything yet about the game because the SquareEnix Store does not deliver… After reading Twitter iam not the only one, but of course they took the Money already >.<

    Maybe its better to just cancle it and wait until its doen to 20 bucks ….

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