Adventures of Mana arrives on PS Vita today

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The Final Fantasy Adventure remake gets a surprise worldwide release

You’ve probably heard of the Mana series before but just in case you’re unaware of it, it’s a famous and long running Square Enix franchise. Arguably the most famous entry in the series is Secret of Mana which regularly appears in a lot of best games ever made lists. The franchise actually began life under a completely different name – the first game in the Mana series is called Final Fantasy Adventure, before the series changed names and became the Mana series.

Final Fantasy Adventure is an action RPG and was originally released back in 1991. It was remade as Adventures of Mana in Japan earlier this year and due to fan demand and also to kick off the 25th anniversary celebrations of the Mana series, we are bringing the PS Vita version of Adventures of Mana worldwide!

If you want more good news then I’m happy to let you all know that you won’t have to wait long to pick up the game, in fact the game is available today!

So what is Adventures of Mana all about? Here’s a quick story overview.

#07 - 20140604-0190#08 - Co_Op (5)

Enshrined atop Mt. Illusia, high above the lofty clouds, stands the Tree of Mana. Drawing its life energy from the boundless celestial aether, the sentinel grows in silence. Legend holds that he who lays his hands upon its trunk will be granted power eternal ― a power the Dark Lord of Glaive now seeks to further fuel his bloody quest for domination.

Our unlikely hero is one of countless gladiators indentured to the Duchy of Glaive. Each day, he and his ill-fated companions are dragged from their cells and bade to fight exotic beasts for the amusement of the Dark Lord. If victorious, they are thrown back into the dungeons with just enough bread to tide them over until their next match. But a body can only take so much, and it is never long before the weary captives succumb to their cruel fates.

#07 - 20140604-0190#08 - Co_Op (5)

The Vita version of Adventures of Mana features enhanced 3D visuals (the original was in 2D), revamped menus and a rearranged soundtrack from the game’s original composer. The background music from the original version is also available in the game so if you want to go old school with the music, you totally can!

When Adventures of Mana was originally released, a lot of PS Vita owners were disappointed that we couldn’t release it worldwide at the time. Since then, the development team have been working extremely hard to bring it over so I’m excited to let you guys know that your voices were heard and the team are really happy they are able to bring Adventures of Mana to the PS Vita community and celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Mana series with you all.


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18 Author Replies

  • I know lots of people asked and begged for it, but you didn’t really give much response back about it. But it’s obvious it did pay of since you decided to do it. It’s great to see this little gem out in the west now! Well done Square Enix!

    • yeah Kawazu’s tweet without any confirmation or any notion for that matter from Square Enix themselves had me doubting but I’m glad we where patient and asked politely…well most asked politely :|

    • We do listen to our fans! I hope you all enjoy Adventures of Mana on Vita :)

  • hah, around a third through it already, saw it this morning at around 4am :)

    But I have to say that the music really is well remade. The whole game is really well remade as well. I actually pulled up an old guide I wrote and checked, while not everything is exactly the same nearly everything is to a tee it doesn’t matter. I’m playing a Kawazu game again :)

    Now you all better buy it so we can get 2 and Scarlet Grace as well :D

    • And yes, I’m trying to beat this before Star Ocean comes ^^

    • What were you doing up at 4am?!

      Adventures of Mana is a faithful remake of Final Fantasy Adventures with a few enhancements/improvements and I’m glad you approve :)

    • I was going to the gym :) try borrowing your siblings kids and your sleeping schedule will get messed up as well :) love the rugrats but man can the little one scream 24/7

    • Hey @Rildiz,

      Is it possible to hide those virtual buttons (from the screenshots)?


  • Give us a PS4 version with Cross-buy and I will buy the vita version now :D

    • Men, buy the Vita version, play it and then play it again if a PS4 version happens

    • Already bought Mystic Quest, Sword of Mama and the Android version of Adventures of Mana. So if replay it again, it would be on PS4 or with a price drop.

  • Two things should be said:

    – Thanks for bringing to the west a game so anticipated.

    – Please, don’t complain if it’s not sold too well: That’s what you should expect when a game arrives with no news and no promotion… How do you expect to sell your game when only the most hardcore gamers should be aware of it’s existence.

    Anyway, great news by the way, despite sony turning it’s back on vita, thanks to you and a few publishers, the greates hand-held ever still manages to keep alive.

  • does this work on ps tv?

    • Friends say yes.

    • Yes, it does! (It’s also in the store description if you want to double check)

    • thanks,yeah the info in the store is fake sometimes,theres games it says it doesn’t work with ps tv and they work,so thanks again guys now im just waiting for you guys at square to gives us some kingdom hearts on vita and that really good jrpg i am setsuna

  • I dunno. I loved Secret of Mana on my SNES and Seiken Densetsu 3 (via emulation cos it never got released in the West) and I still find their 2D pixelled spritework far prettier (especially SD3) than this game’s rather underwhelming 3D graphics. Sword of Mana on GBA too featured lovely graphics as did Legend of Mana on PS1. So yeah this graphically just looks like a step backwards for me. I may give it a go anyways since the shop does say it’s PSTV compatible too so I can still play it on a big screen if I want.

    • I do love sprites too but give Adventures of Mana a go. You may change your mind about the graphical style once you play it and see it in motion

    • i’d really like Seiken Densetsu 3 released in the west too

  • Thanks for listening to fans and releasing this in the west. Already purchased and enjoying.

    Any chance on I Am Setsuna for western vitas?
    In less likely requests how about vita kingdom hearts hd remix releases, and Birth By Sleep and Crisis Core on PSN for purchase on vita. One can dream.

    • If we are asking….all the PS1 games as well please. Especially Xeno

    • Glad you’re enjoying the game!

      Unfortunately other games are made by different teams who have different situations so it may not be possible or feasible to bring those games to Vita. It’s always decided on a case by case basis. What works for one team/game may not be applicable for another.

      We do have World of Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest Builders coming to Vita though so you’ve got those to look forward to!

    • @Rildiz
      … I lost all hope few years ago. Square Enix EU won’t do it.

    • @Archacus most of us has but without a hail Mary pass no miracles will ever happen

    • @Rildiz
      Sometimes it turns out a bit funny. Ya know… when you are trying to build up customer base on nostalgia for Chrono series… forgetting that it wasn’t even released in EU.

      Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, Legend of Mana, Parasite Eve, Threads of Fate, Valkyrie Profile and of course Xenogears… Did I forget about anything?

  • Awesome news! I’m so glad this has come to vita. I hope this is the first of many square releases on vita

    @vita owners: Please support the game to encourage square to bring other games to vita.

  • Nothing to say, except that I’m overjoyed to see this game, and to see Square Enix still supporting Western Vita players. :)

  • I’m so happy this game finally gotten a western release. I played it and it looks really gorgeous on my OLED Vita.

    You know, a western localization of Dragon Quest Heroes II would be excellent. I know I am Setsuna is impossible since Tokyo RPG Factory stated that they are only a small company. But still, better than nothing. Thank you. :D

  • Hey Daniel,

    Excuse my pedantry but I think European gamers are more likely to remember the original Game Boy game as Mystic Quest, FFA was the North American title.

    • Perhaps but in my experience more people (European or not) tend to recognise FFA than Mystic Quest which most people get mixed up with FF Mystic Quest. I thought I’d try and keep this as simple as possible so no one gets confused over the similar names.

    • Fair enough! Thanks so much for releasing it, have downloaded it already. The music is really taking me back to when I played it as a teenager, the title theme alone has been stuck in my head ever since!

  • I’m buying this just because you’re supporting the Vita.
    So thanks :-)

  • World of Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest Builders and then this, thank you so much Square Enix for this year wonderful Vita release, is there a teaser of what might to come next year for Vita I’m guessing Dragon Quest Heroes II? :D

    • Can’t comment on anything else I’m afraid but we’re only just over half way through this year!

    • “We’re only just over half way through this year” are you implying that there is another surprise release for Vita to come, if that’s so I’m so happy :D

  • Question:
    1. By supporting this game are we also improving chance of bringing I am Setsuna to the rightful system? Yes I know it’s different team.
    2. Can we turn off those hideous mobile touch-screen buttons?

    Either way, I will be buying it today or tomorrow, just to show my support to the system. I hope that someone will stop being silly and decide to bring I am Setsuna to Vita.

  • Is there any chance you could put up Xenogears and Parasite Eve 1 as US import PS1 classics?

  • Was just about to hit Add to Cart, but why does the Vita version still have the clearly unnecessary on-screen virtual buttons from the iOS version?

    I really want this, but could be a deal breaker. Hmmm..,

  • Daniel, sorry about the double post, but any chance of this being followed up by the recently refreshed Final Fantasy IX?

    Access to the original PlayStation version of Chrono Trigger, too?

  • I wasn’t even aware this game existed let alone hearing about demand from players to get it localised!But I used to love the Mana games back in the day and seeing this suddenly appear on the store is a real highlight of my day!Thank you SquareEnix for releasing all these great rpgs :)

    • You’re welcome :) I hope you enjoy Adventures of Mana and it helps you relive those fond RPG memories

  • Will there be a retail release? When? Which region?

  • OMG!!!! Can we have a PS4 version please? This would look sweet on the biiiig screen :)

  • Great news! I’m glad to see that in Europe. You’re amazing.

    I expect other games, like Setsuna or Chaos Rings.
    Maybe Type-0 PSP compatibility for Vita? Pleeeease!

  • Are there trophies on this? Couldn’t find any reference on the typical trophy websites and I am a sucker ^^

  • Nice, and the file size is pretty reasonable at 508Mb – that’s my main concern these days with digital purchases as I’ve pretty much filled my 64Gb card (and Final Fantasy is a huge culprit with FF1 to FFX/X-2, Tactics & Dissidia all on there), and there’s no 128Gb card on the horizon.

    Glad to see some support for the Vita, and the team being willing to take feedback – a lot of people like myself find gaming on phones and tablets just awful, as no touchscreen can replace proper sticks and buttons. I’m looking forward to World of Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest Builders as well.

    Any news on an actual release date for World of FF, or whether the success of the PC version of FFVII on PS4 is going to lead to us getting the PC version of FFVIII on PS4 as well? Been a good time for Square-Enix releases so far this year with XV looking amazing, the announcement of the XII remaster (one of my favourites), World of FF, Dragon Quest Heroes, and Dragon Quest Builders. Keep them coming :)

    • World of Final Fantasy is coming out on 28th October, 2016 and there has been no announcement for FFVIII on PS4 but we’ve got plenty of other games coming and hopefully Adventures of Mana is keeping you busy :)

  • Thank you so much for listening to us! The original game really shaped my taste in video games. I’m excited to check out this version. The original tunes will bring back some serious nostalgia here! Thanks again!

  • Is the game all touchscreen based or does the Vita Version support face buttons?

  • madmanwithabox12

    Credit where credit is due. It might have taken an extremely long time, but kudos for actually responding to the Vita community. I’m normally not someone with much nice to say about Square Enix, for over a decade’s worth of reasons… but you’ve earned my respect this day. Kudos SE, remind me why I used to love your games.

  • Hi!

    Just got it! Thank you so much for this! These days I only find some time to play games on portables.
    Hopefully SE also localizes Dragon Quest Heroes II. That game looks amazing on the Vita. Cheers!

  • Recently I bought the Android version but my wife had problems with controls when playing on phone or tablet. With the Vita version she can play and fully enjoy the game – I’ll gladly buy it again :)

    Think about Chaos Rings and other games that could greatly fit into Vita platform. Also, I Am Setsuna is available on Vita in Japan as well, so…

  • Thank you so much for supporting the Vita! This is a great surprise.

  • Glad to hear the Vita version is getting a worldwide release. However, I hate this ninja release with zero marketing and digital-only. A good excuse for SE to say that the Vita is dead therefore no more Vita game from them. Great news, anyway

    • madmanwithabox12

      To be fair, the Mana series doesn’t really have much cache anyway, marketing wouldn’t have helped. The people who would buy this are the people who are on the PlayStation blog, Reddit, Gematsu etc.

  • Mattock wasn’t in my vocabulary until this game… Well the GB version anyway. I hope it has survived in the remake

  • While I’m super happy to see this out for the Vita (and not just because it’s finally a reason to turn the Vita on), I’m much less happy about the 33% increase in price from the Android version.

    • The Android version is on a special promotion right now to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Mana series so when that ends, the price will be the same as it is on Vita

  • Odins_Third_Hand

    It’s goog to hear that the gamers’ voices are being heard. I am looking forward to a remake/ remastering of Secret of Mana with the SNES ability of three person co-op play. It was one of the pioneered features of the partial live-action gameplay that my household utilized on local game play.

  • Oh wow nice! I enjoyed the GBA game from ages ago.
    One question though. Is this title PS TV compatible? My sight’s in decline and VITA screens are too unclear for me now.

  • First of all, thank you so much for doing this. I was genuinely surprised, but would have preferred a bit earlier announcement for the game’s release. But I’m happy, so thanks.

    Second, I hope I could get the answer from here since Daniel seems to be active in here with answering questions, so… could you please look into making all the earlier Square Enix PS1 and PSP games PS TV compatible? Only FF7 and FFX HD seem to be perfectly compatible with PS TV, with Dissidia 012 sometimes working and sometimes not, and all the others flat out don’t work. I’m sure many would appreciate the ability to play the older games on PS TV, not just two of them.

    • Oh dang, you’ve called me out! I can pass the feedback onto the teams but since different teams handle the different games and are on other projects, this could be difficult. I remember PS TV compatibility was somewhat complicated too but I’ll pass on the message

  • If you can patch in an option to remove / hide those awful VIRTUAL BUTTONS, I’ll buy without delay. Just can’t deal with touchscreen controls on Vita games! :)

  • Bit off topic but can you guys port Deus Ex: The Fall to PS Vita?
    Its only been downloaded 100,000 times on Android. And feel u guys could perhaps get that amount if not more even if you charged double.

  • Thank you for bringing this game to the west on the Vita. I bought it immediately as I enjoyed the original and I’m sure I’ll have fun playing through this version too.

    Please bring more of your games on Vita to the west too. There are fans like me who would like to play them and sadly the Vita doesn’t get enough support most of the time.

    • Thanks for your support! We’ve still got World of Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest Builders on Vita coming later this year!

  • does this have a physical copy?

  • My news of the day! :) So happy you are bringing this game to the vita, thank you so much! Now excuse me while I’m heading to the store to buy this gem.

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